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WASHINGTON — A White House official said on Thursday that the administration was considering a “proportional response” against those who hacked into Sony Pictures computers, a retaliation that could thrust the ed States into a direct confrontation with North Korea.华盛顿——一名白宫官员在周四表示,政府正在考虑对入侵索尼电影公司(Sony Pictures)电脑的黑客做出“适当回应”,反击行动可能会使美国陷入与朝鲜的直接对抗之中。Officials would not describe what such a response might entail, but they stressed that the episode had become a major concern at the upper levels of government, including President Obama, who lately has been discussing the issue with aides every day.官员们没有说明会采取哪些回应举措,但他们强调,该事件已经受到包括奥巴马在内的政府高层的高度关注,奥巴马最近每天都在与助手讨论这个问题。“This is something that’s being treated as a serious national security matter,” Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, told reporters. “There is evidence to indicate that we have seen destructive activity with malicious intent that was initiated by a sophisticated actor.”“这起事件是作为严重的国家安全问题来对待的,”白宫发言人乔希·欧内斯特(Josh Earnest)告诉记者。“有据表明,我们看到的是由老练的行动者发动的、带有恶意的破坏性活动。”ed States officials have privately concluded that North Korea was “centrally involved” in the hacking even as Sony canceled the release of a comedy that features the fictional assassination of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, and that apparently prompted the cyberattack. Mr. Earnest would not confirm the North Korean role at his daily briefing but he did not deny it either, saying that investigators would ultimately report on their findings.美国官员私下里的结论是,朝鲜与黑客事件“密切相关”,索尼取消放映的喜剧电影,显然是引发了网络攻击的原因,该片讲述了刺杀朝鲜领导人金正恩(Kim Jong-un)的虚构故事。欧内斯特在每日简报会上没有实朝鲜在该事件中扮演的角色,但他也没有予以否认,称调查人员最终会汇报调查结果。Mr. Earnest said the government did not tell Sony to pull the film, “The Interview,” and expressed support for the studio’s right to make it, even if it would offend some viewers.欧内斯特表示,政府没有要求索尼取消电影《采访》(The Interview)的放映,并表示了对该公司的持,称其有权制作这样一部电影,即便影片会冒犯一些观众。“The ed States stands squarely on the side of artists and companies that want to express themselves,” he said, “and we believe that that kind of artistic expression is worthy of expression and is not something that should be subjected to intimidation just because you happen to disagree with the views.”“美国将坚定地站在希望表达自己的艺术家和公司一边,”他说,“而且我们相信,那种艺术表达是值得表达的,不应该因为你刚好不同意这些观点而受到恐吓。”But he was vague about what kind of action the ed States might take in response to the cyberattack and even hinted that it may be of a character that was hard to publicly detect. He added that the president and his team would take into consideration that its authors might be trying to stir a response to get attention, a calculation often imputed by Washington to North Korea’s mercurial leadership.但是,他并未明确表示美国将采取何种行动来回应此次网络攻击,甚至暗示可能会通过一种公众难以察觉的方式。他还表示,总统和他的团队将考虑,袭击者是否只是试图激起回应,以引起关注。这种做法往往被华盛顿归咎于朝鲜领导层的反复无常。“They would be mindful of the fact that we need a proportional response, and also mindful of the fact that sophisticated actors, when they carry out actions like this, are oftentimes — not always, but often — seeking to provoke a response from the ed States of America,” Mr. Earnest said. “They may believe that a response from us in one fashion or another would be advantageous to them. So we want to be mindful of that.”“他们应该会注意这样一个事实:我们需要做出合理的回应,也应该注意,经验丰富的袭击者在做出这种举动时,往往是——不总是,但经常如此——希望能激起美国的回应,”欧内斯特说。“他们可能认为,不论我们做出什么反应,都对他们有利。所以我们希望能小心谨慎。” /201412/350070

