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激光扫描发现中世纪的柬埔寨地下巨城 -- :39:53 来源: 考古学家近日宣布,借助航空三维激光雷达扫描技术,他们在柬埔寨吴哥窟附近发现多处地下城市遗迹 An extensive network of ancient cities has been discovered in the Cambodian jungle around the ruins of Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world.在全球最大的宗教纪念碑——吴哥窟遗迹附近的柬埔寨丛林里,大片古老的城市被发现Using ground penetrating lasers, scientists, researchers came back with high definition images of th century cities. Covering an extensive area.使用地面穿透激光,科学家、研究人员传回高清晰的十二世纪城市的图像,覆盖了广阔的地区A Unesco World heritage site, Angkor Wat dates back to the first half of the century. It is estimated that it took 30 years to build the temple dedicated to the Hindu deity, Vishnu, at the behest of King Suryavarman II, the ruler of the Khmer Empire作为联合国教科文组织的世界遗产之一,吴哥窟可以追溯到世纪的前半期这座神殿专门供奉印度教的主神毗湿奴,它是在高棉帝国的统治者苏利耶跋二世的授意下建造,据估计花了30年建成The discovery of the earthen mounds by archaeologists who have been working in the area years was reported by Livescience earlier this month.考古学家们在该区域研究了数年的成果,于本月初发表在《生活科学上With the aid of airborne laser-scanning equipment, the researchers found huge fields of dome shaped earthen mounds, some of which were shaped into spirals.通过机载激光扫描设备的帮助,研究人员发现大片的圆顶形土丘,其中还有一些是螺旋状的The mounds were placed on a grid, showing an ancient street pattern.这些土丘被安置在一个个格子里,看起来像是古代街道的样子In all the lasers scanned 735 square miles of the Angkor region and the results revealed an entire cityscape.激光扫描了吴哥窟附近的735平方英里的区域,结果显示了整个古城市群Temples from the Khmer Empire were normally surrounded by wood and thatch buildings which have rotted away over time.高棉帝国的庙宇通常被杂草所包围,这些建筑会随着时间的推移而破败But thanks to the lasers attached to the helicopters, the team was able to discover more substantial and robust structures which have stood the test of time.不过,多亏有了机载激光,该团队能够发现这些经受住时间考验的更坚固、更稳定的建筑“It turned out we’d been walking and flying right over the top of this stuff ten years and not even noticing it because of the vegetation,” Damian Evans, one of the archaeologists said.该团队一考古学家达米安.埃文斯说,“十年来,我们在这个城市群上面走过、飞过,却由于浓密的植被而一直未曾注意到它们”。

“微信图书馆”----妈妈再也不用担心我座位被占了 -- :: 来源: 考试临近,你是否总是在图书馆找不到座?即使好不容易起个大早,占了个座,中途你去了个厕所,却发现座位早已易主而最近,南京大学推出的;微信图书馆;受到了大家的欢迎,不少同学感叹:妈妈再也不用担心我的座位被占了Students in Nanjing University will no longer have to worry about their seats in the library being taken up by someone else when they temporarily leave their seats.如今,南京大学的同学们再也不用担心,自己离开一会后,图书馆的座位被占了;WeChat library;, a mobile-based online platm managing the use of library seats, started a trial operation at Nanjing University on Thursday to keep good order in some libraries, triggering a heated debate on campus.为了保图书馆的良好秩序,南大推出了一个移动在线座位管理系统平台;;;微信图书馆;该平台上周四开始试行,在校园中引发热议The platm runs on the universityrsquo;s official ;Going to the library; on WeChat, a popular instant-messaging and social-networking platm. Students can book seats, register their presence, report when they leave and reserve seats on the platm.具体可关注;我去图书馆;微信公众号,注册绑定后可使用该平台学生可以使用以下功能:签到、直接入座、暂时离开、暂离回位以及离开According to the rules, those who book the seat have the priority to use the seat, but they also have to observe a time limit. They must take the seat and scan the QR code on the seat within minutes of the library opening. If not, they will get a violation record.