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2019年06月26日 14:01:27 | 作者:光明专家 | 来源:新华社
我的暑假生活 我快乐的暑假英语作文 --5 ::51 来源: 我的暑假生活 我快乐的暑假英语作文As usual,i did homework and joined many kinds of training class,but it'sa joyful summer vacation this year. 和往年一样,我做家庭作业并参加了各种培训班,但是,今年的暑假是一个愉快的暑假Except studying, I traveled with my families in the holiday. We went to Beijing and stayed there four days. We lived in the hotel. It is very beautiful. We visited to the Tiananmen Square, the Imperial Palace, the Summer Palace and the Old Summer Palace. We also went to the Great Wall. The weather was very hot, but we were exciting. I like Beijing very much. I hope I can go there again. 暑假期间,出来学习,我还和家人去旅游了我们去了北京并在那里待了四天我们住在酒店里北京很美,我们参观了天安门广场,故宫,颐和园和圆明园我们还去了长城北京的天气很热,但是我们很兴奋我很喜欢北京,我希望还能再去那里I`m ZengWenqian -- :37:1 来源: I`m ZengWenqian  My name is ZengWenqian. I`m a girl. I`m years old. I am of medium height. I have short black hair.  I like singsing and ing books.I love to tell joke. My favorite animals are dogs. I think they are cute and friendly. I hope I have a good friend!我最敬佩的人 The People I Admire Most -- :7:31 来源: Thereare many admirable people around us, such as our parents, teachers, polices andso on. But the people I admire most are cleaners. Cleaners work hard silentlyvery day to keep our city clean and beautiful. They get up early in host summeror cold winter when we are sleeping. They don’t work themselves only, but us, our city. Sometimes, we think they are dirty and we don’t want toclose to them. It’s not right. They clean our environment by their hard work.在我们的身边,有许多值得敬佩的人,例如我们的父母、老师、警察等等,但最令我敬佩的人是清洁工他们每天都默默地辛勤工作,保持城市的干净、美丽无论是酷暑还是寒冬,我们正在熟睡,而他们去早早起床开始工作他们不但是为自己工作,也是为了我们大家,为了我们的城市有的时候,我们会觉得他们很脏,甚至不想靠近他们,这是不对的,他们通过自己的辛勤工作使环境清洁了女孩子的梦想Girls’ Dream -- :: 来源: As a girl, I just like other girls, like to imagine how my future husband is. We imagine him as a prince, riding his white horse, coming to us. This is every girl’s dream, we hear so many fairy tales, in the story, there is a prince saves the princess from the difficulty. In girls’ hearts, there are heroes, they give the girls expectation future.作为一个女孩,我像其他女孩一样,喜欢想象未来的伴侣是怎么的我们想象他是一个王子,骑着白马,走向我们这是每个女孩的梦,我们听到了很多童话故事,在故事里,有王子拯救公主于困境在每个女孩子的心里住着英雄,这让女孩对未来充满希望

 我的表兄(my cousin and i) --1 :01: 来源: 我的表兄(my cousin and i)  my name is qu jiaxi.i am a student at zhu diwen primary school.i have eight subjects this term.they are maths,english,chinese,science ,art ,music ,computer studies and pe . i like english very much . it is interesting .i have four english lessons a week .  at the weekends , i often write an e-mail to my cousin . he lives in shanghai .his name is qi qi .he likes swimming and playing basketball ,football and table tennis .  sometimes he plays computer games .i learn a lot from him.

Something about Myself-关于我自己的事情 --9 :1:58 来源: Something about Myself-关于我自己的事情  My name is Liu Wen. I'm twelve-year-old girl. I have two big bright eyes and short black hair. Now I'm studying in grade Six of Houxiaohe Primary School. As I'm the only daughter in my family, my parents love me very much. They don't let me do anything, even tidying up my schoolbag.  I like playing sports, especially basketball. I wish I could play as well as Yao Ming. I study hard and I think I have made more progress than bee. After graduation, I hope to go to a good middle school to study so as to repay my parents their rearing.  我叫刘雯,是一个十二岁的女孩我有一双明亮的大眼睛,黑色的短发现在我在后小河小学六年级学习因为我是家中的独生女,所以我的父母非常疼我他们不让我做任何事情,甚至整理我的书包  我喜欢运动,特别喜欢打篮球我希望我能像姚明一样打得好我学习努力,我认为我比以前有了更大的进步我想毕业后去一所好的中学学习,来报答父母的养育之恩

