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While the year 2015 has witnessed fingerprint recognition scanner becoming a must-have feature in top of the line handsets, iris scanning technology is expected to be the center of attraction in high-end smartphones in the next few years.2015年,指纹识别成为高端手机端设备不可或缺的功能,而在未来几年,虹膜扫描技术预计将是高端智能手机的开发核心。Iris recognition, an automated method of biometric identification, enables you to unlock the phone as well as secure mobile payment by scanning your eyes instead of the tip of your fingers.虹膜识别,与指纹识别一样,是一种自动生物特征的识别方法,通过扫描眼睛中的虹膜来解锁手机、实现安全移动付。The new recognition method, which analysts said is widely regarded as becoming the next security standard, has found its way to mobile devices.分析人士表示,这一新识别方法被普遍认为是下一代安全标准,将应用到移动设备中。South Korean tech giant Samsung is rumored to be working on its next generation of Galaxy S7 smartphones, which will come with the iris scanning technology in 2016.据传,韩国科技巨头三星公司于2016年推出的下一代智能手机Galaxy S7将配置虹膜扫描技术。Another South Korean smartphone manufacturer, LG, which hadn#39;t originally even intended to integrate fingerprint scanner on its LG G4, is reportedly very likely to become a front-runner in smartphone technological breakthroughs. According to tech news portal techradar.com#39;s report in November, LG#39;s next generation LG G5, which is expected to be released early 2016, could sport an iris scanner.韩国另一智能手机制造商LG公司,据说也极有可能成为虹膜识别技术的领跑者,而最初该公司甚至并未打算在其G4手机配置指纹扫描仪。根据科技新闻门户网techradar.com11月的报告表示,LG公司的下一代产品G5智能机,即将于2016年发布,极有可能配置虹膜扫描技术。Smaller smartphone makers, Guangdong-based Vivo and Japan#39;s Fujitsu, have aly tried out this technology on their flagship smartphones, Vivo X5 Pro and Fujitsu ARROWS NX F-04G, respectively. Fujitsu promoted its gizmo that can unlock a screen with a 0.6-second glance, and Vivo X5 Pro claimed it can secure almost all mobile applications. The two devices created quite a sensation among tech enthusiasts when they were launched in May, but their sales were reportedly not particularly high, as iris recognition doesn#39;t seem to be a feature ordinary consumers are looking for in the next generation of smartphones.中小型智能手机制造商,如广东的Vivo和日本的富士通,已在其旗舰智能机Vivo X5 Pro和Fujitsu ARROWS NX F-04G尝试应用了这一技术。富士通改进了其手机设备,只需定视0.6秒,即可解锁手机屏幕;Vivo X5 Pro声称可以保护几乎所有的移动应用程序。这两家公司5月推出的手机设备在技术爱好者中引起了不小的轰动,但据说销量并不高,因为普通消费者似乎并没有期待下一代智能手机具有虹膜识别的功能。;I will not change or buy a smartphone only for the sake of enjoying the new technology, which is like a supplementary feature for passwords, not a necessary one,; Shang Xin, a 31-year-old Beijing resident said.“我不会为了体验新技术而换手机或重购,这只是密码保护的补充功能,又不是必要功能,”尚鑫,一位31岁的北京居民说道。He added that it is slightly inconvenient to constantly have to lift the phone to your eyes, and the infrared light will also make the technology annoying and invasive if done regularly. ;I think fingerprint scanning technology is enough for my daily use with respect to security and speed,; he said.他补充说,时不时地把手机拿到眼睛的高度有点麻烦,发出的红外光也有比较恼人,“我认为,指纹扫描技术足以满足我对日常使用中安全性和速度的需求”。Fingerprint recognition, another biometric identification method, was widely integrated into high-end smartphones this year.指纹识别,是另一种生物特征识别方法,今年被广泛应用于高端智能手机中。;Technologically speaking, iris scanning will be more secure than other identification methods,; Zhu Dalin, an industry analyst told the Global Times on Tuesday.“从技术上来说,虹膜扫描会比其他的识别方法更安全”,一位业内分析师周二告诉环球时报。Experts are concerned that the new technology may still carry some disadvantages for users who have eye-related disorders as well as those who are trying to unlock their phones without enough light present.专家担心,新技术也有一些劣势,虹膜扫描技术对于那些眼睛有疾病的用户,或者手机在使用环境光线不足的情况下难以实现。