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建水县花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养艾氏拟水龟品种介绍种类区别探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 12This correlation is the most important thing we've learned about supermassive black hole so far. Astronomers are always looking for correlations. Whenever you find one that's really tight like this one, it's a sign that there is some basic physics there that you need to look for. As it happens, the physics that might explain what was going on had been suggested years before by theorists Martin Rees and Jo Silk. Jo Silk has spent much of his life trying to solve the mystery of galaxy formation. Three years ago it became clear that he had been missing a vital ingredient. If there was a black hole in every galaxy, then scientists would need to explain what it was doing there. We had to rethink our ideas of how galaxies were made. To understand the first light at(of/in) the universe we really have to include the role of the supermassive black holes in galaxy formation. All previous ideas of galaxy formation had assumed that gas in the early universe simply condensed to form stars in galaxies. Silk and Rees came up with a completely different idea. They proposed that the center of each early gas cloud could have collapsed to form a giant black hole. The black hole would immediately start feeding on the gas around it creating a brilliant quasar.correlation: a mutual relationship of interdependence between two or more things200808/46189长身蛇颈龟喂养养殖指南 One Million Cyclone Victims Have Received Aid in Burma联合国:一百万缅灾民收到援助  ed Nations aid agencies say they have been able to reach about one million survivors of Cyclone Nargis in Burma, also known as Myanmar, with aid. That is slightly more than 40 percent of those affected by the devastating storm, which killed nearly 80,000 people, with 56,000 still missing. 联合国救援机构说,他们已经将救援送到缅甸大约100万纳尔吉斯强热带风暴的幸存者手中。这相当于全部受到这场风灾影响灾民的40%多一点。这场强热带风暴造成近8万人死亡,5万6千人失踪。The ed Nations says it is planning to increase its humanitarian operation now that Burma's military rulers are granting more access to cyclone -affected areas. 联合国说,既然缅甸军政府允许救援人员更多地进入遭受强热带风暴影响的地区,联合国计划将增加对那里的人道援助。Until now, U.N. Officials say most people who have received assistance live around Burma's main city of Rangoon. It says nearly 1.5 million people in the hard-hit Irrawaddy Delta have not received any international aid.  联合国官员说,在此之前,收到援助物资的大部分灾民居住在缅甸主要城市仰光周围。联合国说,在受灾严重的伊洛瓦底江三角洲,将近有150万灾民还没有收到任何国际援助。A spokeswoman for the UN Organization for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance, Elizabeth Byrs, says it will be difficult to reach them.  联合国人道援助协调厅发言人伊丽莎白.比尔斯说,要将援助送到这些人那里会很困难。"In the Irrawaddy Delta, we have a logistical nightmare because of those hundreds of rivers, hundreds of small islands and...some places are only reachable by boat, inflatable boats," Byrs said. "So, it is a problem, major problem."  她说:“在伊洛瓦底江三角洲,由于那里数百条河流、数百个小岛星罗棋布,纵横交错,一些地方只能乘船和橡皮船才能进去,救援物资运送的困难可想而知。因此说,这是个问题,是个主要问题。”Another problem is the monsoon. Byrs says it is critical to try to reach as many victims as possible before the roads become impassable when the monsoon season reaches its peak in a couple of weeks.  另外一个问题是雨季。比尔斯说,在雨季高峰在两个星期后来临之前,道路还能够通过的时候,设法将救援物资送到到更多的灾民那里,这一点至关重要。But, she notes the ed Nations has made plans for alternate forms of distributing aid.  但是她指出,联合国已制定出其它形式的分发救援物资的计划。"We have aly organized the delivery of assistance in order to rely more upon the boat delivery than truck delivery, of course," Byrs said. "And, of course, these nine helicopters, the WFP [World Food Program] helicopters, which are expected very soon.It will be a major step in the delivery of assistance."  她说:“当然我们已经组织运送救灾物资,更多地依靠船只运输,而不是卡车运输。当然,9架世界粮食计划署的直升飞机将很快抵达灾区,这对运送救援物资是个重大的步骤。”Byrs says the U.N. has huge warehouses in Rangoon and Bangkok where they can store relief items. She says the so-called air bridge between Bangkok and Rangoon is working well with 10 to 15 humanitarian flights taking off every day. 比尔斯说,联合国在仰光和曼谷有巨大的仓库,能储藏救援物资。她说,所谓的曼谷和仰光之间的空中桥运转正常,每天有10至15次航班的人道救援飞机起飞。The U.N. Children's Fund says it plans to move rapidly to assist tens of thousands of children and women who have been severely affected by the devastating storm. 联合国儿童基金会说,将迅速采取行动援助遭受风灾影响严重的数万名儿童和妇女。 UNICEF spokesman, Michael Klaus, says probably 20 to 30 additional international experts will be required to conduct rapid assessments of the needs in the Irrawaddy Delta. 联合国儿童基金会发言人克劳斯说,大概还需要20至30名国际专家来对伊洛瓦底江三角洲灾民的需求进行迅速的评估。"