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Seoul erects two statues of WWII sex slaves中韩少女雕像并排坐落首尔公园 纪念二战慰安妇Two statues depicting sex slaves from 20 century wartime have been erected near the entrance to Seoul National University.首尔国立大学入口处树立起两座20世纪战争时期的慰安妇雕像。One of them portrays a girl dressed in traditional Korean clothing, the other in typical Chinese attire.其中一人是穿着韩国传统装的女孩,另一人则穿着典型的中国装。The statues were designed by artists from South Korea and China.雕像是由中韩两国的艺术家共同设计。 译文属 Article/201510/406809

Chengdu might be the fastest changing city in China,成都可能是中国变化最快的城市but our time here has但在这段时光中been dominated by a sense of the traditional.我们深刻感受了这里的传统文化气息Before, in the past,以前when I have come to China,我来到中国的时候I#39;ve felt a little bit that I don#39;t fit in,总感觉有点儿难以适应but this time, I feel a但这一次 我真心感觉little bit more comfortable in my own skin.比以前更舒一些Cooking Chinese food, that#39;s made me have烹饪中国菜肴让我a real deeper appreciation for Chinese culture.对中国文化有了更深刻的理解I could definitely envisage myself coming to Sichuan我完全可以想象以后再次来到四川and spending a lot more time here, especially in Chengdu.在这里多待一段时间 特别是在成都The chef here has taken things on another level,这儿的厨师已经把食物提升至另一层面and I think we#39;re only seeing the tip of the iceberg我想 我们看到了中国正在发生变化about what#39;s really happening in China.而这仅仅是冰山一角Next time...下一次Looks like an ancient medieval city.看起来就像是一个古老的中世纪城市It#39;s really on the far fringes of China.它真实地存在于中国的遥远边境..We#39;ll explore a hidden我们将探索中国不为人知的一面side of China that feels distinctly un-Chinese.那里的人完全不像是中国人From the Wild West...从西大荒This is like stepping back 2,000 years.就像是退回到2000年以前To the tropical jungle.到热带雨林Look at the chicken head.看这个鸡头There#39;s some Chinese traditions I don#39;t like.我并不喜欢某些中国传统And we find out how China#39;s race to modernity探清中国的现代化进程is affecting these ancient cultures.是如何影响中国古代文化的It#39;s sort of a Chinese Disneyland.这有点像是中国版迪斯尼乐园 Article/201509/398448

That is really, really impressive,这些数据非常惊人that in just three-and-a-half days,在仅仅三天半内if this data is right, and the animal data is right,若这数据以及动物实验的数据无误I have massively decreased my risk我已大大降低了患上of a whole range of age-related diseases.相当多老年病的风险The big question in my mind at the moment is,此刻我心中最大的问题是can I do fasting once a month,我能做到一月一次禁食for however long it takes?并一直坚持下去吗Or is there a better way, a different way,还是我能找到更好的另一种a more manageable way out there,更容易实现的方法that can do much of what this does,能达到与这相同的效果but perhaps with a little less pain?但过程中会少些痛苦呢What I#39;ve discovered about myself is that我对于自己的发现是the biggest problem with prolonged fasting持续性禁食的最大困难is me.源于我自己You have to make a decision now.你得现在作出决定Fasting is tough.禁食非常痛苦Despite knowing all the wonderful benefits...尽管我知道这能带来的诸多好处I just can#39;t bring myself to do it.我就是无法说自己开始这么做重点解释:1.a whole range of 一大堆, 各种各样例句:The center provides facilities for a whole range of leisure activities.这个中心提供各种活动设施。2.a little less 少一点例句:Would you mind making a little less noise?请不要弄出这么大的声音来,好吗?3.make a decision 作出决定例句:We#39;ll kick some ideas around and make a decision tomorrow.我们先酝酿一下,明天再作决定。 Article/201510/406329