But consumers are likely to see the adoption of iris scanning technology in next year#39;s smart devices as a strong selling point as the global smartphone market continues to mature.随着全球智能手机市场的不断成熟,虹膜扫描技术的应用将是2016年智能设备的一大强有力卖点。 /201512/416154Alibaba Group announced Monday that it invested 0 million in one of China’s lesser-known smartphone makers, Meizu, a company with small market share but a long history as one of the country’s smartest device makers. In the 2000s it turned out popular Mp3 players and one of China’s first smartphones it called an iPhone-killer.阿里巴巴集团周一宣布,对魅族投资5.9亿美元。尽管魅族在中国知名度和市场份额较弱,但在很长一段时间内,魅族是国内最聪敏的电子设备制造商之一。在本世纪的头十年里,魅族推出过热门MP3播放器和中国最早的智能手机之一,当时该公司将其称为“iPhone杀手”。The big investment, which earned Alibaba a minority but undisclosed stake in Meizu, comes eight months after Alibaba bought outright China’s largest mobile browser company, UCWeb. That purchase was the first signal that Alibaba wanted a piece of China’s booming smartphone landscape.这笔巨额投资让阿里巴巴获得了魅族的少数股份,但具体数量尚未披露。8个月前,阿里巴巴整体收购了中国最大的移动浏览器公司优视科技。此举是阿里巴巴意欲分食中国蓬勃发展的智能手机市场的首个信号。China’s more than 550 million smartphone users represent a lucrative market. Apple’s iPhone and products, for instance, were recently named the top luxury gift to give someone in Mainland China. Xiaomi, the most successful of China’s dozens of smartphone startups, raised money at a billion valuation late last year to become the highest-valued private startup in the world—after only selling phones since 2011.在中国,智能手机用户超过5.5亿,是一个利润丰厚的市场。举例来说,苹果公司的iPhone等产品最近被评为中国大陆首选高档礼物。在中国的十几家初创智能手机厂商中,最成功的是小米。在于去年年底完成融资后,小米的估值达到了460亿美元,成为世界上价值最高的私人初创企业,而它从2011年才开始销售智能手机。“The (Meizu) investment like any other is ‘future betting’ on a company which has some promise and could be a dark-horse in the smartphone race,” says Counterpoint Research director Neil Shah. “Alibaba is essentially locking-in cool and bright brands to expand its ecosystem with its investment spree.”市场研究公司Counterpoint Research董事尼尔o沙哈认为:“这次(对魅族的)投资和其他类似行为都是在‘押注未来’,而押注的对象是有一定前途,而且可能在智能手机竞争中成为黑马的公司。实际上,阿里巴巴斥巨资锁定了一些很酷、很抢眼的品牌,以扩张自己的生态系统。”It’s also catching up with the competition. Rival Tencent has a partnership with Xiaomi through their mutual stake in software maker Kingsoft and Qihoo, another Chinese Internet player specializing in security, invested 0 million in Shenzhen-based smartphone maker Coolpad in December. By those standards, Alibaba has been behind the game.同时,阿里巴巴在竞争中正迎头赶上。它的对手腾讯已经通过参股金山软件以及奇虎360和小米成为合作伙伴,并于去年12月向深圳智能手机厂商酷派投资4亿美元。如果以此为标准,阿里巴巴已经处于落后位置。Alibaba said its mobile operating system, YunOS, will be integrated into Meizu’s phones that now run on Google’s free Android operating system. A handful of tiny Chinese smartphone makers use YunOS, but the system is basically unknown in China where 80% of smartphones run on Android. In pushing its own operating system, Alibaba is taking a page from Amazon’s playbook and creating a platform on which consumers are seamlessly plugged into its shopping and entertainment sites through their phone. (Only Alibaba isn’t taking the concept quite as far as Amazon—it will leave building the phones to Meizu.)魅族手机目前使用免费的谷歌安卓操作系统。阿里巴巴表示,它的阿里云OS移动操作系统将集成到魅族手机中。有几家很小的中国手机厂商使用阿里云OS,但该系统在国内基本处于默默无闻状态——中国80%的智能手机都使用安卓系统。推广自己的操作系统是阿里巴巴对亚马逊Kindle Fire业务的借鉴。由此,阿里巴巴可以打造一个平台,让消费者的手机和阿里巴巴的购物和网站实现无缝对接(只不过阿里巴巴在这方面没有亚马逊走的那么远,它把制造手机的工作留给了魅族)。“The investment in Meizu represents a significant expansion of the Alibaba Group ecosystem,” said Jian Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba, in a statement. An Alibaba spokeswoman declined to comment more on the deal.