口语对话:周末和朋友或同事去郊游-- ::57 Go outing 郊游Go outing with your friends and put your work or troubles aside a while. This way you can vent the pressure that has collected inside your body.情景对话1:一群朋友一起去郊外放松游玩Ann: It's ten more miles to the destination.离目的地还有十里多Ben: Oh, dear! But it looks ten thousand more. My legs don't seem to be mine now.什么!看上去简直是万里长征我的腿已经不听使唤了Mike: Come on, Ben! Can you see the blue sky and green mountains? And the fresh air! What is to be afraid of if you can enjoy what you can't get at work?得了,本看见这蓝天、这青山了吗?还有这么清新的空气!要是能享受到这些上班时享受不到的东西,还有什么可担心的?Ben: Mike, I decide to get about my work and face up to this challenging trip.迈克,我决心不去想工作了,迎接这次旅行的挑战Ann: That's right, Ben. I'm glad you are man enough. The scenery is so beautiful, and it's really worth our eft.这就对了,本,像个男子汉风景多好啊,再累都值Ben: I think so.确实是Mike: Everything here is new and refreshing and seems to be mixed into one. You can hardly tell who's who and which is which.这里的一切都那么清新、和谐,彼此交融Ann: That's why I love outing. It makes you feel so close to the nature. Besides, you'll easily get energetic again.这就是我喜欢户外远足的原因它使你感觉是和自然那么亲近,让你觉得一下子精神焕发Ben: Quite right.你说得对Notes:1 Mike, I decide to get about my work and face up to this challenging trip.face up to recognize and deal with honestly and bravely 诚实而又勇敢地承认和解决,对付例句:You must face up to the fact that no one is young ever. ...and it's really worth our eft.worth of value equal to 值,等于......的价值例句:Four days' car hire costs , which is well worth it the places you're able to drive to.情景对话 :同事们约好一起去野餐Lynn: Ok. Here we are.好,我们到了Allen: This is really a nice spot picnics. I'm starving. Let's eat right away.这真是野餐的好地方我饿极了,我们现在就吃饭吧Lynn: First things first. You get the food out of the basket, and I'll build a fire over there.最重要的事情要先办你把食物从篮子里拿出来,我到那儿去生个火Allen: Good. Here is the tablecloth. I'll sp it out on the grass.好的这是桌布,我把它铺在草地上Lynn: What food did you bring?你都带什么吃的了?Allen: These are hamburgers and hot dogs, and those are drinks, and chocolate cake. The peanut butter and sauce are in another PE bag.这些是汉堡包和热,那些是饮料和巧克力蛋糕,花生黄油和调味汁在另一个塑料袋里Lynn: Some premoist towelette too. Boy, you're really thoughtful.还有几条湿纸巾你想得真周到Allen: What shall we broil first?我们先烤什么?Lynn: Hamburgers. Don't burn it.汉堡包别烤焦了Allen: I'll try not to...it's y now. Have one.我尽量吧......好了,来一个Lynn: Thank you. My god, it tastes good. You're quite a cook.谢谢天哪,味道真好你的手艺真不错Allen: Why, thank you. Let's have a coke, and then go fishing somewhere by the river.谢谢我们喝杯可乐,然后到河边钓鱼去Lynn: That's a marvelous idea.好主意Notes:1 I'm starving. Let's eat right away.right away now 立刻例句:Let's get the car started right away. First things first. 最重要的事情先办例句:Don't worry, your car can be repaired, but first things first, are you sure that you're not hurt?3 Boy, you're really thoughtful.boy在口语中用来表示惊奇,兴奋例句:Boy, that was good!Look here, boy, this simply won't do.常用句型:May I suggest a camping in the suburb?Shall we have time an outing?We can make a weekend picnic there.We'd better rent a camper.Shall we sing and dance round the campfire?I bet you've never seen such beautiful views bee.Boy, you're really thoughtful.It's not bad to go camping during this season.

我的家乡My Hometown -- :3: 来源: Myhometown is Xiamen. I was born there twelve years ago. Now I live in Fuzhou,the capital of Fujian Province. Xiamen is a beautiful city that many peoplevisit there. The whole city is clean and tidy. I lived in downtown. It’s nearto the port, where is the busiest place, because thousands of people go to theGulangyu. Gulanyu is a small island. There are many distinctive buildings andpaths there. You may get lost in so many paths, but you don’t have to worry. Andevery path has its own beautiful scenery. I love my beautiful hometown.我的家乡是厦门,十二年前我出生在那里我现在住在福建省的首府福州市厦门是一个很漂亮的城市,每年都有很多游客到这里旅游整个城市都很干净整洁过去,我就住在厦门市里,离码头很近码头是最繁忙的地方,因为每天都有成千上万的人从那里去鼓浪屿鼓浪屿是一个小岛,岛上有许多特色建筑和小道行走其中,你可能会迷路,但是不必担心,每一条小道都有独特的美丽景色我爱我美丽的家乡

The Four Seasons 四季 --7 :: 来源: The Four Seasons 四季  There are four seasons in a year. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter.  When spring comes, the weather gets warmer and everything comes back to life. The farmers are busy with sowing.  Summer is the hottest season. It often rains. It's a busy season in the countryside.  Everybody likes autumn because the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It's time the farmers to harvest.  Winter is cold. The days become shorter and the nights become longer. The farmers are busy preparing the next spring ploughing.  一年有四个季节,它们是春、夏、秋、冬  当春天到来时,天气变暖,万物复苏农民们在忙着播种  夏天是最炎热的季节,天常下雨,这是农村繁忙的季节  人人都喜欢秋天,因为天气不冷也不热,农民们该收获了  冬天很冷,昼短夜长农民们忙着准备来年的春耕

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