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All Coca-Cola wanted to do was to wish consumers a happy new year, but instead it ended up stirring anger in two markets, Russia and Ukraine, over the disputed territory of Crimea. The Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula was annexed by Moscow in March 2014 and remains a trigger issue in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis today.可口可乐希望将新年快乐传达给消费者,但是却在俄罗斯和乌克兰这两个市场引起愤怒,这一切都是因为克里米亚这片争议领土。乌克兰黑海半岛于2014年3月并入俄罗斯,至今仍是俄罗斯乌克兰危机中的一个一触即发的问题。In a new year#39;s message on VK, the most popular Russian social media network, Coca-Cola published a map of Russia that did not include Crimea.俄罗斯最受欢迎的社交媒体网络VK传达了一条新年广告,可口可乐发布了一张不包括克里米亚在内的俄罗斯地图。Faced with barrage of criticism from Russian users of VK, it published the map again on Tuesday, this time including Crimea, and apologised. The new map also included the Kuril Islands, the western Pacific archipelago that Moscow seized in 1945 from Japan.面对VK上俄罗斯网民排山倒海的指责,可口可乐昨日重新发布了一张地图,这次包括了克里米亚,并进行了道歉。新地图还包括莫斯科于1945年从日本夺取的西太平洋群岛的千岛群岛。But by including Crimea, Coca-Cola unleashed a firestorm in Ukraine, where demands for a boycott of the soft drink got under way. On Tuesday, the corporation threw in the towel and simply dropped the New Year#39;s message. ;Dear friends! Thank you for your attention. It has been decided to delete the item which caused the upset,; Coca-Cola#39;s Ukrainian subsidiary said on Facebook.但是加入克里米亚的行为又惹怒了乌克兰,该国抵制可口可乐的要求已经开始进行。周二,可口可乐自认倒霉并撤下这则新年广告。可口可乐乌克兰子公司在脸书上写道:;亲爱的朋友们,感谢你们的关注,我们决定删除这条引发混乱的广告。;Late Tuesday Coca-Cola#39;s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia issued a statement apologizing for the issue but blaming an outside agency. ;The Coca-Cola Russia team had a stylized map of Russia created as part of its Christmas campaign. The agency that created the map later made changes without our knowledge or approval,; the company said. ;We, as a company, do not take political positions unrelated to our business, and we apologize for the post, which we have removed.;上周二,可口可乐位于佐治亚州亚特兰大市的总部,对此事件发表了声明进行道歉,但是同时却责怪了一个局外者。该公司称:;可口可乐俄罗斯团队有一张固定的俄罗斯地图,作为圣诞节活动的一部分,绘制这个地图的机构没有告知我们,也没有经过我们的同意进行了修改。我们作为一家公司,在对于与我们业务无关的问题上,不持政治立场,我们为这条广告道歉,并且已经删除。; /201601/420882A woman flew from Istanbul to Paris with a four-year-old girl hidden inside her hand luggage, Air France has said.近日,据来自法国航空公司的消息,一名从伊斯坦布尔飞往巴黎的女子将一四岁女童藏在行李包内带上飞机。The airline said the child, travelling without a ticket, was discovered on board the flight on Monday night.这家航空公司表示,这名无票乘机的女童于周一晚上在飞机上被发现。An airport source told AFP news agency that the woman was a resident of France who was in the process of adopting the child, from Haiti. The airline notified the French authorities but prosecutors decided not to press charges.机场消息人士告诉法新社,该女子是法国人,而这名女孩即将被该女子收养,来自海地。航空公司已经告知法国当局,但是检察机关决定不起诉。The woman was in the transit zone in Istanbul but was prevented from boarding her flight with the child, the source told AFP. She then bought a new flight ticket and hid the child in a bag.有消息来源告知法新社称,该女子在伊斯坦布尔转机时被拒绝携带该女童登机。于是她重新买了一张机票并把小孩藏在包里。Once on board, she placed the child at her feet under a blanket, but the girl needed to go to the toilet and was noticed by other passengers, the source said.据该消息来源透露,女子登机后将装有女童的包放在脚边,并盖上毯子。直到小女孩要去洗手间才被其他乘客发现。;The cloth bag belonged to a woman sat at the back of the plane. At one point she opened the bag and her neighbour on the other row of seats saw something moving inside. He alerted flight attendants, who then discovered a baby,; a passenger named Vincent told French news website Planet.fr.一位名叫文森特的乘客告诉法国新闻网站行星网称:“这个布包是坐在飞机后面的一个女人的。她一度打开了这个包,而坐在另一排的她的邻座乘客看到了里面有什么东西在动。之后他提醒了乘务员,接着发现了竟然是一个小孩。”The woman and the girl have been held at Charles de Gaulle airport while authorities investigate the case.据悉,该女子和小女孩将暂时留在戴高乐机场接受法国当局的调查。 /201603/431579

The doctor looked at his patient#39;s tongue, felt his pulse, knocked on his chest, and began: ;Same old story, my friend. Too much confinement. Do not deny it. What you need is plenty of outdoor exercise. Walk, Walk.;医生看了看病人的舌头,号了号脉。 敲了敲他地胸部,说道:“还是老问题,朋友, 运动量太小,不要否认这个事实。你需要大量的户外运动。 走路。 走路。 ”;But, doctor...;“不过,医生……”;Don#39;t argue with me. I am the doctor. Take my advice. Walk ten times as much as you do now. That#39;s the only thing that will cure you.;“不要同我争辩,我是医生。遵照我的嘱咐,走10倍于你现在所走的路,这是治愈你的疾病地唯一方法。 ”;But my business...;“然而我的工作是……”;That is just the trouble. Your business! Well, change your business, so that you can get a chance to walk more. What is your business?;“这正是问题所在。你的工作!好吧,换一个工作。 这样一来,你就有机会多走动了。 你是干什么的?”;I#39;m a letter-carrier.;“我是一名邮递员。 ” /201511/412189

