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铁四局一处襄樊医院做人流多少钱襄阳477医院是公办的吗In a country not so very far away, a 2.5-billion-pound contract has been signed. It will see Darth Vader working alongside Mickey Mouse after George Lucas signed away his empire to Disney.在一个并非很遥远的国家,一份达25亿英磅的合同业已签署。在乔治#8226;卢卡斯将其电影帝国售于迪斯尼之后,人们将看到黑武士达斯#8226;维德将与米老鼠并肩战斗。The saga began in 1977 and went on to become a global phenomenon. But despite his success, many fans believed George Lucas went over to the dark side with the prequels. The deal will make him Disneys second biggest individual shareholder with 2.2%.这一科幻电影始于1977年,逐渐成为风靡全球的奇迹。但是尽管他的巨大成功,许多粉丝认为乔治#8226;卢卡斯随着《星球大战前转》正在走向衰退。不过这笔交易将使他成为迪斯尼第二大单个股东,拥有股份2.2%。For me, its a retirement plan which is I have taken my company, bought stock in the best entertainment company in the world. And that will hold me for the rest of my life.对我来说,这是一个退休计划,我将公司卖给了世界上最好的公司,并得到了它的股份,足够我的余生了。Disney paid just under 2.5 billion pounds for Lucasfilm. It has announced the first of three new films will come out in 2015. Since 1977, the movies have earned 2.73 billion pounds at the box office, but including merchandise it’s close up to 14 billion.迪斯尼只付了卢卡斯影业公司不到25英磅,宣布首批三部新电影将于2015出品。自1977年,电影的票房收入已达27.3英磅,不过这里面包括高达14亿英磅的电影成本。This is the original mold from 1976.这是1976年电影的一套装原型。Andrew Ainsworth has made many of the original Star Wars costumes. Hes still a fan of George Lucas despite once being sued by him for over 12 million pounds for breach of copyright.安德鲁#8226;安斯沃思设计了第一部星球大战的许多装。尽管他曾控告卢卡斯侵犯版权,要求超过1200万英磅的赔偿,安斯沃思仍然是卢卡斯的星球大战迷。Hes been the saga of the film business, so the fact that hes had enough lot of people that admire him. I dont think he deserves it quite honestly. I mean I wouldnt have a business unless it was for him. So, you know, the selling-out to Disney and Disney can carry it on. I think its the best thing for him. I hope hes happy with money he earns from it.他曾经创造了电影界的奇迹,因此事实上有很多人崇拜他。我认为,坦率地说,他并非当之无愧。我的意思是,除非是自己的公司,不然就没有自己的事业。你知道,公司卖给了迪斯尼,由迪斯尼来经营。我想,对他来说,这是最好的事情了。我希望,他会因为从中挣了这么多钱而感到高兴。Its been 35 years since the first film came out. And over the years, fans of the franchise have been very critical of George Lucas and the direction in which hes taken the films. But will Disney fare any better?自从第一部星球大战上映已经35年了。过去的这些年里,其授权放映商都对卢卡斯以及他对这些电影的未来发展方向非常不满。迪斯尼的授权放映费是否会优惠些?I think Lucas is over the moment. He touched the original 3 Star Wars films.我认为卢卡斯已经过时了,他曾指导过前三部星球大战电影的拍摄。Figures are interesting. New people might be a bit different. Less cartoon, you may be less aimed at young kids.电影中的人物很吸引人。不过,现在的年轻人可能会有些不同。少一点卡通成份,减少一些对小孩子的针对性。I think there are pretty good hands as they like a lot transit chemise from Hannah Montana or something like that.我认为现在有很多出色的帮手,他们喜欢大幅度转型,比如从汉娜#8226;蒙塔娜或其他类似的转型。So although some fans have a bad feeling about the future, but others eager for more. The deal offers a new hope.因此,尽管有些影迷对星球大战的未来感觉不佳,但是其他人则期待得更多。毕竟这笔交易带来了新的希望。 201211/210725襄阳市妇幼保健院做微创割包皮手术要多少钱 Science and technology科学技术Palaeontology古生物学Remember the tooth齿状物所记A link is made in an ancient ecosystem古生态系统的一环WHO ate whom in the food chains of the past is rarely clear. 