阿里巴巴首席技术官王坚在一份声明中表示,“投资魅族代表着阿里巴巴集团生态系统的一次大规模扩张。”该公司女发言人拒绝对这次投资发表其他。While Alibaba gets a new (bigger) host for its operating system, Meizu gets a shot at greater sales across Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms, which can spell life or death for brands. On the biggest online shopping day last year in China, Single’s Day in November, when Alibaba’s platforms become the de facto shopping destinations, Xiaomi sold 0 million worth of phones in 24 hours. A Meizu spokesperson said the investment will help the company get more aggressive in pricing and product lines to reach its sales goal of 20 million phones this year.阿里巴巴为自己的操作系统找到了新的(而且是更大的)使用者,魅族则有机会通过阿里巴巴的一系列电子商务平台提高自己的销售规模,这对一些品牌来说是生死攸关的大事。去年双十一期间,阿里巴巴的电商平台成为网购首选,小米手机则在24小时内实现了2.5亿美元的销售额。魅族发言人称,这次投资将让魅族在定价和产品线方面变得更大胆,从而实现今年2000万美元的手机销售目标。A strong comeback for Meizu, using Alibaba’s operating system, could resurrect an old fight. More than two years ago Google protested that YunOS, also known as Aliyun, was ripping off Android’s source code. When Acer announced a phone based on the operating system, after Acer had agreed not to ship “non-compatible” Android versions, Google cried foul. Alibaba responded that its engineers spent three years developing the operating system. Acer’s phone was never released.借助阿里巴巴的操作系统,魅族强势回归,而这有可能再次点燃熄灭已久的战火。两年多以前,谷歌曾指责阿里云OS使用了安卓源代码。当时宏碁(Acer)宣布将推出基于阿里云OS的手机,谷歌随即表示强烈抗议,理由是宏碁已经同意不采用“非兼容”的安卓版本。阿里巴巴则回应称,阿里云OS由自己的技术人员用了三年时间开发而成。但基于阿里云OS 的宏碁手机并未上市。The arguments haven’t been raised since. But Shah of Counterpoint says for Meizu, the Alibaba tie-up “could significantly improve its product portfolio, retail presence and overall visibility for its products.” That greater visibility could also bring renewed scrutiny from Google.从那以后,这一战事便淡出了人们的视线。但Counterpoint Research董事沙哈指出,阿里巴巴携手魅族“可能极大地改善阿里巴巴的产品结构和零售市场布局,以及产品的整体清晰度”。而更高的产品清晰度有可能再次引起谷歌的关注。For now, Alibaba’s 0 million splurge on Monday earns the e-commerce giant a play in smartphones and makes the China market even more competitive than it was.眼下,这笔5.9亿美元的巨额投资让这家电商巨擘在智能手机领域获得了一席之地,也让中国市场的竞争变得比以前更加激烈。(财富中文网) /201502/359897Voice recognition technology is critically important, not just for mobile phones, but potentially for control of lots of other devices, particularly televisions. It is still early days, but if you#39;re thinking about which side will win in the battle between Apple#39;s Siri and Google Voice Search, consider the lesson of spell check.语音识别技术不仅对于手机产业来说至关重要,而且对很多其他设备,特别是电视机的控制来说,也十分关键。该技术目前尚处于初级阶段,但如果你在思考,到底“苹果语音助手”(Apple#39;s Siri)和“谷歌语音搜索”(Google Voice Search)谁会在这场竞争中取胜,那就想想拼写检查给我们的启示吧。When Eric Schmidt was still chief executive of Google, I asked him what the company owned that would make it particularly hard for any emerging search contender to wipe Google out. Spell check, he said. Google had observed the spelling mistakes and corrections typed into billions of queries, and had a vast understanding of what people really meant when they typed like thsi. Google was able to use this knowledge to offer a ;did you mean; function in search, eventually completing queries before people were finished typing.当埃里克·施密特(Eric Schmidt)还是谷歌首席执政官的时候,我问他,谷歌到底拥有什么,能让它不被任何新出现的搜索引擎打倒。拼写检查,他回答道。谷歌仔细研究了输入查询框的数十亿信息的拼写错误和修正,因此非常清楚用户出现像“thsi”这样的拼写错误时,他们实际想要表达的意思是什么。有了这种了解,谷歌在搜索中提供了“您是不是想找”的功能,最终做到了在人们完成输入之前,就将问题补充完整。Other companies would not be able to get that learning, he said, since people had come to expect search engines to fix their spelling. The customers would stay with Google, where that problem was solved. Microsoft Bing has proved Mr. Schmidt was not entirely correct in Google owning spell check, but it does take a company of Microsoft#39;s size to come at the problem.