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26. Purchasing a Parking Permit 26.购买 停车许可A: The parking permit is 0 per semester, right?A:每半年的停车许可是200美元,对吗?B: Its actually 0.B:事实上是300美元。A: Why?! Thats ridiculous.A:为什么?太荒谬了。B: Its because of the budget cuts.B:由于预算消减。A: Thats a terrible excuse.A:这是一个糟糕的理由。B: Its the truth.B:这是事实。A: Give me something better than that.A:给我一个更好的理由。B: Miss, if you dont want to pay, then dont.B:,如果你不想付,那就别付。A: This is so stressful.A:这太有压力了。B: I advise writing a letter to the dean.B:我建议你给主任写封信。A: I bet hell just throw it away.A:我敢打赌他会扔掉它。B: You would be surprised. B:你会被惊倒的。 /201510/405113讲解文本:freak out 极度兴奋,吓坏了,崩溃freak 奇怪,变得不寻常If you still dont show up we are going to freak out !你再不出现我们就要崩溃了!We freaked out when we won the big prize.得了大奖,我们崩溃了。You freak me out!你让我崩溃!疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201607/453907

I locked myself out. 我把自己锁在外面了。例句:I always forget my key,so youll see I get locked out often.我总是忘记带钥匙,所以你会经常看到我被锁在门外。I locked myself out again-I forgot to take my key.我把自己锁在门外了-我忘记带钥匙了。Hey,Jack.Are you coming home?I locked myself out.嗨杰克,你回来了吗?我把自己锁在外面了。背景音乐:Nellie Mckay-Do Do Do关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201611/471124

Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Customer:Hello. I want to know how much it costs to have a manicure and a pedicure?你好,我想知道修一家手部和脚部的指甲要花多少钱。Manicurist:Usually, it’s 60 dollars for a manicure and 80 dollars for a pedicure, but with this special discount, the total for both is only 120 dollars. And you can get them painted as well for free。通常修手部的指甲是六十美元,脚部的是八十美元。但在这个特惠折扣后,总共只要一百而是美元。而且还可以给您绘上图案,免费的。Customer:That’s nice. I’d like to give it a try. I think I’d like Passion Red please。这倒挺好的。那我试试看。我想要红色热情系列的。Manicurist:All right. Do you want your cuticles cut, too?好的。指甲周围的表皮也要修剪吗?Customer:No。不用。Manicurist:Would you like the shape square or round?您喜欢修成方形还是圆形?Customer:Square, but w ith rounded edges, please。方形,但请将两边稍微磨圆一些。(after a while)Manicurist:All right, it’s done. Please follow me to the drying section。好了,修好了。请随我到烘干区。Customer:How long will it take to get them dry?烘干要多久啊?Manicurist:In about five minutes, you’ll be all set。大约五分钟就好了。Customer:I see. Thank you。我知道了,谢谢。重点句子:我想修指甲。I’d like a manicure。我想修脚趾甲。I’d like a pedicure。我打算待会儿修一下手部和脚部的指甲。I’m planning on getting a manicure and pedicure later。我想做法式的指甲修护。I’d like to have a French manicure。你觉得我的指甲是修成方形好还是修成圆形好?Do you think my nails would look better pared square or round?请把我的指甲表面锉光。Please file the surface of my nails smooth。您喜欢什么颜色的指甲油?What color would you prefer your nail polish?你们有针对干裂指甲的特别治疗吗?Do you offer a special treatment for dry and cracked nails?请给我修剪一下指甲周围的表皮。I want my cuticles cut, please。 /201501/357010

  讲解文本:on cloud nine 高兴得飘飘然,极其快乐,高兴到九霄云外Jenny was on cloud nine for days after Mike asked her to the prom.迈克邀请詹妮参加学校舞会,她兴奋了好几天。When Lucy was born I was on cloud nine.Lucy出生的时候,我都乐得找不着北了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201704/504146

  I have to take off some weight. 我得减肥了。A:Hi,Anne,whats up?嗨,安妮,你怎么了 ?B:I look awful in a swimsuit.I am too fat.我穿泳衣看起来好糟糕。我太胖了。A:Well,youre a little plump,but you arent fat.哎呀,你只是有点丰满,但你并不胖。B:Its very nice of you to say that,but I know Ive gained much weight.Look at you!You are much more skinny than you were.你这么说真是太好了。不过我知道我胖了。看你,你比以前瘦多了。A:To be honest,I do have lost about five kilos.老实说,我确实瘦了五斤。B:Wow!How do you manage to become so slim?Whats the secret?哇!你是怎么瘦的?有什么秘诀吗?A:I go on a diet and have a constancy of exercise.我只节食和持续的运动。B:Is that all?Well,I have to take off some weight,too.就这些吗?我也要减肥了。A:How do you plan to put it into practice?你要怎么付诸行动?B:Im going to have only juice for each meal from now on.我打算从现在开始每餐只喝果汁。更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201706/513174。


