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长春在哪里做无痛人流比较经济安全长春治疗盆腔炎哪个医院最好口语和习惯用语里有很多都是和字面意思不一样的哦,所以不要以为这些你直观看到的哦,试试看啊,你知道它们的真正意思吗?看看这些,你知道吗? 1.You bet of course当然,看我的! 2.Party animal喜欢参加舞会的人 3.A fat chance很小的机会 4.May I take a rain check?可以改到下次吗?(如果有人请你吃饭,但不能赴约,只好请他改下一次) 5.Take French leave不告而别 6.I dont get the picture我不明白 7.Hit the road离开 “郁闷”应该是当代青少年用得最多的词之一,说明在很多青少年中间普遍感到迷茫,苦恼。有时候郁闷也可以当作朋友之间玩笑过后的的不解,现在甚至成了很多人的口头禅。那么郁闷在英语中应该如何表达呢?   1. I’m so depressed.我很郁闷。   2. I feel so upset.我觉得很沮丧。   3. I’m in a bad mood today. / I’m moody today.我今天心情不好。   4. I feel kind of blue today.我今天有点“郁闷”。 /201211/208786长春钼钯哪家医院有 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Little kids have a lot of questions about the election right now. And for parents, those conversations can be painful. Or comforting. Or sometimes, just hard to navigate.Kids learning through the election that ;there are dishonest people;Bill Pickens is an organic farmer from Dundee who used to be an engineer. He says he and his wife have four kids under the age of 8 right now. They lost their fifth child to SIDS last year, and now, theyre pregnant again. Pickens says theyve been talking a lot with their 7 and 8-year-old, about the moral complexities of this election.;Oh they have a lot of feelings about it, and its one of the things theyre learning about this, is there are dishonest people,; he says. ;I didnt go into the details with them about emails. But you can clearly say, ‘This person was lying about what theyre lying about, and they know thats wrong.;Pickens voted for Trump. But he says he was honest with his kids that he doesnt think Trump is perfect, or is even his ideal candidate.;My kids will ask, ‘Well, is this person Christian? And I can say to them, ‘Well, probably not!; he laughs.But he also tells them why he voted for Trump anyway.;Some of it was to keep Hillary out. But at the same point, there were certain things that we said he had to stand for, like being pro-life. They can understand what abortion is, and they can understand what that means.;A child worries his grandmother in Mexico will be behind ;some stones or something;Meanwhile, in Ann Arbor, Maricela Rodriguez is picking her son up from elementary school. Hes blowing off some steam on the monkey bars, and Rodriguez says she has two older daughters too, ages 14 and 19.The girls, especially, have been glued to the election coverage, she says.;That was the first question they asked [Wednesday morning.] ‘Whos the president?; Rodriguez says. ;They worry about whats going to happen because of everything he said, you know, about different races. So they worry.;She looks at her youngest on the playground. ;Even he said one day, ‘Hes going to leave my Grandma out, because shes in Mexico. Theyre going to build some stones or something.;Rodriguez says she tells her kids not to worry, and says they cant change anything at this point.The day after conversations: talking to kids before they go to schoolBut another mom on the playground is less calm. Amber Bowman says the hardest thing about Wednesday morning was realizing she had to tell her son about the election results, before he went to school. ;So I went into his room and woke him up and I told him, ‘I have something to tell you. The election is over. And he said, ‘Who won? And I said, ‘Donald Trump. And he said ‘How? But mom how?; she says, her voice breaking.;And he was quiet for a long time. Visibly upset, but quiet. And then he said ‘Well, he can be president of the rest of the country, but he cant be the president of us! And I felt like I had done something right.;Bowman says during the campaign, her kid didnt like what Donald Trump was saying.;You know I taught him whats right and wrong. And I know its scary for him, that someone whos so wrong could be in charge. And thats a really unsafe place for a kid who doesnt have much power.;Parents tell kids about their hopes for the futureIn Eaton Rapids, Mark McGee and his wife, Krysta, run a downtown café called Marks Place. Their 8-year-old son, Christian, wasnt a big Hillary fan, but he was very vocal about his opposition to Donald Trump. Christian even told other kids that ;Trump put his hands up a girls skirt, and I dont like that,; his dad says.So Wednesday morning, McGee says he had to talk to his son about his hopes for the future.;He was really scared this morning,; McGee says in an email. ;After I talked to him he was better. Its crazy how into politics he is. When he was 4, he loved Obama. Hes going to miss him.;Here is what I said to my son: ‘Trump won, now we have to stand behind him and hope he makes good decisions. He is a businessman just like me. He took million dollars and turned it in to a billion! Then lost it, then made a billion again! So things could be ok. The decision has been made by the people...and there is nothing we can do.; McGee says hes ;both nervous and excited at the same time. This is a huge change for our government. Now we have a Republican government. America was great to begin with. Lets see what the next chapter will bring.;And Bill Pickens, that farmer in Dundee? He thinks parents and people who are freaking out right now are overreacting. He says thats how some people reacted when Obama won, and he says, nothing catastrophic actually happened.But other parents are less sure, and trying to balance that uncertainty with the right level of honesty, and comfort, when they talk to their kids.201611/477746特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为可可原创。迷你对话:A: I can look anybody in the face because I’ve done nothing to make me feel guilty or something.我可以坦然面对任何人,因为我从来不干亏心等诸如此类的事情。B: There are not so many people like you.像您这样的人可真不多呀。A: You’er flattering me. 你真是恭维我了。地道表达:look someone in the face解词释义:这个短语多与able to或者close to连用。变异短语:look sb in they eyelook in the face of sb.持范例:If he knows, how can I look him in the face again?他要是知道了,我怎么好意思再见他? I was so ashamed that I could not look him in the face. 我羞愧难当,不敢正视他。How can you fight your cancer if you cannot look it in the face? 你要不是敢正视你的癌症,你怎么能去战胜它呢? We must look the facts in the face. 我们必须正视事实。 词海拾贝:or something:诸如此类的什么Eg. He is a scientist or something. 他大概是科学家之类的人物。 Eg. I wish I were a movie comedian or something like that.我真希望我是一个喜剧演员或诸如此类的人。Eg. Shes got a cold or something. 她大概是受了凉。 He has gone to to make a cup of tea or something?他是去做沏杯茶之类的事情吗? /201212/213831长春妇科病检查多少钱

