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What? Am I not allowed to chillax and get a chai latte?怎么?我就不能喝杯拿铁,放松放松吗?(请注意他肩上扛的家伙) /201701/487642I#39;ve been a single mom for about four years now, and I can honestly say that it#39;s changed me for the better. My dating life? Well...that#39;s a different story. While I haven#39;t been on a ton of dates (because, hello, when do I have time for that?!), there are some things that are just too true about dating as a single mom to ignore...and I#39;m sure all single moms can agree.至今为止,我已当了4年的单身母亲,我可以很诚实的告诉你:成为单身母亲让我成为更好的人。我的约会生活?额……那就是个不一样的故事了。虽然我没有约会很多次(因为我哪有时间约会啊?!),但作为单身母亲有些事情太过真实无法让人忽视……我相信所有的单身母亲都会赞同我的观点。1. Pretty much everything must be planned in advance.1. 几乎一切事情都需提前计划好。Remember those carefree evenings when you would go out on a date and you#39;d be able to let the night linger on forever - even if the date was mediocre - because you had nothing else to do? Yeah, those are the paleolithic years of my dating life. Now, I can#39;t just drop everything that I am doing to hang out with a man for hours at a time. Outside of the usual and aly time-consuming date night prep (like, you know, shaving my legs...), I have to make sure that my kid is well-cared for while I#39;m out, since I#39;m not the only person at stake here.你可以外出约会,夜晚想待在外面多久就可以多久——即使约会对象很普通——因为你无事可做,还记得这些无忧无虑的夜晚吗?是的,这是我约会生活的旧石器年代。现在,我无法为了每次出去与男生约会好几个小时而放下手里的活儿。除了那些为了约会之夜所做的普通耗时准备(比如,你懂的,刮腿毛等),我还要确保自己出门约会的时候孩子被人照顾的很好,因为我不是唯一一个处境危险的人。2. My time is extremely precious.2. 我的时间尤为珍贵。Children can take a lot out of you mentally as well as physically, so if there is ever a child-free moment in time, I typically prefer to spend it laying on my couch, binging on Netflix shows and drinking copious amounts of wine. But let#39;s be real: There#39;s most likely some serious housework that needs to be done. Yes, folding a pile of laundry is probably not as fun as going out on a date, but if it needs to get done, I#39;d rather just knock it out then go out with someone who might not be worth it in the long run at all. To that point, I really appreciate it when someone puts in the effort to try and make our time spent together well worth it...because there#39;s nothing worse than thinking I could be doing laundry while I#39;m on a date.孩子们会让你消耗太多的精力和脑力,所以如果孩子不在身边,我通常会躺在沙发上、看Netflix的电视、大口大口的喝红酒。但让我们现实点:很有可能我需要完成大量的家务活儿。是的,叠一堆衣可能没有出门约会那么开心,但如果需要完成的话,我宁愿对其不理不睬然后与根本不值得厮守终身的人约会。对于这点来说,如果有人十分努力以让我们在一起的时光很值得,那我真的十分感激,因为没有什么比约会时我却想着本来可以洗衣更糟糕的事情了。译文属 /201611/479116

5. Educate Yourself5. 自我教育They say that knowledge is power and, in this case, this statement is absolutely true. When you learn about something, you become more comfortable with the subject matter. When you become more comfortable, you become more confident. Confidence is the key to becoming a more courageous individual.人们常说,知识就是力量。不得不说,这个说法往往是十分正确的。当你尝试着去了解一件事物,你更加轻松地应对你所关注的主题。当你感到轻松时,你就渐渐地更加自信了,而自信是成为一个勇敢的人的关键因素。Think about the things that you fear the most. Why do you fear them? Again, let#39;s think about public speaking. There are a lot of people in this world who do not like public speaking. In fact, they loathe speaking in front of large groups of people. When they stand up in front of large groups, they always get nervous and fear the worst. Their brains suddenly become wired to think irrational and illogical thoughts that wreak havoc on the rest of their system.想想你最害怕什么,你为什么会害怕它们?以公众演讲为例,这世界上有许多人不喜欢在公众面前演讲,实际上,他们讨厌在一大群听众前发表演说。当站在一群人面前时,他们常常会紧张,害怕自己会有糟糕的表现。他们的大脑突然感到不安,难以进行理性的思考,不合逻辑的观点严重破坏了神经系统的正常运作。