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As state after state has legalized marijuana in one way or another, big names in corporate America have stayed away entirely. Marijuana, after all, is still illegal, according to the federal government.尽管以这种或那种方式实现大麻合法化的州一个接一个地出现,美国的大牌企业依旧对大麻敬而远之。毕竟,根据联邦政府的规定,它依旧是非法的。But Microsoft is breaking the corporate taboo on pot this week by announcing a partnership to begin offering software that tracks marijuana plants from “seed to sale,” as the pot industry puts it.但微软(Microsoft)正在打破企业界对“叶子”的禁忌。该公司于本周宣布了一个合作项目,将开始提供相关的大麻监控软件,用这个行业的话说, 进行“从种子到销售”的全程追踪。The software — a new product in Microsoft’s cloud computing business — is meant to help states that have legalized the medical or recreational use of marijuana keep tabs on sales and commerce, ensuring that they remain in the daylight of legality.这款软件是微软云计算业务部门的新产品,旨在帮助已经实现医用或用大麻合法化的州严密追踪大麻的销售与贸易,确保相关运作处于法律的阳光之下。But until now, even that boring part of the pot world was too controversial for mainstream companies. It is apparent now, though, that the legalization train is not slowing down: This fall, at least five states, including the biggest of them all — California — will vote on whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use.但直到现在,即便是“叶子”世界中这一最平淡的部分,对主流企业而言也太具争议性。不过,大麻合法化的列车目前显然并未减速:今年秋天,至少有五个州——它们中最大的是加州——将投票决定是否让用大麻合法化。So far, only a handful of smaller banks are willing to offer accounts to companies that grow or sell marijuana, and Microsoft will not be touching that part of the business. But the company’s entry into the government compliance side of the business suggests the beginning of a legitimate infrastructure for an industry that has been growing fast and attracting lots of attention, both good and bad.迄今为止,只有少数小愿意为种植或销售大麻的企业开立户头,而微软不会涉及那些业务。但该公司从政府合规领域切入大麻业,意味着一个增长迅猛、吸引了大量正面和负面关注的行业,开始进行有助于引导其走上合法合规之路的基础建设。“We do think there will be significant growth,” said Kimberly Nelson, the executive director of state and local government solutions at Microsoft. “As the industry is regulated, there will be more transactions, and we believe there will be more sophisticated requirements and tools down the road.”“我们确信会有大幅增长,”微软的州及地方政务解决方案部门的执行董事金伯利·纳尔逊(Kimberly Nelson)说。“在这一行业受到监管的同时,交易量会变大;我们认为在此过程中会出现更为复杂的要求和工具。”Microsoft’s baby step into the business came through an announcement on Thursday that it was teaming up with a Los Angeles startup, Kind, that built the software the tech giant will begin marketing. Kind — one of many small companies trying to take the marijuana business mainstream — offers a range of products, including ATM-style kiosks that facilitate marijuana sales, working through some of the state-chartered banks that are comfortable with such customers.微软在周四宣布了试水大麻业的消息。这家科技巨擘称其正与洛杉矶初创企业Kind合作,即将着手推广后者开发的这款软件。许多小企业都在尝试把大麻生意带上更加主流的道路,Kind便是其中之一。它推出了一系列产品,其中包括让大麻销售变得更加便利的ATM式贩售机,其运行以一些愿意跟这类客户打交道的州立为依托。Microsoft will not be getting anywhere near these kiosks or the actual plants. Rather, it will be working with Kind’s “government solutions” division, offering software only to state and local governments that are trying to build compliance systems.微软不会与这些贩售机或实体的大麻植物产生交集。而是要跟Kind的“政务解决方案”部门合作,为正在竭力打造合规体系的州及地方政府提供软件。But for the young and eager legalized weed industry, Microsoft’s willingness to attach its name to any part of the business is a big step forward.但对年轻而情绪高涨的合法大麻业而言,不论微软愿意让自己的名号与这一产业的哪个部分发生关联,都是往前迈了一大步。“Nobody has really come out of the closet, if you will,” said Matthew A. Karnes, the founder of Green Wave Advisors, which provides data and analysis of the marijuana business. “It’s very telling that a company of this caliber is taking the risk of coming out and engaging with a company that is focused on the cannabis business.”“可以这么说吧,还没有人真的从柜中走出来,”提供大麻业务相关数据和分析的绿浪咨询公司(Green Wave Advisors)创始人马修·A·卡恩斯(Matthew A. Karnes)说。“一家如此级别的企业正冒着风险走出来,跟一家致力于大麻业务的企业建立联系,这很能说明问题。”