过去的食物链中谁吃谁的问题很少能明确下来。尽管哪些物种是捕食者,Though it is obvious which species were predators and which prey,而哪些物种又是被掠食者显而易见,the subtle specialisations of feeding habit that allow many types of carnivore to co-exist are rarely preserved in the fossil record.但是让多种类型的肉食性动物共存的摄食习性的微妙法门却很少在化石记录中保存下来。Rarely, but not never.很少,不等于永远都没有。That is why the recent discovery of a Jurassic ammonite with a sharks tooth embedded in its shell has excited palaeontologists.这正是最近发现的一枚外壳中嵌有鲨鱼齿状物的侏罗纪鹦鹉螺化石令古生物学家兴奋的原因所在。The ammonite in question, Orthaspidoceras, a species that thrived 155m years ago,在1.55亿年前古鹦鹉螺是非常繁盛的物种,was part of the collection of an amateur who did not realise the significance of what he had found.讨论中的这枚鹦鹉螺化石是一个业余收藏家的收藏部分,这位收藏家没有意识到它的重大意义。Romain Vullo of the University of Rennes,然而,雷恩大学的罗曼?武洛意识到了,however, did—and he has brought the discovery to the attention of the scientific world in the pages of Naturwissenschaften.而且他已经借《自然科学》杂志成功地让这个发现受到科学界的注意。Ammonites were both predators and prey.古鹦鹉螺既是捕食者又是被掠食者。They occupied a position in the Mesozoic oceans similar to that of modern squid.他们在中生代海洋中占有一席之地,类似于现代的鱿鱼。Like squid, they were swimming tentacled molluscs—a group called the cephalopods.它们象鱿鱼一样是游动的触手软体动物,这类软体动物被称为头足类动物。Unlike squid, though, they had protective shells.不过,它们不象鱿鱼,它们有起保护作用的壳。These shells were divided internally into gas-filled chambers.这些壳的内部划分成许多充气室。The result had neutral buoyancy, allowing the animal to move by jet propulsion.结果形成中和浮力,使动物能够借助喷气推进移动。Modern pearly nautiluses, whose relationship to ammonites is much debated, have a similar arrangement.现代的珍珠鹦鹉螺与古鹦鹉螺的关系备受争议,但它也有类似的结构安排。What ammonites—or, at least, some of them—ate became clear earlier this year when an X-ray showed a small crustacean in the jaws of a species called Baculites.古鹦鹉螺以什么为食在今年早些时候终于搞清楚了,X光显示了一个被称为Baculites物种的下颌,明是小甲壳类动物。But what ate ammonites has never been shown in such an unambiguous manner.但是,人们还从来没有以这样一种毫不含糊的方式明什么动物以古鹦鹉螺为食。Some ammonite fossils have tooth marks that look as though they were made by huge reptilian predators called mosasaurs.有些鹦鹉螺化石上的齿痕看起来好像是由巨大的爬虫类捕食者沧龙留下的。Some appear to have been attacked by the beaks of other cephalopods.有些看来像是其它头足类动物的嘴袭击过的痕迹。And some seem to have been bitten by sharks.有些似乎是被鲨鱼咬伤的。On top of that, coprolites, as palaeontologists politely describe fossil faeces, have turned up with ammonite shells in them.除此之外,被古生物学家委婉地形容成粪化石的粪便化石中也找到了古鹦鹉螺的壳。Based on comparisons with modern evacua, these are probably from sharks.根据与现代的排泄物相比较,这些化石可能都来自鲨鱼。But which sharks?但是是哪种鲨鱼呢?Dr Vullos ammonite nails one culprit.武洛士的鹦鹉螺化石锁定了一个罪魁祸首。The tooth belongs to a species called Planohybodus.这颗齿状物属于一个被称作Planohybodus的物种。And that is a surprise.这是一个惊喜。Those modern sharks that eat shelled animals have robust teeth for crunching through hard exteriors.以有壳动物为食的那些现代鲨鱼都长着坚固耐用的牙齿,以便咬碎食物坚硬的外壳。The teeth of Planohybodus, in contrast, were slender and pointed—the sort usually associated with grasping and tearing at flesh.