长春阳光女子医院网址长春韩式缩阴多少钱 I knew我已经知道结果Before it even left my hand甚至在球离开我手之前Why为什么Ive prepared to the point我用无数的时间准备where instinct takes over这一刻只需靠本能反应就够了Never stoped working不要停止奋斗To get better去变得更优秀Tighten my hand让手臂更有力Strengthen my body让身体更强壮Preparing for the moment时刻为这一刻准备着When the game is on the line在比赛的生死关头爆发So yeah, I knew所以,我知道的Cause every shot I take, is the most important one of my life因为每次投篮,都是我生命中最重要的一次投篮更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201702/493679长春检查怀孕哪个医院好

蛟河做输卵管复通中国国家形象宣传片 A commercial promoting the national image of China is shown in Times Square in New York the ed States on Monday, January 17, 2011.中国国家形象宣传片于2011年1月17日在美国纽约时报广场播出。宣传片 promo中国国家形象宣传片a commercial promoting the national image of China纽约 New York / the Big Apple掌上明珠the apple of one’s eye His daughter is the apple of his eye.女儿是他的掌上明珠。拍马屁polish the appleHe is promoted very quickly because he is good at polishing the apple. 他善于拍马屁所以升迁很快。马屁精apple polisherEverybody knows he is an apple-polisher . 杂交水稻之父 the Father of Hybrid RiceYuan Longping is a world-famous agronomist with the reputation of "the Father of Hybrid Rice".袁隆平是世界著名的农学家,被誉为“杂交水稻之父”。名人 celebrityIn English, the word celebrity refers to someone who has become famous for something.在英语中,名人是指那些因为某些事而著名的人。附中国国家形象宣传片: /201101/123897 5.You are in for a treat!你会喜欢的。这天,同事们正在讨论为Cara和Rihanna开生日party的事情,为了尊重寿星,大家让Rihanna和Cara选择一家中意的餐厅。Rihanna建议去镇上一家叫做BBQ 的美国餐厅。Cara从来没有去过那里,于是就问她那里有什么特色。Rihanna便开始滔滔不绝的介绍他们的招牌菜,听得她十指大动,直咽口水,Rihanna便笑着说: ;You are in for a treat !; Cara愣了一下,以为Rihanna要请她去那里吃饭,心里十分不好意思,试探着问过她之后,Rihanna笑着解释说: ;You are in for a treat means youll like it !; 6.Skeleton in the closet家丑。一天朋友谈及一则大爆“名人”家丑的八卦新闻,说那些家族中人以搬弄“skeleton in the closet”为乐事,难道这些名人家的壁橱中真的有骷髅? 他说的“skeleton in the closet”(英国人则习惯说成skeleton in the cupboard)现在的意义并没有那么可怕。不过据说当年这个习语产生的时候的确指那些有钱人家谋杀了一个人,把骸骨暗藏在壁橱中,不让外人知道, 从此 skeleton in the closet 就成了那家人的秘密,后来这个短语用来指不可或不愿外扬的家丑,简称作family skeleton。例如: Many old families have a number of skeletons in their closets which they are loath to discuss(许多古老的家族中有很多秘密,他们不愿谈及这些话题。) 7.Small beer少量啤酒。Small beer是“小啤酒”的意思吗?难道啤酒还分大小?其实,在英国small beer指的是口味比较淡啤酒,但是在美语中则是“少量啤酒”的意思。比如说夏天有客人来访,问他要喝些什么:Anything to drink?客人就可能回答说:“Ill have a small beer(给我一点儿啤酒。)” 比喻用法中说的small beer,指规模或者格局不大的事物。自以为了不起,不是小人物的人:He thinks no small beer of himself. Be small beer常用作与人比较的表现。 口语中常用small beer作形容词,因此开快餐店的朋友可以说:Ours is a small-beer fast-food joint beside McDonald. 8.Speaking of the devil说曹操,曹操就到。几个同学聚到一起聊天,大家都到齐了,唯独不见Demon。其中一个说;今天好象没见到Wayne;,另一个接着说;他的女儿放暑假,东西要从宿舍里搬出来,他大概帮忙去了;。正说着,只见Demon从外面走过来。Joe于是说;speaking of the devil;。几个人乐了起来。不过为什么说他是devil呢? 原来;speaking of the devil;是一条成语,相当于中文的;说曹操,曹操到;。也就是刚说Wayne 不在,结果他就来了。我们不禁惊诧于语言的共通性,因为曹操不是也有;奸雄;的称号吗?中英文在这一成语上有着这样惊人的异曲同工之处。 /201210/203689长春妇科中医院长春医大一医院做人流




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