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In 1973, a plant owned by Velsicol Chemical made a mistake and shipped a toxic flame retardant chemical to a livestock feed plant. The chemical is called polybrominated biphenyl, or PBB. It took about a year to discover the accident. Millions of Michiganders ate contaminated beef, chicken, pork, milk and eggs.All these years later, researchers are finding that PBB exposure is linked to health problems.Michele Marcus is a professor of epidemiology, environmental health and pediatrics at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health and Emory University School of Medicine.Shes in Michigan this week to talk about her latest research findings at a conference at Alma College.PBB sticks around in your bodyMarcus says over the past two years, her team has tested more than 800 people across the state.;We have found that six out of 10 of the people that we tested still have levels that are elevated as a result of the PBB accident,; she says. ;We compared the levels of PBB in the people that we tested in Michigan to levels that were measured ten years ago on a random sample of the U.S. population.;She says six out of 10 Michiganders had PBB levels higher than 95% of the U.S. population.;It means that the PBB is still lingering in peoples bodies and thats a very long time. Its 40 years later. And we are concerned that the health effects we have found are continuing among the people who were exposed themselves, but also among their children and grandchildren,; she says.Health effects over multiple generationsShe says her team has found that among the women who were exposed to high levels of PBB, there are slightly more breast cancer cases than they expected.;Among girls, the daughters of women who were highly exposed, we found that they experienced their first menstrual periods a full year earlier than girls who were unexposed, and now that these girls are adults, we find that they have a very high rate of miscarriages. And that the rate of miscarriages is proportional to the PBB exposure that they experienced,; says Marcus.Marcus says at the conference, shes presenting preliminary data on the potential for epigenetic changes that are associated with PBB exposure. Those are changes in how genes are expressed.;That really sets the stage for our just-funded research,; she says. ;We will be recruiting multi-generational families where the father was exposed but not the mother, and looking at the children and the grandchildren so we can see if these epigenetic changes are passed along in the absence of actual PBB exposure.;She says her new research project has three goals. One is to determine whether epigenetic marks are being transmitted across generations.Theyre also going to test a substance that may be able to help speed elimination of PBB from the body.;When the results are in, we will let people know if weve been able to successfully help people eliminate PBB from their bodies. Because PBB is very slowly eliminated. It takes about 15 years for you to eliminate about half of the PBB in your body. So we are going to try an intervention that we think may help speed the elimination,; she says.She says the third goal is to educate the public and doctors so they understand that people who have been exposed to PBB in Michigan may have a higher risk of breast cancer, pregnancy problems and thyroid problems, so they can be monitored.You can learn more about Emorys PBB registry for people who were exposed to the chemical here, and you can learn more in our special series on the PBB mix-up and legacy of pollution in St. Louis, Michigan here.201604/440351。