相反,Planohybodus的牙齿细长而尖锐,就是通常让人联想到抓住并撕咬肉类的那种。In a modern predator, that would indicate the habit of eating fish.这可能意味着现代肉食动物有吃鱼的习惯。That a shark with teeth like this would try to make a meal of an ammonite is, at first sight, odd.长有这种牙齿的鲨鱼想吃掉古鹦鹉螺,乍一看太奇怪了。But second thoughts provide a possible explanation.但再三考虑就会想到一个可能的解释。Ammonites manoeuvrability would have depended crucially on their buoyancy control.古鹦鹉螺的灵活性关键取决于其浮力控制。Even a small puncture to the shell, which a pointed tooth would be well able to deliver,即使在其外壳上有一个小小的穿刺,这点尖尖的牙齿驾轻就熟,would let the water in and cause that control to vanish.也会让水渗入,造成浮力控制的消失。Since ammonites could not withdraw entirely into their shells for self-defence,由于古鹦鹉螺不能完全缩回壳内自卫,那么就剩一个问题了,it would then just be a question of dragging the creature out of its chamber in order to eat it.即为了吃掉它而把这种动物从壳腔内拽出来。And for that, sharp, pointed teeth are ideal.对于这点,锐利的尖尖牙齿就十分理想了。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201304/233642襄樊阴茎生殖器疱疹专业祛痘医院

襄阳襄城区人民中心医院怎么样,收费贵吗Science and technology.科技。Age and wisdom.年龄与智慧。Older and wiser?姜是老的辣?Americans get wiser with age. Japanese are wise from the start.美国人年龄越大越聪明。日本人从小就聪明。ONE stereotype of wisdom is a wizened Zen-master smiling benevolently at the antics of his pupils, while referring to them as little grasshoppers or some such affectation, safe in the knowledge that one day they, too, will have been set on the path that leads to wizened masterhood. But is it true that age brings wisdom? A study two years ago in North America, by Igor Grossmann of the University of Waterloo, in Canada, suggested that it is. In as much as it is possible to quantify wisdom, Dr Grossmann found that elderly Americans had more of it than youngsters. He has, however, now extended his investigation to Asia-the land of the wizened Zen-master-and, in particular, to Japan. There, he found, in contrast to the West, that the grasshoppers are their masters equals almost from the beginning.提到智慧的时候,人们脑海里总会出现这样一个老套的画面:一个削瘦的禅宗大师面容慈祥的对他的弟子微笑着,一边叫他们;小不点;,心中十分确定他们迟早会走上这条通往智慧的禅宗之道。但是智慧真的与年龄有关吗?两年前,加拿大滑铁卢大学Igor Grossmann士的研究显示情况的确如此。由于智慧可以标准量化,他发现年长的美国人的确比年轻人要聪明。但是,如今他将调查扩展至整个亚洲——这个拥有禅宗大师的神奇土地——特别是日本。在那里他发现,与西方相比,几乎从一开始,这些弟子与大师在智力方面难分伯仲 。Dr Grossmanns study, just published in Psychological Science, recruited 186 Japanese from various walks of life and compared them with 225 Americans. Participants were asked to a series of pretend newspaper articles. Half described conflict between groups, such as a debate between residents of an impoverished Pacific island over whether to allow foreign oil companies to operate there following the discovery of petroleum. (Those in favour viewed it as an opportunity to get rich; those against feared the disruption of ancient ways and potential ecological damage.) The other half took the form of advice columns that dealt with conflicts between individuals: siblings, friends and spouses. After ing each article, participants were asked ;What do you think will happen after that?; and ;Why do you think it will happen this way?; Their responses were recorded and transcribed.Grossmann士研究结果刚发表在《心理科学》。