Public speaking, however, does not need to be feared. Courageous people take the time to learn about the things that they are most fearful of. Great public speakers are great not because they have a lot of courage, but because they have learned the tricks of the trade and are confident in their skills. Taking the time to learn more about what you fear the most will allow you to build confidence. In turn, you will be a more courageous and resilient person.然而公众演讲并没有什么可畏惧的,勇敢的人借此机会战胜他们所畏惧的事物。优秀的演说家之所以优秀,不是因为他们具有过人的勇气,而是因为他们掌握了演说的技巧,并且能够运用自如。花时间来了解和学习你最害怕的事物会帮助你树立信心,接着促使你成为一个更加勇敢、适应能力强的人。4. Learn How to Rebound From Failure4. 学会在失败后重新振作When it comes to being more courageous, facing your fears is not enough. While this is certainly important, it is also important to understand that you will face setbacks from time to time. You may try to face your fears and fail. Just because you fail doesn#39;t mean that you should give up. You need to learn how to accept failure, as well as rebound from it accordingly.想要成为一个勇敢的人,能够直面困难是不够的。这的确是一个重要的品质,同样也很重要的是你需要认识到你常常会遇到挫折。你勇敢地接受困难的挑战,却以失败告终。但是失败并不意味着你应该放弃,你应该学会接受失败,在失败后重新振作。Let#39;s say that you have a fear of heights. Perhaps there is an occasion where you need to stand up on a ladder, high above the ground. You are petrified, but you do it. As you make your way up the ladder, you fall onto the ground. You vow never to climb another ladder again because you tried once and you failed.比方说你恐高,也许现在你需要站在一个很高梯子上,你很害怕,但是你战胜了恐俱。然而在爬梯子的过程中,你跌到了地上。你的一次尝试以失败告终,于是你发誓以后再也不不爬梯子了。The biggest mistake you can make is to try once, fail, and never try again. Many people shut the door on opportunity because they fear repeated failure. When it comes to being courageous, it is important that you face your fears and accept setbacks. Everyone is fearful of something and everyone has failed at something. It is ok to fail. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and to grow.你犯的最大的错误是你尝试了一次,失败了,然后就放弃。人们将机会拒之门外,因为他们害怕一次次的失败。想要变得勇敢,你需要直面恐惧、接受失败。每个人都有自己害怕的事物,每个人都曾失败过。失败是很正常的事情,每一次失败都是学习和成长的机会。Even though you fell once while climbing the ladder, it is important that you recognize why you fell and try again. Just because you fell once does not mean that you are going to fall every time you try. It does not mean that you are a complete failure. It is a simple setback. It is important to analyze the situation and try again. The more you try, the better you will become. The more setbacks you overcome, the more confident you will be and the more courageous you will become.即使你在爬梯子的过程中跌倒了,你应该认识到你为什么会跌倒,然后再试一次。跌倒一次并不意味着你每次都会跌倒,不意味着你是一个从头到脚的失败者,因为这只是一个小小的挫折。学会分析学会尝试,你尝试的次数越多,战胜的困难也就越多,你就会变得更加自信和勇敢。3. Be Disciplined3. 学会自律Personal discipline is extremely important when it comes to becoming more courageous. As you face your fears, it important that you hold yourself accountable for stepping back up to the plate when you falter.谈到勇敢,自律的能力十分重要。面对恐惧,你会犹豫着给自己留有余地。When it comes to being disciplined, you must understand what it is that you wish to achieve. What are you goals? Are you looking to become more comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people? Are you looking to overcome your fear of heights? Are you looking to become less fearful of taking chances? Are you seeking new opportunities? If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone, take more chances, and become more courageous, you need self-discipline.说到自律,你要清楚自己想要做出的成就。你的目标是什么?你是希望在众人面前更自信地演讲?你是否希望战胜恐高?你是否希望在机会面前少一些畏惧?你是否在寻找新的机会?