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Every 25 minutes in America, a baby is born who was exposed to drugs during pregnancy. Because of their exposure to opioids, heroin, and other drugs, they may spend their first weeks suffering from withdrawal. Their bodies shake with tremors, and their cries are heartbreaking. This is called neonatal abstinence syndrome, and it is truly a terrible way to come into this world. Unfortunately, it is becoming all too common. This is especially true in my home state of West Virginia. The good news is, doctors, nurses, and community leaders are developing innovative treatments for these babies. One example is Lilys Place, a pediatric recovery center that I helped start in my hometown of Huntington. There, doctors and nurses use the best treatments and therapies available to help babies suffering from withdrawal, and parents can get counseling. Centers like Lilys Place offer hope for mothers seeking to turn their lives around – mothers like Cassidy Falls of Huntington. When describing her fight against drug addiction, she said: ;There was something far stronger than I could have ever imagined creeping into my life. My thoughts were altered – my wishes, wants, and needs were no longer mine.; Cassidy Falls and her infant son are healthy now, thanks to Lilys Place. We need more programs like it, but it took years of cutting through red tape just to get this one program set up. There are real gaps in health care all across the country, and far too many obstacles getting in the way of our doctors and nurses. Thats why we are taking action. Last November, Congress enacted legislation I helped champion to develop treatments for expecting mothers with opioid addictions – legislation that is now the law. I recently introduced the Nurturing and Supporting Healthy Babies Act, which will expand our understanding of this condition. Through this bill, we will learn more about just how many newborns are suffering from withdrawal, and more about the federal obstacles to treating them. The Nurturing and Supporting Healthy Babies Act is just one of a number of initiatives Republicans and Democrats are working on to combat opioid abuse. We are focused on getting a bill to the presidents desk in the coming weeks. This struggle is a national epidemic. It could happen to anyone. But no one deserves to start his or her life in withdrawal. It is our responsibility to care for the most vulnerable in our society. And that is why I look forward to working with my colleagues to get this done.201605/441590。

And one of the greatest governmental delusions of all time政府有史以来最大的幻想之一was something that happened in the early days of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, as we now know,是由早期的联邦紧急情况管理署(FEMA)提出的and are well aware of their behaviors from Katrina.我们在卡特里娜飓风的时候已经领教过FEMA的本事了Here is their first big public announcement.这就是第一次大范围的公告They would propose -- actually there were about six volumes written on this --政府提出,事实上他们给出了一个长达六本书的预案a crisis relocation plan that was dependent upon the ed States having three to four days warning一个应急转移计划,这个预案的前提是,美国能够提前三到四天得知that the Soviets were going to attack us.苏联将要对我们发动袭击So the goal was to evacuate the target cities.预案的目标是从这些可能遭到袭击的城市中撤离We would move people out of the target cities into the countryside.将这些城市的居民转移出来,转移到乡村And Im telling you, I actually testified at the Senate about the absolute ludicrous idea我可以告诉大家,我曾经在参议院作,对于这个荒谬至极的想法that we would actually evacuate, and actually have three or four days warning.如果我们真的有能力疏散群众,并且可以提前三到四天预警It was just completely off the wall.这也太扯了吧Turns out that they had another idea behind it,其实政府有另一个目的even though this was -- they were telling the public it was to save us.虽然对公众说,这是为了保护大家The idea was that we would force the Soviets to re-target their nuclear weapons -- very expensive --其实真正的目的是逼迫苏联重新设定核袭击的目标--这是一笔非常大的开销--and potentially double their arsenal,甚至逼迫他们将核武器数量提升一倍to not only take out the original site, but take out sites where people were going.从而不仅覆盖以前就覆盖到的地方,还覆盖到那些人们前往避难的地方This was what apparently, as it turns out, was behind all this.这显然就是这个计划背后的目的It was just really, really frightening.这实在是太可怕了The main point here is we were dealing with a complete disconnect from reality.我主要想说明的一点是:我们一直都在做一些和现实情况不相关的事情The civil defense programs were disconnected from the reality of what wed see in all-out nuclear war.民防系统和一场全面爆发的核战争完全不相符合So organizations like Physicians for Social Responsibility,因此,一些组织,比如“社会责任医师组织”around 1979, started saying this a lot publicly.在1979年左右,开始向公众进行宣传They would do a bombing run. Theyd go to your city, and theyd say, ;Heres a map of your city.他们会做轰炸演习,比如来到你的城市,给你一张城市的地图,Heres whats going to happen if we get a nuclear hit.;如果我们被核弹袭击了这里都会发生什么”So no possibility of medical response to,告诉你:如果真的发生一场全面的核战争or meaningful preparedness for all-out nuclear war.医疗救援将根本不可能实现,而且也无法实现进行有效的准备So we had to prevent nuclear war if we expected to survive.所以我们必须避免发生核战争,如果我们想活命的话This disconnect was never actually resolved.这个方案与现实脱节的问题一直没有得到根本解决201605/441506。