根据规定,用微信在线预约选座的人有优先使用所选座位的权利,但是必须要遵守时间限定早上开馆预约后,必须在分钟内到馆验就座,否则将记违规1次They also have to be back at the seat and report on the platm in minutes if leaving the toilet, 30 minutes book searching, and 90 minutes lunch or supper.该规则还指出,读者离开座位选择保留有相应的时间规定,如去卫生间分钟、查资料30分钟,用餐时间为90分钟Any violation will be recorded, and when three violations are registered, the system will automatically put the violator onto a blacklist.任何违规都会被记录下来,且累计达到3次,系统将自动列入黑名单Students reacted differently to the new rules.对此,同学们看法不一A university student, surnamed Ye, argued that the time limit was too strict as everyone has different habits. ;I think there must be someone who will break the time limit. Not everyone can be so self-disciplined,; he said.叶同学称时间限定太严格了,因为每个人的习惯不同;我想,肯定有人会打破时间限定的每个人不可能都约束得那么好;Another student, surnamed Shen, believes the new tool manages order well as it effectively prevents seats from being occupied when students leave temporarily.另一个沈同学认为这一工具可以管理秩序,也能有效防止同学们短时间离开后座位被占现象的发生Many students support the platm, as snatching seats has long been a issue. It is a positive change, they said, and at least it is better to use the platm and obey rules than not.很多学生持这一平台,因为占座对于大学生来说一直是一大问题他们说,这是一个积极的转变,有总比没有好。

非洲白化病患者被斩首 巫医:能制灵药 -- ::37 来源: 非洲国家马拉维与坦桑尼亚等有特别的风俗,认为只要能够吃到加入白化症病患肢体的灵药,就能够带来好运,也当地白化症病患遭到杀害的案件层出不穷 People with albinism living in Malawi have been the victims of a surge of attacks by people seeking to use their body parts in ritual practices.非洲国家马拉维的白化病患者遭受袭击的案件一直在激增——人们寻求他们的肢体以进行宗教仪式According to an Amnesty International report released on Tuesday, at least 18 people with albinism have been killed since November . A spike in the killings came this April, when four people, including a -year-old child, were killed.据国际特赦组织(或称大赦国际)星期二发布的一份报告,自年月以来,至少有18名白化病患者惨遭杀害今年四月出现了杀戮高潮,包括一个两岁大的孩子在内的一共四人被杀Amnesty International is now calling on authorities in the Southern African country to take more action to punish the perpetrators.国际特赦组织现在呼吁非洲南部的国家采取更多行动来惩罚凶手“The unprecedented wave of brutal attacks against people with albinism has created a climate of terror this vulnerable group and their families who are living in a state of constant fear their lives,” Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International’s director Southern Africa, said in a statement. “The time has come the government of Malawi to stop burying its head in the sand and pretending that this problem will just go away. Talking will not end these attacks. Concrete action is urgently required.”“这股前所未有的野蛮攻击白化病患者的浪潮,为生活在这个国家里的弱势群体和他们的家庭制造了一种恐怖不安的气氛,他们时刻为活下去而提心吊胆” 国际特赦组织非洲南部的主任在一份声明中说,“现在时机成熟,马拉维政府应当振作起来,不要再假装这个问题会消失光靠对话是不会结束这些攻击的,迫切需要有实际行动”The country has up to ,000 people living with albinism and Malawi’s Police Service says more than 60 crimes related to albinos have been reported since .马拉维的白化病患者人数高达1万人,据马拉维警方称,自年起与白化病患者相关的犯罪案件逾60起。