Airline to offer Wi-Fi飞机上将会提供无线上网China Eastern Airlines will launch in-flight Wi-Fi services on 21 of its flights, making the first extensive splash in the huge potential domestic market.东航将在21架飞机上向旅客提供;空中上网;务,这是国内首次批准这一务大范围使用,标志着一个潜力巨大的市场的解封。The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will give green light to more airlines to launch such services, said an insider.一位知情人士透露,接下来还会有更多航企获得工信部放行。Currently, it is estimated that there are 360m people travelling by air annually in China, each flying 2.5 hours on average. That makes a total of 900m potential hours yet to be filled.据估算,按照中国民航年均运送旅客3.6亿人次、人均飞行2.5小时计算,一年就有9亿小时的飞行时间可以利用。The in-flight online services thus have the potential to become an RMB100b industry, according to experts.因此专家认为,整个民航互联网产业规模可能将超过千亿元。 /201506/378316

A 12-year-old girl who had an inkling she might be quite clever has taken a test and proved she was absolutely right。一位12岁的天才少女,在一项测试后,明了她的超群智慧。Lydia Sebastian achieved the top score of 162 on Mensa’s Cattell III B paper, suggesting she has a higher IQ than well-known geniuses Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking。莉迪亚塞巴斯蒂安在门萨卡特尔考试中取得了最高分—162分,这一高分表明她的智商比著名天才爱因斯坦和霍金都要高!The comparison doesn’t sit well with the British student, who’s currently in Year 8 at Colchester County high school, a selective girl’s grammar school in Essex, England。这个女孩,目前在英国埃塞克斯科尔切斯特县一所女子文科高中八年级就读,对测试结果还有点难以接受。;I don’t think I can be compared to such great intellectuals such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. They’ve achieved so much. I don’t think it’s right,; Lydia told CNN。“我和爱因斯坦和霍金这样的伟人根本无法相提并论。他们有着卓越的成就,我和他们根本无法比,”莉迪亚告诉CNN。Lydia sat the test in her summer holidays, after raising the idea with her parents and pestering them for the best part of a year。莉迪亚和父母有了这样的想法后,在一年中最好的时间—暑假进行了这项测试。It turns out the test wasn’t that hard after all。然而,莉迪亚发现测试并没有那么难。;I was really nervous before the test and I thought it was going to be really hard. But as I started the test, I thought it was a bit easier than I thought it was going to be,; she said。她说,“测试之前我真的很紧张,以为会很难。但测试开始后,我发现它比我想象的要容易一些”。Lydia’s not quite sure what she wants to do when she leaves school, although she’s leaning toward something ;based around maths, because it’s one of my favorite subjects.;莉迪亚对毕业后要做什么并没有什么打算,但她可能会选择“和数学相关的东西,因为这是我最喜欢的科目之一。”;All I’m going to do is work as hard as I can, and see where that gets me,; she said。“我现在要做的就是努力、努力学习,看我能做到怎样,”她说。To put Lydia’s mark in perspective, the top adult score in the Cattell III B test, which primarily tests verbal reasoning, is 161. A top 2% score -- which allows entry to Mensa, the club for those with high IQs -- would be 148 or over. Lydia scored 162, placing her in the top 1% of the population。从莉迪亚的分数来看,门萨卡特尔III B测试主要测试言语推理,成年人最高分也才161。前2%的分数才能被允许进入门萨俱乐部,该俱乐部只面向分数在148以上、智商极高的人群。莉迪亚得分162,在所有人中处于前1%的位置。 /201509/400910