So what comes next? The people.那么接下来呢?我们的百姓。How do we get people to own this?我们如何才能让人们去接受这个想法?How do we get people to believe that its possible to build a society without fossil fuels?我们如何才能让人们相信,建造一个没有石油的社会是有可能的?A lot of work from the ground up is needed.从最基本的工作开始是必经过程。That is why, in 2014, we created Costa Rica Limpia.这就是为什么在2014年的时候,我们创建了Costa Rica Limpia (“纯净哥斯达黎加”)。;Limpia; means ;clean,;;Limpia; (西班牙语)的意思是“干净”,because we want to empower and we want to inspire citizens.因为我们想启发、鼓励我们的公民。If citizens dont get engaged, clean transportation decisions will be bogged down by endless,如果公民们不参与开发无污染的交通系统的决定and I mean endless, technical discussions, and by avalanches of lobbying by various established interests.将会被无限的技术研讨会所淹没,和代表不同利益的组织所游说阻挠。Wanting to be a green country powered by renewables is aly part of our story.成为一个全由可再生资源供电的绿色国家的这个想法,早已是我们国家故事中的一个篇章。We should not let anybody take that away from us.我们不能让任何人夺走属于我们的故事。Last year, we brought people from our seven provinces to talk about climate change in terms that matter to them,去年,我们聚集了从7个省来的群众讨论了气候变化对于他们的影响。and we also brought this year another group of Costa Ricans to talk about renewable energy.而今年我们又聚集了另一群哥斯达黎加人讨论了可再生资源。And you know what? These people disagree on almost everything你们猜怎么着?这些群众平常几乎是没有众口一致过的,except on renewable energy and clean transportation and clean air. It brings people together.但他们在关于可再生资源,无污染交通系统和干净空气的问题上达成了一致。这也让哥斯达黎加人团结了。And the key to real participation is to help people not to feel small.真正能引导群众积极参与的关键,是去让人们意识到自己的一举一动不再渺小。201702/490807。

Ive just received a call from secretary Clinton. She congratulated us. Its about us. On our victory, and I congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign.我刚从克林顿国务卿(指希拉里)那儿接到一个电话。她祝贺我们获胜。这是关于我们的事。在如此艰难漫长的竞选中,我非常感谢她和她的整个家族。I mean she fought very hard. Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country.她一直是个战士。希拉里工作时间很长,一直非常努力。她对整个国家的做出了贡献,我们欠她一个感谢。I mean that very sincerely. Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division, have to get together, to all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.我是认真的。现在我觉得美国人民应该弥补裂痕,重新团结在一起。全美所有的共和党人、民主党人、自由党人,现在正是我们一起团结人民的时候。It is time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all of Americans, and this is so important to me. For those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, Im reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country.是时候了!我向这片国土上的每位公民承诺,我将成为全美国人的总统,这对我而言十分重要。过去那些没有选择持我的人们,很少的一部分人们,我将成为你们的引导、你们的帮手,这样我们就可以一起努力,团结起我们伟大的国家。As Ive said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement, made up of millions of hard-working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and for theirfamily.就像我从一开始说的,我们不只是在做一场选举,我们举行了一场不可思议、伟大的运动,这是上百万努力工作、热爱国家的男性女性们为了拥有一个更好、更光明的未来和家庭而一起构成的。201611/477143。