如果你希望走出你的舒适区,获得更多机会,成为更勇敢的人,那么你需要自律。Discipline is not only going to help you understand your goals, but it will help you achieve them. As you look to build your confidence and become a more courageous person, you are going to falter and face failure. You will, quite possibly, face adversity and opposition, as well. When it comes to being courageous, you need to learn how to stick up for what you believe in and proceed in light of setbacks. Discipline is going to help you stay on track towards achieving your goals, overcoming your fears, and becoming a more courageous individual.自律不但能帮助你理解自己的目标,而且帮你实现它们。你想要树立信心,成为勇士,你会踌躇,然后迎接失败的洗礼。你可能也会陷入困境,听到反对的声音。谈及勇敢,你要学会坚持你的观点,及时遭遇挫折,也要继续前行。自律让你不会在实现目标的道路上偏离方向,让你成为一个更勇敢的个体。2. Surround Yourself With Courageous People2. 寻找勇敢的同伴One of the easiest ways to gain courage is to hang out with courageous people! They say that you are who you associate with. The more time you spend with people, the more your personality morphs into one. You tend to exhibit similar characteristics and share similar interests. If you are looking to become more courageous, what a better way to gain courage than to hang out with those who exude this asset?获得自信,一个最简单的办法是和勇敢的人们相处!所话说,物以类聚,人以群分,你和他人相处的时间越长,你的性格就会变得越像他。你在不知不觉中拥有了相似的性格特征,培养了相似的兴趣爱好。如果你想要更加勇敢,和勇敢的人们呆在一起吧,他们身上散发着勇敢的气息,还有什么比这更好的方法了吗?When you associate with courageous people, you are more likely to pick up on their habits. You can learn from them and adopt their behaviors. You can observe how they go about their day to day and try to follow in their footsteps.和勇敢的人交往,你更容易学习他们的好习惯。你可以向他们学习,效仿他们的做法。你可以观察他们是怎样充实每一天的生活,尝试着跟上他们的步伐。In addition to surrounding yourself with courageous people, it is important that you stand up for what you feel is right in the company of others. Even if the people that you stand next to are not the most courageous, there is always power in numbers. You are much stronger when you are backed by several other individuals than if you were to stand on your own.除了和勇敢的人相处外,你应该在你的伙伴们的持下坚持你认为正确的事物。即使你身旁的人不是最勇敢的,数量上的优势也有强大力量。当有一些后援的持时,你比孤军奋战更强大。1. Be Positive1. 积极乐观While it is certainly important to surround yourself with courageous people, gain knowledge, maintain discipline in your approach, maintain your objectivity, and rebound efficiently from failure, courage has a lot to do with maintaining a positive attitude, as well. When it comes to building courage, never underestimate the power of positive thinking.想要成为一个勇敢的人,有很多重要的途径——寻找勇敢的同伴,积累知识,按自己的方式自我约束,保持客观公正,在失败后重新振作。但是同时勇气也和保持积极乐观的心态联系紧密。说到积累勇气,不要轻易低估了积极态度的力量。Let#39;s discuss public speaking again. Public speaking is a great example of something that many people fear. Getting up in front of a crowd and proclaiming your views on a particular topic is no easy feat. The reality, however, is that the act of public speaking is not as bad as one typically tends to think. Most people fear rejection or embarrassment, not the actual act of public speaking, itself.我们再来说说公众演讲的事情。公众演讲是一个绝佳的例子,因为很多人都会感到害怕。在众人面前大声宣布自己的观点不是一件容易的事情。事实上,公众演讲并没有大家一般想象得那么糟糕。多数人害怕的是遭到拒绝或面临尴尬,而不是公众演讲本身。Often times, an individual will get up on stage in front of an audience and start to think really negative thoughts. #39;What if I forget what I am supposed to say?#39; or #39;I know they are going to judge me for what I am thinking, wearing, or believing#39;. These negative thoughts are toxic. The individual then focuses more on the negative thoughts than they do on the positive, which can be disastrous.通常情况下,当一个人在众人面前站上讲台,他会开始有一些消极思想。“如果我忘记我应该说什么怎么办?”