在线教学被火热追捧的同时又备受争议 -- :: 来源: 物理、英语等科目的网络授课教师获得天价工资的现象受到了广泛关注同时也在全国范围内引起了有关网络教学的力量、中国教育现状、以及企业家创业精神的激烈讨论Zheng Anke, who earns up to 3.6 million yuan (,000) annually through her English classes on WeChat, Chinarsquo;s most popular instant messaging app, provides a case in point.郑安科(音)通过在微信上的英语教学,年收入达到了360万人民币(约合55000美元)她的事例给我们提供了一个了解网络教学的机会Zheng, in her early 30s, organized WeChat groups with 0 students each and charges each student 3,000 yuan () a year. She once worked New Oriental Education, Chinarsquo;s biggest English-training school, but now runs her own business.三十出头的郑安科在微信上组织了个网络教学班级,每个班0名学生她向每个学生收费,每年3000元人民币(约合60美元)她以前在中国最大的英语培训学校--新东方教育工作过,而现在她经营着自己的业务;I compile my own English learning materials, which I send to the students every week,; said Zheng, who has two assistants to help her keep in touch with all of the students as they also receive weekly feedback on their pronunciation.郑安科说道:;我自己编写英语学习资料,每周都把它们发给学生们学习;每周她都可以通过微信语音收到学生们发来的教学反馈,而且她还雇佣了两名助理来协助她保持和学生们的联系The proliferation of Internet instruction has raised questions among Chinese netizens. First, the whopping sums some teachers make has led to criticism about compensation and fair salaries. Second, some online teachers are having to hide their identities, as they work in government schools and are barred from outside instruction.然而,网络教学的泛滥已经引起了中国网民的质疑第一,他们认为一些教师丰厚的收入引起了有关公平薪酬和补偿的批评第二,一些线上教师不得不隐瞒自己的身份,因为他们在公立学校任职,并且规定禁止在外教学After-school instruction has long been popular among parents with big hopes their childrenrsquo;s academic achievements, so the growing popularity of online teaching is not surprising.中国的父母们都期望他们的孩子能够取得好成绩,而且补习班一直以来都很受家长们的欢迎,所以网络教学受到追捧也就不那么令人意外了High earnings have caught the publicrsquo;s attention. One screenshot, which went viral on WeChat, drawing netizen criticism, showed a physics teacher who charged each of his ,6 students 9 yuan a single class. He earned 18,8 yuan an hourrsquo;s instruction after sharing percent of the tuition with an online educational agency.网络教师的高收入已经引起了公众了广泛关注在微信上被疯狂转发的一张截图引起了网民的批评,图片上的信息显示一名物理老师把他的一节课以9元人民币的价格出售给了6名在线学生除去在线教育平台%的提成后,他一小时的网络教学净赚188元Yang Jie, a government worker in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, said distance learning has many advantages compared with traditional educational agencies, including cheaper fees, repeated opporties to review the teachersrsquo; instruction and the ability to attend classes when itrsquo;s convenient.据江苏无锡的一名政府工作人员杨洁(音)指出,和传统教育形式相比,远程在线教学有很多优势在线教育的收费更加低廉,学生可以重复观看学习老师的教学视频,而且学生可以自己选择合适的时间来上课学习Yang also appreciates the ability to choose instructors.杨洁对远程教育能够让学生自己选择老师的做法也赞誉有加;I can choose the teachers I like freely on the Internet,; Yang said. ;Irsquo;ll continue to attend their classes if they turn out to be humorous and their classes are prepared well.;杨洁说道:;在网上,我能够自由地选择我喜欢的老师如果他很幽默、备课也很好的话,我就会继续上他的课;Those who work in government elementary and high schools have been barred from teaching online educational agencies since . Those teachers are only allowed to teach free online platms established by the schools to help the students with their studies, but some moonlight anyway, said Yang.规定,从年开始公立中小学的老师禁止从事网络教育平台的工作杨洁指出,这些学校的老师只允许在学校自己的网络平台上免费为学生辅导学习,但是还是有部分人在其他网络平台兼职教学Zheng is undeterred by the netizen criticism and intends to continue to build her business.郑安科并没有被网民们的批评吓住,她打算继续经营她的网络教学业务;Irsquo;m going to further my study of English teaching skills in Britain this year,; Zheng said. ;I believe I can recruit more students if I better my skills.;她说道:;今年我会去英国深造我的英语教学技能我相信如果我的教学能力更好的话,我可以招到更多的学生;。