David Dinenberg, founder and chief executive of Kind, said it had taken a long time — and a lot of courting of big-name companies — to persuade the first one to get on board.Kind创始人及首席执行官大卫·迪南伯格(David Dinenberg)说,在花费了很长时间,并向许多大牌企业抛出橄榄枝之后,Kind终于说了第一家大企业入伙。“Every business that works in the cannabis space, we all clamor for legitimacy,” said Dinenberg, a former real estate developer in Philadelphia who moved to California to start Kind. “I would like to think that this is the first of many dominoes to fall.”“我们大麻行业内的每一家企业,全都急迫地想要获得合法性,”迪南伯格说。“我觉得这是第一张倒下的多米诺骨牌”。迪南伯格曾是费城的房地产开发商,后来搬到加利福尼亚,创办了Kind。It’s hard to know if other corporate giants have provided their services in more quiet ways to cannabis purveyors. New York state, for instance, has said it is working with Oracle to track medicinal marijuana patients. But there appears to be little precedent for a big company advertising its work in the space. It is still possible — though considered unlikely — that the federal government could decide to crack down on the legalization movement in the states.现在很难知道其他大企业是否正以不那么引人注目的方式为大麻供应商提供务。例如,纽约州曾经表示,正与甲骨文(Oracle)合作,追踪使用医用大麻的病人。但目前似乎基本没有哪家大公司公开宣称自己涉足了这个行业的哪项业务。还存在一种可能性——尽管被认为不大靠谱:联邦政府可能决定打压各州的大麻合法化运动。Stores that sell pot have been particularly hobbled by the unwillingness of banks to deal with the money flowing through the industry. Many dispensaries have been forced to rely on cash for all transactions, or looked to startups like Kind, with its kiosks that take payments inside dispensaries.不愿处理流经大麻业的资金,使得出售大麻的店铺尤为举步维艰。许多药房不得不以现金结算所有交易,或者仰仗Kind这类初创企业。使用Kind的贩售机,可以在药房内付款。Governments, too, have generally been relying on smaller startups to help develop technology that can track marijuana plants and sales. A Florida software company, BioTrackTHC, is helping Washington state, New Mexico and Illinois monitor the marijuana trade inside their states.政府部门也基本在依靠小型初创企业帮助开发可以追踪大麻植物和销售情况的技术。佛罗里达州的软件公司BioTrackTHC正帮助华盛顿州、新墨西哥州和伊利诺伊州监控州内的大麻贸易。Kind has no state contracts. But it has aly applied, with Microsoft, to provide its software to Puerto Rico, which legalized marijuana for medical purposes earlier this year.Kind手上没有政府合约。但它已经和微软一起申请,要为波多黎各提供软件。波多黎各于今年早些时候实现了医用大麻合法化。Twenty-five states have now legalized marijuana in some form or another, with Pennsylvania and Ohio the most recent. The biggest business opportunity, though, will come from states that allow recreational use of the drug, as Colorado, Oregon and Washington aly do.目前共有25个州以这样或那样的形式实现了大麻合法化,最新加入该阵营的是宾夕法尼亚州和俄亥俄州。不过,最大的商业机会将来自像科罗拉多州、俄勒冈州和华盛顿州一样让用大麻合法化的州。This fall, five states — including, most significantly, California — will vote on whether to join that club.今年秋天,将有五个州——包括最引人瞩目的加利福尼亚州——就是否加入这一俱乐部进行投票。Karnes, the analyst, said he expected legal marijuana sales to jump to .5 billion this year, from .8 billion last year. He says that number could climb to billion by the year 2020 if California voters approve the recreational measure this year, as is widely expected.分析师卡恩斯预计,合法的大麻销售收入会从去年的48亿美元猛增至今年的65亿美元。他说,如果加州选民今年如外界普遍预期的那样投票通过用大麻合法化议案,到2020年,这一数字可能会上升至250亿美元。The opening up of the market in California is aly leading to a scramble for the big money that is likely to follow, and Microsoft will now be well placed to get in on the action.加州市场的开放正在引发对可能出现的大笔利润的争夺,而微软已经为加入战团占据了有利地位。 /201606/449940。

Imagine you make cars and come to work one day to discover that everyone in the world has a vehicle that does everything they need and no one wants to replace it. 想象一下你制造汽车,某天上班后发现全世界每个人都拥有一辆汽车,而那辆车可以做他们需要的一切事情,没人想要换掉它。 This is not unlike the position smartphone makers are in today. Billions of people now carry a pocket computer with capabilities that exceed even science fiction’s predictions. And they’re mostly happy with their Star Trek-like devices. 这很像智能手机制造商当下的处境。如今,数十亿人都随身携带一台运算能力甚至超出科幻小说预言的“便携式计算机”。而且,他们基本上对这些《星际迷航》(Star Trek)一样的设备感到满意。 For phonemakers, then, it’s an “innovate or die” scenario. But the innovations that everyone in the world wants — vastly better battery life, a perfect signal everywhere and perhaps a teleportation app — may never be attainable. 