或是“我知道他们一定会根据我的想法、我的穿着、我相信的事情来我”。这些消极思想是有害的,具有灾难性的破坏力,他会使一个人会越关注这些思想而忽视积极的想法。Focusing on the positive, on the other hand, can help banish those negative thoughts and erase any irrational fear. This will help you become stronger and more courageous over time.对比之下,关注积极的想法可以驱逐那些消极的想法,消除不合理的恐惧感,这会帮助你渐渐地成为一个更强大、更勇敢的人。Conclusion总结While the Cowardly Lion was certainly a very sweet and kind character in the ;Wizard of Oz,; it was sad to see that he lacked the courage needed to live his life. He was always so afraid to make decisions and to do the things that he wanted to do to live a happy and fulfilled life over the course of his time with Dorothy.胆小狮子的确是“绿野仙踪”里一个善良体贴的角色,但是可惜的是,它缺乏生活所需的勇气。在和多萝西一起时,他总是害怕做决定,害怕做他想做的事,去让自己拥有一个美好充实的生活。Courage is a highly acclaimed personal attribute. It is the ability to go above and beyond the things that terrify someone. Courage is similar to bravery and is desired by many.勇气是一个值得高度称赞的个人品质,这是一种能够在人们畏惧的事物中自由来去的能力,是勇敢的近义词,是许多人都想要拥有的品质。Not everyone is born with a high level of courage. In fact, there are many people who do not have the courage needed to overcome their fears. Even though a person is not always born with courage, they can certainly do things to become more courageous throughout their lifetime.不是每个人一生下来就有巨大的勇气。实际上,有许多人没有勇气来战胜他们的恐惧。但即便如此,他们仍然可以让自己变得勇敢。So, how do you develop courage? Courage can be gained by taking small steps outside of your comfort zone. Trying new things, thinking positive thoughts, and spending time with people who are courageous are all great ways to develop this attribute over time. In addition, education is key. If there is something that scares you, learn about it. Take the time needed to research and understand the topic to dissipate some of those irrational thoughts that plague your mind and stifle your opportunity.所以,到底怎样培养勇气呢?培养勇气,你需要一步步从你的舒适圈中走出来。尝试新鲜的事物,和勇敢的人一起,这些都是慢慢培养这种品质极好的方式。此外,教育是关键。如果有什么使你害怕的,就学习吧。花时间理解和研究问题,抛弃那些不合理的想法,别让它们占据了你的大脑、扼杀了你的机会。Learning how to face your fears and accepting the fact that you are scared is just one step in building courage. Learning how to rebound from failure is another. As you take chances and slowly step out of your comfort zone, it is important to remember that courage is not something that you will attain overnight. Rather, becoming more courageous is a life-long journey that will certainly be worth every step.学习直面恐惧感,接受你害怕的现实,这只是培养勇气的一步,学习在失败后重新振作是另一重要步骤。当你获得了机会,从你的舒适圈中走出来,你需要记住,勇气不是一夜之间就能获得的,而是一件需要终生努力的事,而你每一步的付出都是值得的。 /201705/509986

That#39;s right kids, after argan oil and coconut oil have taken the beauty industry by storm, avocado oil is about to become the ;It; ingredient of the moment. And while you can expect to see it pop up in more and more products, the concept of using it on skin and hair is nothing new. In ancient times, Aztecs used avocado oil as a soothing moisturizer to protect their skin from punishing environmental conditions like intense sun and brutal wind.没错,在洛哥坚果油和椰子油席卷美容业之后,现在美容业的时尚新宠就是牛油果油。虽然你希望牛油果油出现在越来越多产品中,但是在皮肤和头发上涂抹牛油果油并不是一件新鲜事儿。古时候,阿兹特克人就将牛油果油当作舒缓保湿霜使用,以保护皮肤不受烈日和寒风等恶劣环境的侵袭。So, are you y to get in on this wonder fruit (beyond slathering it on toast, that is)? Here are four ways you can use avocado oil to look and feel amazing from hair to heels.所以,准备好了解这一神奇之果了吗(除了把它涂抹在面包上)?下列四种使用牛油果油的方法,能让你从头到脚焕然一新。1. As makeup remover: ;Avocado oil is a gentle way to remove makeup,; says Dr. Rossi. ;The soluble lipids dissolve dirt and other oils without stripping.; Pour a bit of avocado oil (like Now Avocado Oil) onto a cotton pad and swipe it over your face. Follow with your favorite cleanser.1. 