他表示,其他公司不会有这样的学习积累,因为人们已经开始指望搜索引擎来修正他们的拼写。客户仍会继续使用已经解决了这个问题的谷歌。微软必应(Microsoft Bing)明,施密特关于谷歌独有拼写检查功能的说法并不完全正确,但也只有微软这种规模的大公司才能应付这样的问题。It is common around the world to use Google to check one#39;s spelling now, and it#39;s common inside Google to use that same ancillary learning on new products.现在,使用谷歌来检查拼写在全世界都很普遍,而且在谷歌内部,同样的辅助性知识也经常应用于新产品。That is probably why Google Voice Search, in its Siri-like manifestation in the new Jelly Bean version of the Android operating system, appears to be winning the heart of my colleague Nick Bilton. Nick says Google Voice Search appears to have better understanding of what he#39;s talking about, and can answer questions better. There are also numerous s on the Web showing its prowess.这也许就是“谷歌语音搜索”似乎深受我同事尼克·比尔顿(Nick Bilton)追捧的原因。在安卓操作系统“软糖豆”(Jelly Bean)的升级版中,它看起来和Siri相似。尼克说,“谷歌语音搜索”对他所说的话识别能力似乎更强,而且回答问题也更出色。网上也有大量视频展示了这款产品的威力。If Google is better, it is most likely because it has roots in a product Google introduced in 2007, called Google-411, or Google Local Voice Search. Ostensibly a product that provided free directory assistance, Google was mostly interested in capturing the way different people pronounced words.如果说谷歌的表现更好,这极可能是因为谷歌2007年推出的一款产品为上述技术奠定了基础。这款产品名为“谷歌411“(Google-411),或称“谷歌本地语音搜索”(Google Local Voice Search)。这款产品表面上是为了提供免费信息查询,其实让谷歌最感兴趣的,是掌握不同人的发音方式。While the Jelly Bean version of Voice Search is new, Google#39;s linguists have five years of data on billions of pronunciations. A year ago, just for the English language, Google had a database of 230 billion word strings, and had worked on 23 other languages, based largely on 411 and related voice-based search products, including an earlier version of Voice Search. It#39;s another spell check.虽然语音搜索的“软糖豆”版本最近才推出,但谷歌语言学家已经有了5年数十亿不同发音的数据积累。一年前,谷歌就有一个包括2300亿词组的数据库,这还只是英语。谷歌还在致力于 23个其他语种的开发。这些开发很大程度上都以“411”及相关语音搜索产品为基础,其中还包括一个“语音搜索”的早期版本。这又是另一种拼写检查。Apple never worked on that kind of feature, which is one reason Siri is one of the few products Apple officially released in beta form. It is building up its database of speech during Siri#39;s early life. Some of the cute ways Siri talks when it does not understand a question, such as repeating back what you have said, may in fact be efforts to see if you will correct its understanding, somewhat in the way Google learned spell check. Google Voice Search on Jelly Bean is starting late, but its quality advantage from all that learning beforehand is what makes it better in the early days.苹果从来不曾进行类似功能的研发,这也是为什么Siri成为苹果官方以测试版形式发布的少数产品之一。在Siri的早期阶段,它的语音数据库逐渐建立。当Siri不明白一个问题的时候,它有一些可爱的表达方式,比如重复你刚才的话,也许实际上,这就是为了看你是否会纠正它的理解,这和谷歌掌握拼写检查的方法类似。虽然“谷歌语音搜索”的“软糖豆”版本出现较晚,但它建立在早期研究基础上的质量优势,正是它在初级阶段表现突出的原因。That is not the only area where Google develops one product for the sake of another. The Google Goggles application on Android, which uses computer-driven image recognition to help identify an object the customer photographs, is also a product for use in connection with Google Maps. You can take a picture of a street in Goggles, and if Google Maps has taken a picture of that place with its Street View cars, it can tell you where you are.开发一个产品是为了另一个产品,语音识别并不是谷歌这么做的唯一领域。安卓系统上的“谷歌眼镜”(Google Goggles)应用,使用电脑图像识别技术,能帮助确认用户所拍摄的物体,也是一款能与谷歌地图(Google Maps)联合使用的产品。你可以用“谷歌眼镜”拍一条街,如果谷歌地图也用“街景”(Street View)车拍过这个地点,它就能告诉你,你现在是在什么地方。 /201411/343215