因此,对于手机制造商而言,这将是一场“创新或死亡”的游戏。但是,全世界人人都想要的创新——得到极大改善的电池续航力、无处不在的完美信号,甚至一款“瞬间转移”应用——或许永远无法实现。 So unless you’re Apple, which is starting to be perceived as a little bit boring, the way ahead in smartphones has to be solutions in pursuit of problems people didn’t know they had. 所以,除非你是已经开始被视为有点乏味的苹果(Apple),否则智能手机的下一步发展必须是为人们尚不知道存在的问题提供解决方案。 Last week’s most-publicised such solution was Huawei’s sleek P9, with its twin cameras and arresting co-branding with Germany’s elite Leica camera company. One can only hope for the Chinese manufacturer that the consuming masses have heard of Leica. 上周造势得最沸沸扬扬的此类解决方案是华为(Huawei)发布的线条流畅的P9手机。该款手机配备了双摄像头,并以与德国顶级的徕卡(Leica)相机公司进行品牌合作为卖点。人们只能期盼这家中国制造商的消费群体听说过徕卡。 But my 2016-so-far award for inventive problem finding has to go to LG, South Korea’s estimable, but second-ranking chaebol. Its new flagship phone — the G5 — launched in London a tactical day before the P9. And I found myself in equal measure impressed and amused by it. 但2016年迄今,在创造性地发现问题方面,我更看好的是韩国LG。虽然是一家受人尊敬的公司,但LG在韩国的大企业中只屈居第二梯队。LG的战术是,在华为发布P9前一天在伦敦推出了其新款旗舰手机G5。我发现这款手机既让我印象深刻,也让我觉得好玩。 Aside from its own twin cameras, LG’s effort has the overarching gimmick of being the first modular mobile phone. Press a button and half the device’s insides plop out, revealing space for extra gadgets to slot in, such as a Bang amp; Olufsen sound-enhancing music module and an attachment to convert the phone into a traditional camera. 除了其搭载的双摄像头,LG此番努力的最重要噱头在于,G5是首款模块化手机。按下按钮,G5内部一半的模块会弹出,为插入附加设备——比如一款加强音效的Bang amp; Olufsen品牌音乐模组,或者一款将手机转变为传统相机的配件——留出空间。 There is also a virtual reality headset — the best I’ve seen — and a slot-in projector is in the works. Then there’s the spherical robot, which under your control from the phone will roll around the house entertaining the cat and censoring what the kids are watching on TV (they still watch TV?). G5还配有一款我见过的最好的虚拟现实头罩,LG还在开发一款插入式投影仪。还有一款你可以用G5手机控制的球形机器人,让它满屋子转来转去地逗猫或者监督孩子们在看什么电视节目(他们还看电视?)。 Now, leaving aside that I know there is at least one more modular phone due out this year (and another surprising camera co-branding on the horizon), the LG G5 is truly interesting and must have half a chance of taking off. It is crazily packed with features: no one could ever learn a quarter of its capabilities. 且不提我知道今年至少还有一款模块化手机将会推出(以及另一款出人意料与相机进行品牌合作的手机),LG的G5真的很有意思,肯定有一半的胜算可以畅销。这款手机集成的功能太多了:没有人掌握得了四分之一的功能。 Does it, I asked at the launch, almost to be awkward, have the feature I first saw from Huawei that’s wildly popular in Asia, where software will “beautify” your face in a selfie — but not the faces of your friends? Of course it does. 在G5的发布会上,我几乎有些尴尬地问道,这款手机有没有我在华为手机上首次见到的、在亚洲广受欢迎的自拍时为自己“美颜”(但不给你的朋友美颜)的功能?当然有。 With deference to the fact that North Korea is a little different from South Korea, I find it hard not to call this, in a Korean phone, the Kim Jong Un mode. 虽然朝鲜和韩国有所不同,但我忍不住把这种功能称为“金正恩模式”。 LG’s modular idea will be hit or miss. The smallest gimmick can catch on in phones. Just the G5’s trick of sliding its innards out could become iconic in a small way. It combines the alarming nature of grandpa popping out his dentures with a sultry, gun-like menace. LG的模块化理念可能盛行,也可能昙花一现。手机上最小的噱头也可能流行起来。仅是G5的内部模块弹出功能就可能以小小的方式变得具有偶像性。它结合了祖父摘下假牙般的令人震惊与扳动机般迷人的冷酷形象。 What is cutest about LG’s venture is the challenge to its mighty rival, Samsung. LG leapfrogging Samsung’s phones is, in football terms, like a defender on my second-tier Nottingham Forest team nutmegging Lionel Messi. LG此举的最妙之处是挑战其强大的对手三星(Samsung)。LG在手机上一下子超越三星,用足球打比喻,就像我最爱的乙级的诺丁汉森林队(Nottingham Forest)的一名后卫把球从莱昂内尔#8226;梅西(Lionel Messi)的两腿之间传过去。 LG, on the other hand, has got things (as it has before) a tiny bit wrong — charmingly, adorably wrong, but wrong nonetheless. The modules for the G5, for example, are officially called “friends”. And the part of LG where friends come from is “the LG playground”. 另一方面,同以前一样,LG犯了一点点错误——错得很可爱,但还是错了。例如,G5的模块被正式地称为“朋友”。而这些朋友来自“LG游乐场”。 