  Valeria: So how about in tournament time?瓦莱里娅:比赛时间呢?Daniel: How?丹尼尔:怎么了?Valeria: How do you live that?瓦莱里娅:一般有比赛时你们是怎么过的?Daniel: Well if its an important tournament, like World Cup or Copa America, we would watch the matches like normally watch and...丹尼尔:如果是世界杯或美洲杯这样的重要比赛,我们会正常观看比赛……Valeria: What do you mean normally watch?瓦莱里娅:正常观看是什么意思?Daniel: Normally watch means even if you have classes, even if you are working, if theres a match in between youre going to watch it.丹尼尔:就是说即使要上课或是要上班,如果有重要比赛,我们还是会观看。Valeria: So wait a second. If you are working, suppose you are working in your office and the matches are three pm meaning like working hours or the match is at ten am like its school hours you still watch the match?瓦莱里娅:等一下。如果你在上班,比如你在办公室工作,比赛在下午3点开始,这时还是工作时间,或是在上午10点开始,这时学生还要上课,那你们也会看比赛吗?Daniel: Yeah, yeah. You get a TV at the office or your classroom and you watch the game.丹尼尔:对,没错。办公室和教室里有电视,可以看比赛。Valeria: Really?瓦莱里娅:真的吗?Daniel: Yeah, we stop working because otherwise you wouldnt do anything anyway.丹尼尔:对,我们会停下手里的工作,因为不然你也做不了什么。Valeria: So you stop working, you stop studying?瓦莱里娅:你们会停止工作,停止学习?Daniel: Yes.丹尼尔:对。Valeria: You stop everything that you are doing for watching the match?瓦莱里娅:你们停下手头上的一切事情,去看比赛?Daniel: Yeah.丹尼尔:对。Valeria: Its kind of the same in Argentina.瓦莱里娅:这和阿根廷一样。Daniel: You see because its really important, like football is really important for us so if youre supporting your team, if its your national team everyone gets involved.丹尼尔:因为这真的很重要,足球对我们来说非常重要,如果有你持的球队,如果有国家队的比赛,那所有人都会关注比赛。Valeria: In my country the rating of the matches is like more than thirty each time.瓦莱里娅:在我们国家,每次足球比赛的收视率都超过30%。Daniel: Yeah, yeah, its the same in Chile. Its really successful when you broadcast the match.丹尼尔:对,智利也是这样。传播比赛会取得非常大的成功。 译文属 /201610/46903201. She is head over heels in love with you.她全心全意地爱上你了。02. You are a confident and energetic go-getter.你是一个自信、热情又能干的人。03. You are always the center of attention.不管在哪儿,你总是大家关注的焦点。04. It must be fate. I guess we are meant to be stuck with each other.我想这都是命运,命中注定我们要相爱。05. No matter how significant the difference is, we are the ideal lover in each others minds.不管我们之间的差异有多么大,至少现在我们都认为彼此是对方心里最理想的爱人。06. I like his gentility and humour.我喜欢他的风度和幽默感。07. He appreciates my independence and unrestrained personality.他欣赏我独立和洒脱的个性。08. For the Me Generation, the cultural differences cannot be the obstacle to a transnational couple.对于80 后来说,文化的差异并不会成为异国恋人的障碍。09. There is no geographical boundary for love.爱情是没有国界的。10. Young people should pursue true love in spite of all the obstacles.年轻人要追求真爱,就要不怕困难,尽情去爱。11. Does your father obj ect to your dating with a foreigner?你爸爸会反对你和外国人约会吗?12. Only one thing is certain in my life-I shall love you, want you, and keep on wanting you until I die.在我一生中只有一件事是确定无疑的一一我会爱你,需要你,且终生需要你,直到我死去的那天。13. I am so fortunate to get the honor of making your acquaintance.能够与你相识,我感到十分荣幸。14. God favors the brave. He that ventures nothing gets nothing.上帝惠顾那些勇敢者,处处畏缩不前的人将一无所获。15. Naturallove is the way to go.水到渠成的爱情才是真正的爱情。16. Frequent migration across borders, driven by the countrys rapid economic development, is a major reason behind the growing number of mixed rnarriages.跨国婚姻增多的主要原因是我国经济高速发展所带来的频繁移民。17. The world is beautiful, because there are different seasons, different animals, different people and of course different opinions.大千世界之所以很美,就在于存在着不同的季节、不同的动物、不同的民族和不同的观点。18. There certainly is a difficult period in marriage, no matter whom you marry.无论你和谁结婚,婚姻中都势必会经历一段困难的时期。19. There are some real difficulties for the transnational couples due to different cultures and habits.由于文化与习惯的差异,跨国夫妻在生活中会遇到很多困难。20. Differences between cultures, concepts, languages, customs and habits, and religions make mixed marriage parties lack a sense of belonging and identity.文化、语言、风俗习惯、信仰等各方面的差异常常会让跨国婚姻的夫妻双方缺少归属感和认同感。 /201507/386679