We estimate that still around one million people have not been reached at all in the Irrawaddy Delta and since we estimate that roughly 40 percent of them are children, we can estimate some 400,000 children are not reached at all," Klaus said. "We know that hundreds of unaccompanied children have been seen and registered, including infants, children under two years of age, who need urgent support."  克劳斯说:“我们估计,在伊洛瓦底江三角洲还有大约100万灾民没有得到救援,而且我们估计其中大约40%的灾民是儿童,大约40万儿童还根本没有收到救援物资。我们知道,我们看到数以百计的父母不在身边的儿童,包括婴儿、两岁以下的儿童,他们迫切需要救援。”Klaus says many of the children and women are homeless. They have lost their personal possessions and are exposed to many risks. He says the children are most in need of clean drinking water, sanitation, proper nutrition and shelter.  克劳斯说,很多儿童和妇女无家可归。他们失去了个人的物品,面临很大危险。她说,这些儿童大部分需要洁净的饮用水、卫生设施、适当的营养和遮风避日的住地。 200805/40322武邑县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养

洞头县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养亚洲巨乌龟精品幼犬鬼多少钱一只 A group of six international companies has announced plans to build an ultra-high speed, undersea, fiber-optic cable under the Pacific Ocean, between Japan and the ed States. The project is meant to improve Internet and other telecommunication traffic between the U.S. and Asia, and comes as several other companies have begun similar ventures.  六家公司宣布计划在日本和美国之间敷设横跨太平洋的超高速光导纤维海底电缆,以改善美国和亚洲地区的互联网和电讯交通。与此同时,好几个其他的公司也开始进行类似的项目。Singapore Telecommunications, Internet search company Google, and four other companies plan to spend 0 million on the underwater communications link. They say it will be y for use by 2010. The new cable network, called y, will link Chikura, Japan, with the western U.S. city of Los Angeles, a distance of about 10,000 kilometers. The system will also connect to other Asian telecommunications cable systems.  新加坡电讯公司、专营互联网搜索的谷歌公司以及其他4个公司计划投资3亿美元铺设海底电缆。这些公司表示,这条海底电缆将在2010年投入使用。这条名为“UNITY”的电缆网络的两端,一端是日本的千仓,另一端是美国的洛杉矶,长度大约为1万公里。这条电缆通讯系统将跟亚洲其他电讯电缆系统连接。Fiber-optic cables are the lifelines for connecting Internet users on different continents. This latest project is part of a surge in new transpacific cable construction projects, driven primarily by increasing demand in Asia. 光导纤维是各大洲的互联网用户相互联络的生命线。有关公司宣布的这个最新的光导纤维电缆建设工程,是跨越太平洋之间的电缆建设热潮的一部分。这股热潮主要是亚洲地区不断增长的需求推动的。Martin Gutberlet is the Vice President for Technology and Research at Gartner's Singapore office. He says within two to three years, Internet traffic between the ed States and Asia could double. 马丁.古特伯赖特是加德纳技术和研究咨询公司驻新加坡办事处的副总裁。他说,在两到三年内,美国和亚洲地区之间的互联网通讯量可能翻番。"And lots of traffic will be actually generated in Asia, so therefore there is simply more capacity needed between the U.S. and Asia," he said. 他说:“互联网通讯量很多将是在亚洲产生的,因此美国和亚洲之间需要更大的通讯容量。”Gutberlet says that, based on current forecasts, now is the best time for companies to supply additional capacity between North America and Asia.  古特伯赖特说,按照目前的预测,现在是有关公司兴建增容工程的最好时机。eMarketer是一个互联网和电子商务研究公司。eMarketer, an Internet and e-business research company, predicts that by 2012, almost 50 percent of the world's Internet users will live in the Asia Pacific region. 该公司预计,到2012年,全世界将近50%的互联网用户在亚太地区。But, investments in undersea cable links are not without risk.  但是,在海底的光缆铺设投资并不是没有风险的。In December 2006, a strong earthquake near Taiwan damaged four large offshore cables, disrupting Internet service for millions of people across Asia. Service was not fully restored for weeks.  在2006年,台湾附近发生强烈地震,损坏了4条海底电缆,中断了亚洲地区成百万的互联网用户的通讯务。过了好几个星期之后,互联网务才完全恢复。Earlier this year, communications in large parts of the Middle East and Southeast Asia were affected after two undersea cables were damaged in the Mediterranean Sea.  今年早些时候,中东和东南亚地区许多地方的通讯因为地中海海底电缆受损而受到影响。Gutberlet says, aside from avoiding seismically unstable spots on the ocean floor, it is impossible to forecast such problems. 古特伯赖特说,在铺设电缆的过程中,除了避免太平洋洋底的地质不稳定的地点之外,人们不可能预测地震会造成什么问题。"So that is simply something which you can't plan for. And of course, if you have an earthquake, or if someone is, you know, hitting your cable with a boat, or a ship, then you simply have bad luck," he said. 他说:“这种事情,人们是无法计划预防的。当然,假如发生地震,或者假如船只碰坏了电缆,那你就只好自认倒霉。”And in 2000, during the dot-com bust, several telecommunications companies went bankrupt when too many competitors entered the market. 在2000年,在互联网公司纷纷倒闭的时候,好几家电讯公司因为大批竞争者进入市场而破产。Gutberlet says one of the reasons most underwater cables are laid by consortiums is to lessen the risks for a single company. At the rate the Asia Pacific's telecommunications market is forecast to expand, Gutberlet says the financial attraction of such ventures far outweighs the potential risks.  古特伯赖特说,海底电缆通常是一些公司联合铺设的一个原因,是他们力图减少一个公司所承受的风险。他说,按照目前亚太地区电讯市场预测增长的速度来看,从事这样的基本建设的盈利前景大大超过可能的风险。200802/28031安阳市花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养

