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Chinese internet search engine Baidu has come under attack from the country’s technology regulator after a flood of complaints over false advertisements, pornography and leaks of personal information.中国互联网搜索引擎百度(Baidu)受到国内技术监管部门的抨击,有大量举报投诉百度存在虚假广告,淫秽色情,泄露个人隐私等违法违规行为。Nasdaq-listed Baidu has enjoyed a rapid rise, helped by Google shutting down its China site over censorship concerns in 2010, and along with Alibaba and Tencent is one of China’s internet trinity. However, disappointing half-year earnings in July suggest its star may be waning.由于谷歌(Google)在2010年因担心审查制度而关闭了中国网站,纳斯达克上市的百度迅速崛起,与阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和腾讯(Tencent)一起成为中国互联网三巨头。但是百度去年7月发布的半年度盈利令人失望,似乎表明其星光可能正逐渐暗淡。The latest scandal shows it is not too big to fend off criticism of unethical behaviour — or to evade the attentions of the regulator. The State Internet Information Office said it had grilled Baidu executives on Friday and that the company would face unspecified punishment.最新爆出的这起丑闻表明,百度并未大到足以挡开对其不道德行为的批评,或逃过监管机构的关注。上周五,国家网信办约谈了百度高管,该公司将面临未指明的处罚。In addition to several breaches, the regulator said: “Some search results on Baidu are not impartial or objective, and its news channel has sp harmful information involving violence and terrorism.”国家网信办表示,除了存在违法违规信息,“百度还存在部分搜索结果有失客观公正、百度新闻炒作渲染暴力恐怖等有害信息问题。”Baidu has apologised for seeking to financially exploit medical information bulletin boards and said it would stop the practice on its Tieba, or Post Bar, site.百度已就企图利用医疗信息公告栏赚钱的行为作出道歉,并表示将制止其“贴吧”网站的这种做法。Chinese netizens had attacked the company for replacing the volunteer moderator of its haemophilia-themed bulletin board with a private hospital that was accused of providing substandard care. The popular Tieba platform hosts about 19m forums devoted to a wide range of topics.百度将血友病贴吧的志愿吧主换成一家被指不具备医疗资质的民营医院,此举受到中国网民的抨击。贴吧平台深受欢迎,它拥有1900万个论坛,主题范围广泛。Baidu previously faced accusations of altering search results to feature entities that paid it to have their sites highly ranked. The incident also comes amid widesp public distrust of doctors and hospitals over accusations of corruption and shoddy care.百度曾因改动搜索结果、让向其付费的实体提高排名而受到指责。最新事件发生之际,中国的医生和医院因腐败和低劣的医护务而被指责,受到公众普遍不信任。“Sixteen years ago, the two search engine companies [Google and Baidu] started at almost the same time. Sixteen years later, one company is researching the feasibility of quantum computing. By contrast, the other one is researching how to help other people sell fake medicine,” Sina Weibo user 5718276383 said on the Twitter-like social media platform.新浪微用户5718276383在微(Weibo)——类似Twitter的社交媒体平台——上表示:“十五年前,美国和中国,两个搜索引擎公司几乎同时起步,十五年后,一个叫谷歌在研究量子计算机的可行性,另一个叫百度在研究如何帮人卖假药。”Baidu said on Saturday it would partner with non-profit organisations to raise the quality of medical information on its Tieba site. In addition to problems on the haemophilia board, local media raised doubts about the qualifications of for-profit hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in charge of Tieba forums to dispense advice on high blood pressure, liver disease, vascular disease and uterine fibroids.上周六百度表示将与非营利组织合作,提高贴吧医疗信息的质量。除了血友病贴吧爆出问题外,中国媒体还就一些营利性医院以及药企吧主是否有资质提供高血压、肝脏疾病、血管疾病和子宫肌瘤等疾病的建议提出质疑。Local media reported that moderation rights to the most popular forums could fetch more than Rmb1m (2,000) a year, with advertising agencies taking a commission for connecting Baidu with for-profit hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.据中国媒体报道,一些热门贴吧的吧主权可以卖到每年100万元人民币(合15.2万美元)以上,广告公司负责联系百度与营利性医院和药企,从中抽取佣金。“We’ve heard a broad range of criticism and advice from media and netizens, as well as the voices of Tieba users. This incident has exposed a dereliction of duty in the management of our Tieba commercialisation,” Baidu said on in a statement on its official Weibo account.百度在官方微账户上发声明表示:“我们收到广大媒体、网友的批评建议,也听到很多贴吧吧友的心声。这一事件暴露了我们在贴吧商业化运营管理上的失责。”Baidu’s apology failed to quell all the critics. A group of 36 non-profits has filed a complaint with the Beijing Administration of Industry and Commerce accusing Baidu of violating China’s advertising law.百度的道歉未能平息所有批评。36家非营利组织已联名向北京市工商局举报百度公司涉嫌违反中国广告法。A Baidu spokesman declined to comment.百度的一名发言人拒绝置评。 /201601/423731。