国际巨星不为人知的古怪癖好! -- :: 来源:sohu 就算是看起来最普通的人也可能有一些超级奇怪、让人起鸡皮疙瘩的习惯,这样一想,同样也是人的名人自然都会有一些鲜为人知的怪毛病快来看看吧! Even the most seemingly average person you know probably has some super odd habits that would make your skin crawl. Celebs are humans and they have those too. Check it out. 小甜甜;布兰妮 Britney Spears 她有经常咬指甲的习惯事实上,你可以在众多的相片中发现她指甲上的伤痕 Britney Spears always bites her nails. In fact, you can actually spot the damage she's done to them in many of her photos. 大卫;贝克汉姆David Beckham 这位世界级足球偶像患有强迫症,他一定要把东西成对地放好并排列成直线他更说过如果要把可乐贮存在冰箱时,发现有一罐是无法对齐的,他宁愿把它放在别的地方 The soccer icon has OCD.He aligns everything in pairs and in straight lines. He's even said that if he's stocking his fridge with Pepsi, and one doesn't line up, he will put it somewhere else. 约翰尼;德普Johnny Depp 不说不知, 原来他很喜欢芭比娃娃, 真的很难让人相信 He likes Barbies. I have a hard time believing this one. 凯蒂;派瑞Katy Perry 她一天刷六次牙难怪牙齿这么白! She brushes her teeth six times a day. 韦恩;鲁尼Wayne Rooney 英格兰著名球星鲁尼只能在吸尘器开动时入睡如果吸尘器不可用的话,他甚至要向妻子求助,开动她的吹风机这么吵真的能睡吗? British soccer star Wayne Rooney can only fall asleep while the vacuum is on. Apparently he's even resorted to turning his wife's hairdryer on if a vacuum isn't available.。

机场免税店竟比网店贵一倍?! -- 3:: 来源:chinadaily Drinks, perfume and designer goods can be more expensive in airport duty free shops than online, price comparisons show. 价格比较显示,机场免税店销售的饮品、香水和名牌商品会比网店更贵Shops in airport terminals trumpet the 'savings' available to those flying overseas, with shoppers often assuming the products will be cheaper. 机场航站楼的商店宣称能给国际航线的旅客省钱旅客们常以为那里的商品价格更低#0;But a look at a range of products on offer in the departure lounge stores shows many are available cheaper elsewhere. 然而,观察一下候机厅商店里出售的一系列商品就会发现,许多在别处买会更便宜Perfumes are among the products with the highest difference in price, with a number of brands cheaper online than at the airport. 所有商品中,香水的价格差异最大,许多品牌的网上售价比机场更低A 0ml bottle of Burberry Touch example is £.75 at Fragrance Direct, half the £.80 which it is sold at airports by World Duty Free. 比如,0毫升的巴宝莉情缘香水在寰宇免税集团的机场免税店里卖.80英镑而香水销售网站Fragrance Direct的价格只有其一半,是.75英镑Meanwhile, a 90ml bottle of Versace Bright Crystal is £38.99 online as opposed to £5.85 in duty free stores. 同时,90毫升的范思哲晶钻香水,网上售价38.99英镑,而免税店卖5.85英镑Alcohol can also be cheaper in supermarkets. Tesco is currently charged £ a 1-litre bottle of Malibu, more than £3 less than it is at World Duty Free. 在超市里买酒水也会更便宜乐购超市里,一升装的一瓶马利宝酒现价英镑,比寰宇免税店便宜了不止3英镑Fashion accessories are also less expensive online, with a pair of Bvlgari BV8B sunglasses £ in duty free, but £ at sunglasshut.com. 时尚配饰的网上价格也更低一副宝格丽BV8B款太阳镜,免税店售价英镑,而太阳镜销售网站sunglasshut.com只卖英镑Martin Lewis, from moneysavingexpert.com told MailOnline: 'Savvy shoppers know that duty free does not automatically mean everything is a bargain.' 英国省钱专家网站的马丁?刘易斯告诉《每日邮报:“精明的消费者知道,免税并不一定意味着每样东西都实惠”Mr Lewis added: 'Duty free shops are the same as all shops, they have prices, it can be cheap some things, it won't be cheap other things. 