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襄阳第三人民医院耳鼻喉电话咨询襄阳市第四人民医院治疗鼻息肉哪家好襄阳宜城市治疗小儿鼻窦炎大概多少钱费用 Gift-giving, table manners: what’s acceptable at home doesn’t necessarily apply in other countries. Here are 10 distinctive customs to use as your passport to new experiences and friendships.送赠礼物、餐桌礼仪:在本国可接受的习俗不代表适应于其他国家。当你带着护照探索新体验,拾获新友谊的时候,就要记住以下10种与众不同的习俗。When traveling, it’s important to brush up on the customs and etiquette of the global village.旅游时,有必要重新学习关于“地球村”的习俗和礼仪。1. Avoid giving certain flowers in Russia.1. 在俄罗斯,不要送赠某种鲜花。Be careful when presenting flowers to a friend or business associate in Russia. Yellow blooms signify deceit or a relationship break-up. Skip red carnations, too. Traditionally, red carnations are placed on the graves of the dead.在俄罗斯,送赠鲜花给朋友或商业合作伙伴要谨慎。黄色的鲜花代表欺骗,或者结束一段关系。也不要送红色康乃馨;传统认为,红色康乃馨是要摆在先人墓前的。2. Don’t expect a “Thank You” card for these gifts in China.2. 在中国,送赠这些礼物就别指望收到感谢卡。Clocks, straw sandals are all associated with death and funerals in China. Deemed inappropriate and morbid, you’ll risk damaging the relationship if you present these gifts—for any occasion—to someone in China.时钟、草鞋等在中国都是跟死亡和葬礼有关的。送赠此类礼物是不当的,让人毛骨悚然的。无论任何时候,如果你送了这些礼物给中国朋友,你就是在冒险要破坏这段关系。3. Skip the salt in Egypt.3. 在埃及不要用盐。When tucking into a meal in Egypt, by-pass the saltshaker. It’s insulting to your host to sprinkle salt on your food. If you have to season your plate, it means that you find the meal’s taste repulsive.在埃及吃饭,不要使用盐瓶。因为这是在嘲笑聚会主人在你的食物里食盐放少了。如果你确实要放调味料,就意味着这顿饭让人反胃。4. Don’t show up on time in Venezuela.4. 在委内瑞拉,不要准时到约定地点。Here’s one place where being early or on time is viewed as being rude. In Venezuela if you are invited over to someone’s home for a meal, it’s recommended that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes later than the requested time. Early or on time guests are viewed as being too eager, even greedy.在这里,早到或准时到约定地点会被视为无礼。在委内瑞拉,如果你受邀去某人家里聚餐,建议你比约定时间推迟十到十五分钟到达。太早到或准时到达的客人会被视为过于渴望聚餐或贪吃。5. Always use a knife and fork in Norway.5. 在挪威,记得使用刀叉。In Norway, table manners are extremely important. Most meals, including sandwiches, are eaten using utensils.在挪威,餐桌礼仪是极其重要的。大多数的餐宴,即便是吃三明治,也要使用器具进食。6. Be “blunt” in the Netherlands.6. 在荷兰要装“钝”。Gift giving should be a happy, positive experience. When selecting a present for someone in the Netherlands, don’t purchase fancy kitchen knives or scissors. Giving sharp, pointy objects as gifts is considered unlucky.收到礼物应该是开心的。在荷兰,在选择礼物的朋友时不要购买花式厨具和剪刀。送赠尖锐的礼物会给人带来不幸7. Don’t clink and drink in Hungary.7. 在匈牙利喝酒不要碰杯。Clinking glasses and swigging beer is a scene played out of many pubs around the world, but don’t expect to see such merriment in Hungary. This old custom dates back to the 1849 war with Austria. After defeating Hungarian forces and savagely killing thirteen of their military’s leaders, Austrian generals were celebrating by smugly clinking glasses and drinking beer. While consuming beer was never forbidden, Hungarians did pledge to refrain from clinking glasses for a period of 150 years.碰杯痛饮是全球很多酒吧里常见的情景,但不要期待在匈牙利也能看到。这个习俗起源于1849年与奥地利的战争。打败匈牙利部队,并且残酷地杀害了13个军队领袖后,奥地利将军们碰杯痛饮庆祝。喝酒不是禁止,但是匈牙利人还是发誓150年不会做碰杯行为。8. Skip the tab in Turkey.8. 在土耳其,不要抢着付账。When doing business in Turkey, it’s the custom for your host to pay for your meal. Requests to split the bill will be viewed as a polite gesture, but won’t be accepted. If you would like to pay your fair share, Turks recommend inviting your host to a follow-up meal. At that time, you can reciprocate the host.在土耳其经商时,通常是由聚餐主人付餐费的。请求分摊餐费是有礼貌的举动,但是不被接受的。如果你想付费公平点,土耳其人会建议你邀请聚餐主人去吃后续餐。在那时,你可以酬谢他人。9. Red equals dead in Korea.9. 在韩国,红色等同死亡。Writing a lot of cards or notes while visiting South Korea? Be mindful of your pen’s ink color. Scrawling a person’s name in red ink traditionally signifies that the person is deceased–an important point to remember when giving a birthday card.在南韩要写很多笔记和小卡片?要注意你的字体颜色喔。用红色墨水写别人的名字,意味着这个人已经过世了。所以写生日卡是千万不要忘记这点。10. Stick to the sauna in Finland.10. 在芬兰,要坚持桑拿浴。In Finland, saunas are a preferred way to relax and socialize with family and friends. Don’t be surprised if your business meeting is followed up with an invite to let off some steam in a local sauna. If you receive such a request, rest assured that your business meeting went well.在芬兰,桑拿浴是人们休闲及和亲朋好友相聚的好方式。当你商务会谈结束后,受邀去当地桑拿店桑拿减压,千万不要感到惊讶。如果你收到这样的请求,那么你可以肯定,这次的会谈十分成功。 /201211/211531襄阳市第一人民医院鼻窦炎看怎么样好不好

