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盐城专业无痛人流医院盐城不孕不育医院预约挂号盐城协和医院属于私立还是公立? Scientists who have won a Nobel prize live nearly two years longer than those who were merely nominated, suggesting that social status confers "health-giving magic," British researchers said.The researchers said there was evidence to link health and status in monkeys but it had been difficult until now to do the same for humans because status often brought more wealth, which improves living standards and medical care."Status seems to work a kind of health-giving magic," said Andrew Oswald, an economist at Warwick University who conducted the study with Matthew Rablen, a former Warwick postgraduate researcher who is now a government economist."Once we do the statistical corrections, walking across that platform in Stockholm apparently adds about two years to a scientist's life-span. How status does this, we just don't know," he said in a university press release.The study entitled "Mortality and Immortality," published this month, focused on Nobel prize winners "as an ideal group to study as the winners could be seen as having their status suddenly dropped on them," it said.The researchers studied 524 men -- 135 winners and 389 nominees, who were in the competition for the physics and chemistry prizes between 1901 and 1950.They looked at one sex only to avoid differences in life span between sexes. The total had been 528, but they dropped four who died in war or from other causes that were not natural.The average life span for the nominee group was just over 76 years.Prize winners lived 1.4 years longer on average -- or 77.2 years -- than those who were nominated for the award.英国研究者日前公布,“诺贝尔奖”得主要比那些仅获提名的科学家寿命长将近两年,这表明社会地位能为“健康带来魔力”。研究者称,此前有研究表明猴子的健康与地位之间确实存在联系,但到目前为止还很难对人做相同的研究,这是因为地位往往会给人带来更多财富,而拥有更多财富就能提高生活水平和医疗保健的水平。瓦立克郡大学的经济学家安德鲁·奥斯尔德说:“地位似乎拥有某种能给人带来健康的魔力。”安德鲁和马修·罗伯伦共同进行了这项研究,马修曾是瓦尔克大学的研究生研究员,现在他是一名政府经济学家。安德鲁在瓦尔克大学的一个新闻发布会上说:“我们进行数据修正后发现,得过诺贝尔奖的科学家的寿命明显要长两年。但其中的原因是什么,我们还不得而知。”这项于本月公布的名为“死亡与不朽”的研究之所以将“诺贝尔奖”得主作为研究对象,主要是因为他们可谓“一夜成名”。研究者对524位男性进行了研究,其中包括135位“诺贝尔奖”得主和389位提名者,这些人都是1901年至1950年间“诺贝尔”物理学奖和化学奖的角逐者。为了避免性别上的差异,此项研究仅在男性中开展。参加此项研究的总人数原为528人,但由于战争和其他非自然原因,其中有四人已经去世。提名者小组的平均寿命略高于76岁。而“诺贝尔”奖得主平均寿命则比提名者长1.4年,为77.2岁。 /200808/46333The month of your birth influences your chances of becoming a professional sportsperson, according to Australian academics in a new study.  澳大利亚的一项最新学术研究表明,一个人出生的月份会影响其成为职业运动员的几率。  Dr Adrian Barnett, from Queensland University of Technology's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, studied the seasonal patterns of population health, and found by analysing the birthdays of professional Australian Football League players, that a disproportionate number were born in the early months of the year.  昆士兰科技大学健康和生物医学创新研究所的艾德里安 巴奈特士对人口健康的季节性模式进行了研究,并通过对澳大利亚足球联盟的职业球员的生日进行分析后发现,该职业联盟中相当大一部分人出生于年初。 /201002/96783射阳县人民医院治疗宫颈肥大多少钱

江苏盐城协和医院男科医生大丰市治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱 【中英文对照】1. You will receive a body. 关爱自己,受益无限。You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for as long as you live. How you take care of it or fail to take care of it can make an enormous difference in the quality of your life.无论喜欢还是厌恶,你的身体要跟随你一辈子。能否照顾好自己的身体,会决然影响你的一生。2. You will learn lessons. “人生”学校,无所不教。You are enrolled in a full-time, informal school called Life. Each day, you will be presented with opportunities to learn what you need to know. The lessons presented are often completely different from those you need.有一所大学,非正式但终身制,这就是人生。每天,它都会有机会教给你你应该学会的东西。常常,人生的课程并非你想要的。3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. 没有错误,只有教训。Growth is a process of trial, error and experimentation. You can learn as much from failure as you can from success. Maybe more.成长是探索、犯错和试验的过程。失败和成功一样能教会你东西,甚至更多。4. A lesson is repeated until it is Learned. 一个教训会不断地重复,直至你领悟了。A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it (as evidenced by a change in your attitude and ultimately your behavior) then you can go on to the next lesson.生活会以不同的形式教育你,直到你的态度和行为发生改变。完全领悟了,你会开始走向下一堂课。 /200906/72184江苏盐城协和医院体检多少钱