用于卸妆:“用牛油果油卸妆是比较舒缓的一种方式,”罗西士说道。“这种可溶性溶液能有效的清洁肌肤,而且用完不会觉得紧绷。”在化妆棉上倒一点牛油果油(比如Now Avocado Oil这一品牌),然后轻轻擦拭脸部。接下来就可以用你最爱的清洁产品了。2. As a hair hydrator: After a season spent at the pool, the beach, or on a rooftop, your hair could probably use a little rehab. Pamper it in the shower with moisturizing formulas like Garnier Whole Blends Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner with Avocado and Shea Butter Extracts. For a more intense hit of hydration, try Garnier Whole Blends Nourishing Mask with Avocado Oil and Shea Butter Extracts. This trio gives thirsty strands an instant boost and brings back bounce.2. 用作头发保湿精华:这个夏天,你们呆过游泳池、去过沙滩、爬过屋顶,你们的头发可能需要做点修复了。先用淋浴打湿头发,然后在头发上先后抹上牛油果和牛油树脂提取物保湿卡尼尔全混合滋养洗发水和护发素。想要更加保湿,那就试试牛油果和牛油树脂提取物卡尼尔全混合滋养发膜吧。这三重护养能让你干燥的头发立马变得弹性有光泽。3. As a foot softener: To prep your heels for fall#39;s big mule trend, try this overnight treatment: Slough your feet in the shower with a pumice stone. When you get out, apply a rich cream like Captain Blankenship Avocado amp; Peppermint Hand, Cuticle amp; Foot Balm while your skin is still damp. Slip on a pair of socks and leave them on while you sleep. In the morning, wave those cracks goodbye.3. 用于使脚柔软:为了让你的脚能够穿上今秋流行的Mule女鞋,那就试试这一睡眠治疗吧:淋浴时用磨脚石磨掉脚上的死皮。淋浴完出来后,趁着脚还没干,抹上一层厚厚的Captain Blankenship牌牛油果薄荷手霜和脚霜。然后穿上袜子睡一觉。早上醒来就可以跟脚后跟裂痕说拜拜!4. As an eye brightener: Treat the sensitive skin under your eyes with a hydrating moisturizer like Kiehl#39;s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Chockful of natural fats, avocado oil is said to be the most moisturizing of any fruit oil.4. 用作眼部光亮焕颜:用保湿的科颜氏牛油果眼霜涂抹眼部下方的敏感肌肤。牛油果油富含天然脂肪,被称作最保湿的水果油。译文属 /201609/467504

The founder of Corona beer has left 2 million pounds (.3 million) to every single resident of the impoverished Spanish village he grew up in, sparking jubilant celebrations.科罗娜啤酒创始人为他的出生地、西班牙一个贫困的村子里的每一个居民都留下了200万英镑(约合330万美元)的财富,让当地村民欢庆不已。Antonino Fernandez, who died aged 98 in August, left 169 million pounds to the 80 residents of the tiny village of Cerezales del Condado, according to reports.据报道,今年8月安东尼奥·费尔南德斯以98岁的高龄去世,他给塞雷萨莱斯·孔达杜这个小村子里的80位居民留下了1.69亿英镑。Maximino Sanchez, the owner of the only bar in the village, told the local newspaper Diario de Leon: ;I do not know what we would have done without Antonino.;村里唯一一家酒吧的老板马克西米诺·桑切斯在接受当地报纸《列昂日报》采访时表示:“我们以前很穷,如果没有安东尼奥的话,我不知道我们会怎么样。”One of 13 children, Fernandez was born and brought up in the village, which is in the province of Leon, north-west Spain.费尔南德斯家里有13个孩子,他在这个位于西班牙西北部列昂省的小村子里出生长大。His family battled poverty and, as a 14-year-old, he had to leave school because his parents could no longer afford it and needed him to work in the fields.他的家庭曾经非常贫困,14岁时他就不得不辍学了,因为他的父母再也付不起学费,而且也需要他下地干活。Fernandez moved to Mexico in 1949, aged 32, after an invitation from his wife#39;s uncle to work for brewery Grupo Modelo in a warehouse.1949年,受妻子的叔叔邀请到酿酒企业莫德罗集团干仓库工作,32岁的费尔南德斯启程前往了墨西哥。He worked his way up through the ranks, becoming chief executive in 1971, and helped to make Corona one of the biggest beer brands in the world.随后他一路晋升,在1971年的时候成为了该公司的CEO,并帮助科罗娜成为全球最大的啤酒品牌之一。Fernandez remained as chairman of the board until 2005, handing over to his nephew.费尔南德斯一直担任董事会主席,直到2005年将这个位置传给了他的侄子。He has been honoured for his charity work and set up schemes in both Spain and Mexico to find jobs for people with disabilities.他一直因为自己的慈善事业而备受尊敬,并在西班牙和墨西哥两国都设立了研究计划,帮助残疾人士找工作。 /201612/481522

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