Culture and Technology汉朝的文化与科技Just as a new class of gentry was introduced,education became more important during this period.随着新贵族阶级的兴起,教育在这个时期变得越发重要。Many encyclopedias were compiled, the best known is the Book of the Mountains and Seas (山海经),许多百科全书编著与此时期,其中最著名的是《山海经》,which contained everything known at the time about geography, natural philosophy, the animal and plant world, and popular myths.它包含了那个时候人们所知道的所有地理知识、自然哲学、动植物世界和流行的神话。The Han period produced China’s most famous historian,Sima Qian (司马迁)whose Records of the Grand Historian (史记) provides a detailed chronicle from the time of legendary Xia emperor to that of the Emperor Wu.汉代出现了中国最著名的一位史学家,他就是司马迁,其所著的《史记》提供了从传说中的夏朝君主到汉武帝时的详细编年史。Technological advances also marked this period.One of the great Chinese inventions, paper (造纸术),originate from Han times.这个时期的科学技术也高度发展。中国最重要的发明之一——造纸术,就始于汉朝。 /201510/397357

A full stop is used at the end of an idea or thought, and is an important rule in proper grammar.句号用在一个意思或想法的结束处,这在语法中是一个重要的原则。But text messages are changing the rules, as a new study finds digital messages ending with one aren#39;t sincere.但是短信的使用正在改变这些规则。最新研究表明,带句号的短信显得不真诚。The results suggest skipping punctuation altogether, as it indicates you are answering spontaneously and heartfelt.该研究认为,发信息时应该略去所有的标点符号,因为这样才显得你的回复自然、走心。Binghamton University#39;s Harpur College observed 126 students, who a series of messages displayed as texts on a screen or handwritten notes on loose-leaf paper, which were similar to notes students passed around before texting was available.美国宾厄姆顿大学哈波学院对126名学生进行了试验,让他们阅读显示在屏幕上的短信或者写在活页上的便签(类似短信出现前,学生们传信息时常用的那种)。In the 16 experimental exchanges, the sender#39;s message contained a statement followed by an invitation phrased as a question such as, #39;Dave gave me his extra ticket. Wanna come?#39;在这16组试验中,发送者发出去的短信含一个陈述句及一个问句邀请,比如,“戴夫把多出的一张票给我了,你去吗?”The receiver then gave a one-word response like #39;Okay#39;, #39;Sure#39;, #39;Yeah#39; or #39;Yup#39;.收信者给出一个词的回复,比如“好啊”、“当然可以”、“嗯”或者“好哒”。Half of the participants#39; responses were with a full stop and the other half did not use it.受试者中有一半人的回复以句号结尾,另一半则没有。Based on the responses, text messages that ended with a full stop were rated less sincere than text messages that did not end with a period.根据反馈,以句号结尾的短信被认为不如不带句号的真诚。The students who the notes on the paper reported that full stop or not, they felt the message was sincere.而阅读便签的受试者则认为,不管有没有句号,内容都是一样的真诚。These results suggest that punctuation can misconstrue or influence the meaning of text messages.该结果表明,标点可以使短信的意思被曲解或受到影响。The study concludes, #39;not so much that the period is used to convey a lack of sincerity in text messages, but that punctuation is one of the cues used by senders, and understood by receivers, to convey pragmatic and social information.#39;研究总结道,“与其说句号使短信显得缺乏真诚,不如说标点是发送者使用、接受者所理解的线索之一,这种线索透露出实用的交流信息。”#39;Texting is lacking many of the social cues used in actual face-to-face conversations,#39; said Celia Klin, associate professor of psychology and associate dean at Binghamton University#39;s Harpur College.“短信中少了许多面对面交流才有的交流线索,”宾厄姆顿大学哈波学院副院长、心理学副教授西莉亚·科林如是说。#39;When speaking, people easily convey social and emotional information with eye gaze, facial expressions, tone of voice, pauses, and so on.#39;“面对面讲话时,借助眼神、面部表情、语调、停顿等线索,人们能很容易传达出交流信息和情绪信息。”#39;People obviously can#39;t use these mechanisms when they are texting.#39;“很明显,发短信时没有这些媒介。”#39;Thus, it makes sense that texters rely on what they have available to them -- emoticons, deliberate misspellings that mimic speech sounds and, according to our data, punctuation.#39;“因此,发送方就需要依靠现有的东西——#39;表情符号#39;、#39;借用错别字拟声#39;以及我们刚刚通过数据指出的#39;标点符号#39;。”Recently, Klin#39;s team conducted a follow-up study and found that text response with an exclamation mark is interpreted as more sincere.最近,科林的团队还进行了一个补充研究。研究发现,带有感叹号的回复被认为更真诚。#39;That#39;s not surprising, but it broadens our claim,#39; said Klin.科林说:“这一点并不奇怪,而且还进一步扩充了我们的研究成果。”#39;Punctuation is used and understood by texters to convey emotions and other social and pragmatic information.#39;“发信息者用标点符号来表达感情和其他实用社交信息。”#39;Given that people are wonderfully adept at communicating complex and nuanced information in conversations, it#39;s not surprising that as texting evolves, people are finding ways to convey the same types of information in their texts.#39;“鉴于人们非常擅于在聊天中传达复杂和微妙的信息,所以不难预测,随着短信的发展,人们将会找到能在短信中传达以上信息的手段。” /201512/415273

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