他招募了186个来自各行各业的日本人并且与225个美国人做对比研究。他要求参与者阅读一些假装在报纸上发表的文章。其中一半描述了一些团体斗争,比如太平洋小岛上当地居民关于是否允许外国石油公司开发刚发现的石油资源。(赞成开采的人认为这是一个发展当经济的机会而反对开采的人则害怕破坏了古老的生活方式并且会对生态环境带来潜在威胁)。另一半文章以专栏的方式提供兄弟、朋友、配偶之间的个人斗争解决建议。在阅读完文章之后,研究人员会问参与者两个问题,分别是;此事发生后,你认为事态将会如何发展??;和;为什么你认为事态会这样发展?;然后研究人员会记录他们的。Dr Grossmann and his colleagues removed age-related information from the transcripts, and also any clues to participants nationalities, and then passed the edited versions to a group of assessors. These assessors were trained to rate transcribed responses consistently, and had been tested to show that their ratings were statistically comparable with one another.Grossmann士和同事们会在记录中剔除与他们年龄和国籍相关的信息,然后将处理过的记录版本交给经过培训的一组评委,他们都对的有一致的评分标准。这些评估成员经过训练,能够始终以相同标准对纸上进行评分;并且已通过测试表明其评出的分数在统计方面相互具有可比性。The assessors scored participants responses on a scale of one to three. This attempted to capture the degree to which they discussed what psychologists consider five crucial aspects of wise reasoning: willingness to seek opportunities to resolve conflict; willingness to search for compromise; recognition of the limits of personal knowledge; awareness that more than one perspective on a problem can exist; and appreciation of the fact that things may get worse before they get better.评委将参与者的按1至3分进行评分。他们想通过这种方法把握心理学家认为的五个有关于智慧方面的重要程度,分别是:寻求解决争端机会的意愿;寻求折中方法的意愿;对个人知识有限的认识度;对问题存在多个方面的意识程度;和对事情在往好的方向发展前的趋坏倾向的估计程度。A score of one on any aspect indicated a participant gave no consideration to it. A score of two indicated some consideration. A score of three indicated a great deal of consideration. Each participants scores were then added up and mathematically transformed to create an overall value within a range of zero to 100 for both interpersonal and intergroup wisdom.1分代表参与者根本就没有考虑过,2分代表参与者有了些思考但并不深入,3分代表参与者对这些问题有深入的思考。将参与者的每个问题的得分相加,再把总分从人际关系及团体关系两方面分别转换为百分制。The upshot was that, as Dr Grossmann had found before, Americans do get wiser with age. Their intergroup wisdom score averaged 45 at the age of 25 and 55 at 75. Their interpersonal score similarly climbed from 46 to 50. Japanese scores, by contrast, hardly varied with age. Both 25-year-olds and 75-year-olds had an average intergroup wisdom of 51. For interpersonal wisdom, it was 53 and 52.与Grossmann士以前的结果一样,美国人随着年龄的增长智慧增加。25岁的美国人社会群体的判断力平均数是45而75岁的美国人平均数是55.他们人际关系的判断力平均数同样随年龄由46攀升至50。但是与美国人的结果相反,日本人的分数与年龄并无太大关系。25岁和75岁的人的社会群体的判断力平均数都是51;对于人际关系判断力反而是25岁的是53,75岁的人是52.Taken at face value, these results suggest Japanese learn wisdom faster than Americans. One up, then, to the wizened Zen-masters. But they also suggest a paradox. Generally, America is seen as an individualistic society, whereas Japan is quite collectivist. Yet Japanese have higher scores than Americans for the sort of interpersonal wisdom you might think would be useful in an individualistic society. Americans, by contrast-at least in the maturity of old age—have more intergroup wisdom than the purportedly collectivist Japanese. Perhaps, then, you need individual skills when society is collective, and social ones when it is individualistic. All of which goes to show that the real root of wisdom is this: do not assume, little grasshopper, that your prejudices are correct.