AS much as we love our digital devices, many of us have an uneasy sense that they are destroying our attention spans. We skitter from app to app, seldom alighting for long. Our ability to concentrate is shot, right?我们喜爱我们的数码设备,但与此同时,很多人也对此感到不安,觉得它们破坏了我们注意力的持续度。我们在各种应用中切换,很少在其中一个上做长时间停留。我们全神贯注的能力遭到了削弱,是吧?Research shows that our intuition is wrong. We can focus. But our sense that we can’t may not be a phantom. Paying attention requires not just ability but desire. Technology may snuff out our desire to focus.研究表明,这种想当然的看法并不正确。我们是可以集中注意力的。但我们觉得自己丧失了这个能力也是有原因的。因为这不仅需要能力,也需要意愿。而科技产品可能扼杀了我们全神贯注的意愿。The idea that gadgets corrode our attention span sounds logical. Screen-based activities can take upward of 11 hours of a teenager’s day, and many demand rapid shifts of attention: quick camera cuts in s, frenetically paced games, answering questions in multiple apps, not to mention web design that invites skimming. And we often do all this simultaneously, so attention bounces between two (or three or eight) fast-paced tasks. The theory is that the brain’s plasticity turns this quick mental pivoting into a habit, rendering us unable to sustain attention.数码设备削弱了我们的注意力,这个想法似乎很合逻辑。青少年每天在屏幕上进行的活动时间可以长达11小时,很多设备需要你快速转换注意力:视频中的快速剪接镜头,节奏紧张的游戏,在多个应用中回答问题,更不用说鼓励你一览而过的网页设计了。我们经常同时做这些事情,因为我们的注意力也在两个(或三个,或八个)快节奏的任务之间来回切换。有人认为,大脑具有可塑性,因此快速切换的做法逐渐养成了习惯,导致我们无法持续集中注意力。But there’s little evidence that attention spans are shrinking. Scientists use “span” to mean two separate things: how much we can keep in mind, and how well we can maintain focus. They measure the former by asking people to repeat increasingly long strings of digits in reverse order. They measure the latter by asking people to monitor visual stimuli for occasional, subtle changes. Performance on these tests today looks a whole lot as it did 50 years ago.但几乎没有据表明,人们注意力的持续度正在缩短。科学家用“持续度”来表示两种不同的东西:我们一次可以记住多少东西,以及我们可以全神贯注的程度。他们测量前者的方式是让人以相反的顺序复述越来越长的数字串。衡量后者时则要求人监测视觉刺激,注意到偶然发生的微妙变化。这些测试的结果似乎和50年前相差无几。Scientists also note that although mental tasks can change our brains, the impact is usually modest. For example, practice with action games improves some aspects of vision, but it’s a small boost, not an overhaul of how we see. Attention is so central to our ability to think that a significant deterioration would require a retrofitting of other cognitive functions. Mental reorganization at that scale happens over evolutionary time, not because you got a smartphone.科学家还指出,虽然心智任务可以改变我们的大脑,但其影响通常不大。例如,对于我们如何看东西,动作类改善了其中的某些方面,但幅度很小,并不显著。注意力是我们思考能力的核心,以至于只有加上其他认知功能的变化才会导致它出现显著恶化。这种程度的心智重组属于进化范畴,不是弄到一部智能手机就会发生的。But if our attention span is not shrinking, why do we feel it is? Why, in a 2012 Pew survey, did nearly 90 percent of teachers claim that students can’t pay attention the way they could a few years ago? It may be that digital devices have not left us unable to pay attention, but have made us unwilling to do so.但是,如果我们的注意力持续度没有缩减,为什么我们会有这种感觉呢?为什么皮尤(Pew)2012年的一项调查显示,将近90%的教师说学生们不像几年前那样注意力集中了?这可能是因为数码设备虽然没有让我们削弱集中注意力的能力,但却让我们失去了这样做的意愿。The digital world carries the promise of amusement that is constant, immediate and limitless. If a YouTube isn’t funny in the first 10 seconds, why watch when I can instantly seek something better on BuzzFeed or Spotify? The Internet hasn’t shortened my attention span, but it has fixed a persistent thought in the back of my mind: Isn’t there’s something better to do than what I’m doing?