Well, here it is ive found that nothing in life is worthwhile. 我的意思是我发现 如果你不冒险Unless you take risks Nothing. 生活中的一切都会是毫无价值所有一切Nelson Mandela said There is no passion to be found playing small. 纳尔逊.曼德拉曾说过如果安于现状 生活将平淡无奇In settling for a life thats less than the one youre capable of living. 尤其对于那些有能力去过更精人生的人来说Now Im sure in your experiences in school, in applying to college. 我肯定在你们过去的经历中无论是在学校 在申报大学In picking your major in deciding what you want to do with life. 挑选专业还是在你们决定人生中要做些什么时Im sure people have told you to make sure you have something to fall back on. 总会有人提醒你们总会有人提醒你们要记着给自己 留条后路To make sure you have something to fall back on, Honey But ive never understood that concept. 提醒你们说 亲爱的 为自己留条后路吧但我对此表示无法理解Having something to fall back on If Im going to fall. 要 留后路如果我会跌倒失败I dont want to fall back on anything, except my faith I want to fall forward. 我不想留什么后路 除了自己的信念我要 向前倒I figure at least this way ill see what Im about to hit. 这样 至少我能看见我会栽在什么问题上Fall forward Heres what I mean. 向前倒我来讲讲它的含义Reggie Jackson struck out 2, 600 times in his career. 雷吉.杰克逊在他的职业生涯中曾被2600次三振出局The most in the history of baseball But you dont hear about the strikeouts. 棒球历史上的最高纪录但你不会听到这些三振出局的事People remember the home runs Fall forward. 人们只记得他的全垒打向前倒Thomas Edison conducted 1, 000 failed experiments Did you know that? I didnt know that. 爱迪生曾经有1000次试验失败你知道么?我以前也不知道201610/473707。

020 asking for directions Words Traffic sign Policeman Direction Route Junction Crossroads Up-to-date map Side road Traffic lights Railway station Total distance Roundabout One-way street Motorway Phrases Turn left/right Go straight on Turn around Lose your/the way Ask the way Take the wrong turn Keep going When you get to Beginner A: excuse me, can you tell me the way to Holton railway station? B: sure. It’s quite far from here. Don’t worry, though. It’s not difficult to get there. A: I think I’m going in the wrong direction, aren’t? B: yes. First, you need to turn around. Do you remember passing some traffic lights further up this road? A: yes, I do. They are about two miles away, right? B: that’s right. Drive back to the traffic rights and turn right. Follow the road for about a mile, until you see the plaza hotel. It’s a really big hotel. You can’t miss it. Turn left at the hotel. A: so, right at the traffic lights two miles up the road, then left at the plaza hotel, a mile along that road. Got it. B; then you just go straight on until you see the station ahead of you. A; ok. Got it. Thanks for you help. B: no problem. Intermediate A: ok, I’ve got an up-to-day map. Let’s check the route from here to the airport. B: where are we? Oh, here we are. So we drive to the A120 and turn left. A: no, we turn right. Remember that we are coming from this direction. B: oh yes! Sorry! Then we drive to the M11 motorway. A; how far is that? B: it’s only seven miles. We turn left to join the motorway and drive south. A: according to the map, we get off the M11 at the second junction and join the M25. that’s the motorway that goes around the edge of London. B: that’s another 15 miles, so that’s 22 miles total so far. A: then we drive west on the M25. we must be careful to turn in the right direction! B: then we drive on the M25. it turns south. When we reach exit 15, we turn left and go west along the M4. A: then we take the first Heathrow Airport. What’s the total distance? B: the journey around the M25 is 33 miles and then 3 extra miles to get to the airport. So how many miles is that together? A: 22 miles to the M25, 33 miles on the M25, and 3 after that. That’s a total of 58 miles, isn’t it? B: it shouldn’t take us very long to cover that distance. Remember that we can go quite fast on the motor way. A: we can only go fast on the motor ways if there isn’t much traffic. I think we should allow ourselves plenty of time to get there. Being early is much better than being late /200704/12859。