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佳木斯第一人民中医院正规泰来县怀孕检测多少钱The Simuwu Rectangle Ding司母戊大方鼎In 1939, a bronze ding which is an ancient cooking vessel with two loop handles and four legs was unearthed in Anyang, Henan Province. This four-legged ding known as the Simuwu Rectangle Ding was so big and heavy that it could not be moved after it was unearthed. The Japanese invaders tried several times to plunder it. To protect this rare cultural relic, the local people reburied it and then unearthed it again after China won the Anti-Japanese War in 1945. The Simuwu Rectangle Ding is now collected in the National Museum of Chinese History. The opening of the Simuwu Rectangle Ding is 110cm long and 78cm wide,its sides are 6cm thick and the loop handles are 133cm high. The whole ding weighs 875 kilograms and is the heaviest bronze ware in the world. The casting of this huge bronze vessel used over l ,000 kilograms of metal and needed 70 t0 80 crafts-men to work on it. It is the biggest bronze ware unearthed in China and also a treasure in the world#39;s bronze ware collection. Though the ding is big and heavy,its workmanship is exquisite.Relief of Kui (a one legged mythical animal) was carved on the four sides of the body of the ding. The animal figures are portrayed with artistic exaggeration and create a ferocious, mysterious and dignified atmosphere. Dings were used in the primitive society in China as cooking utensils. At first they were made of pottery clay. Then, as metallurgy emerged and developed, the material was changed to bronze at the end of the Shang Dynasty some 3, 000 years ago. By that time, dings had changed function to become sacrificial vessels and the symbol of their owners#39; power and wealth. The Simuwu Rectangle Ding reveals a high level of casting technique and artistry. It represents the highest casting achievement of the Shang Dynasty. According to the archeologists, the King of the Shang Dynasty had the Simuwu Rectangle Ding made to commemorate his mother.1939年,在河南省安阳市出土了一件青铜鼎,该鼎为我国古代一种炊食器,有两个立耳和四足。这件被称为司母戊大方鼎的四足方鼎出土后,因为又大又重,一时无法搬运。日本侵略者多次强索该鼎,为避免这件珍稀文物惨遭掠夺,当地人们再次把它埋人地下,直到1945年抗战胜利后,才重新将其出土。司母戊大方鼎现收藏于中国历史物馆。司母戊大方鼎口长110厘米,宽78厘米,壁厚6厘米,立耳高133厘米。整尊鼎重达875公斤,是世界上最重的青铜器。铸造这件大型的青铜器皿使用金属原料1000多公斤,需要七八十名工匠操作完成。它是中国出土的最大一件青铜器,也是世界青铜器收藏中的一件珍品。大方鼎虽然形大体重,但制作工艺非常精美,鼎身四周用浮雕刻出夔龙(想象中的一种单足动物)纹样。这些动物纹样是经过艺术夸张而刻划出来的,纹样衬托出一种狰狞、神秘、威严的气氛。鼎在原始社会时期的中国用作炊食器,最先由陶土烧制。随着冶金技术的出现和发展,在约3000年前的商代后期鼎改用青铜浇铸而成,而且,这时的鼎已经改变用途,成为一种礼器,是权力和财富的象征。司母戊大方鼎展现出一种高超的铸造工艺和艺术水平,代表了商代铸造技术的最高成就。据考古专家考,商王铸造这尊司母戊大方鼎是为了纪念自己的母亲。 /201601/419346黑龙江省哈尔滨妇女儿童医院几点开门 In the annals of anti-monopoly case law, Chinese rice noodle and tableware cartels do not rank up there with the Standard Oil trust, the petroleum cartel that was famously prosecuted in 1911 under the US Sherman Antitrust Act.在反垄断判例法记录中,中国的米粉和餐具消毒卡特尔不可与标准石油(Standard Oil)托拉斯同日而语。1911年,美国法院根据《谢尔曼反托拉斯法》(Sherman Antitrust Act)裁定标准石油托拉斯为非法石油垄断组织,这是一个著名的判例。But in time these two much lesser known cartels, targeted by Beijing regulators shortly after the implementation of China’s 2010 Anti-Monopoly Law, may become famous in their own right. They were among the first cases in an enforcement campaign that has since ensnared the likes of Mercedes-Benz and Qualcomm. It could also soon have implications for multinationals’ ability to safeguard intellectual property in the world’s most coveted market.