  Language PointsBreak for coffee/a smoke/lunch/dinnerCatch one’s breathRest one’s eyescatch some Zstake a napPut one’s feet upI want to take a day off.Lets take a break.I need some time off. /201511/404720

  忐忑英语:Field Sobriety Test 现场酒精测试。通过训练,学生可能记不住Field Sobriety Test,但他绝对还可以用英语表达这个词的意思。这就是我们训练出来的语言能力。 /201603/433564


  Ade: So according to you what is the most popular thing in Belgium regarding to food?阿德琳娜:你认为比利时最受欢迎的食物是什么?Chris: Well it maybe doesnt give us a good name but I have to say chocolate. I mean Belgian chocolate is the most famous thing we have. You see chocolate everywhere, whatever occasion we have for celebration, theres chocolate. With Christmas we make these figures out of chocolate, Easter in the same, all these Eastern figures out of chocolate, waffles with chocolate. Everything with chocolate. You should just visit one of our cities and I think every 10 shops is a chocolate shop.克里斯:也许那并没有什么带来好声誉,不过我还是要说巧克力。巧克力是比利时最出名的东西。你在任何地方、任何场合都可以看到巧克力,我们举行庆典的时候一定会有巧克力。圣诞节时我们会用巧克力来装饰,复活节也是一样,复活节的装饰都是用巧克力做的,我们还用巧克力做华夫饼。一切都和巧克力有关。你应该去比利时的城市走走,我想大概每10家店中就有一家是巧克力店。Ade: Wow! So that means you are very sweet people.阿德琳娜:哇哦!这表明你们是非常甜美的人。Chris: I hope so.克里斯:希望如此。Ade: So chocolate, thats it, something else?阿德琳娜:巧克力,还有其他的吗?Chris: Well, chocolate is the most famous one, but of course we have more. Not all that tasty because whats also really famous are these Brussel Sprouts, but theyre not really my favourite. But something else thats really famous in Belgium is these places where you have all kinds of fried things Its actually like a McDonalds or a Burger King, but we have these little places where... I mean a lot of people go there, they have their hamburger, they have their fries, some really... its difficult to explain because its actually something only Belgium, where you get your meat, but its actually competition with McDonalds. A lot of Belgians have tried because its had so big success in Belgium that they tried and opened one of these things in Spain for example, but they always failed. I dont know why. It must be really something Belgian, these fried places.克里斯:巧克力是最著名的,当然我们还有其他美食。虽然不是都很美味,甘蓝小包菜也非常有名,不过这并不是我的最爱。比利时还有一些很有名的餐厅,这些餐厅有各式各样的油炸食品,就像麦当劳或汉堡王一样,不过这些餐厅……很多人去这类餐厅吃东西,他们在那里吃汉堡、吃油炸食品,这很难解释,不过这是比利时特有的餐厅,你可以在这些餐厅享用肉类,当然这些餐厅在同麦当劳竞争。有很多比利时人尝试过,因为这类餐厅在比利时非常受欢迎,所以很多人曾尝试在西班牙等国家开店,但是这些尝试都失败了。我也不知道原因。这些有油炸食品的餐厅一定充满了比利时特色。Ade: Wow! It seems that you really dont have a healthy diet, eat there in Belgium.阿德琳娜:哇哦!看起来比利时的饮食不太健康。Chris: Yeah. Well it really much looks like it but of course thats not our everyday dish.克里斯:对。看起来的确是这样,当然我们并不是每天都吃这些东西。Ade: Gracias Chris.阿德琳娜:谢谢你,克里斯。 译文属 /201703/496426



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