襄阳上那里医院治鼻中隔偏曲襄州医院 耳膜穿孔好吗 襄阳中医医院看耳膜穿孔哪家好

南漳县看过敏性鼻炎哪家医院最好A sperm donor service aimed at matching women with anonymous celebrity dads – such as rock stars and famous athletes – will launch next year, its owners have claimed.一家捐精机构的所有者称,该机构将于明年开启一项将女子和名人匿名配对的务,包括摇滚歌星和著名运动员这样的名人。Fame Daddy will offer would-be-mothers “top quality celebrity surrogate fathers” when it launches next February, according to Dan Richards, its chief executive.据该机构的行政总裁丹#8226;理查兹称,在明年二月启动这一务后,“名人爸爸”公司将给备妇女们提供“最优质的名人父亲”。Prices will start at pound;15,000 for a premium sperm service from the clinic.从诊所获得优质精子务的起始价为1.5万英镑。The company’s website, which launched last week, claims that women can pick from a range of celebrated high-achievers when picking a prospective father for their offspring. The identities of each high-flying father will kept secret as the donors have been guaranteed anonymity. The men will also be required to sign a legal waiver of their rights to access to the child.该公司上周刚上线的网站称,女性可以从众多卓有成就的名人中为她们的后代挑选未来的父亲。公司将对所有名人父亲的身份保密,因为已经向捐赠者保不向外透露。男性捐赠者还必须签署一份放弃对孩子探视权的声明书。However would-be mothers using the Fame Daddy clinic will be able to identify their area of achievement and other personal attributes.但是,使用“名人爸爸”诊所务的备妇女们将能指定未来孩子父亲获得成就的领域和其他个人特质。They can choose from donor dads who have excelled in a range of fields including sport, entertainment and business. The website lists a range of “sample profiles” of typical sperm donors, including an Oscar-winning actor, a member of the House of Lords and an ex-Premiership footballer.她们可以挑选的捐精者包括体育、和商业各界的精英。网站列出了一些典型捐精者的“简况示例”,包括一位奥斯卡获奖演员、一位上议院议员和一位前英超球员的个人简介。Last night Mr Richards admitted that the clinic has no real sperm samples “as of yet”. He said that the online descriptions are examples of the type of clientele that Fame Daddy “intends to attract”.昨天晚上理查兹承认说,目前诊所还没有真正的精子样本。他说,网上描述的例子是名人爸爸公司“意图吸引”的客户类型。However he said that the site’s register of possible donors aly includes a retired ATP tennis pro, retired English cricketers and a multi-platinum recording artists.不过,他说,已经在该网站注册的潜在捐精者包括一名职业网球球员协会的退休选手、一名英格兰板球队的退休球员和一名录制过“多白金唱片”的歌手。Mr Richards said: “We currently have about 40 people on our register of interested donors. Of course, until we have premises we cannot store sperm and therefore we as of yet have no actual samples. I am confident most of these will donate once we are operational.”理查兹说:“目前已在我公司注册的有捐赠意向的名人约有40人。当然,在我们拥有实体店之前,我们无法储存精子,所以我们还没有真正的精子样本。不过我有信心,一旦我们开始运营,注册的大多数名人都会捐赠精子。”He said that “like all licensed clinics”, information about the donors will be stored in a confidential registry “that can be accessed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), who also manage our file architecture and data management systems”.他说,“正如所有获得经营许可的诊所一样”,关于捐赠者的信息将被储存在一个机密登记处,这些资料“只有人类受精与胚胎才能查看,该局还将对我们的文件格式和数据管理系统进行管理”。The company is “confident” it will complete the four-month application process for HFEA approval by next February.该公司“有信心”在明年二月份前完成四个月的申请流程,获得人类受精与胚胎的批准。Mr Richards said: ;Our vision is to help women give their children the very best chance in life.理查兹说:“我们的愿景是帮助女性为自己孩子的人生提供最好的机会。;Whether it is talent on the stage or pitch, having a world beating voice, or just being very beautiful, Fame Daddy will have the perfect celebrity surrogate daddy.;“或是拥有在舞台上或球场上大放异的天赋,或是拥有征世界的美妙声音,或是天生一副好相貌,名人爸爸公司将会拥有完美的名人父亲。” /201210/204364 襄阳华光医院鼻子疾病好吗襄阳妇保医院看咽喉炎大概多少钱费用



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