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2019年10月19日 17:33:07 | 作者:国际中文 | 来源:新华社
John Lennon Was Shot to DeathIn 1980, rock star John Lennon was shot to death outside his New York City apartment building by an apparently deranged fan.约翰·列侬遭杀1980年12月8日,摇滚巨星约翰·列侬在其位于纽约市的公寓外遭杀,凶手是一名崇拜他的疯狂歌迷。USA Entered World War TwoOn December eighth, 1941, the ed States entered World War Two as Congress declared war against Japan, a day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.美国加入二战1941年12月8日,日本袭击珍珠港的第二天,美国国会对日宣战,美国加入第二次世界大战。Kuomintang Gov. Moved to FormosaIn 1949, the Kuomintang government moved from the Chinese mainland to Formosa as the Communists pressed their attacks.国民党政府迁至台湾1949年12月8日,国民党宣布退守台湾,国民党“政府”迁至台北。Battle of Nanjing1937 - Battle of Nanjing begins.南京保卫战1937年12月8日,南京保卫战开战(南京失守后,日本人发动了震惊中外、惨无人道的南京大屠杀)。Karamay Fire1994-A total of 325 people were killed in the fire in the oil town of Karamay in Xinjiang.克拉玛依大火1994年12月8日,总共有325人死于新疆石油城克拉玛依大火。 死者墓地  Karamay is an oil-producing city in Xinjiang province. On December 8, 1994, 500 pupils were taken to a special performance at a theatre.When the first flames flared around the theatre's stage, many of the excited children audience must have thought it was a part of the show.Then, it turned into a disaster. Survivors insist that a woman official immediately stood up and shouted: "Everyone keep quiet. Don't move. Let the leaders go first."The teachers obeyed, telling the pupils to remain seated. Everyone were afraid as flames and poisonous gas filled the air.All the leaders were sitting in the front row, but they were safe to leave.After the fire was put out, the emergency services found the bodies of 288 children and 36 adults. Most of the adults were teachers who wanted to protect their pupils.  克拉玛依是位于新疆的石油城市。1994年12月8日,有500名学生在剧院参加专场表演。起初,火苗蔓延在剧院舞台的时候,很多小朋友很兴奋认为这是演出的一部分。然而很快就转变成灾难。幸存者强调一个女官员在那时立刻站起来喊:”大家保持安静,不要动,让领导们先走!“老师们从安排,命令学生们留在座位上。烈火,毒气在空气中蔓延,大家都很害怕。所有的领导都坐在前排,但是他们都安全离开了。大火结束后,急救站找到288名儿童和36名大人的尸体。绝大多数是保护孩子们的老师。 /201012/1202575. Emma Watson艾玛·沃森The innocent-looking wizard from Harry Potter is currently attending Brown University, studying European women#39;s history and drama. She will go on to Oxford for a year post Brown. The beautiful Emma who stole a million hearts with her portrayal of Hermoine Granger, is also a very smart cook。这位《哈利波特》里的天真无邪的小巫师目前正就读于布朗大学,学习欧洲女性历史与戏剧。此后她将去牛津大学学习一年。美丽的艾玛因为出色扮演赫敏-格兰杰而赢得无数人的钦慕,而且她还是个很聪明厨子。6. Jennifer Connelly詹妮弗·康奈利The actress who has mesmerized us all through all these years went to not one, but two Ivy League schools, Yale and then later to Stanford。这位深入人心的迷人演员毕业于两所常青藤院校——先是耶鲁大学后来去了斯坦福大学。7. Danica McKellar丹妮卡 麦凯拉The cute, fringe-haired beauty from ‘The Wonder Years’, has co-authored a math theorem. Now who would have thought that? Kevin Arnold was one lucky boy to have Winnie Cooper as his girlfriend. He left many others fuming with envy。这位《纯真年代》里的可爱刘海儿美女曾与人合著一个数学定理,可现在谁还记得这个?人们只记得那部电影中凯文·阿诺德幸运的赢得了温妮·库珀的芳心,让别人只能在一旁嫉妒。There are many other such examples of women who have proved that they have the killer mix of beauty and brains. So it is a clear possibility. However, I am of the opinion that just like having a degree won#39;t make one any brainer, having a pretty face doesn#39;t automatically mean being smart either. Every person has their own take on what they consider beautiful and/or intelligent. Some might call Einstein brainer than newton, while some might say that Emma Watson is prettier than Natalie Portman. However, while brain power can be measured through proven tests beauty can#39;t. so when magazines rate hot women, it is simply based on popular opinion其实还有很多女性可以明自己是美貌与智慧的完全组合。所以这种可能性很显然,不过,我还是那个智慧与美丽互不影响观点的持者之一。每个人都有他评定美丽与智慧的标尺。一些人会认为爱迪生比牛顿聪明,还有人认为艾玛比娜塔莉·波特曼更漂亮。智慧可以用测验来检测,然而美丽却不能,所以当杂志评选热辣美女时,基本上是根据她的受欢迎程度来决定的。Both beauty and brains depend on the genes that are passed on to us. The other things that contribute towards building brains and a healthy image of ourselves include, the kind of books we , social circle, people we respect and follow, ideas and thoughts that have been fed to us and the ones we develop by ourselves, music we listen to, art we appreciate, opportunities we get, encouragement we receive from our loved ones, and most of all, personal motivation. All in all, beauty and brains can go hand in hand, or could have nothing to do with each other. It all depends from person to person.美貌和智慧都受遗传基因的影响。除此之外,对于塑造一个智慧和健康的形象有利的因素还包括:阅读的书籍的种类、社交圈、钦佩的人和榜样、被灌输的及个人形成的思想观念、所听的音乐、喜欢的艺术、遇到的契机、来自爱人的鼓励,而且,最重要的是,自我的动力。总而言之,美貌与智慧可以兼得,而且彼此之间可能互不影响。一切都得看个人具体情况。 /201209/198078