然而,中国这两个鲜为人知的卡特尔或许也会因为其自身的原因扬名世界——2010年,在中国《反垄断法》(Anti-Monopoly Law)实施一年多后,它们便被北京方面的监管部门盯上了。它们是反垄断执法行动中首批被调查的对象,这之后梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)和高通(Qualcomm)之类的公司相继中。这场执法行动很快还可能威胁跨国企业在中国市场上保护自身知识产权的能力,而中国是全世界最令人垂涎的市场。In both instances, the National Development and Reform Commission imposed small penalties for price collusion on more than a dozen rice noodle makers and service providers that wash, sterilise and wrap tableware in plastic for restaurants. Stephen Harris, a competition attorney with Winston amp; Strawn in Washington DC, says both cases were a signal to Chinese companies by NDRC that “new laws exist and there’s a cop on the beat”.在两个案例中,中国的国家发改委(National Development and Reform Commission)对十多家米粉制造商以及7家为餐馆提供套装消毒餐具的餐具消毒企业处以小额罚款,原因是这些企业串通涨价。华盛顿特区温斯顿-斯特朗律师事务所(Winston amp; Strawn)的反垄断律师斯蒂芬#8226;哈里斯(Stephen Harris)称,两起案件都是发改委向中国企业发出的警告——“新法律已经实施,警察在盯着呢”。The NDRC’s investigations into allegedly anti-competitive behaviour by domestic firms culminated with an Rmb200m (.2m) fine for China’s largest liquor maker, Wuliangye, two years ago. But it takes rather more money to get the attention of multinationals, and the NDRC achieved just that in 2013 with the first in a series of investigations against foreign manufacturers of milk powder, auto parts, premium cars and semiconductors.发改委对中国本土企业所谓反竞争行为的调查,以两年前中国最大白酒制造商五粮液(Wuliangye)被处以2亿元人民币(合3220万美元)罚款达到巅峰。但是,要引起跨国企业的注意,还得开出更大的罚单。2013年,这个目的达到了——发改委开启了针对外国制造商的第一起调查,随后的一系列反垄断调查席卷了奶粉、汽车零部件、豪华车以及半导体领域的外国制造商。Foreign firms accused of anti-competitive behaviour by the NDRC have generally been hit with much higher fines than their domestic counterparts. Qualcomm agreed to pay a Rmb6.1bn penalty in February, while Mercedes and Audi were fined Rmb350m and Rmb250m respectively.被发改委指控存在反竞争行为的那些外国公司最后收到的罚单金额,一般比被罚的国内企业高得多。今年2月,高通同意付61亿元人民币的罚款,而奔驰和奥迪(Audi)则被分别处以3.5亿和2.5亿元人民币的罚款。In all three instances, the fact the penalties could have been much worse has blunted some of the criticism that the NDRC has been deliberately targeting foreign companies — a charge the regulator has consistently denied.有人批评发改委在故意拿外国企业开刀,而在以上3个案例中,罚款金额原本都可能更高,这一事实缓和了部分这样的批评。发改委对这一批评始终予以否认。Qualcomm’s penalty could have required much more costly changes to its business model. The San Diego company’s shares actually rose on the news. Mercedes and Audi, meanwhile, were penalised for infractions in just one province each. In theory, they could have had to pay much more had NDRC’s investigators ferreted out wrongdoing in all of China’s 32 provinces, autonomous regions and directly administered municipalities.对高通的处罚原本可能包括要求其改变商业模式,那样的话代价要高昂得多。被罚的消息公布后,这家总部位于美国圣地亚哥的公司的股价事实上还上涨了。与此同时,奔驰和奥迪受到的处罚分别针对它们各自在仅一个省份的不法行为。理论上讲,如果发改委查出它们在中国内地全部的32个省、自治区和直辖市的不法行为,它们被处以的罚款可能会高得多。That suggests the NDRC’s investigations of multi#173;nationals, like the ones into domestic firms before them, were to a large degree motivated by the desire to send a wake-up call to the foreign investment community rather than secure maximum fines.这意味着,发改委对跨国企业的调查,很大程度上是出于想要敲打一下外企,而非想要获得尽可能高的罚金,正如发改委之前对国内企业的调查一样。