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Two models don ancient wedding dresses at the 1st International Wedding Photography Exhibition in Shanghai Expo Park, Feb , . Covering 5 showrooms and 80,000 square meters, the exhibition has attracted 670 wedding dealerships and become a comprehensive exhibition involving wedding gowns, wedding photography, theme photography, children photography, frames and albums displays.年月日,上海世园隆重举办了国际婚纱摄影览会,图中是两名模特展示古代结婚礼这次的展览共用5间展示厅,占面积80,000平方米,这次的展览吸引了各地670代理商,成为一个综合性展览,涉及婚纱,婚纱摄影,主题摄影,儿童和家庭摄影 57The cast of the hit sitcom Friends are to ree a two-hour special, according to US broadcaster N.美国全国广播公司(N)发消息称,著名情景喜剧《老友记的主演们将重新聚首,参与录制两小时的特别节目The actors behind Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross have all signed up the special, a tribute to director James Burrows.瑞秋、莫妮卡、菲比、乔伊、钱德勒和罗斯的扮演者们都已确定将出演这一致敬导演詹姆斯·伯罗斯的特辑Burrows helmed numerous episodes of the program and has just celebrated directing his 1,000th TV program.伯罗斯执导过不少《老友记剧集,而此次特别节目是为了庆祝伯罗斯执导第00集美剧而筹划But N entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt suggested the six Friends may not appear together.不过N部主席罗伯特·格林布拉特暗示,六位“老友”可能不会同时出现;Im hoping all six will be in same room at the same time,; he told reporters. But he added: ;Im not sure we logistically can pull it off.;他告诉记者:“我当然希望他们六人能同时出现在一个房间内”但他补充道:“我不敢保在具体安排时一定能办得到”Fans of the show have been hoping more than a decade to see Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer back on screen together, but previous attempts have fallen short.十多年了,老友粉们一直盼着珍妮佛·安妮斯顿、柯特妮·考克斯、丽莎·库卓、马特·勒布朗、马修·派瑞和大卫·修蒙能再次聚首荧屏,但以前的尝试都未成功The program ended in , series and a decade after it premiered on US screens. It made international stars of its little-known cast, winning a slew of awards and a huge audience in the process.《老友记年播完第十季后剧终,彼时距该剧初登美国荧屏已有年此前鲜有人知的剧中演员后来都成了国际巨星在此过程中,该剧也收获了无数奖项,俘获了一众粉丝As well as Friends, Burrows was behind the camera several of America much-loved sitcoms, including Cheers, Frasier, and The Bob Newhart Show.除了《老友记,伯罗斯还拍过不少其它深受观众喜爱的美国情景剧,比如《欢乐酒店、《欢乐一家亲、《鲍勃纽哈特秀等The special is scheduled to be broadcast on 1 February on N.致敬特辑将于月1日在N台播出 0

New Year holidays is the best time of the year to experience traditional Chinese culture. People generally have at least three days off, and they use the time to take part in some generations-old traditions.春节时一年中感受传统中国文化最好的时候人们通常最少有三天假期,而他们会用这段假期去参加一些代代延续下来的传统活动To help you choose the best places to experience the Chinese New Year, here are five of the biggest celebrations in in the country.为了帮你选择最好的地方去感受春节氛围,下面列出五个年最大的欢庆盛事 5