Igor Feitoza, a Brazilian-born entrepreneur, left an angry message on his bank’s Facebook page this week.不久前的某日,巴西出生的企业家伊戈尔费托萨(Igor Feitoza)在其的Facebook页面上留下一条愤愤不平的留言。“I want to see if you guys will pay my overdue bills and my employees as I can’t access my money which last Friday to pay them,” he wrote following a “ridiculous” three hours spent at the bank.他写道:“我上周五刚存的钱,准备付账单和员工的工资,结果现在却没法取钱。我倒要看看,你们会不会付我的过期账单和员工工资。”在此之前,他在这家耗费了“荒唐的”三个小时。Mr Feitoza is not one of the many frustrated Royal Bank of Scotland customers hit by the latest technology failure this week. He is a client of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the country’s biggest bank by market capitalisation, which had its reputation as one of the most digitally advanced lenders tarnished by an outage in its payment and online systems late last week.费托萨并不是那周受到苏格兰皇家(RBS)技术故障打击的众多不满客户之一,而是澳大利亚市值最大的——澳大利亚联邦(Commonwealth Bank of Australia,简称CBA)的客户。该行号称数字化程度最高的之一,但那周发生的付和在线系统故障给这一名声蒙上阴影。As well as provoking outbursts on social media, the technology glitches at RBS, which caused some 600,000 payments and direct debits to go missing, and CBA underline how the world’s biggest banks are often failing to get to grips with the growing demands being placed on their IT platforms.RBS和CBA发生的技术故障除了在社交媒体上引发大量吐槽以外,还凸显出这样一个现实:全球最大经常搞不定其IT平台承受的越来越高的要求。RBS的技术故障竟然导致大约60万笔付和直接扣账交易不知去向。Banks spent about 8bn on IT last year and that figure is expected to grow at close to 5 per cent a year, taking it above 0bn by next year, according to Celent, the research company.研究公司Celent的数据显示,各去年的信息技术出大约为1880亿美元,预计这一数字会以每年近5%的速度递增,明年将达到2000亿美元以上。Many banks, such as RBS, are plagued by computer systems that have been built up over several decades through acquisitions and new product launches to form a costly and complex patchwork of systems.像RBS这样的许多,受到几十年期间逐渐积累的电脑系统的困扰,这些系统可能来自并购,也可能来自新产品推出,它们构成了一个成本高昂的复杂的系统大杂烩。“A lot of these programmes get three-quarters done,” says a senior technology executive at one of the largest US banks. “It’s one of these technical debt problems that builds up over the course of time. If you have one thing happen it might cause the whole thing to fall down.”美国最大之一的一名技术高管表示:“此类程序有许多只能执行四分之三的功能。这就是那种技术‘债务’,它们随着时间的推移而不断积累。一旦出点什么问题,会导致整个系统崩溃。”The cost of maintaining these often ageing and unwieldy systems eats up three-quarters of banks’ IT spending, according to Celent. That leaves only a quarter to spend on innovations to keep up with the rapidly emerging threat from the many technology groups and start-ups trying to steal market share in areas such as payments.据Celent介绍,这些往往老化而不听话的系统的维护成本消耗了IT出的四分之三。也就是说,只有四分之一的出被投入创新技术,以应对正在迅速出现的来自众多高科技集团和初创企业的威胁,后者试图在付等领域窃取的市场份额。“For a sector that spends significantly more on technology than most other sectors in the world, it is the least innovative, so there is a paradox here,” says Bill Michaels, head of financial services in Europe at KPMG.毕马威(KPMG)欧洲金融务部门主管比尔迈克尔(Bill Michael)表示:“对于一个技术设备上投入显著超过世界上其他多数产业的行业,这是最缺乏创新精神的做法。所以说这里存在一个矛盾。”As many banks struggle in the post-financial crisis environment to generate returns above their cost of capital, these spiralling costs and inefficiencies are becoming increasingly unacceptable to both managers and shareholders.由于很多在金融危机后的环境中难以获得高于资金成本的回报,不论对管理人员还是股东来说,这些扶摇直上的成本和低效率正变得越来越不可接受。RBS, which last year paid a record fine to regulators for a bigger systems outage in 2012, hoped to solve its problems by replacing its core processing engine at a cost of 750m. But in a recent interview, chief executive Ross McEwanconceded there was still a big job to reduce the number of systems and applications at RBS from more than 3,000.去年,RBS曾因2012年一次更大规模的系统瘫痪,向监管机构付了创纪录的罚金。该行曾希望投入7.5亿英镑更换其核心处理引擎,以便彻底解决问题。然而,在最近一次访谈中,该行首席执行官罗斯麦克尤恩(Ross McEwan)承认,要把RBS系统和应用软件的数量从3000余个降下来,还需要做很多工作。