数码世界提供了源源不断、即时、无限的活动。如果YouTube上一段视频的前10秒没意思,那为何还要看它,反正我可以马上到BuzzFeed或Spotify找到更好的东西?互联网没有缩减我的注意力持续度,但它改变了我脑海中一个长期以来的想法:是不是有什么东西比我现在手上的更好?Are we more easily bored than we were 20 years ago? Researchers don’t know, but recent studies support the suggestion that our antennas are always up. People’s performance on basic laboratory tests of attention gets worse if a cellphone is merely visible nearby. In another experiment, people using a driving simulator were more likely to hit a pedestrian when their cellphone rang, even if they had planned in advance not to answer it.与20年前相比,我们现在更容易厌倦了吗?研究人员没有,但最近的研究持了一个说法:我们的天线一直是开着的。在基本的实验室测试中,仅仅是有一部手机在视线范围之内,人们的注意力表现就会变差。在另一个实验中,如果手机在响,即使驾驶模拟器的人决定不去理睬它,也更有可能撞上行人。The direst prediction offered by digital critics — our phones are really pocket-size deep fryers for the mind — may be untrue, but the alternative I’ve suggested sounds nearly as bad. The appetite for endless entertainment suggests that worthier activities will be shoved aside. We may buy Salman Rushdie’s book, but we’ll end up sucked in by Flappy Bird.数码批评家做出了可怕的预测——手机就是一口袖珍的心智油炸锅。事实可能并非这样,但我的说法似乎也暗示着同样糟糕的事情:对的无限热衷,似乎意味着更有价值的活动将被抛到一边。我们可能会购买萨尔曼·拉什迪(Salman Rushdie)的书,结果却沉迷于玩《像素鸟》(Flappy Bird)游戏。That doesn’t quite seem to be the case, either. Research shows, for example, that the amount of leisure ing hasn’t changed with the advent of the digital age. Before we congratulate ourselves, though, let’s acknowledge that brainier hobbies have never been that popular. There have always been ways to kill time.情况好像也不是这样。例如,研究表明,休闲书刊阅读量似乎并没有随着数字时代的来临而改变。在祝贺自己之前,我们不妨先承认,更高雅的爱好从来都没有那么流行。打发时间的方式一直都不缺乏。Still, digital activities may be different. Over the last decade, neuroscientists distinguished two systems of attention and associated thought. One is directed outward, as when you scroll through your email or play Candy Crush. The other is directed inward, as when you daydream, plan what you’ll do tomorrow, or reflect on the past. Clearly, most digital activities call for outwardly directed attention. These two modes of attention work like a toggle switch; when one is on, the other is off. In fact, when attention is outwardly directed, the inwardly directed attention system is somewhat suppressed. Given the amount of time people spend with digital devices, that sounds ominous.但是,数字活动可能还是有所不同。过去十年来,神经学家总结出两种有关注意力和思考的系统。一种是外指向的,出现在你浏览电子邮件,或玩《糖果粉碎传奇》(Candy Crush)的时候。另一种是内指向的,出现在你发呆,计划明天会做什么,或反思过去的时候。显然,大多数数字活动引发的都是外指向的注意力。这两种模式就像按动开关;当其中一种打开,另一种就关闭了。事实上,当注意力切换到外指向系统时,内指向的系统就遭到了抑制。鉴于我们在数码设备上花的时间如此之多,这听起来有些不妙。Will we actually lose our ability to daydream? Let’s hope not. Among daydreaming’s many merits, research shows, is an association with greater creativity. But there is a dark side of inwardly directed thought, too. Daydreaming often distracts us when we’re trying to get something done. And reflection can turn ugly, as when we ruminate about some past insult or error.我们真的会失去发呆的能力?希望不会吧。研究显示,发呆有诸多优点,其中一个和创造力提升很有关系。但是内指向活动也有缺点。比如我们想把事情做好的时候,发呆可能会让我们分心。当我们纠结于过去的一些侮辱或错误时,反思可能并非好事。Digital devices are not eating away at our brains. They are, however, luring us toward near constant outwardly directed thought, a situation that’s probably unique in human experience. A flat cap on time with devices — the restriction we first think of for ourselves and our kids — might help. So would parking devices in another room for a while. But it would be more effective if we could learn to recognize in ourselves when escape from our thoughts is O.K. and when reflection is in order. As a bonus, judgments like that require inwardly directed attention, a mental habit that in our smartphone era, we’d be dumb to lose.数码设备不会蚕食我们的大脑。然而,它们引诱我们几乎总是采取外指向思维,在人类经验中,这种情况可能是是独一无二的。为设备使用时间设定上限——我们首先为自己和孩子想到的限制——可能会有帮助。放下设备,到另一个房间呆一段时间也会很有用。但是,如果我们可以自己意识到,什么时候应当从思绪中抽离,什么时候应该进行反思,效果就会更好。这样的判断需要内指向的注意力,这是一个额外优点。在目前这个智能手机的时代,放弃这种心智习惯就太不明智了。 /201501/356554。