刘易斯先生还说:“免税店和所有商店一样,里面有些商品的价格很便宜,另外一些却不便宜”'My advice is people to get their phones out while they are in these shops and see if they can find things cheaper online.' “我建议人们在免税店购物时掏出手机,看看能否在网上找到更低的价格”World Duty Free, which runs stores in airports around the UK, recently set up a pick-up service, meaning customers can order online bee collecting their purchases ahead of their flight. 在英国各大机场都开设免税店的寰宇免税集团,最近开始提供取货务顾客可以在线订购商品,然后在登机前到店取货The company has said it offers 'year-round low prices' as opposed to the limit offers available in supermarkets and online. 该集团表示,不同于超市和购物网站有限的优惠,他们提供的是“全年低价”A spokesman said: 'No retailer can ever promise that all its products will always be the cheapest in today's fast-moving retail world and we do not make this claim. 集团一位发言人说:“当今的零售业瞬息万变,任何零售商都不能保自己所有商品的价格永远是最低我们也不会作如此承诺”'The very small selection of offers identified does not undermine the World Duty Free proposition of offering consistent savings across a wide range of brands and products in our airport stores throughout the year.'“少部分被认为价格偏高的商品并不有损寰宇免税集团的宗旨我们致力于在机场免税店内常年提供各类品牌和产品的持续优惠Duty Free products, those such as cigarettes and some spirits which are exempt of excise duty and taxes, are only available to customers travelling outside the EU. 免税商品,比如免征消费税和其他税种的香烟和一些烈酒,只面向飞往欧盟以外目的地的消费者However, a range of other items are sold in 'duty free' stores in airports available whether passengers are flying. 但机场“免税”店的一些其他商品,则不管旅客是否搭乘航班,都可以购买英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤编审:yaning。

中国无意就南海问题和美国展开“冷战” --31 :01: 来源: 外交部发言人华春莹表示,中国无意参与任何形式的冷战,呼吁美方摒弃冷战思维,和中国一起建立一个互动、包容、合作的中美关系 China on Monday expressed disinterest in any m of cold war and firmly opposed anything that might threaten or harm the country’s sovereignty and security.本周一,中国政府表示无意参与任何形式的冷战,并且坚决抵制任何有可能威胁或损害中国国家主权和安全的行为Chinese eign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the comments at a daily press briefing in response to US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s remarks that China could be erecting "a Great Wall of self-isolation."在中国外交部例行新闻发布会上,外交部发言人华春莹就美国国防部部长阿什顿·卡特的言论做出回应此前卡特曾发表言论,称中国可能正在建立“一堵自我隔离的长城”Hua said Carter’s speech at the US Naval Academy commencement on ?Friday reflected an "American-style mentality" and "American-style ?hegemony."华春莹指出,卡特上周五在美国海军学院毕业典礼上的这段讲话反应出了一种“美国式思维”和“美国式霸权”"Indeed, some people on the American side have physically entered the 1st century while mentally remaining in the Cold War era," Hua said, adding that these people have "made up stories" and "found rivals and enemies everywhere around the world."华春莹说:“事实上,美国一些人尽管身体上进入了1世纪,但是他们的思维仍然留在冷战时期”华春莹还补充说,这些人“编造故事”、“在全球各处寻找对手和敌人”Hua said China is not interested in getting involved in "Hollywood movies scripted and directed by someone from the American armed ces."华春莹表示,中国不想参与到“由美国军方编剧和导演的好莱坞电影”The US disputes China’s sovereignty in the region and has conducted several "freedom of navigation" operations in which it deliberately sailed near the islands, attracting the ire of Beijing.