Asian banks spend more than Europeans or US rivals on IT; their spending is growing faster; and more of their IT money is going on new projects than on maintenance. However, they are hardly glitch-free.亚洲的投入信息技术的资源高于欧美竞争对手。它们的出增长更快,而且它们的信息技术出有更大一部分投向新项目,而不是用于维护旧系统。然而,它们也很难做到零故障运营。In January, a problem in the system linking accounts at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the country’s largest lender, with securities brokerages, disrupted Rmb4.9bn in fund transfers, affecting nearly 55,000 customers at 90 brokerages.今年1月,链接中国工商(IC)账户与券商账户的一个系统发生故障,导致49亿元人民币的资金转移中断,影响90家券商的近5.5万用户。工行是中国最大的。As regulators make ever growing demands on banks to provide them with vast amounts of data covering areas from stress tests to anti-money laundering checks, banks are racing to keep their systems up to speed.随着监管机构对提出越来越高的要求,让提交海量数据(涵盖从压力测试到反洗钱检查的方方面面),各正竞相确保各自的系统跟得上。Deutsche Bank insiders blamed its failure in this year’s US stress test on years of under-investment in IT that made it unable to meet US regulators’ demands.德意志(Deutsche Bank)的内部人士将该行今年在美国压力测试中“不及格”归咎于多年来对信息技术投资不足,导致该行达不到美国监管机构的要求。Concern is growing about cyber security after high-profile hacking attacks, such as last year’s theft of data on 76m customers from computer systems at JPMorgan Chase.在出现多起备受关注的黑客攻击事件之后,人们对网络安全的关注日益提高。去年,曾有7600万客户的资料从根大通(JPMorgan Chase)的电脑系统中失窃,这是黑客攻击的一个事例。Executives say this focus on cyber security is a catalyst for change, pushing banks to simplify and upgrade their IT systems. “Making something secure requires it to be consistent and clean and up to date and well managed,” says the US tech executive.高管们表示,对网络安全的这种关注是推动变革的催化剂,它迫使简化和升级其IT系统。上述美国技术高管表示:“要确保安全,就需要做到一致、干净、及时更新至最新状态,并得到优良的管理。”James O’Neill, senior analyst at Celent, predicts that within a decade most big banks will have switched from using costly mainframe computers for overnight processing of customer data to using much more flexible cloud-based services.Celent资深分析师詹姆斯攠尼尔(James O#39;Neill)预计,十年内,多数大将从使用成本高昂的大型计算机对客户数据进行隔夜处理,转向使用灵活得多的云端务。If nothing else, the shortage of developers trained in the Cobol programming language that drives most bank mainframes will force them to make the switch. Australia’s CBA has moved to a cloud-based system, while Deutsche recently outsourced many of its applications to a cloud provider.即使没有其他推动力,受过COBOL语言训练的开发人员的短缺也将迫使完成这一转型。COBOL语言目前驱动着多数大型计算机。澳大利亚的CBA已转向一种基于云技术的系统,而德意志最近也将许多应用程序外包给一家云计算务提供商。“The story about legacy systems impeding innovation is a bit oversold,” says Mr O’Neill. “I’m not saying they will go on for ever, but they have done a pretty decent job of supplying new products and services.”奥尼尔表示:“遗留系统阻碍创新的报道有点言过其实。我并没有说它们会永远运行下去,而是说它们在提供新产品和务方面做得还不错。”Like many sectors, however, banks are realising the need to harness the power of “big data” to offer better digital services to their customers.不过,和许多行业一样,正在认识到需要利用“大数据”的威力,为客户提供更好的数字化务。Mr Michael at KPMG says his banking clients know the stakes are high. “They have seen what technology has done to music and home shopping and so far they have been relatively slow to adapt — but the longer they wait the harder it will get.”毕马威的迈克尔表示,他的客户知道这方面的工作事关重大。“他们看到了技术在音乐和家庭购物领域的威力。迄今他们的适应相对缓慢,但他们等待的时间越长,就越难完成这一调整。” /201508/395598