As the world becomes more and more traveled, fewer and fewer of these places can be found. These “bidden destinations” can be quite attractive, but their remoteness and danger means that all but the most courageous (and foolish) travelers will cross them off of their to-visit list.随着世界上旅行者的足迹越来越广,未被发掘的旅游目的地也越来越少下面的这些“旅游禁地”其实非常有魅力,但有一些因为路途太遥远,有些则因为太危险,所以就算那些最勇敢的旅行者,也可能会把它们从自己的梦想目的地名单上划掉Where are these unreachable destinations?这些到不了的旅游目的地都是哪些呢?Cape York Peninsula, Australia澳大利亚约克角半岛The Cape York Peninsula sits in Northernmost Australia. It is one of the most remote and undeveloped places in the entire world. It is very sparsely inhabited, with only a few tribes of Aboriginal Australians calling the area home. Some parts of the region can be seen as part of a × tour, though dangerously high temperatures and hazardous terrain can even make this a challenge.约克角半岛位于澳大利亚的最北部,是全世界最遥远也未开发的地方之一当地人烟稀少,只有几个澳大利亚土著部落安家于此你可能在某些旅行社提供的越野自驾游行程中看到这一区域的某些地方,但这里危险的高温和地形会让你的旅行变成一次冒险Antarctica南极洲People have been trying to traverse Antarctica more than a century. Traveling inland on the world’s coldest continent is a very dangerous undertaking that can only be accomplished with professional support and a lot of cold weather travel experience. More-casual tourists can reach Antarctica by cruise ship. Even coming by plane is a tough proposition because there are no paved runways on the continent. So, despite its vast size, a majority of visitors to the Antarctic only actually set foot on a small section of coastline, leaving most of the continent completely untouched.一个多世纪以来,人们都一直在尝试穿越南极洲这是世界上最寒冷的大陆,在南极洲内陆旅行会是非常危险的任务,通常只有在配备专业技术持的情况下,拥有丰富的寒冷天气旅行经验的人才能完成旅行者更常见的选择是坐游艇到达南极洲就算是乘飞机来南极洲,也会是一个非常困难的想法,因为南极大陆上并没有铺设好的飞机跑道南极洲地域辽阔,大部分的旅行者真正踏上的也只是沿海岸线的很小区域,南极洲大部还是完全未有人涉足Congo刚果Congo (sometimes referred to as The Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC short) is a vast Central African nation with a wealth of beautiful landscapes, untouched nature, rivers, and wildlife. It is also one of the world’s most dangerous countries. Ongoing conflicts in the northern and eastern parts of the nation make safe travel impossible, and rampant crime and general instability make traveling to major cities outside of the conflict zones dangerous as well.刚果(有时称为刚果民主共和国)是一个地域广袤的非洲国家,国内风景非常美丽,有很多尚未有人涉足的自然地貌和河流,也有很多未被发现的野生动植物刚果也是世界上最危险的国家之一国内北部和东部地方持续不断的冲突矛盾使得旅行无法保安全,就算不去危险的冲突地区,刚果国内的主要城市犯罪猖獗全局不稳,同样非常危险Afghanistan阿富汗A land of amazing landscapes and exotic culture, Afghanistan was once a great tourist destination intrepid backpackers. the past thirty or so years, conflicts and political instability have made it virtually impossible to travel anywhere in the country without professional security people.阿富汗是一片有着美丽风景和魅力异域文化的土地,对于勇敢的背包客族来说是非常赞的旅行目的地但在过去的30多年间,阿富汗国内冲突不断,政坛动荡,没有专业的安保人员随行,想要在阿富汗国内旅行基本不可能Tristan da Cunha特里斯坦-达库尼亚群岛Tristan da Cunha is the most remote inhabited place on earth. Siting in the South Atlantic, it is further from other inhabited lands than any island in the world’s oceans. That said, it is not suffering from conflict and has no natural barriers other than its sheer remoteness. The island can only be reached by ship (there are no airports). It takes several days to reach the island by sea, with most visitors catching a ride on a fishing or science vessels that visit the island several times per year. Tristan has no hotels, only self-catered cabins and home-stay opporties.位于南大西洋的特里斯坦-达库尼亚群岛是地球上最遥远的居住地,在全世界的海洋群岛里,它离其他有人烟的地方最远这也就意味着,达库尼亚群岛远离喧嚣争端,没有任何其他的自然屏障,只有绝对的遥远距离岛上没有机场,旅行者只有乘船前往群岛,通常都需要花费几天时间大部分旅行者都选择搭渔船或科学考察船前往,这些船每年会有几次拜访群岛岛上没有宾馆,只有自给自足的客舱,游客们还没有寄住在当地人家中 39

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