  • Thank you for being here,Fareed.Nice to have you on the show.多谢你抽空前来 法里德 很高兴你能来上节目Lets get started first with your background.I do think I know a lot about you.首先聊聊你的背景 我觉得我很了解你You were born in India.What was it about the ed States that made you really want to come here?你是在印度出生的 美国的哪一点让你真的很想过来The opening sequence of Dallas.You know,I was growing up as a kid in India in the 70s.《达拉斯》的序幕 我七十年代在印度长大India was then a very poor country,cut off from the world.印度是个很穷的国家 与世隔绝And then we could get these bootleg copies of Dallas,which were done on old VHS Tapes.我们搞到了《达拉斯》的盗版 是VHS版本Kids are not going to understand this.Ancient technology called tape.孩子们不懂 那是古老的科技 叫做录像带And the opening sequence was this shiny glass skyscrapers in Dallas,helicopters landing on roots,big Cadillacs and men in 10 gallon hats.《达拉斯》的序幕是达拉斯闪亮的玻璃天大楼 屋顶上停着直升机 卡迪拉克轿车 带着巨大帽子的男人That was my American dream.And Victoria principal.那就是我的美国梦 还有维多利亚·普林西帕尔Incredibly hot women throwing drinks in mens faces.Exactly.So part of it was just the fascination with America.This larger than life country.超性感的女人 往男人脸上泼饮料 是啊 一部分原因是美国的魅力 这个传奇国家Part of it was the people who came back and had gone to college in America would talk about college like it was really fun.还有一部分原因是去美国上大学 然后回来的那些人会说大学很好玩And I,Im not talking about keg parties.I mean they would find the process of the course,the classes,this was all fun.我说的不是饮酒会 他们会觉得课程的过程都很好玩Thats not what it was meant to be like in Asia.In Asia you went to college and it was kind of a drag在亚洲不是这样 在亚洲上大学是个负担and you studied hard and there was these massive tests at the end of two years or three years and you crammed heart out for those tests你认真学习 一年两年三年后会有许多考试 为了那些考试你操碎了心and then you promptly forgot everything you had studied the day after the test.Right.接着考试那天之后 你就立马忘了学过的一切 好吧So to be told that theres a college experience where you actually learn and enjoy it and call follow your passion,this sounded really cool to me.所以有人跟我说了大学体验还可以 真正学习 乐在其中 追随你的爱好 我觉得这很酷201609/465687。
  • 听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):Any parent can tell you that child care is one of the biggest challenges a family can face. A new report finds that Michigan can do better in helping families who need day care. A LOT better.Michigans missed out on tens of millions of federal dollars that could help more parents and kids access quality child care. In fact, if state lawmakers dont commit another .5 million to child care by the end of this month, Michigan will lose .5 million in matching federal funds.The report comes from Public Sector Consultants (PSC), which did the study on behalf of the Michigan Department of Education Office of Great Start.Jeff Guilfoyle, the vice president of PSC, joined Stateside to talk about the report. One of the many revelations in the report, entitled Building a Better Child Care System, is that the state of Michigans spending on child care saw a massive drop from 2003 to 2013.In 2003, Michigan spent about ,500 per low-income child in a working household. Ten years later, the per-child spending dropped to 6.Listen to the full interview above to hear more about the report and Guilfoyles five most important improvements that can be made to improve Michigans child care funding system.201609/467209。
  • Thats true,though you can look at me like its not真的 虽然你可以用不相信的眼光看我Im Taylor Swift,I would like to be dating with blank.Nobody我是Taylor Swift 我想跟谁约会 没人Im Taylor Swift,my publicist told me to say blank我是Talor Swift 我的宣传代理人告诉我说出什么My publicist told me that dont answer any personal questions.Ok now we getting somewhere我的宣传代理人说不要回答任何私人的问题 好吧 那我们可有得聊了My favorite color is blank,Purple.No,mine,I didnt say Taylors.Blue.Yes.我最喜欢的颜色是 紫色 不 是我的 我没说Taylor喜欢的 蓝色 回答正确The last person I kissed was blank我最后一个吻的人是I got a eight years old kid in audience last night.thats gross.You were disgusting我昨晚吻了一个八岁的小观众 真下流 真让人恶心It was on the cheek,It wasnt like a.Anything at all thats we are not going to look back只是在面颊上轻轻一下 又不是 我们也不能回放 这里要说的事情太多了There is too many things about whole real about the taste我是说关于那个味道Im Taylor Swift and I wash my hair every blank.One and a half days我是Taylor Swift 我多久洗一次头 一天半一次So half will be in the afternoon.No,its just not fully two所以一次是在下午咯 不是 因为不是整整两天Its not one cause sometimes its different so just as far as like,Mathematicly putting together,an average,there will be the average也不是一天 每次不一样 而是 用数学的方法加起来再平均 是个平均数Lets talk about your time in prison.Emm,I didnt go to prison.No,No.我们聊聊你在监狱里的事情吧 额 我没去过监狱 没有吗 没有Im sorry,Im thinking of my questions for T.I.真不好意思 我这个问题是要问T.I.的 /201610/471883。
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