This post is in partnership with Entrepreneur. The article below was originally published atEntrepreneur.com.本文为与《创业者》杂志的合作内容。下文最初发表于Entrepreneur.com。Succeeding as an entrepreneur takes hard work and persistence because, unfortunately, there is no business-startup fairy who magically bestows success on small businesses and their owners.成功的创业者需要付出努力和毅力,因为非常不幸的是,世上并没有创业小精灵,能够神奇般地将成功赐予小公司和他们的老板。Most successful entrepreneurs follow comparable patterns and share similar basic characteristics. Hundreds of online articles and published books claim to know the secret of success in business, but for the most part, they boil down to the same major points.大多数成功的创业者都遵循类似的模式,并且具备类似的基本特质。无数在线文章和图书宣称掌握了商业成功的秘诀,但事实上其中大多数都可以归结为几个相同的要点。Passion, perseverance and a positive attitude tend to set successful entrepreneurs apart. Cultivating these attributes requires an innate skill set and some tips to get started.、毅力和积极的心态,是创业成功的关键。培养这些特质要有天赋和一些小技巧。So here are the main items to take into consideration if you’re trying to develop a business platform. These elements constitute will support a smart strategy for any new enterprise:下面是开发一个商业平台时需要考虑的主要元素。这些元素可以帮助任何新公司制定明智的策略:1. Love what you do.1. 热爱自己的事业。Passion is key to keeping a business strategy moving. Half-heartedness in an entrepreneurial endeavor will chip away at your drive to succeed. Perseverance is the one thing that’s guaranteed to move anything over time, whether it’s a person, a job or an entire company. Abraham Lincoln failed at most of his efforts until late in his life, but he never gave up.是保持公司策略顺利运行的关键所在。在创业过程中三心二意,将让你失去成功的动力。从长远来看,坚持不懈是推动一切事物发展的唯一保,不论是个人生活、工作还是运营一家公司。直到晚年,亚伯拉罕o林肯的大多数努力都以失败告终,但他从未放弃。2. Take baby steps.2. 慢慢来。Jumping all in is rarely ever successful. There are success stories about people who invested everything once and came out winners after six months or a couple years, but those are rare. Risk management is an essential factor in any startup, and balance is vital. You can absorb losses more easily if you take smaller risks in the beginning. Those will provide essential and productive lessons.一次投入全部很少能够成功。虽然确实有人倾其所有,在六个月或一两年之后成为赢家,但这只是个案。对于任何初创公司来说,风险管理都是一个重要元素,账目平衡至关重要。如果你在最开始承担的风险更少,你就更容易消化损失。而这些损失将是必不可少的、富有价值的教训。3. Learn from others.3. 向他人学习。Successful entrepreneurs often worked for others in their field of choice before striking out on their own. Spending a few years in the industry under an excellent mentor will provide a good launching pad. Learn from your predecessors’ mistakes and brainstorm about how to improve upon their model. Find someone willing to teach, and think about starting your business elsewhere when you leave.成功的创业者在自己创业之前,通常都曾在同一领域的其他公司工作过。在业内工作数年时间,并且找一位优秀的导师,将为你的创业成功奠定坚实的基础。从前辈的错误中总结经验教训,思考如何改进他们的模式。找到愿意指导你的人,然后再考虑自立门户。4. Learn how to self-promote.4. 学会自我推销。Confidence and a good elevator speech can take any pitch to the next level. The first marketing any company experiences comes from its founder. Spend time learning how to share your vision without coming across as “salesy.” Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale, but remember: the client is always the focus.自信和出色的“电梯演说”可以提高推销的水平。任何一家公司最早的市场营销经验都来自它的创始人。因此,花时间学习如何分享你的愿景,但不要给人留下“你只是想卖东西”的印象。不要害怕寻求销售机会,但你应该牢牢记住:永远以客户为中心。5. Constantly take action.5. 