临城县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养美国原汁原味访谈录:女士如何购房?Al Roker: ...letter and with Money magazine, Jean, good to see you.Jean Chatzky: Nice to see you.Al Roker: Now home buying rates are going through the roof, people are buying homes, men and women.Jean Chatzky: Right, new home sales came out again yesterday and they are again skyrocketing up about 15 percent from last year.Al Roker: And you've got a series of questions that women can ask and to try to determine whether they should be buying a home. First one being:"Is now the right time to buy?" Everybody's been talking about "Oh, the bubble, the bubble, the bubble..." Is now the right time to buy? Jean Chatzky: There's no question that there are regional bubbles, if you live in a place where home prices have gone up 30 percent in the last couple of years, you probably want to make sure that you are at least gonna live in this home for a long enough period of time so that you don't have to worry if prices come down a little bit that you don't have to sell it in a hurry.Al Roker: The next one is kind of interesting. "Are you better off renting?" And I always thought, you are always better off buying, but not true?Jean Chatzky: Not necessarily, you have to remember there is a cost to the transaction there you gotta pay the broker. There's a cost moving, so if you are not gonna be in this home at least 3 to 5 years, you may wanna look at renting at this period of time because it won't give you. If you are in a place like the northeast and if you are in Boston, Minneapolis where the prices have skyrocketed, you may not have that cushion that you need in terms of time to get yourself out. Al Roker: How much can you afford?Jean Chatzky: It's not just a question of the mortgage, the interest, the taxes and the insurance. That would be your big nut, but you've gotta remember that you are likely to need a percentage of the value of the home for maintenance each year. You've gotta pay as Sarah was saying, if the water heater goes, and you need to fix it in a hurry. You'd best bet, if you've got a girlfriend who bought her own house in the last year, ask you (to) open up her checkbook, show you what she is paying for all of the cost of actually living there, that'll give you a really good idea.Al Roker: It's natural that you want to find out what is your FICO score good enough. What's a FICO score?Jean Chatzky: Your FICO score is your credit score, and basically it's an indication of how much of a risk you will be to the bank. If you've got a great FICO score, you're gonna be able to log in a mortgage under 6 percent over 30 years. If it's not so good, it's gonna cost you 4 percent more, and that's significant money.Al Roker: And then there are a lot of mortgages out there, different kinds of mortgages, you have to ask which one is best for you.Jean Chatzky: Right, you want a mortgage for your paying down some equity. I am very worried at this point about this interest-only loans where people can pay and pay for years and not end up actually (owing any), owning any more of this house, so get yourself a planned 30-year mortgage or 15-year mortgage, or one high pre-mortgage, like the one Sarah took out.Al Roker: All right. Jean Chatzky, thanks a lot.Jean Chatzky: Anytime.200707/15221 Here we go again.4 years of waiting are over, as the first of 64 matches that make up this tournament gets underway. 161 goals were scored during the last World Cup. It took the German team just a few minutes to notch up the first of this year's tally, scoring in their match against underdogs--Costa Rica. The organizers are expecting up to a million people to visit Germany for the tournament, as many as 10 percent, that's 100 thousand of them, from Britain alone. We stay in Frankfurt and we are obedient.And waiting for the fans, a familiar sight, British police walking German streets for the first time with their German counterparts. And another familiar face, Hard Man actor Ray Winston. Hey hello, English Cop. From England?Yeah, I am on high, Ah! Levy it, levy it. all right. he's up for the full game.Oh,I did, oh,I've done nothing. At the US team headquarters, there was added security, following a heightened terror threat after the death of Al Zarkawi. So ahead for these fans, 96 hours of televised giant-screen gut-wrenching tension crammed into 3 long weeks,with the hopes and fears of devoted fans from 32 countries around the world now hanging in the balance. Peter Sharp, Sky News.----------------------------------notch up[口]完成; 创下, 达到tally(比赛时的)比分, 得分, 分underdogOne that is expected to lose a contest or struggle, as in sports or politics.居于下风者指在运动或政治竞争中将会失败的人200805/39352三台县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养延长县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养



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