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赣州到哪治早泄赣州会昌人民医院地址在哪 China#39;s Spring holiday rush has so far accomplished 1.38 billion trips, a 3.3 percent growth from last year, according to the country#39;s Ministry of Transportation on Saturday.根据国家交通运输部星期六发布的消息,截止目前为止,春运期间全国已经发送旅客13.8亿人次,相比去年增长了3.3%。The 40-day Spring holiday rush reached its midpoint on Saturday with railroad traffic increasing 9.1 percent compared to the same period last year, highway traffic up 2.8 percent, air traffic up 3.1 percent and maritime traffic down 3.2 percent.为期40天的春运在周六达到了高峰期,该日铁路交通运输相比去年同期增长了9.1%,公路交通增长了2.8%,航空运输增长3.1%,而航运下降了3.2%。The ministry said its data showed that 80 percent of people traveled during the period to visit families and friends while 10 percent chose to travel for the purpose of tourism. It also said 17.7 percent of the Chinese tourists chose overseas destinations.交通部表示,根据数据显示,在春运期间80%的出行为走亲访友,而10%左右的出行为旅游度假。数据还显示,17.7%的中国游客选择了出境旅游。A new trend has also emerged in China during this year#39;s Spring Festival, when more migrant workers from the country#39;s less developed inland areas preferred to find jobs in adjacent provinces rather than to travel to megacities like Beijing and Shanghai. Experts have attributed this to the rising cost of living in the country#39;s first-tier cities and the growing demand for labor in central and western China.今年春节期间还涌现出一个新的趋势,更多中国内陆欠发达地区农民工会优先到相邻省份找工作,而不是去北京和上海这样的大城市就业。专家们将此归因于中国一线城市生活成本上涨和中西部地区劳动力需求的增长。Over 80 percent of the population of Nanchong, Sichuan Province moved to Chongqing by Saturday, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, while people traveling to Beijing and Shanghai accounted for less than 2 percent, according to the data.数据显示,本周六,超过80%的四川南充人在春节假期最后一天赶赴重庆,而前往北京和上海的人则少于2%。Other cities in Sichuan Province such as Dazhou and Bazhong saw a similar trend. In Dazhou, 85.5 percent of the population travelled to Chongqing Municipality after the Spring Festival holidays, with 4.6 percent going to Ankang, Northwest China#39;s Shaanxi Province. In contrast, only 2.6 percent and 1.3 percent of the population went to Dongguan, Guangdong Province and Fuzhou, Fujian Province, respectively, as of press time.四川省其他城市如达州、巴中等地也有类似的趋势。在达州,85.5%的人在春节假期后前往重庆市,而4.6%的人去往了中国西北陕西省安康市。相比之下,截止新闻发稿时,只有2.6%和1.3%的人分别去了广东省东莞市和福建省福州市。In 2014, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang highlighted the urbanization of around 100 million people in the country#39;s central and western regions in an annual government work report, in which migrant workers were encouraged to find a job without traveling across the country.2014年,中国总理李克强在政府工作报告中强调了中西部地区1亿人口的城市化,鼓励农民工不要跨越大半个国家去寻找工作。;When these regions start to provide work and other facilities, China will experience greater momentum in terms of economic and social development,; according to Yao Chenyuan, a researcher with China#39;s State Council, as ed by Guangming Daily on Thursday.国务院研究员姚辰元于周四接受《光明日报》采访时表示:“当这些地区开始提供工作和其他设施的时候,中国将在经济和社会发展上拥有更大的动力,” /201602/426193赣州包皮手术哪里好