No, no and thrice no. This must be LG’s ditsyest linguistic error since 2009, when they announced a “borderless” TV — supposedly with a picture going right to the screen’s edge. Except that the picture had perfectly normal borders, which was quite bizarre. 不,不,还是不。这一定是LG自2009年以来最粗心的用词不当,那年他们发布了一款“无边框”电视——按说应该是画面直达屏幕边缘。只是那款电视机有完全正常的边框,这很古怪。 So where does it all lead? I had lunch last week with Carl Pei, the 26-year-old founder of OnePlus, the cult Chinese smartphone maker. 那么,这一切将意味着什么?上周,我与中国智能手机制造商一加(OnePlus) 26岁的联合创始人裴宇(Carl Pei)共进了午餐。一加手机在特定的消费群体中很受欢迎。 “What will your phones do in five or 10 years’ time?” I asked. 我问道:“5年或10年后,你们的手机能做什么?” “I’m not so sure,” Mr Pei said. “Smart watches have not succeeded, but I’m wondering now whether these technologies will be starting to be integrated into the [human] body.” “我不太确定”,裴宇说,“智能手表并未获得成功,但我现在揣测这些技术会不会将开始融入人体。” I can’t wait to see how that prediction looks in 2026. 我盼着要看看这一预测在2026年是否会变为现实。 /201604/437710。

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.” - Jean-Paul SartreI’m nearly 35 years old, and I’ve made my share of mistakes in my life. I’m not a big believer in regrets … and I have learned tremendously from every single mistake … and my life is pretty great.However, there are a few things I wish I had known when I was graduating from high school and starting out as an adult in life.Would I change things? I’m not so sure. I might never have gotten into a mountain of debt, but then I wouldn’t have learned the amazing satisfaction of getting out of it. I might have made better career choices, but then I wouldn’t have all the work experience that makes me the blogger and writer that I am today.I might not have gotten married that first time, so that I would never have gotten divorced … but then I wouldn’t have my first two beautiful wonderful incredible children from that first marriage.I don’t think I would change any of that. However, looking back, there are some lessons I’ve learned that I would probably tell my 18-year-old self. Do I share them now to share my regrets? No, I share them in hopes that younger men and women, just starting out in life, can benefit from my mistakes and my lessons.What follows isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s one that I hope proves useful to at least a few people.“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it.” - Jack HandeyHow to control impulse spending. If there’s anything that got me in trouble financially, it’s impulse spending. Buying clothes when I don’t need them. Buying gadgets because I gotta have them. Ordering stuff online because it’s so easy. Buying that new shiny SUV because … well, because it was going to help me with women. I’m not proud of any of that. I’ve learned to control my impulses, at least a little better. Now, I give myself some time to breathe. I think over my purchases, see if I’ve got the money, think about whether it’s a need or a want. That would have been a useful tool 15 years ago.You gotta stay active. I was in track, cross country and basketball in high school, but once I started college, the running and basketball began to slowly fade away. Not right away — I played pick-up basketball for years after high school. But even that went away, until I became sedentary. Playing with my kids outdoors winded me. And I began to get fat. I’ve reversed that trend, and am very active now, but I’m still trying to burn the fat I gained in those inactive years.How to plan finances. I always knew that I was supposed to budget and track my spending, when I became an adult. I just was too lazy to do it. And I didn’t have a good idea of how to actually do it. Now, I’ve learned how to plan, and how to stick to that plan. Sure, I deviate from my plan, but I’ve learned how to handle that too. Maybe that’s not a skill you can learn from book ing. You just gotta practice. Well, I hope to teach it to my children before they go out on their own.Junk food will come back to bite you in the butt. Yeah, it wasn’t just the sedentary lifestyle