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2019年05月26日 17:50:37 | 作者:快乐互动 | 来源:新华社
My Bedroom --19 :: 来源: My bedroom is very big. The walls are white and blue. The curtains are blue too. There is a big window on the wall, so my bedroom is also very bright. There are some photos on the wall. They’re very beautiful. In the middle of the room, there is my bed. It’s not so big, but it’s very comtable. Every night, I lay on the bed and have a good dream. On the right of the bed, there is my desk and chair. They’re in front of the window. My computer is on the desk. There is a lamp on the desk, too. I can do my homework here and play computer games. My bookshelf is on the left of the bed. There are a lot of storybooks and picture books in the shelf. I like them very much. Not everyone has a bedroom. I’m very lucky, because I have a very beautiful bedroom. I’ll try my best to keep it clean and tidy.My teather --19 :: 来源: Our art teather is not too young and not too old .He has black hair two big and black eyes ,a small nose and a big mouth .Look, he is wearing a blue and white jacket ,a blue hat ,brown pants and a pair of old shoes.He is very funny.He is a good art teather .We all like him .My Coming Summer Vacation 我的暑假 --9 :6: 来源: My Coming Summer Vacation 我的暑假  During the coming summer vacation I can do a lot of things. First, I'm going to Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province. People say that it's a beautiful place, and we all want to breathe the fresh air.  Beside, when I come back, I am going to learn to paint and dance. I want to continue learning these two skills.  At last, I'll spend at least two hours every day doing my homework, and ing some books to open my mind.  I am sure, the summer vacation will be fun and cool.    在即将到来的暑假,我可以做许多事首先,我要去湖南省的张家界人们说那是个美丽的地方,我们都想去呼吸一下新鲜空气  此外,当我回家后,我要学画画和舞蹈我想继续学习两种技能  最后,我要每天至少用两个小时来做作业,并且读一些书来开拓思路  我相信这个假期会很有趣、很酷!

下周 Next Week --19 :19:9 来源: Next WeekIt’s going to be Spring Festival next week.Next Monday I am going to my cousin’s house. He lives in a village. I am going by ship. Next Tuesday I am going to have a picnic. Next Wednesday I am going to go shopping in Nanhai Plaza and to have K.F.C. Next Thursday I am going to Jihuayuan to fly kites. In the evening I am going to clean my room. Next Friday I am going to visit my uncle’s family and my grandpa. Next Saturday I am going to play football at school. Next Sunday I am going to hot spring in Kaiping.I am going to be very happy.

嗜好(Hoy) --01 18:19: 来源: 嗜好(Hoy)   hobbies are very important to a person. without having any hobby, life won't be as colorful as it should be. i have a variety of hobbies, such as collecting stamps, playing musical instruments, ing, and doing sport activities.嗜好(Hoy)   when i am free, i will spend time on my hobbies. when i am in a blue mood, i will also do my hobbies to cheer myself up. hobbies can help us improve our moods. many hobbies requires devotion. example, when you play a musical instrument, you have to practice over and over in order to perm good music. after a period if you still enjoy it, gradually it will become a hobby of yours. but, remember: a hobby is like gold under the ground; no hobby will come to you unless you dig it out yourself.  if you can treat study as one of you hobbies, learning will be more enjoyable. i hope all of you can find your own hobbies and also have fun from them.嗜好(Hoy) 小学英语作文

Save Earth -- :19: 来源: Save EarthThis is the earth. the GREen part is land. the blue part is sea. the white part is clouds. Our earth is very beautiful and interesting. there are rivers, streams, seas and lakes. there are hills and mountains. there are woods, jungles and ests. there are many countries and cities. there are many people live in them. Do you think the earth is very wonderful?    Many years ago, the earth is very clean. But nowadays there is much pollution on the earth. there is air pollution, land pollution and water pollutionPeople are cutting down the ests.            Many wild animals, birds and insects lose their homes. People are killing animals their food and their skins. It’s very cruel. People are polluting the land, the water and the air. People must stop doing this. We must save the earth.

My Father's Study 我父亲的书房 -- :50:50 来源: My Father's Study 我父亲的书房  My father is a writer. Our house is 0 square meters, not very large, but not small either. It has a first floor and a second floor. My father's study is on the second floor.  When you enter the study, you can see a big desk by the window. And on the desk there is a computer. There are four big bookshelves in the room. They are full of all kinds of books, dictionaries, magazines and newspapers. Some of them are English books. There is a beautiful picture on the wall. My father bought it in Paris.  My father often sits there alone, working until midnight.  我爸爸是一位作家我们家面积0平方米,不算大,可是也不小家有两层,一层和二层我爸爸的书房在楼上  当你走进书房,你会看到窗户旁的一个大书桌桌上面有一台电脑房间里有四个大书架,里面满满的都是各种书籍、辞典、杂志和报纸其中有些是英文书墙上有一副美丽的图画,是我爸爸在巴黎买的  我爸爸经常独自一人坐在那里,工作到深夜

我的笔友 My Pen Pal -- :7:19 来源: Ihave a pen friend, Li Xiang. Li Xiang is twelve years old and he comes fromBeijing. We like the same magazine and get the inmation from it. He likesplaying football as I do. We share our experience about playing football. example, I was punished by mother because I was late home after class. He oncegot No.1 of a football match in his city. Besides, we talk much about football clubsand stars. Sometimes, we discuss a passage in that magazine we both like. It’sreally funny.我有一个笔友,他的名字叫李想他今年岁,是北京人我们都喜欢一本杂志,也是通过那本杂志认识的李想和我一样,都喜欢踢足球我们分享彼此关于踢足球的经历比如,我曾因为踢球晚回家而被妈妈惩罚,他曾得到过市里足球比赛的第一名此外,我们还会讨论足球俱乐部和足球明星等有的时候,我们也会讨论我们喜欢的那本杂志上的文章这真的很有趣

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