上犹县医院地址Mondelez International will make its first major foray into China’s tricky chocolate market in September, as it introduces its bn Milka brand at a time when rival and recent takeover target Hershey battles falling sales in the country.亿滋国际(Mondelez International)将于今年9月首次正式打入复杂的中国巧克力市场,把旗下价值20亿美元的品牌“妙卡”(Milka)引入中国。这家美国公司的竞争对手、近期成为其收购对象的好时(Hershey),正在与中国市场销售下滑作斗争。The US company, which also owns Cadbury, will sell Milka at “slightly above” average chocolate prices in China, says Tim Cofer, Mondelez’s chief growth officer. He declines to give any sales targets.亿滋首席发展官蒂姆#8226;科弗(Tim Cofer)表示,妙卡巧克力在中国的售价,会定得比一般的巧克力“略高一些”。他拒绝透露具体的销售目标。亿滋旗下还拥有吉百利(Cadbury)品牌。Mr Cofer says he is confident of the .8bn market’s long-term promise, citing low penetration and Mondelez’s 30 years of experience selling other sweet treats and snacks in China. He also talks of creating gifting opportunities on top of existing ones and the growth of online sales, which Mondelez plans to exploit via a partnership with Alibaba.科弗表示,他对中国这个28亿美元的市场的长期前景有信心,理由是巧克力在中国普及率较低,而且亿滋有30年的在华销售其他甜点和零食的经验。他还提到要创造出新的机会,比如让巧克力成为一种礼品,还有就是网上销售的增长,亿滋计划通过与阿里巴巴(Alibaba)合作来开拓网上销售。China’s per-capita consumption of chocolate is 100g annually, compared with 8kg for the UK, 1.6kg for Brazil and 5kg for Russia, Mr Cofer says. The market is dominated by Mars’ Dove brand and Mondelez plans to launch 12 different Milka products, with special editions for specific holidays, for instance.科弗表示,中国人均巧克力消费量为每年100克,英国为8千克,巴西为1.6千克,俄罗斯为5千克。中国市场目前被玛氏(Mars)旗下品牌德芙(Dove)主导,亿滋计划推出12种妙卡产品,比如,会针对特定节日推出特定版产品。Mondelez has minor exposure to the Chinese chocolate market through a small volume of imports of its Cadbury and Toblerone brands. But it says that the introduction of Milka, which will be produced in the country using milk imported from the Alps, marks its serious launch into the market.亿滋在中国巧克力市场所占份额较低,仅靠旗下吉百利和瑞士三角(Toblerone)品牌的少量进口产品打天下。但亿滋表示,引入妙卡标志着该公司正式打入中国市场。届时妙卡将在中国生产,所用牛奶将从阿尔卑斯山地区进口。While Mondelez also owns Cadbury, Mr Cofer says that the company is introducing Milka on the back of research that suggested Chinese consumers would appreciate the taste.虽然亿滋还拥有吉百利,但科弗表示,公司决定引入妙卡是因为有研究表明,中国消费者会喜欢妙卡的味道。 /201607/456949 ;I am big. It’s the pictures that got small, protests the ageing silent film star Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. The same could be said about global trade by Maersk Line and other shipping companies whose gargantuan container vessels make their way between Asia, the US and Europe part empty.我依然是大(明星),是现在的电影变小了,在《日落大道》(Sunset Boulevard)里,日渐衰老的默片明星诺尔玛#8226;德斯蒙德(Norma Desmond)抗议道。同样的话也适用于马士基航运公司(Maersk Line)和其他航运公司承载的全球贸易,如今它们庞大的集装箱船在部分空载的情况下航行于亚洲、美国和欧洲之间。The bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping, the world’s seventh largest operator, has made the mismatch of ambitions and reality very clear. 世界第七大航运公司韩进海运(Hanjin Shipping)破产,非常清楚地表明了雄心和现实之间的错位。This was supposed to be the age of the ultra-large container ship, piled with thousands of steel boxes holding clothing, toys and Apple iPhone 7s. 当下理应是超大型集装箱船的时代,这些船上堆满成千上万装着装、玩具和苹果(Apple) iPhone 7的钢质箱子。The world turns out to need smaller ships, or fewer of them.然而世界其实需要更小,或者更少的船。