When Steve Jobs died in 2011, iPhone sales were still doubling year on year. It is a safe bet that his successor, Tim Cook, is going to preside over the end of continuous growth. In quarterly earnings in two weeks, analysts still expect Apple to have sold 1m or more phones than the 74.5m it achieved in the same quarter last year, with Chinese demand crucial. If it turns out that Apple has sold fewer, it will be a blow to the credibility of Mr Cook, who primed the market to expect growth. But the timing hardly matters. If it is not coming this quarter, the decline is priced in for the next one.2011年史蒂夫吠布斯(Steve Jobs)去世的时候,iPhone销量还在翻番地增长。几乎可以肯定,他的继任者蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)将在任期内眼看着这股持续增长势头终结。苹果将于两周内发布季度财报,分析师们仍预期iPhone销量将比去年同期的7450万部增加100万部以上,其中中国的需求是关键。如果销量下滑,将对库克本人的信誉造成打击,因为他事先放出的风声让市场认为增长可期。但时间点并不重要,如果这个季度销量没有下滑,投资者也预期下个季度就会下滑。So what? For all its “fanboy” customers, Apple has some Jeremiah shareholders. Since it reported the most profitable quarter in corporate history 12 months ago, its shares have fallen 15 per cent. Yet the stock trades at just 10 times forward earnings. Strip out the massive cash pile and it trades at less than 8 times. Investors know that the end of rampant growth is nigh.所以呢?尽管果粉众多,一些股东却抱着悲观态度。自12个月前报告公司史上最盈利的季度业绩以来,苹果股价下跌了15%。然而该公司股票的市盈率仅为10倍。如果不算大量的现金储备,市盈率还不到8倍。投资者知道,迅猛的增长快要结束了。Having risen to well over 50 per cent of group revenues, of course the iPhone matters. But maturity does not mean extinction, and just because Apple has become a phone company does not mean that it is all it ever will be.iPhone对集团营收的贡献已经远高于50%,当然十分重要。但成熟并不意味着一定会走向消亡,仅仅因为苹果成了一家手机公司也并不意味着它将永远只是一家手机公司。The important metric for measuring iPhone success over the next couple of years is not how many iPhones are sold in a particular quarter — but how long those phones last. Apple hopes that more consumers will switch to its new upgrade programme, which incentivises them to buy a device every 12 months. Part of the bull case outlined by Mr Cook three months ago was the relatively small number of iPhone users who had upgraded to the iPhone 6 — fewer than 35 per cent.在接下来几年,衡量iPhone是否成功,关键不是看某个季度卖出了多少部iPhone,而要看手机换代的时间。苹果希望更多消费者升级其新程序,这将激励他们每12个月买一部手机。3个月前,库克概述了看好苹果的理由,其中之一是升级到iPhone 6的iPhone用户比例相对较小,不到35%。That cuts both ways, though. A recent survey by Accenture found that the proportion of consumers who expected to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months had fallen to 48 per cent from 54 per cent last year; the drop was particularly severe in China. Another survey by Mizuho found that 81 per cent of iPhone users expected to hang on to their next device for longer, an estimated 27 months compared with 20 months. The iPhone 5 has demonstrated more staying power than previous versions of the device; it has not yet been rendered obsolete by more processing power or killer features from subsequent iterations. In Apple’s sales pitch to worrywart shareholders, that is the wrong sort of iPhone endurance.不过,此事有利有弊。埃森哲(Accenture)最近的一项调查发现,打算在接下来12个月内购买一部智能手机的消费者比例从去年的54%降至48%;在中国下滑得更厉害。瑞穗(Mizuho)的另一项调查发现,81%的iPhone用户预计下一部手机会使用更长时间,估计比目前所用手机的20个月多7个月。iPhone 5比前几代产品更为经久不衰;之后的产品更强的处理能力或者杀手级特色功能都未能淘汰iPhone 5。在苹果对忧心忡忡的股东的宣传中,iPhone的这种耐久可不是好事。 /201601/423410

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department is demanding Apple’s help in unlocking at least nine iPhones nationwide in addition to the phone used by one of the San Bernardino, Calif., attackers.华盛顿——在整个美国,除了加利福尼亚州圣贝纳迪击案袭击者使用的那部iPhone,司法部还在要求苹果公司(Apple)帮助解锁至少九部手机。The disclosure appears to buttress the company’s concerns that the dispute could pose a threat to encryption safeguards that goes well beyond the single California case.这似乎持了苹果的担忧,即此次争议可能会对产品的加密保护构成威胁,其影响远不止加州这一例。