that got me fat. It was all the damn junk food too. I would eat pizza and burgers and Twinkies and sugar cereal and desserts and donuts and … well, you get the picture. As someone used to being able to eat whatever I wanted, it never seemed like it would be a problem. Bad health was something to worry about when you got old. Well, my jeans began to get way too tight, and to my horror, I climbed several pants sizes and developed a gut that only now is going away. I wish someone had shown me an “after” picture when I was young and downing the Big Gulp sodas.Smoking is just dumb. I didn’t start smoking until I was well into my adult years. I won’t go into why I started, but it didn’t seem like a problem, because I knew I could quit anytime I wanted. Or I thought I could, at least, until several years later I gave it a go and couldn’t do it. Five failed quits later and I realized with horror that my addiction was stronger than I was. Sure, I eventually beat the habit (quit date: Nov. 18, 2005) but it took a piece of my soul to do it.Fund your retirement, son. And don’t withdraw it. This piece of wisdom, and probably all the ones above, might seem blisteringly obvious. And they are. Don’t think I didn’t know this when I was 18. I did. I just didn’t pay it serious attention. Retirement was something I could worry about when I was in my 30s. Well, I’m in my 30s now and I wish I could slap that little 18-year-old Leo around a bit. What money I could have invested by now! I had a retirement plan, but on the 3 occasions when I changed jobs, I withdrew that and spent it frivolously.All the stuff you’re doing that seems hard — it will be of use. This is the first one that might not be as obvious. There were times in my life when work was hard, and I did it anyway, but hated it. I did it because I had to, but boy did it stress me out and leave me exhausted. Hard work isn’t as easy as I wanted it to be. But you know what? Every bit of hard work I did without knowing why I was doing it … it’s paid off for me in the long run. Maybe not right away, but I’m using skills and habits I learned during those times of high stress and long hours and tedious work — I use them all the time, and they’ve made me into the person I am today. Thank you, younger Leo!Don’t buy that used van without checking it out closely. I thought I was being smart by buying used, but I didn’t check it out carefully enough. That dang van had loads of engine problems, a door that nearly fell off when I was driving, a door handle that snapped off, a side mirror that fell off, no spare tire despite three tires that were y to blow (and did), windows that didn’t roll up, rattling noises, an eventual blown radiator … I could go on and on, but let’s just say that it wasn’t my best purchase. I still think buying used is smart, but check things out closely first.That guy you’re going to sell your car to? On a gentleman’s agreement? He’s not gonna pay you. I sold another car to a friend of a friend, who I was sure would pay me even if I had nothing in writing. That was smart. I still see the guy once in awhile on the road, but I don’t have the energy to do a U-turn and chase after him.Make time to pursue your passion, no matter how busy you are. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and get a book published. I just never had time to write. With a family and school and a full-time job, there just weren’t enough hours in the day. Well, I’ve learned that you have to make those hours. Set aside a block of time to do what you love, cut out other stuff from your life that take up your time, and don’t let anything interfere with that work. If I had done that 15 years ago, I could have 15 books written by now. Not all would be great, but still.All that stuff that’s stressing you out — it won’t matter in 5 years, let alone 15. When things are happening to you right now, they mean all the world. I had deadlines and projects and people breathing down