Hanjin ships anchored offshore since last week because ports would not touch them, or sequestered in Singapore and China, could soon be unloaded. 最近在海上抛锚的韩进船舶(或是因为港口不让其靠泊,或是因为在新加坡和中国遭到扣押),或许很快就能卸货。But the shock of the first bankruptcy of a major container shipping company since the collapse in 1986 of ed States Lines will keep reverberating.但韩进破产引发的冲击波还将持续回荡,这是自1986年美国航运(ed States Lines)破产以来大型集装箱航运公司的第一起破产。It is always puzzling with hindsight when companies in cyclical industries such as mining and reinsurance repeat the same mistake. 事后看来往往令人费解的是,采矿业和再保险业等周期性行业的企业会重复同样的错误。They invest heavily near the peak of the cycle, trying to beat competitors. 它们在接近周期顶峰的时候大举投资,试图打败竞争对手。Then a downturn arrives at the same time as their new capacity, prices plunge and the weakest collapse. 然后低迷时期和它们的新运力同时到来,价格暴跌,最弱的企业破产。Short memories and young executives are probably to blame.健忘和年轻高管很可能要负一部分责任。Shipping companies have an excuse: they have not been through a crisis of this length and intensity before. 航运公司有一个借口:它们从未经历过如此漫长、如此猛烈的危机。Since Sea-Land, founded by the industry’s pioneer, Malcolm McLean, loaded the first box containers in Newark, New Jersey, in April 1956, the industry has mostly grown.自1956年业界先驱马尔科姆#8226;麦克莱恩(Malcolm McLean)成立的Sea-Land在新泽西州纽瓦克(Newark)装载第一批集装箱以来,这个行业在大部分时间里不断壮大。Container ships either gained market share from vessels that stowed cargo piece by piece, or overall demand rose as world trade outpaced that of the world economy — or both. 集装箱船或是从散装货轮夺取市场份额,或是受益于世界贸易增速快于世界经济增速带来的整体需求增长——或者二者兼而有之。The downturns lasted only for a year or two (US Lines was one of McLean’s failed ventures) and governments or creditors kept weak companies afloat.过去的低迷期仅持续一两年(美国航运是麦克莱恩失败的企业之一),政府或者债权人会撑较弱的企业维持运营。The supercycle has turned for two reasons. 这一超级周期的转向有两个原因。One is that growth in global trade has sagged. 一是全球贸易增长放缓。It has expanded in line with global economic growth, not faster, for the past five years, having been increasing at double that rate during the previous five years, according to the World Trade Organisation.根据世界贸易组织(WTO)的数据,在过去5年,全球贸易的增速与全球经济增速持平,而不是更快,而在之前5年,前者的增速是后者的2倍。Rapid globalisation, which unleashed demand for ships carrying goods from China, has eased and is unlikely to return quickly. 快速全球化曾经带来对船舶的旺盛需求,这些船舶从中国运载货物至世界各地,但全球化进程已经放缓,而且不太可能迅速恢复。The political climate on both right and left has turned against multilateral trade deals between the US, the EU and countries in Asia. 左翼和右翼的政治气候都已转向反对美国、欧盟(EU)和亚洲国家之间的多边贸易协定。Discontent about the impact of trade has swayed the presidential campaigns of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.对贸易带来的冲击的不满,影响了唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)和希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)双方的总统竞选平台。Second, shipping companies grew faster than even buoyant globalisation justified. 其次,航运公司增长的速度过快,即使全球化蓬勃发展也无法消化这样的增长。The average size of container ships has increased by 90 per cent in the past two decades, and total fleet capacity in 2015 was four times that of 2000. 过去20年里,集装箱船的平均吨位扩大了90%,2015年总运力达到2000年的4倍。Shipbuilding has accelerated since 2007, becoming completely disconnected from levels of demand, according to one OECD study.