这些结果显示日本人比美国人更早变聪明一些。年轻人以一分的优势险胜那些削瘦的禅宗大师们。但是却有一个悖论:通常说来美国被视为是一个充满了个人主义的社会,然而日本则更推崇集体主义。但是日本人在人际关系能力这一项上的得分却比美国人要高,而人际关系判断力是大多数人认为在个人主义社会中十分受用的能力。相反,美国人——至少在年龄比较高的那一组中——在群体判断力的得分上比据称崇尚集体主义的日本人要高。也许,当社会推崇集体主义的时候你也需要人际关系技巧,在推崇个人主义的社会里你同样需要社交技巧。所有的这一切都表明,智慧的真正根源是:别事先假定你的成见是正确的,也别轻看了那些;小不点;。 /201209/198567襄樊市红十字医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱 襄阳南漳县人民中心医院治疗性功能障碍怎么样

襄阳包皮包茎手术得多少钱 Don:Yael,the last time I was mown the lawn,I couldnt help thinking, its lucky these grass plant dont feel pain.唐:雅艾尔,上次我修理草坪的时候忍不住想,那些树木花草感觉不到疼痛是很幸运的。Yael: Ture,Don. But did you know that scientists have discovered that plants use a form of electrical signaling that sps throughout the plant when one of its leaves is injured.雅艾尔:的确,唐。但你知道吗,科学家们发现有一种植物,一旦其树叶受伤,会立马向全身传导一种电子信号。Don:Like the electric signals that sp through our nerves when we are injured?唐:就像人类受伤后通过神经传导的电信号吗?Yael: The electric signals in plants, called “system potentials”, are not exactly like the electric “action potentials” in the nervous systems of animals. But they do have certain similarities. Both kinds of electric signals travel very quickly from the site of the wound to distant parts of the organism.雅艾尔:植物体内的电信号被称为“系统电位”,它与动物神经系统里的“动作电位”并不完全一样。不过它们的确有某些相似之处。这两种电信号都能很快地从受伤的部位传到生物远处的部位。Don:Cool.唐:酷。Yael: The way these electric signals were discovered is pretty cool,too. A team of German scientists carefully inserted super thin, hair like electrodes through open stomata on the leaves. Stomata are tiny pores, found on the undersides of leaves, that open and close to control evaporation and gas exchange for the plant. The tiny electrodes could then record activity from cells inside the leaf. Using these sensitive electrodes, the scientists were able to record changes in voltage as the electric signals sp from leaf to leaf across the entire plant. The system potentials in plants move much more slowly than the electric signals that run through our neurons, sping at rates between two to four inches per minute.雅艾尔:发现这种电子信号的方式也相当酷。一个德国的科学家团队通过叶子张开的气孔,仔细地植入了超薄、类似头发的电极。气孔是位于叶子下侧的微小毛孔,这些气孔的开放和关闭控制着植物水分的蒸腾和气体交换。这些小电极能记录叶片内细胞的活动。利用这些敏感电极,科学家能够记录电信号从一片叶子传到另一片叶子时电压的改变。植物体内的系统电位比在人体神经系统内流动的电信号要慢得多。人体内电信号传导速度为每分钟二至四英寸。Don:So,can my grass feel pain?唐:那么,草能感觉到疼痛吗?Yael: No. Plants dont have brains or feelings the way animals do. But it is important for plants to detect damage from herbivores, insects or even lawnmowers. Electrical signaling is one way plants know there is damage and its time to activate defense mechanisms or begin re growth in damaged areas.雅艾尔:不能,植物并没有大脑,不能像动物一样有感觉。但是对植物来说,探测来自食草动物、昆虫甚至剪草机的伤害非常重要。电子信号是植物用来感知受伤部位,并抓紧时间激活防御机制,或修复受伤部位的方法。原文译文属!201301/220427襄阳襄州区人民医院人流怎么样襄阳市人民医院泌尿科咨询



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