美国不承认中国在该地区(南海)拥有主权,并在该地区进行了几次“自由行业”行动,并故意从靠近岛屿的地方驶过美国的这些行动激怒了中国According to Hua, the US’ intent is simply to deploy more advanced ?weapons in the Asia-Pacific region.华春莹表示,美国的目的很简单,就是为了在亚太地区部署更多的先进武器Stressing that China and the US share a wide range of interests and ?challenges, Hua said the principles of non-confrontational action, conflict avoidance, win-win cooperation and mutual respect support the fundamental interests of everyone and promote peace and development.华春莹强调中国和美国既拥有广泛的共同利益,也面临着许多挑战华春莹指出,不对抗、不冲突、合作共赢、相互尊重的原则可以持每个人的根本利益,并且促进世界的和平与发展She also called on the US to work alongside China in a relationship characterized by interaction, inclusiveness and cooperation.华春莹还呼吁美方同中国一道,建立一个互动、包容、合作的中美关系。

清华大学跻身世界大学排名前 -- ::1 来源:   泰晤士报高等教育特刊5月日发布的世界大学声誉排名中,首次共有九所中国大学进入进入前0,创新纪录The Times Higher Education (THE) on May published its World Reputation Rankings, with a record of nine Chinese universities making the top 0 universitiesrsquo; list the first time.  《泰晤士报高等教育特刊5月日发布的世界大学声誉排名中,首次共有九所中国大学进入前0,创新纪录  One Chinese university is listed in the top world universities the first time, with Chinarsquo;s Tsinghua University at 18. Just behind is Peking University, at 1. It is the first time a Chinese university has broken into the world top .  第一次有一所中国大学列入世界大学前名,清华大学位列18之后紧跟北京大学,排名1这是第一次中国大学冲进世界前二十  In addition, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Zhejiang University are all listed in the top 0 the first time.  另外,复旦大学,上海交通大学以及浙江大学都首次进入前一百  With the addition of three universities from Hong Kong -- the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology -- and the National Taiwan University, China has nine universities in the top 0.  包括另外三所香港的大学;;香港大学,香港中文大学和香港科技大学;;以及国立台湾大学,中国共有九所大学进入前一百  Phil Baty, editor of the THE World University Rankings says, ;There is a really positive story China. We have been watching China since the 1990s and the investment they have made in higher education and the rems they have put in place to become more competitive on the world stage. The data published today really does show that China has arrived among the worldrsquo;s elite.;  世界大学排名的编辑菲尔;贝提说:;这对中国来说真的非常好我们从九十年代开始一直在关注中国,中国在高等教育进行的投资还有进行的改革都使得中国大学在世界舞台上越来越有竞争力今天发布的数据真的显示出中国已经达到了世界精英水平;  The top of the listings shows little change from previous years, with Harvard at number one the sixth year running, and with 3 institutions in the top 0, the ed States still dominates the ranking.  排名榜的前几名较前几年有一些小变化,哈佛连续六年获得第一,另有3所美国大学进入前一百,这说明美国依然在主导着排名  Britain is the next most represented country, with universities making the rankings. Highest placed British universities are the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxd, ranked at fourth and fifth respectively.  英国是另一个表现不俗的国家,所大学进入排名排名最高的英国大学是剑桥大学和牛津大学,分别位列第四和第五  In total, there are 18 Asian universities in the top 0, and Paul Blackmore, professor of higher education at the Policy Institute at Kingrsquo;s College London, said in a statement about the rankings: ;Wersquo;ve had a highly Anglo-Saxon view of higher education many years and that canrsquo;t be sustained much longer. Asiarsquo;s rising permance is due to a combination of undoubted growth in university systems and of more being known among those giving a view.;  总共有18所亚洲大学进入前一百伦敦国王学院政策研究院的教授保罗?