据经合组织(OECD)的一项研究,造船活动在2007年以后加速发展,与需求水平完全脱节。The ultimate symbols of this are ultra-large container ships, such as the 20 Triple E vessels brought into service by Maersk since 2013. 这一趋势的终极标志是超大型集装箱船,比如马士基自2013年以来投入运行的20艘3E级集装箱船。The ships cost 0m each and carry the equivalent of 18,000 of the original 20 foot containers (many modern ones are twice this size). 这些船每艘造价达到1.9亿美元,可运载相当于18000个20英尺长的标准集装箱(现代很多集装箱的尺寸是这种标准箱的2倍)。Maersk’s competitors have since launched even larger vessels.马士基的竞争对手近年启用了更大的船舶。More ships are now at sea than in the past. 如今在海上航行的船舶比过去更多。Container ships operate like buses on fixed timetables, unlike bulk carriers, which are akin to taxis. 和类似出租车的散货船不同,集装箱船一般被用于提供班轮务。Shipping companies once sailed weekly but, in 2011, Maersk launched its Daily Maersk service from China to northern Europe. 航运公司曾经每周发船,但在2011年,马士基推出了从中国到北欧的天天马士基(Daily Maersk)务。It scaled back the service last year because of weak demand.由于需求疲弱,马士基去年缩减了该项务。Having rebounded from the 2008 crisis with a couple of very profitable years, shipping companies face an intense glut. 2008年危机过后,航运公司业务反弹,经历了获利丰厚的两年,如今它们面临严重运力过剩。More and larger ships combined with weak demand have created over-capacity of up to 30 per cent.船舶更多、更大,而需求疲弱,造成了高达30%的运力过剩。In theory, Maersk and its largest rivals, such as Mediterranean Shipping and CMA CGM ought to benefit from the Hanjin bankruptcy. 理论上,马士基及其最大的一些竞争对手,如地中海航运公司(Mediterranean Shipping)和达飞海运集团(CMA CGM),应该能从韩进的破产中获益。If smaller companies with less capital fail, it should push shipping capacity out of the industry and raise rates. 规模较小、资金较少的公司倒闭,将把一些运力挤出行业,从而推高运费。This was the reason Maersk built ultra-large ships: to achieve economies of scale and make life harder for Hanjin and others.这是马士基建造超大型集装箱船的初衷:实现规模经济,让韩进和其他航运公司的日子更难过。It has not worked. 这一招没能奏效。Maersk Line has swung into loss this year and its parent AP M#248;ller-Maersk replaced its own chief executive in June; S#248;ren Skou, the new boss, is planning a restructuring. 马士基航运今年陷入亏损,母公司马士基集团(AP M#248;ller-Maersk)今年6月更换其首席执行官;新老板索伦#8226;斯科(S#248;ren Skou)正在计划重组。The Triple E expansion worked only too well: instead of steadily squeezing its rivals, Maersk rapidly crushed everyone including itself.3E级集装箱船队扩充的效果实在太好:马士基并不是稳步将对手挤出这一行业,而是迅速打垮了所有人,包括它自己。The industry plainly needs to cut capacity; the difficulty is summoning up the nerve to take painful action. 这个行业显然需要削减运力:困难之处在于鼓起勇气采取痛苦的举措。Bankruptcies and mergers such as Hapag-Lloyd’s acquisition of ed Arab Shipping in June are a start. 破产和兼并——如赫伯罗特(Hapag-Lloyd)今年6月收购阿拉伯联合航运公司(ed Arab Shipping)——是一个开始。But reducing the number of shipping companies does not necessarily cut the number of vessels: companies have often kept ships at anchor in periods of subdued demand rather than breaking them up.但是,减少航运公司的数量并不一定能削减船舶的数量:在需求低迷时期,企业往往会让船舶闲置,而不是狠心拆解这些船舶。Ships must be destroyed this time, even big, expensive ones. 这一次,拆船势在必行,哪怕是昂贵的大型船舶也不能例外。Ultra-large, single hulled oil supertankers were all the rage in the 1970s; you do not see many of those any more.上世纪70年代,超大型的单壳超级油轮曾经风行一时;今天你可看不到多少这样的船。 /201609/466022漂塘钨矿职工医院看泌尿科怎么样赣州石城男科咨询



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