my neck, and my stress levels went through the roof. I don’t regret the hard work (see above) but I think I would have been less stressed if I could have just realized that it wouldn’t matter a single bit just a few years down the road. Perspective is a good thing to learn.The people you make friends with are so much more important than your job or the things you buy. I’ve had a few jobs, I’ve bought a lot of things, and I’ve made a few friends over these last 15 years. Of those, the only thing that still matter to me are the friends. And I wish I could have spent more time with friends (and family) than on the other things.All that time you spend watching TV is a huge, huge waste of time. I don’t know how much TV I’ve watched over the years, but it’s a crapload. Hours and days and weeks I’ll never have back. Who cares what happens on reality TV, when reality is slipping by outside? Time is something you’ll never get back — don’t waste it on TV.Your kids are going to grow up way faster than you think. Don’t waste a minute. I just had an Oh My God moment recently. My oldest daughter, Chloe, is 14 going on 15 next month. I have 3 years left with her before she leaves my house and becomes an adult. Three years! I am floored by that single fact, because it really doesn’t seem anywhere near enough time. I want to go back to my younger self and whack that younger Leo on the head and say Stop working so hard! Stop watching TV! Spend more time with your kids! These last 15 years with Chloe (and my other wonderful kids) have gone by much, much too fast.Forget the drama. Focus on being happy. There have been many things that have happened to me, professionally and personally, that seem like the end of the world. And while these things were bad, they get blown up in our heads so that they become major drama. They caused me to be depressed from time to time. What a waste of time. If I realized that it was all in my head, and that I could be happy instead if I focused on the positive, on what I did have, and what I could be doing … I could have skipped all the moping about.Pay more attention to blogs when you first hear about them. They’re more than just journals. I first about blogs 7-8 years ago, but when I took a look at them they didn’t seem like anything of interest. Just some people’s journals about stuff they on the web. Why would I want to those? I have my own thoughts about the web, but I don’t need to share them with the world. I spent a lot of time on the Internet, on various sites and forums, but every time I happened upon a blog I would brush past it without interest. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I discovered what wonderful things they could be (I mentioned some of my early favorites in my list of influences). If I had gotten into blogging years ago … well, I wouldn’t have been wasting all that time.Speaking of which, keep a journal. Seriously. Your memory is extremely faulty. I forget things really easily. Not short-term stuff, but long-term. I don’t remember things about my kids’ early years, because I didn’t record any of it. I don’t remember things about my life. It’s like a lot of foggy memories that I’ll never have access to. I wish I had kept a journal.Tequila is seriously evil. I won’t go into details, but it should suffice to say that I had some bad experiences, and I’m not sure I learned very much from them or benefited in any way except to learn that tequila is the drink of the Devil.Yes, you can do a marathon. Don’t put this goal off — it’s extremely rewarding. Running a marathon had always been a dream of mine, since high school … something I wanted to do but thought was out of reach. Or if I ever did it, it would be years and years later. Well, I learned that it’s not only achievable, it’s incredibly rewarding. I wish I had started training when I was young and light and fit … I could have had some good finishing times!All these mistakes you’re going to