This post is in partnership with Time. The article below was originally published at Time.com.本文为与《时代》杂志的合作内容,原文发表于Time.com。In Apple CEO Tim Cook’s words, the Apple Watch is “incredibly beautiful.” But some are saying it’s “incredibly unnecessary.”用苹果公司CEO蒂姆o库克的话说,苹果手表“美得惊人”,但也有人说,苹果手表“没用得惊人”。Apple followers haven’t been shy in arguing that the upcoming Apple Watch will be a flop. Dismissive reviews of Apple’s first wearable are plentiful (“a thick, ugly clunker,” “a very stupid idea“), while analysts’ fresh estimates of first-year sales have trended on the low side. Investors haven’t been too optimistic either:Apple’s stock fell 2% Tuesday, a day after it unveiled more Apple Watch details.果粉们纷纷唱衰苹果手表。坊间充斥着大量负面(诸如“又厚又丑的破玩意儿”、“非常愚蠢的理念”等等),分析师们认为苹果手表的第一年销量或将非常惨淡。投资者也不是非常乐观:在苹果手表发布会次日,苹果股价应声下跌了2%。But what few realize is that Apple has a 3.7 million square mile ace up its sleeve: China.但人们却忽视了一点:苹果还有一个面积达960万平方公里的庞大市场——中国。It’s no secret that Chinese consumers love their Apple products. Chinese resellers and admirers alike traveled the world and lined up for days to sweep up Apple’s latest iPhone last fall. Some constructed iPhone 6 “undergarments” to bypass customs duties on the way home. One man even used 99 iPhone 6 units to propose to his girlfriend. (She said no.)中国消费者喜爱苹果产品并不是什么秘密。去年秋天,中国二道贩子和狂热果粉奔袭全世界,排上几天长队只为抢购iPhone 6的场景至今令人记忆犹新。有些水客为了逃避关税,在内衣裤里都塞满了iPhone 6。一名男子甚至用99部iPhone 6向女友求婚(女友拒绝了他。)Now, with the Apple Watch heading to China on April 24, the country’s Apple fans have aly begun generating outlandish headlines. A Guangzhou man was arrested this week for selling drugs in order to finance his Apple Watch, clearly unwilling to settle for one of many cheap knockoff Apple Watches fresh on China’s black market. Those counterfeits are good news for Apple—they’re an indication demand will be high for the real thing. Previous wearables, like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, had never been popular enough to make it into China’s counterfeit market.现在,鉴于苹果手表将于4月24日正式登陆中国大陆,中国果粉们已经开始制造各种荒诞不经的头条新闻。本周,一名广州男子因贩毒被捕,而他铤而走险的动机竟然是为了赚钱买苹果手表——显然他看不上近来各地纷纷涌现的“made in 华强北”的山寨货。但对苹果公司来说,山寨的泛滥其实是个好消息,这说明中国市场对正品苹果手表的需求极其旺盛。而此前的可穿戴设备,比如三星的Galaxy Gear,则从未享受过被山寨厂商仿冒的待遇。Apple, then, is likely counting on its legions of Chinese fans to scoop up Apple Watches to help boost worldwide sales. But China is no back-up plan. In fact, given Apple’s loyal following in China, the Apple Watch could very well have been made for China.因此,苹果很可能要指望中国果粉大军来给它刷全球销量了。然而中国并不是苹果手表的“备胎”,事实上,由于中国有这么多忠实的果粉,苹果手表很可能就是一款专为中国设计的产品。The Apple Watch’s biggest advantage in China is deceptively simple: Few Chinese consumers laugh when Apple touts the device as a luxury item.Apple became China’s top luxury brand for 2015, outranking labels like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. More recently, Apple’s status has risen as Chinese consumers of luxury goods prioritize functionality overostentatiousness—a taboo that China’s President Xi Jinping deplored as “unhealthy,” criticizing Chinese elites’ obsession with status symbols like Rolex watches.苹果手表在中国的优势也很简单:当苹果称该设备是一款奢侈品时,中国消费者听了很少会发笑。2015年,苹果成为中国的头号奢侈品牌,其排名超过了LV和Gucci。近来,随着中国奢侈品消费者从单纯地炫富(连国家主席习近平也谴责中国精英爱买劳力士等奢侈品炫富的心态“不健康”)转变为更注重实用性,苹果在中国奢侈品消费者心目中的地位也再度提升。Even better for Apple is how much Chinese consumers value brand names in luxury goods. According to Digital Luxury Group’s (DLG) 2014 report, 73% of online searches for luxury watches are about brand names, almost twice the rate of Americans. Apple’s brand recognition could seal the deal for the Apple Watch in China—but it could also hurt sales in the U.S., where Apple is seen as a tech brand rather than a fashion label:对苹果来说,另一个利好消息是,中国消费者非常重视奢侈品的品牌。瑞士奢侈品研究咨询机构DLG公司2014年发布的报告显示,有73%的中国人在线搜索名贵手表时是按品牌名称搜索的,这个比重几乎是美国人的两倍。单是苹果的品牌认知度,就足以使很多中国人心甘情愿地掏钱——不过品牌问题反过来却会影响苹果手表在美国的销量,因为苹果在美国一般被认为是个科技品牌而不是时尚标签。