So what next now that the NDRC has so effectively got its intended message across? Only one previously disclosed investigation has yet to be resolved — that involving Microsoft and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, which also polices aspects of the 2010 Anti#173;Monopoly Law.既然发改委已经颇有成效地传达了其意图,那么接下来会发生什么?目前只有一个之前披露过的调查尚未有结果——该调查涉及微软(Microsoft)和中国国家工商行政管理总局(State Administration of Industry and Commerce,简称工商总局),后者也是反垄断执法机构。Mr Harris and his colleagues at Winston amp; Strawn — who represent both Qualcomm and Microsoft but said they could not comment on either case — are warning multinationals about a new set of SAIC guidelines that could force them to share intellectual property with their Chinese competitors. The rules, designed to “prohibit abuse of intellectual property rights to eliminate or restrict competition”, were promulgated early last month and take effect on August 1. Just as western regulators have occasionally forced operators of telecoms networks and electricity grids to share their “essential facilities” with competitors, the SAIC could compel “dominant” companies to share intellectual property when it constitutes “an essential facility of manufacturing and business operations”.温斯顿-斯特朗律师事务所的哈里斯及其同事们同时代理高通和微软,但是他们表示两起案件均无法置评。他们警告跨国企业称,中国工商总局的新一套指导方针可能会强迫它们将知识产权共享给中国竞争对手。《关于禁止滥用知识产权排除、限制竞争行为的规定》于上个月公布,将于8月1日生效。就像西方监管部门偶尔迫使电信网络和电力网络运营商与竞争者共享其“关键设施”一样,当这些知识产权构成“制造和商业运营的关键设施”时,中国工商总局可能会迫使“占主导地位的”企业把知识产权分享出来。If it were to do so, the SAIC would be following the EU in applying the essential facilities doctrine to intellectual property. But the EU has only forced companies to share intellectual property in a very small number of exceptional circumstances, while the US has refused to do so.若果真如此,中国工商总局将步欧盟(EU)后尘,将关键设施理论应用到知识产权上。但是,欧盟只是在极少数特殊情况下强迫企业共享知识产权,而美国则拒绝这么做。In a rare public comment on the new rules, one SAIC official has said the regulator will be “cautious” in applying them. For multinationals wary of being forced to transfer technology in China, the uncertainty is a worrying but useful reminder that the country’s anti-monopoly law is very much a work in progress. Very few if any of them took note of the implications for their own industries of the NDRC’s prosecutions of the domestic rice noodle and tableware cartels. It is a mistake that they should not make twice.在就新规发表的一次罕见公开中,中国工商总局一名官员称该部门将“谨慎”应用新规。对于担心在中国被强迫转让技术的跨国企业而言,这种不确定性是个令人担忧、也很有用的提醒,即中国的反垄断法很大程度上还是半成品。发改委起诉国内米粉和餐具消毒卡特尔的时候,跨国企业中很少(如果有的话)有哪家注意到了此事对它们自己所在行业的影响。这个错误它们不应再犯第二次。 /201505/376507黑龙江省哈尔滨市儿童医院介绍

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巴彦县体检多少钱While you were running Saturday errands, the world’s biggest software company celebrated its 40th birthday. Yes, seriously.上周六,当你正享受周末时,全球最大的软件公司正在庆祝自己的40岁生日。In a letter sent to employees, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (still a technical advisor) predicts computing will evolve more quickly over the next decade than ever but is still too far out of reach for many people.在一封致员工的公开信中,微软联合创始人、目前仍担任该公司技术顾问的比尔o盖茨预计,计算机技术在今后十年的发展速度将比以往任何时候更快,但仍有许多人无法接触到它们。“So I hope you will think about what you can do to make the power of technology accessible to everyone, to connect people to each other, and make personal computing available everywhere even as the very notion of what a PC delivers makes its way into all devices,” he wrote.盖茨写道:“所以我希望你们想想自己能做些什么,来让科技的力量惠及每一个人,将人们互联起来,使个人计算普及到世界各地,正如个人电脑传达的观念影响了所有设备一样。”