make, despite this advice? They’re worth it. My 18-year-old self would probably have this post and said, “Good advice!” And then he would have proceeded to make the same mistakes, despite good intentions. I was a good kid, but I wasn’t good at following advice. I had to make my own mistakes, and live my own life. And that’s what I did, and I don’t regret a minute of it. Every experience I’ve had (even the tequila ones) have led me down the path of life to where I am today. I love where I am today, and wouldn’t trade it for another life for all the world. The pain, the stress, the drama, the hard work, the mistakes, the depression, the hangovers, the debt, the fat … it was all worth it.“Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.” - Mark Twain /200804/34785。

A handful of the most powerful US tech companies have promised to bring more control and openness to the development of artificial intelligence, in an attempt to stem growing worries about a technology seen as destroying jobs, increasing income inequality and even threatening the future of humanity.几家最具影响力的美国高科技企业已经承诺,要令人工智能(AI)技术的开发更加可控和透明,试图借此遏制人们对该技术日益增加的担忧。人们担心,人工智能技术会导致工作岗位流失,加剧收入不平等,甚至威胁到人类的未来。The plans by the companies, including Google, Microsoft and Facebook, amounted to what one member of the group said was the first time an industry had ever banded together to shape the impact of a technology that had such a broad effect on the future of humanity.实施这一计划的公司包括谷歌(Google)、微软(Microsoft)和Facebook。该组织一名成员表示,这一计划等于是一个行业首次联合起来,约束一种广泛影响人类未来的技术。AI is on the cusp of transforming society and the consequences of this have to be studied in the open, said Yann LeCun, head of AI at Facebook and one of the pioneers of deep learning, the technique that has propelled recent breakthroughs in the field. Facebook人工智能主管扬#8226;莱库(Yann LeCun)表示:人工智能即将改变整个社会,必须公开研究这种改变的后果。It will transform the way we connect with each other, the way we get information, medicine, transport, the way cities are organised.这种技术将改变我们彼此联络的方式,改变我们获取信息、获得药品、开展交通运输的方式,改变城市的组织结构。The companies, which also include Amazon and IBM, announced a non-profit, called the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society, to carry out the work. 这些企业还包括了亚马逊(Amazon)和IBM。它们宣布成立一个名为人工智能造福人类和社会合作组织(Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society)的非盈利机构,以开展这项工作。It will conduct research into ethical questions about how AI affects society at large, and develop ways to make the new technology more transparent and understandable.该组织将对有关人工智能具体如何影响社会的伦理问题开展研究,并找到提高这种新技术透明度、降低其理解难度的办法。However, the biggest impetus behind the initiative has been the growing public and government worries about how such a powerful new technology will affect many aspects of life. 该倡议背后的最大动机,源于公众和政府对这种威力巨大的技术将如何影响生活方方面面越来越担心。Eric Horvitz, an AI researcher at Microsoft, said the technology was at an inflection point, and that challenges were becoming clear.微软人工智能研究人员埃里克#8226;霍维茨(Eric Horvitz)表示,该技术是个转折点,相关挑战正浮出水面。These include the hidden biases in algorithms that make implicit assumptions after being trained with specific sets of data; questions about the safety and trustworthiness of systems that often take decisions for reasons even their own programmers cannot understand; and ethical judgments that are embedded in systems to influence how they interact with humans in given situations.这些挑战包括:程序中的隐形偏见,即用特定数据集训练后,程序会带上隐含假定前提;一些系统往往会以其开发人员也不能理解的逻辑做出决策,这些系统的安全性和可信任程度问题;如何设计人工智能系统中嵌入的伦理判断,这些伦理判断会在特定场合影响系统与人类的互动。The Microsoft researcher said the group had looked back through the history of science, to the introduction of sweeping new technologies such as electricity and human flight, and not found any precedents for the industry-wide effort.这位微软研究人员表示,该组织回顾了科学史,考察了电气技术和航空技术等当时全新技术的引入,没有发现这种全行业努力的先例。He also denied that there was an explicit attempt in the notion of self-regulation to repel government intrusion in the field. 他还否认该领域存在名为自律、实为抵制政府侵犯的明确企图。Instead, he said the industry research should be welcomed by governments, which often find it hard to understand the impact of such technologies.相反,他表示政府会欢迎这一全行业开展的研究,因为政府往往很难理解此类技术的影响。 /201610/469320。