All this will help ease sticker shock, too. While Americans will compare the Apple Watch’s 9-,000 price tag to the cost of consumer electronics, Chinese consumers are more likely to stack it up against luxury timepieces. The worldwide median price of a luxury watch is about ,700, according to DLG. That means the Apple Watch Sport (starting 9) and Apple Watch (starting 9) are inexpensive by comparison, while the gold and silver Apple Watch Edition models that start at ,000 aren’t crazy purchases. China’s luxury timepiece market is also growing rapidly, partially thanks to the rise in Chinese women’s incomes:所有这些都有利于缓解高昂的售价给人带来的痛感。美国人会把349美元到1.7万美元的价格拿来与其它消费电子产品进行比较,但中国消费者则会把它与其它名贵手表作对比。根据DLG公司的数据,全球奢侈品牌腕表的中间价格是1.07万美元。相比之下,起价349美元的Apple Watch Sport和起价549美元的Apple Watch都不算特别贵,而购买一款包金裹银,起价1万美元的Apple Watch Edition也不算特别疯狂的举动。另外,中国的奢侈品手表市场一直在迅速增长,这一定程度上要归功于近年来中国女性人均收入的上涨。Apple Watch’s promise in China as a fashionable luxury item is aly clear. When former supermodel Christy Turlington Burns appeared during Apple’s U.S. event Monday to explain how she’s using Apple Watch for fitness, critics called it an awkward, even irrelevant product placement — an iconic women’s advocatewearing a watch “skewed to geeky guys.” But when theApple Watch graced the cover of Vogue Chinaalongside China’s most famous model, Liu Wen, hardly anyone batted an eye. As Vogue China’s editor-in-chief described the difference, “We embrace new technology and digital products more easily than perhaps people elsewhere.”作为一款时尚奢侈品,苹果手表在中国显然拥有非常光明的前景。上周一。当前美国超模克里斯蒂o特灵顿o伯恩斯现身苹果发布会,解释她如何使用苹果手表健身时,很多人称这是一次“尴尬甚至不搭调的代言”——作为一名超模,代言这样一款宅男专用产品,实在违合感太强。而当中国超模刘雯戴着苹果手表登上《Vogue饰与美容》封面时,几乎没有人任何人站出来挑毛病。该杂志中文版总编这样描述这种差异:“我们比其他地方的人更容易接受新技术和新数码产品。”Of course, Apple has spent years laying the groundwork in China for a potential hit with the Apple Watch. It sealed a “watershed” deal with state-owned China Mobile in 2013 to ensure China’s largest mobile network supported iPhones, an agreement that was in the making as far back as in 2007 when the first iPhone launched. Apple also recently brought its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to China, which sport the larger screens Chinese users have long demanded. Apple shipped a record-breaking 74.5 million iPhones worldwide last quarter, and while Apple doesn’t breakdown shipments by country, UBS estimates that China now claims 36% of the iPhone market, surpassing the U.S. for the first time.当然,苹果多年来一直在中国潜心耕耘,想方设法地为苹果手表铺路。2013年,该公司与中国最大的国有运营商——中国移动达成了一项具有“分水岭”意义的协议,以确保中国最大的移动网络持iPhone。而早在2007年,也就是第一代iPhone刚刚问世时,双方就开始酝酿这项合作了。最近苹果也将iPhone 6和iPhone 6 plus推向中国市场,这两款产品搭载了中国用户盼望已久的大屏。上个季度,全球iPhone销量达到了创纪录的7450万部,尽管苹果没有披露按国别划分的销售数字,但据UBS公司预测,中国目前占据iPhone市场的36%,首次超过了美国的份额。And Apple has aly linked the Apple Watch to China. The company’s March 9 event kicked off with a showing the opening of a new flagship Apple Store in China, where the retail locations are set todouble by mid-2016. Later, Apple showed off the Apple Watch’s compatibility with WeChat, a wildly popular messaging app in China. It was a wise move, as Chinese users have expressed worry that Apple Watch’s screen is too small for the app.此外,苹果已经在有意地建立苹果手表与中国的联系。在3月9日苹果发布会的开场视频中,就出现了中国一家苹果旗舰店开张的画面。到2016年年中,中国苹果零售店的数量将达到目前的两倍。随后,苹果还特意指出这款手表完全可以与微信兼容——这个举动非常明智,因为已经有中国用户表达了苹果手表的屏幕太小,恐怕难以兼容微信的担忧。So while Apple Watch’s relevance in the West may continue to be questioned, the wearable has a clear place in China. Given how lucrativeChina has been for Apple, whether or not China loves the Apple Watch could be precisely what makes or breaks the device initial reception.因此,尽管苹果手表在西方的销路或许依然存疑,但它在中国显然有自己的市场。鉴于中国市场一直在为苹果公司贡献巨额利润,中国用户是否喜爱苹果手表将直接决定这款设备上市初期的市场表现。(财富中文网) /201503/365290

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