滨海市中医院治疗慢性肠炎多少钱One of the biggest problems is speed. Native speakers, especially business people, tend to speak very quickly on the telephone. Here are some practical tips to get native speakers of English to slow down!主要的一个问题是语速。说母语的人,尤其是商务人士,打电话的时候说话语速都很快。下面是一些实用的小贴士可以让母语是英语的人放慢说话的速度。Immediately ask the person to speak slowly.直接请这个人慢点说。When taking note of a name or important information, repeat each piece of information as the person speaks.记录一个名字或者重要信息的时候,打电话的人说一句你就重复一句。This is an especially effective tool. By repeating each important piece of information or each number or letter as the spell or give you a telephone number you automatically slow the speaker down.这是一个很有效的策略。通过重复每一个重要的信息、每一个数字、每一个字母的时候都会让说话人的语速自动放慢。Do not say you have understood if you have not. Ask the person to repeat until you have understood.如果没听懂就别说你懂了。让这个人重复一下直到你懂了。Remember that the other person needs to make himself/herself understood and it is in his/her interest to make sure that you have understood. If you ask a person to explain more than twice they will usually slow down.记住别人需要自己的话被听懂。确保你能听懂关系到他或她的利益。如果你请一个人解释两次以上,通常这个人会放慢语速。If the person does not slow down begin speaking your own language!如果这个人还不放慢语速你就开始说你的母语。(这招狠!)A sentence or two of another language spoken quickly will remind the person that they are fortunate because THEY do not need to speak a different language to communicate. Used carefully, this exercise in humbling the other speaker can be very effective. Just be sure to use it with colleagues and not with a boss :-)!快速的说一两个句子会提醒打电话的人他们是很幸运的因为他们不用使用不同的语言来交流。不过用这招要小心点,这种方法羞辱别人很有效,所以要确定你这么做的对象是你同事而不是你老板! /201203/175373 1. Charles Darwin married his first consin.查尔斯达尔文娶了嫡亲表为妻。2. Officially, the longest war in history was between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly, which lasted from 1651 to 1986. There were no casualties.据官方记载,历史上最长的战争是荷兰与锡利群岛之间的战争,从1651年持续到1986年,但没有一例人员伤亡。3. King Richard II invented the handkerchief.英格兰国王查理二世发明了手帕。4. Albert Einstein was offered the role of Israel's second President in 1952, but declined.艾伯特·爱因斯坦1952年曾受邀担任以色列第二任总统,但他谢绝出任。5. New Zealand was the first country to enfranchise women. It gave them the vote in 1895.新西兰是第一个给予妇女选举权的国家,时间为1895年。6. Tomatoes were considered poisonous for many years in Europe and they were grown for ornamental reasons only. In fact, the leaves and stems of tomatoes are poisonous (but they can be used in moderation for food flavoring).欧洲人曾有很多年都认为西红柿有毒,于是它们只被作为观赏植物来种植。事实上,西红柿的叶子和茎确实有毒(但调味时可以适量使用)。7. Soon after building started in 1173, the foundation of the Pisa tower settled unevenly. Construction was stopped, and was continued only a 100 years later. Therefore, the leaning tower was never straight.比萨斜塔自1173年开始建造,不久之后就出现了地基不平的问题。工程暂停,直到100年后才复工。因此,倾斜的塔身从来就没直过。8. Ancient Egyptians used slabs of stones as pillows.古埃及人用石板做枕头。9. People have been wearing glasses for about 700 years.人类戴眼镜的历史已有大约七百年之久。10. King Charles the Second often rubbed dust from the mummies of pharaohs so he could "absorb their ancient greatness".英格兰国王查理二世时常擦拭法老木乃伊上的尘土,为了“吸收他们古老而伟大的智慧”。 /200908/82958盐城霉菌性阴炎症状盐城治早泄



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