Pets 美国宠物Americans love pets. And it's not just puppy love, either. Many pet owners treat their furry friends as part of the family. Sometimes they spice up their pets' lives with entertaining s and amusing toys. If they have an eye for fashion, pet owners can dress their pets in stylish clothes. For special occasions, they can use canine perfume to make their dogs smell, well, less beastly. You might say Americans treat their pets like they treat their children-sometimes even better. 美国人很爱宠物,而且这不只是一种不成熟、短暂的爱。很多宠物的主人把这些毛茸茸的朋友当作家庭的一部分,有时候还为宠物准备用的录像带和玩具来增添牠们生活的乐趣,如果宠物的主人具有流行的眼光,还会让他们的宠物穿上时髦的衣,在特殊的场合里,甚至为宠物喷上儿专用的香水,让牠们味道好闻一点,减少一些动物身上的味道。你也可以说,美国人待他们的宠物如同待他们的孩子一样--有时甚至更好。 In America, there are more households with pets than those with children. At least 43 percent of U.S. homes have pets of some sort. Exotic creatures, such as monkeys, snakes and even wolves, find a home with some Americans. More common pets include tropical fish, mice and birds. But the all-time favorites are cats and dogs, even at the White House. The Clintons' cat, Socks, has replaced the Bushes' dog, Millie, as reigning First Pet. Americans sometimes have strong feelings about whether dogs or cats make better pets. "Dog people" and "cat people" often enjoy friendly rivalries. 在美国,有宠物的家庭比有孩子的家庭还多。至少百分之四十三的美国家庭有宠物,有些美国家庭养一些外国品种的动物,例如猴子、蛇、甚至狼;比较常见的宠物有热带鱼、老鼠、和鸟。不过,一直广受欢迎的是猫和,连白宫也不例外。柯林顿总统的猫--袜子,已经取代了布什的--米利,成为神气的「第一宠物」。美国人有时候很在乎到底最好的宠物是猫还是,「爱的人」和「爱猫的人」喜欢开玩笑地彼此争辩。 Leading a dog's life in America isn't such a bad thing. Many grocery stores sell gourmet pet foods to owners eager to please their pets. In Houston, Texas, dogs can have their dinner delivered to their homes, just like pizza. Well-to-do canines can attend doggy daycare centers while their owners work. Pets can even accompany their owners on vacation. Fancy hotels are beginning to accommodate both man and beast. Furry guests at Four Seasons Hotels can enjoy gourmet meals served on fine china and sleep in soft beds. 在美国,所过的生活并不坏,很多杂货店都卖有宠物美食,让主人可以讨好他们的宠物。在德州的休斯敦市,儿还能享用专程送到家的晚餐,就跟披萨一样。家境富裕的儿在主人上班的时候可以去儿托育中心。宠物甚至可以和牠们的主人一同去度假,高级饭店已经开始可以同时留宿人和宠物,这些毛茸茸的客人在四季饭店可以享用以精致瓷器盛装的美食,并在柔软的床上睡觉。 Beneath the fluffy luxuries, there lies a basic American belief: Pets have a right to be treated well. At least 75 animal welfare organizations exist in America. These provide care and adoption services for homeless and abused animals. Veterinarians can give animals an incredible level of medical careNfor an incredible price. To pay for the high-tech health care, people can buy health insurance for their pets. And when it's time to say good-bye, owners can bury their pets in a respectable pet cemetery. 在舒适奢华的享受之下,其实存在着美国人的一种基本信念:宠物有受到妥善对待的权利。美国至少有七十五个动物福利组织,他们为流浪动物及被虐待动物提供照顾与领养的务。兽医能提供给动物极好的医疗照顾--价格也极昂贵,若为了负担更先进的健康医疗照顾,人们可以为他们的宠物买健康保险。如果和宠物道别的时机到了,主人们可以为宠物买一块体面的墓地。 The average American enjoys having pets around, and for good reason. Researchers have discovered that interacting with animals lowers a person's blood pressure. Dogs can offer protection from burglars and unwelcome visitors. Cats can help rid the home of unwanted pests. Little creatures of all shapes and sizes can provide companionship and love. In many cases, having a pet prepares a young couple for the responsibilities of parenthood. Pets even encourage social relationships: They give their owners an appearance of friendliness, and they provide a good topic of conversation. 美国人一般都喜欢有宠物为伴,这是有原因的。研究人员发现,与动物为伍能够降低人的血压。能防止小偷及不受欢迎的访客。猫能帮忙清除家里讨人厌的害虫和有害的小动物。任何种类及大小的小宠物都能带给人们相伴与爱的感觉。很多时候,拥有一只宠物能帮助年轻夫妻做为人父母责任的准备。宠物甚至有助于人际关系:它们使主人们看起来更友善,并且也带给人们一个交谈的好话题。 Pets are as basic to American culture as hot dogs or apple pie. To Americans, pets are not just property, but a part of the family. After all, pets are people, too. 宠物是美国文化中很基本的一部分,就如热和苹果派一样。对美国人而言,宠物不仅仅是他们所拥有的一样东西而已,它是家庭的一部分。毕竟,宠物也是「人」啊!。 /200804/34320。