布莱克尔对此评价道:;多年来我们对高等教育一直有着一种高度的安格鲁撒克逊观点(执着于英语国家的老观点),而这种观点并不能再持续多久了亚洲的表现越来越好是大学系统无可置疑的进步和他们在固守旧观点的人之中越来越高的知名度共同作用的结果;  Baty says, ;Asia has done well. We have seen a strong permance Japan, South Korea. It is good news the whole of East Asia but China is clearly outstanding with such a positive upward trend.;  贝提说:;亚洲做得很好我们已经看到了日本,韩国都有很好的表现这对整个东亚来说是个好消息,但是中国有这样积极的上升趋势无疑是非常优秀的;  Joshua Mok Ka-Ho, vice-president and chair professor of comparative policy at Hong Kongrsquo;s Lingnan University, commented on the rankings, ;That Asiarsquo;s permance reflects heavy higher education investments from many governments in the continent and universities concentrating funding on strengthening their research capabilities and publishing in international journals.;  香港的岭南大学副校长,比较政策学讲座教授莫家豪对该排名道:;亚洲的表现反映出亚洲愈多国家的政府都对高等教育投资了很多,而且各大学都将资金集中在加强他们的研究能力以及发表国际论文上;  The survey was carried out in the first three months of this year, and polled ,33 academics in 3 countries.  这项调查是在今年的头三个月做的,参与者有来自3个国家的13名专家学者。

奥巴马借“奥兰多击案”推动控 -- :56:7 来源: 上周日,美国发生了震惊世界的奥兰多击案,共有50人死亡为此,总统奥巴马目前正试图说国会通过法案,禁止击案凶手所使用的半自动步在市面上流通 ’These assault weapons are weapons of war and they have no place in the hands of a legitimate hunter or much more likely is that a weapon of war is going to end up in the hands of someone like this who will be able to carry out a much more violent act because they are using a weapon that was intended not the streets of Orlando but a battlefield,’ said White House press secretary Josh Earnest Monday.本周一,白宫新闻秘书约翰·厄内斯特说道:“这些高杀伤性的武器是战争武器,合法猎人和其他人都不应该持有这样的,因为那将有可能使得这些战争武器流入像奥兰多击案凶手那样的人的手中如此一来这些人的攻击行为将更为暴力血腥,因为制造这些的初衷是为了在战场上作战,而不是在奥兰多的街道上逞凶”’The president is very strongly on the record in favor of banning assault weapons. This is a ban that used to be in place. The president believes that [the ban] should be re-instituted,’ Earnest said when asked flat-out whether Obama thinks the AR- should be legal.当问到奥巴马是否认为AR-应该被禁时,厄内斯特直率地说道:“奥巴马总统采取了一个破纪录的强硬立场,希望禁止这种杀伤性武器这一禁令之前就已经讨论过,但是总统现在认为它应该被重新提起”The AR- is a civilian semi-automatic version of the M- rifle, which is fully automatic. The gun is able to reload as soon as the shooter pulls the trigger. They’re consider lightweight and easy to assemble.AR-半自动步是M-全自动步的民用版本只要射手扣动扳机,这种就能够装弹,AR-重量轻、而且便于组装It was first manufactured by the ArmaLite rifle company, although many manufacturers have manufactured them.AR-最先由阿玛莱特步公司开始制造,后来许多制造商也开始制造这种步The National Shooting Sports Foundation has testified that there are between 5 and 8. million assault-style weapons in the U.S.据美国国家射击运动基金会的言显示,全美的攻击性武器数量约为500万到8万件Congress enacted a ban on certain styles of assault-style weapons under President Bill Clinton in 199, in a vote that contributed to Democrats losing the House.在199年,由于克林顿总统的努力,美国国会通过了一份针对某些特定型号的攻击性武器,而这也导致了民主党人在那之后的一场总统大选中失利The ban expired ten years later when Congress let it lapse.这份禁令的时效是年,在那之后国会便让这份法令失效了Victims’ families have sued gun manufacturers after recent mass killings, including at Sandy Hook when the killer used a Bushmaster AR-.