Apple is fighting the government’s demands in at least seven of the other nine cases, Marc J. Zwillinger, a lawyer for the company, said in a letter unsealed in federal court on Tuesday.在联邦法院周二公布的一封信中,苹果公司律师马克·J·茨维林格(Marc J. Zwillinger)表示,在这另外九起案子里的至少七个案子中,苹果拒绝配合政府的要求。“Apple has not agreed to perform any services on the devices,” Mr. Zwillinger wrote. Starting in December, the letter says, Apple has in a number of cases objected to the Justice Department’s efforts to force its cooperation through a 1789 statute known as the All Writs Act, which says courts can require actions to comply with their orders.“苹果一直没有同意在这些设备上提供任何务,”茨维林格写道。信中还表示,自去年12月起,苹果在多起案件中拒绝了司法部通过《所有令状法案》(All Writs Act)迫使其合作的要求。依据这项1789年的法案,法院可以要求当事人按其命令行事。In the San Bernardino case, prosecutors have cast their demands for Apple to help them unlock the iPhone used by Syed Rizwan Farook — one of the attackers in the December rampage, in which 14 people were killed — as a limited effort in response to an unusual situation.在圣贝纳迪那个案子中,检方把它对苹果公司提出的帮助解锁赛义德·里兹万·法鲁克(Syed Rizwan Farook)使用的iPhone的要求,描述为应对特殊情况的一种有限行为。法鲁克是去年12月致14人死亡的大规模击案的袭击者之一。Still, “no one should be surprised that we’re investigating other cases and looking for assistance in those other cases,” a law enforcement official said on Tuesday.不过,“我们也在调查其他案件,会在这些其他案件中要求协助,这不足为奇,”一名执法官员周二表示。Since challenging a judge’s demand in the San Bernardino case, which called for Apple to create a special tool to help investigators more easily crack the phone’s passcode, the company has repeatedly asserted that such a move could not be done in isolation.在圣贝纳迪案件中,法官要求苹果创造一种特殊的工具,从而帮助调查人员更容易地破解这部手机的密码,该公司予以拒绝。自此之后,苹果反复坚称,此类举措的后果不会仅限于这一例。“Once created, the technique could be used over and over again, on any number of devices,” Apple’s chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, said in a letter to customers. And in a note on its website on Monday, Apple said law enforcement agencies nationwide “have hundreds of iPhones they want Apple to unlock if the F.B.I. wins this case.”“一旦创造出来,这种技术就可以在任意数量的设备上反复使用,”苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)在一封致消费者的信中说。该公司在周一于官方网站上发布的一份说明中表示,“如果联邦调查局(FBI)赢了这个案子”,全美各地的执法部门“会有成百上千部iPhone等着让苹果解锁。”Apple has long maintained that it would hand over data to comply with a court order when it was technically able to do so. In a report covering the first six months of 2015, Apple said it had received nearly 11,000 requests from government agencies worldwide for information on roughly 60,000 devices, and it provided some data in roughly 7,100 instances.长久以来,苹果公司一直坚称,如果技术上可以实现,它就会配合法庭的命令提交数据。苹果在一份覆盖2015年上半年的统计报告中表示,它收到了将近1.1万份来自全美各地的政府机构的请求,涉及大约6万台设备中的信息,而苹果为其中的大约7100例提供了一些数据。But while the data backed up on Apple’s iCloud service is ily accessible by the company, it has made the security on the iPhone itself increasingly hard to crack.尽管苹果可以比较容易地获取备份在iCloud云端的数据,但它加强了iPhone本身的安全性,使之越来越难以破解。Because a number of the newly disclosed cases remain sealed, Apple’s letter did not describe the types of crimes at issue. But they appear to involve run-of-the-mill prosecutions for offenses like drug trafficking and pornography, rather than a high-profile terrorism investigation, officials said.因为刚刚披露的案件有不少还处在保密状态,苹果没有在信中描述这些争论案件的类型。但一些官员表示,它们涉及的似乎是针对诸如毒品走私和色情等犯罪活动的普通指控,而非引人注目的恐怖主义调查。The newly disclosed cases are in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston.这些最新提到的案件发生于纽约、芝加哥、洛杉矶、旧金山和波士顿。The existence of the other demands came to light in a drug-trafficking case in Federal District Court in Brooklyn, where prosecutors are seeking access to the data held in an iPhone linked to a methamphetamine distribution ring.检方针对这些其他案件向苹果提出的要求,是在驻布鲁克林的联邦地区法院审理一件毒品走私案时曝光的。在这一案件中,检方试图获取与一个冰毒分销网络有关的一部iPhone中的数据。The owner of the phone, Jun Feng, 45, has pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the case. But prosecutors have pushed ahead anyway with their efforts to force Apple to unlock his phone, in part because they maintain that it could lead them to other drug suspects.这部手机的所有人是45岁的冯军(音)。他已经承认自己在这起案件中犯有共谋罪。但检方还在施压,要迫使苹果解锁他的手机,部分原因在于,他们坚持认为,这能帮助他们找到其他毒品嫌疑人。The two sides are awaiting a ruling from Magistrate Judge James Orenstein on whether Apple should be forced to cooperate. Before issuing a ruling, Judge Orenstein wanted Apple to detail other pending requests from prosecutors.双方正在等待治安法官詹姆斯·奥伦斯坦(James Orenstein)就苹果是否该被迫使合作做出裁决。在公布自己的裁决之前,奥伦斯坦法官想让苹果详细列举检方提出的其他尚未满足的要求。The Brooklyn drug-trafficking case has been dwarfed by the fight in California. But national security lawyers say the Brooklyn case remains important, because Judge Orenstein’s decision is expected to be the first to offer a broad examination of the government’s authority under the All Writs Act to force Apple to unlock passcode-protected iPhones.与加州的袭击事件相比,布鲁克林毒品走私案显得微不足道。但国家安全领域的律师表示,布鲁克林的案件也很重要,因为奥伦斯坦法官的判决,有望成为对政府依照《所有令状法案》要求苹果解锁有密码保护的iPhone的权力做出宏观审核的第一个判例。The judge has indicated skepticism over the government’s demands. Initially, Apple agreed to a formal order to help the Justice Department gain access to Mr. Feng’s phone, but Judge Orenstein balked, questioning whether the All Writs Act could be used that way. He invited Apple’s lawyers to raise objections.这名法官对政府的要求表现出怀疑态度。最初,苹果接受了一项正式命令,即帮助司法部进入冯军的手机,但奥伦斯坦法官有所保留,质疑《所有令状法案》是否能被这么使用。他请苹果的律师对司法部的要求提出异议。While his ultimate decision will not be legally binding in California, it could influence the legal arguments there. And an appeal by either side has the potential to work its way through the federal court system to become significant case law.尽管他的最终裁决对于加州的案件不会有法律约束力,但它可以对那里的法律争论产生影响。控辩双方任何一方提出的上诉,都有可能沿着联邦法院系统一直往上走,成为重要的判例法。Law enforcement officials around the country are anxiously watching the cases in both Brooklyn and California to see how their own investigations might be affected.全美的执法官员都在紧张地关注着布鲁克林和加州两个案子的进展,以判断他们各自的调查会受到怎样的影响。At a news conference last week after the debate erupted in California, the New York City police commissioner, William J. Bratton, and the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said they had collected about 175 iPhones, in investigations, that they have been unable to unlock.上周,在有关加州案件的争论浮现后举行的一场新闻发布会上,纽约警察局长威廉·J·布拉顿(William J. Bratton)和驻曼哈顿的地区检察官小塞勒斯·R·万斯(Cyrus R. Vance Jr.)表示,他们在调查中收集了大约175部无法解锁的iPhone。Mr. Vance rejected the notion that Apple should be forced to cooperate only in certain prominent crimes.有一种观念认为,苹果应该只在某些重大犯罪案件上被强行要求配合调查。对此,万斯并不同意。“What we discover is that investigation into one crime often leads into criminal activity in another, sometimes much more serious than what we were originally looking at,” he said.“我们的发现是,针对一项犯罪活动的调查往往可以把我们引至有关另一项犯罪活动的调查,有时候后者会比我们原先调查的事情严重得多,”他说。 /201603/428685

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