持续行动Entrepreneurs are movers and shakers. They can’t afford to analyze every detail or they’d never get anywhere. There is no place for procrastination in a startup. It’s a 24/7, no-vacation-or-sick-days kind of job that demands constant forward momentum. Make a brief assessment at every step and move on it. Trust your instincts.创业者都是行动者和颠覆者。他们不能去分析每一个细节,否则他们将寸步难行。初创公司没有拖延的资本。创业是一个全天候、无休假的职业,创业者必须具备持久不变的前进动力。迈出每一步的时候进行简单的评估,然后继续前进。相信自己的直觉。6. Make a plan.6. 制定计划。Read about successful businesses. Take in the wealth of knowledge that’s been provided by successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and the personalities from Shark Tank. A successful business plan does not have to be a book. A 10-page plan is digestible yet long enough to include everything you need to start.阅读成功的商业案例。吸收史蒂夫o乔布斯等成功创业者以及《创智赢家》(Shark Tank)提供的知识财富。一份成功的商业计划书不需要长篇累牍。10页纸的商业计划书既便于理解,又足以包含你要开始实施的所有内容。7. Build a reputation.7. 建立声誉。According to Brandi Bennett at HostGator.com,maintaining a blog on a well-hosted website, or volunteering your time and skills, shows instead of tells the community, and thereby builds expertise and trust.主机运营商HostGator.com公司的布兰迪o班奈特认为,在一家可靠的网站上坚持写客,或者做一名志愿者,贡献出你的时间和技能。不要去告诉别人你是谁,而应该通过实际行动去展示你自己,这样做可以积累专业知识以及个人信誉。8. It’s never too late to start.8. 不论何时开始都不算晚。Many successful entrepreneurs started later in life. J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter author), Julia Child (chef), and Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) all started their wildly successful brands after they were comfortably along in their lives. Having the experience that comes with age can give you a unique outlook on your business. Life experiences bring depth that the most educated young adult, by his or her nature, is less able to foresee.许多成功的创业者都是在中年之后才开始创业。《哈利波特》的作者JoKo罗琳、大厨茱莉亚o查尔德和沃尔玛超市创始人山姆o沃尔顿,都是在经过多年的舒适生活之后,才创建了自己的品牌,并大获成功。随着年龄增长,经验更加丰富,你会对自己的事业产生一种独特的看法。生活经验所带来的睿智,是大多数受过教育的年轻人难以预见的。9. Build your “A team”.9. 组建自己的“一流团队”。Finding the skill sets and attitudes that support the culture of the brand you want to promote will foster innovation and enhance your reputation. Include folks from outside the company for the people you rely on. That will start a free marketing chain reaction that can build confidence and revenue.根据你希望推广的品牌文化,寻找能够为其提供持的技能和态度,可以促进公司的创新,增强公司的信誉。从外部寻找帮手,帮助你的团队进步。 这将开启一个免费的营销连锁反应,为你树立自信并增加收入。10. Be mindful of your attitude.10. 注意自己的心态。The attitude of the founder will set the tone for the business. Negativity, laziness and entitlement waste time and money while they tarnish your reputation. Success largely depends on making mistakes and accepting blame in stride. Owning up to and facing challenges head-on is what makes a mere business owner a leader.创始人的心态将为公司定下基调。消极、懒惰和理所应当的心态,不仅浪费时间和金钱,还会损害你的信誉。成功很大程度上取决于能否在犯错后从容地接受批评。直面挑战可以让一位普通的公司老板变成真正的领导者。Starting a business can wreak havoc on the owner’s personal life. While all the above tips are necessary for success, taking care of yourself mentally and physically is also imperative. Exercise, sleep and diet play a central role in ensuring you implement these policies successfully. All of them drive attitude, motivation and relationships.创业会对创业者的个人生活造成严重影响。虽然上面的建议对创业成功至关重要,但从精神和身体上照顾好自己同样是必要的。锻炼、睡眠和饮食是确保你成功执行这些策略的关键要素。这些要素能够帮助你调整心态,获得动力,拓展人际关系。Successful CEOs tend to follow a structured, daily schedule of rising early, exercising, having snacks on hand for fuel and socializing many evenings of the week.成功的CEO都保持着都极有规律的生活,他们每天早起,锻炼身体,身边会放一些点心补充能量,每周拿出几个晚上进行社交。Striking a balance may take a while, but working toward this list as a goal for starting your company will make the difference. How an owner feels about progress and how quickly a business can be up and running — and feeding that bottom line — will swiftly feel the impact.你或许要很长时间才能实现工作与生活的平衡,但努力遵守这个清单,并将其作为创业的目标,将会产生不一样的效果。创业者如何看待所取得的进步?以及一家公司多快才能实现正常运营和实现收平衡?遵循这些建议,你很快就能找到。 /201502/360380。