Pym now knew he would have to annihilate Strafford if he was to defend parliament from this threat.皮姆明白消除威胁的唯一办法 就是扳倒斯特拉福德本人So in the spring of 1641, Strafford was impeached.因此1641年春 斯特拉福德遭到弹劾Sick and grey-haired,he proved frustratingly impossible to convict of treason,病弱苍老的他 因据不足而无法被裁定为叛国罪so Pym resorted to an Act of Attainder instead.于是皮姆转而诉诸褫夺公权法This merely required a burden of suspicion.该法案仅有些许嫌疑即可套用When Strafford had spoken of an Irish army reducing the kingdom,hadn#39;t he meant England, argued Pym.斯特拉福德说利用爱尔兰军队吞噬其王国 难道不是指英格兰吗 皮姆以此争辩But there was one problem:The Act of Attainder needed the signature of the king.可此时仍欠东风 依褫夺公权法定罪需要国王签字Poor Charles.Memories of Buckingham must have flooded back into his mind.可怜的查理 对白金汉的记忆一定又回荡在他脑海中了For a king obsessed by loyalty,how could he abandon Strafford, his most faithful ally?作为一位如此看重忠诚的国王 他怎能背弃最忠实的同盟斯特拉福德It was Strafford himself who spared Charles the agony of indecision.最终是斯特拉福德本人 将查理从两难抉择中解脱出来He knew that only his own death could save the king and the country from further upheaval.他清楚看到只有他的牺牲 才能阻止国王和国家陷入剧变In a final letter written to Charles,Strafford begged the king to do what had to be done.在写给查理的绝笔信中 斯特拉福德请求国王做出必要的裁决May it please your sacred majesty,I understand that the minds of men are more and more incensed against me,尊敬的陛下 我知道 民众对我的愤怒日益加深and to set your majesty#39;s conscience at liberty,请陛下不必为难和自责I do most humbly beseech your majesty, for preventing of evils that may happen by your refusal, to pass the bill.我恳请陛下以国家社稷为重 接受议会的提案Weeping, Charles signed the warrant.查理含泪签署了执行令Strafford was led out onto Tower Green,surrounded by jeering crowds, and beheaded.斯特拉福德被带上格林塔 在众人的嘲讽声中被砍了头 /201703/497861

Whoa, okay, we#39;re in.Even if it is an ice-covered river.好了 我们进来了 即使是冰封的河流When you#39;re moving through the wild,you can never predict what obstacles lie ahead.当你在荒野中行进时 你永远无法预测前方会有什么障碍But today I know exactly what to expect.但是今天我能预测到My team are with me to give nature a helping hand and ensure that I face her at her wildest.我的团队要助大自然一臂之力 保我看到她最狂野的一面Temperature#39;s well below freezing.温度完全在零度以下You can see we#39;ve got a big frozen lake in front of us here.观众们可以看到在我们面前 有一个已经冰冻的湖And what we#39;re gonna do is cut a channel actually into the ice我们要做的就是 打开一条通往湖中的通道And then show you what happens if you fall through the ice and get submerged.然后向你展示如果失足踩裂冰面 被淹没之后会发生什么It#39;s gonna be a cold one.看着就很冷啊Every year in canada, 45 people fall through the ice and die from cold-water immersion.加拿大每年有四十五人掉入冰窟 溺毙于冰水之中The danger is very real.这危险是真真切切的Temperatures recently dived to minus-40 degrees here,and the ice was a foot thick.这儿的温度大约在零下四十度 冰有一英尺厚The crew will monitor my vital signs as I swim under an 18-foot ice bridge,工作人员会监视我的生命体征 我会在十八英尺长的冰桥下游泳negotiate a long, open channel,and then take on another bridge,this one twice as long.穿过一条长的开放水道 然后游过另一座桥 这座桥三十六英尺长Diver going in the water.A diver goes in for one final check.潜水员要下水了 最后检查之后一个潜水员下水了The danger for me here is very clear.眼前的危险很明显If I swim off at an angle and miss that exit hole,I#39;ll be trapped under the ice.如果我游歪了 错过出口 我将被困在冰水之中The crew will film me above and below the surface,and to show my heat loss,They#39;ll use a thermal imaging camera.工作人员将跟随拍摄我在冰上冰下的活动过程 并且记录我身体的热损失 他们将使用的是热感摄像机 Article/201703/495576

APEC meeting grabs international attentionAPEC会议吸引国际社会关注Our reporter Su Yuting is following the event at the China National Convention Center.我们的记者苏玉婷正在中国国家会议中心对APEC会议进行跟踪报道。She has spoken to participants of the APEC forum and earlier told us about their impressions and expectations for the meeting this year.她已参访过APEC论坛的与会者们,并且早些时候曾向我们介绍他们对今年会议的印象和展望。 Article/201411/341053

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