近段时间以来,美国发生了多起大规模击杀人事件,受害者家属已经就这些事件对制造商提起了诉讼,包括在桑迪胡克发生的那起杀人事件,当时凶手的作案工具是“毒蛇”AR-An attorney in that case, Josh Koskoff said in a statement that the AR- "was designed the ed States military to do to enemies of war exactly what it did this morning: kill mass numbers of people with maximum efficiency and ease. That is why the AR- has remained the weapon of choice the ed States military over 50 years," Rolling Stone reported.据《滚石报道称,在桑迪胡克小学击案中,律师乔西·卡斯卡夫在一份声明中说道,AR-“是专门为美国军队设计的,其目的是最方便、最有效率地杀死最多的敌人,这正是在过去50年以来美国军方一直选择AR-作为武器的原因然而在今晨,这种武器却被用来屠杀无辜的平民”"It is the gold standard killing the enemy in battle, just as it has become the gold standard mass murder of innocent civilians,’ he added.卡斯卡夫补充道:“这是战场中杀敌的黄金准则,而现在已经变成了屠杀无辜公民的黄金准则”President Obama has repeatedly called the reinstatement of the ban, but various efts at gun control have stalled during his administration.奥巴马曾多次呼吁恢复这一禁令,但是在其任期内对于控的各种努力都徒劳无功Frequently, Obama’s calls rems have only increased demands weapons, as occurred in when he called restrictions on assault weapons and on high-capacity magazines.但是,奥巴马的改革呼吁经常只会增加对于武器的需求,就像年所发生的那样,当时奥巴马呼吁对攻击性武器和大容量弹夹采取管制Hillary Clinton renewed her call gun control Monday.本周一,希拉里也重申了她对于控的诉求’We can’t fall into the trap that is set up by the gun lobby that says, if you can’t stop every shooting and every incident, you should not try to stop any,’ she told CNN. ’We did have an assault weapons ban ten years. I think it should be reinstated,’ she said.希拉里对CNN说道:“我们不能调入圈套,不能被那些反对买卖管制的人所迷惑,他们说如果不能防止所有击和事故的发生的话,我们就不应该采取任何的禁止措施”希拉里说道:“我们以前曾有一份攻击性武器禁令,那份禁令生效了年我认为现在我们应该恢复它”’I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets,’ Clinton said in a speech Monday, echoing the White House verbiage.希拉里赞同了白宫的发言,她在周一的一场演讲上说道:“我认为战争武器不应该出现在我们的街道上”。

Zara抄袭?!大家过来评评理(双语) --30 18::58 来源:sohu 当洛杉矶女设计师Tuesday Bassen收到粉丝的来信问她是否在与Zara 合作时,她感到十分困惑之后,她注意到西班牙零售商Zara一直在使用于她非常相似的设计到底Zara有没有抄袭呢?让我们看看这些设计 When Tuesday Bassen, an LA-based designer, started to receive letters from fans asking if she worked in collaboration with Zara, she was understandably confused. All became clear however when she noticed that the Spanish retailer had been using designs remarkably similar to her own. 当设计师Tuesday Bassen 发现Zara 在抄袭她的作品时,她在Instagram上公开了这一问题她把自己的设计与Zara 的;原创;对比上传到Instagram 上 When designer Tuesday Bassen realized that Zara had been copying her work, she took to Instagram to highlight the issue. She uploaded an image to Instagram that compared Zara's “creations” to her own. Zara否认了她的说法,并声称她的作品;缺乏独创性; Zara rejected her claims and said her work “lacked distinctiveness”. 一石激起千层浪,纽约本土的设计师亚当 ; 库尔茨在Bassen 提出这一问题后,也加入了指控Zara抄袭的大军他制作做了 Zara 明显剽窃他的设计的详细对比图,还创建了名为;ZARA抄袭作品集合;的网站,把抄袭的作品链接到它们原创艺术家的网页 Soon after Bassen raised the issue however, Adam J. Kurtz, a New York-based designer, made his own collage detailing other examples of Zara's apparent plagiarism. Adam also created a webpage called Shop ZARA's Art Theft Collection that compiles stolen work and links them to the original artist's page. Zara 方面正在与Bassen相协调,但争论仍在继续 Zara have since been in contact with Bassen but the fight still goes on. 大家平时也会穿Zara吗?大家觉得Zara是否在抄袭呢? 抄袭风波又会不会影响它的品牌呢? English Source: boredpanda。