Of course, there are literally dozens if not hundreds of other companies—both large and small—that would love to solve that problem at Microsoft’s expense.显然,只要微软不在乎损失,抢着想解决这个问题的大大小小的公司大有人在。Mere toddlers like collaboration software upstart Slack, flirting with a billion valuation, are challenging its dominance in productivity software.最年轻一代中的有刚成立几年的团队协作软件公司Slack,其估值已经迅速达到20亿美元,以它为代表的这些新生力量正在挑战微软在生产力软件上的统治地位。Twenty-something Amazon Web Services and teenager Google are making things tough in the data center realm. And despite itsexpensive Nokia investment, Microsoft can’t seem to get more people to trade in their Apple and Samsung smartphones.年纪大一些的有“20多岁”的亚马逊网络务和“十几岁”的谷歌,它们让微软在数据中心业务上的处境日益艰难。尽管微软在诺基亚上投资不菲,但却无力阻止越来越多的人购买苹果和三星智能手机。As it enters its fifth decade, does Microsoft have the energy to combat competition on so many different fronts? That’s up to company’s third CEO, Satya Nadella. After spending his early days rightsizing the company (the last round of Microsoft’s biggest layoff ever was apparently completed last week), he is busy acting as different from his immediate predecessor, Steve Ballmer, as possible.随着微软进入第5个十年,它是否还有精力多线作战,在这么多的领域展开竞争?这取决于该公司第三任首席执行官萨蒂亚o纳德拉。他上任之初便开始优化公司规模(微软史上最大规模的裁员刚刚在上周完成最后一轮),如今他正忙着推行改革,竭力彰显自己跟前任史蒂夫o鲍尔默的不同之处。That’s evidenced in Microsoft’s relationship with Box. “We’re seeing a different Microsoft, and customers are seeking a different Microsoft,” Box CEO Aaron Levie said during Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference last July.微软与Box的关系就体现了这一点。Box公司首席执行官阿隆o列维在去年7月的《财富》科技头脑风暴大会上表示:“我们看到的是一个不同的微软,顾客也期待着一个不同的微软。”Nadella has aly pulled off a few refreshing surprises. Consider the company’s .5 billion buyout of the wildly successful Minecraft developer last September or the January sneak peek at the company’s virtual reality interface, HoloLens.纳德拉已经带来了一些令人眼前一亮的惊喜。微软在去年9月以25亿美元的价格收购了大获成功的游戏《我的世界》的开发商,又在今年1月发布了虚拟现实产品HoloLens。Officially speaking, the upcoming Windows 10 launch, which will be sold under a new subscription mode, will be the first big test of Nadella’s leadership. But in my mind, attracting and retaining the talent to keep Microsoft relevant throughout its fifth decade could be his biggest challenge as CEO. There’s a reason so many people are interested in the new book from Google’s human resources chief.根据官方说法,即将以全新订阅模式发售的Window 10将会是纳德拉领导能力面临的第一次大考。不过在我看来,在第五个十年里,如何吸引和留住人才,进而保持微软的竞争力,才是纳德拉作为首席执行官面对的最大挑战。如此多的人对谷歌人力资源主管的新书感兴趣,是有原因的。Nadella’s misguided comments last fall about women in technology didn’t help. That’s why one of the most important strategic decisions early in his tenure came in November, when Nadella promoted Kathleen Hogan from a customer-facing role to run human resources.纳德拉去年秋天对科技界女性的不当言论,可帮不了他(他建议女性不要主动要求加薪)。这也是他为什么要在任期之初的11月就做出一项最为重要的战略决定——将负责客户公关的凯瑟琳o霍根提拔至人力资源部门担任领导。Hogan’s resume includes leading the Microsoft services organization; she also was a developer at Oracle and a partner at consulting firm McKinsey. Her mandate: lead Microsoft’s cultural transformation and ensure “Microsoft remains the best, most inclusive place to work.”霍根曾是微软务部门的负责人,还担任过甲骨文的开发人员以及咨询公司麦肯锡的合伙人。她的任务是:领导微软的文化转型,保“微软仍是最好、最具包容性的工作场所”。 /201504/369364 黑龙江妇幼保健医院专家咨询黑龙江省第二医院生殖科




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