She gets around 60,000 letters a year. But now The Queen is looking for somebody to help write the replies.英国女王每年会收到60000封左右的信。现在女王正在寻觅可以帮她回信的人。The successful applicant must be ;capable of processing a large volume of correspondence,; warns the job description.胜任者必须“有能力处理大量的信件,”这样的职位描述给应聘者提了个醒。The #163;21,000-a-year assistant correspondence officer will be based at Buckingham Palace.获聘的助理通信官将在白金汉宫工作,年薪21000英镑。The job advert on the Royal website says it ;involves working in a team with a shared and unique purpose, undertaking correspondence that helps to support the work of The Queen.王室官网的招聘广告称该工作“要求你跟与你有着共同、唯一的目标的团队成员通力合作,承担帮助女王回信的工作。”;Over 60,000 letters are received every year. You will assist in responding to all written letters, helping the public with their varying queries. Your challenge will be ensuring every correspondent receives a timely and well composed response. From drafting bespoke letters to data inputting, you will monitor all correspondence, undertaking important work for The Private Secretary#39;s Office“每年女王会收到60000多封信件。你将协助女王回复每封手写信件,帮助解决公众各种各样的问题。你所面临的挑战是确保每位写信人收到及时妥当的回复。从定制信件的起草到资料数据的输入,你将处理每封信件,为私人秘书办公室(Private Secretary#39;s Office)完成重要工作。”;With administrative experience you will aly have excellent written communication skills. Detail focused and capable of processing a large volume of correspondence, you are well organised in your approach to your daily work.“要求具备行政经验,优秀的书面沟通技巧,注重细节,有处理大量信件的能力以及良好的组织安排日常工作的能力。”;You#39;ll need to be confident drafting letters, using your established IT skills to meet strict deadlines. Above all, you will enjoy working collaboratively with your team, and be eager to expand upon your experience in a truly unique environment.;“需要在信件草拟上信心十足,能运用已掌握的IT技能严格按时完成任务。最重要的是,你要享受团队合作,在这样一个极其特殊的环境中不断丰富自己的经验。”Closing date for applications is August 26.岗位申请的截止日期为8月26日。 /201508/393887

Marriage rates in America are at an all-time low. Young men and women are delaying marriage into their late 20s and early 30s, sometimes to their detriment of their health and well-being.结婚率在美国正处于历史低点。年轻男女都将结婚推迟到30岁左右,有时到他们的健康和福祉都受损时。And yet, with the average cost of a wedding hovering around ,000, it#39;s no wonder that those in their early- to mid-20s are reluctant to tie the knot -- they likely don#39;t have the money to do it.然而,一场婚礼的平均成本在28000美元附近徘徊,难怪那些20多岁的人都不愿意结婚了,他们可能没有钱去做这件事。On Thursday, author and Los Angeles Times columnist Meghan Daum offered another possible explanation for low marriage rates:周四,笔者和洛杉矶时报专栏作家Meghan Daum为低结婚率提供了另一种可能的解释:;We#39;ve been sent an insidious little message [about marriage]: that being committed to a partner means having graduated to a certain standard of bourgeois living,; she said at a public forum in Beverly Hills, Calif. Daum explained that there is an unspoken cultural assertion that in order to earn the ;right; to be married, couples must first reach upper-class status. ;With unwritten cultural rules like that,; she said, ;it#39;s no wonder marriage gets put on the back burner.;“我们已经收到一条潜在的小消息[关于婚姻]:对另一半承诺意味着获得一定标准的资产阶级生活,”她在加州比弗利山庄的一个公共论坛上说。Daum解释说有个不成文的文化标准,为了获得结婚的权利,夫妻首先必须取得上流社会的地位。“在这不成文的文化规则下,”她说,“难怪婚姻被搁置。”In the U.S., just 20 percent of adults aged 18 to 29 are married, and four in 10 Americans surveyed by the Pew Research Center in 2010 said they believe that marriage is obsolete.在美国,年龄在18岁到29岁的成人中只有20%结婚了,皮尤研究中心在2010年调查的美国人中有十分之四的人表示他们认为婚姻是过时的。 /201304/235006

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