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Where It's Offensive: Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, France.禁忌地:日本、沙特阿拉伯、法国What's Offensive 禁忌:Some cultures find it disgusting to blow your nose in public--especially at the table. The Japanese and Chinese are also repelled by the idea of a handkerchief.有些文化认为当众擤鼻涕是让人厌恶的行为——尤其在餐桌上。日本人还排斥使用手帕。What You Should Do Instead 对策:If traveling through Eastern and Asian countries, leave the hankies at home and opt for disposable tissues instead. In France as well as in Eastern countries, if you're dining and need to clear your nasal passages, excuse yourself and head to the restroom. Worst-case scenario: make an exaggerated effort to steer away from the table. Let's hope you don't have a cold.到东方或亚洲国家旅游时,把手帕留在家中,选择用一次性纸巾吧!在法国以及一些东方国家,如果在就餐过程中你需要擤鼻涕,要先说声“请原谅”再去洗手间。最糟糕的情景是:极为夸张地从餐桌上扭过头去擤鼻涕。还是祈祷自己不要感冒吧! /200907/77532Winners of the Nikon Small World Competition, showcasing photography taken through a light microscope.   图片是使用光学显微镜拍摄的尼康“微观世界”摄影比赛的获奖作品。   Heiti Paves from Tallinn University won the competition with this 20X zoom picture of a Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress) plant.   来自爱沙尼亚塔林大学的Heiti Paves凭借这张20X焦距的拟南芥(生物学研究中常用的实验材料)图片夺得头奖。 /200910/87421

Often, there is really only one thing standing between your sensitive information and criminals ; your password. If they get it, they can get into banks accounts and private files, and wreak havoc.For this reason, it#39;s important to know what makes a password strong and secure.通常,个人敏感信息和犯罪分子之间仅有一墙之隔;;密码。如果密码泄漏,他们就能肆无忌惮地入侵你的账户和私人文件。因此,密码的设置就有讲究了。This is Secure Passwords Explained by Common Craft. Chances are, you use passwords everyday. To open your computer, to log into your favorite websites, to get work done. The easy route is to have a simple password that works everywhere. Unfortunately, this can be a problem.本期介绍如何设置安全密码。密码天天都用。开电脑要密码、登录网站要密码、处理工作还要密码。你可以图方便,设置统一的密码。但这么干,准会出事。Criminals are very good at guessing passwords. Some have computer programs that can make millions of guesses until something works. And if they aly know information about you, it#39;s even easier. Your job is to create a password that is very hard to guess. Here#39;s how:犯罪分子的特长就是破解密码。有些甚至利用电脑程序来破解密码。如果知道你的个人信息,密码破解起来就更简单了。所以你需要设置一个难破解的密码:Your first thought may be to use a pet#39;s name, a birthdate, an address or parts of a phone number. These things are too easy for criminals to discover, so don#39;t use them.通常宠物的名字、生日、地址或电话号码都是密码的首选。但这类信息太容易泄漏,所以这种密码想都不要想。Your password should not include info about you. Thankfully, there are ways to have memorable, but hard-to-guess passwords. Consider this: In addition to single words, phrases can also be easy to remember. Maybe it#39;s a favorite song lyric, or e.密码不应包含个人信息,有些办法可以让密码又好记,又不易破解,短语是个不错的选择。可以选喜欢的歌词或者名言。An example is ;Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill; That#39;s easy to remember, right? Well, your password is there ; it#39;s the first letter of each word. In this example, this would be your password. That#39;s not something that is easily guessed.比如 Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill. 好记吧?把每个单词的首字母组合起来得到一个词,用这个词当密码,就不容易被破解了。Here#39;s why. First ; it#39;s not in the dictionary. This makes guessing it harder. There are about 60,000 words in English. A computer can test out those words pretty quickly, so don#39;t use them.首先,词典里没这词,破解的难度就增加了。英语单词大概6万个,计算机可以将它们很快试个遍,千万别用这种密码。But there#39;s more. This password could still be stronger by adding upper case letters, numbers or special characters. So this is a very strong password ; but there#39;s still a risk.但还不保险。可以在密码里加入大写字母、数字或特殊字符。这密码就碉堡了,但还是存在风险。If you write it down, be careful where you keep it. And be aware that someone can look over your shoulder or find it in your trash.如果把密码写在纸上,千万要小心。保不齐别人偷窥或从垃圾桶里翻出来。Giving it to loved-ones is also risky ; they may not be as cautious as you are. Only you should know your password.把密码告诉亲友也有风险,没准他们比你还马虎。自己保存密码才靠谱。Criminals may also try to fool you into handing it over via phone calls. Never tell anyone your password over the phone. And be careful when you get an email that asks for a password ; it could be a scam.罪犯分子可能会打电话骗你说出密码。千万不要在电话里面告诉别人。收到要求输入密码的电子邮件时一定要小心,可能是陷阱。To help avoid problems, don#39;t use the same password everywhere ; that#39;s like having one key that unlocks everything you own. The stakes are high if you lose it.也不要在所有地方使用相同密码,就像不要给锁配万能钥匙一样。否则密码丢了就惨了。Also, be careful if you use a computer that is not yours. Let#39;s say you check email using a computer in a store, library or computer lab. You login, check email and walk away.此外 在用别人的计算机时要特别小心,比如用商店、图书馆或网吧的电脑收邮件。登录了账号,查完邮件没退出就走了。The next person to use that computer now has access to your email account and all the information in it. Always remember to log out of each site you visit on a computer that isn#39;t yours.下一个用电脑的人就能进入你的账户,所以一定要记得 用完要退出账户。Passwords are an essential part of life online. And if we#39;re not careful about keeping them secret, they can cause big problems. By understanding the risks and making passwords stronger, we can feel a little more secure.网络离不开密码。密码保存不注意,很可能吃大亏。提高防范意识,设置强大的密码能省心不少。 /201201/168036

Most women will have the occasional moan about the length of their legs, the size of their waist or the shape of their bottom.多数女性都会偶尔叹息自己的腿不够长,腰不够细,或臀部不够丰满挺翘。But it seems Pippa Middleton and her peers might find less to grumble about than most – this year, at least.但皮帕#8226;米德尔顿和她的同龄人与多数人相比却似乎很少抱怨——至少今年是这样。Women feel their sexiest at the age of 28, according to a survey.据一项调查显示,女人在28岁的时候觉得自己最性感。Miss Middleton, millionairess Tamara Ecclestone and actress Mila Kunis are all at the magic age for embracing their sex appeal, according to the research.该调查称,米德尔顿、超级富婆塔玛拉#8226;埃克尔斯通和女演员米拉#8226;库尼丝都处于正散发着性感魅力的奇妙年龄。Although they may feel most sexy at 28, a woman#39;s confidence doesn#39;t peak until she is 32 - with supportive friends and family acting as the biggest boost to their self-belief.也许女人觉得自己在28岁的时候最性感,但她们的自信通常到32岁时才会达到顶峰——持她们的朋友和家人会最大程度地提升她们的自信心。The findings come from a new study by Lil-Lets which focused on British women#39;s attitudes towards being female.该发现来自英国研究机构Lil-Lets的一项新研究。这一机构主要研究英国女性身为女人的心态。Researchers found that most women are happy with the shape of their bum and boobs and the size of their hips and waist.研究人员发现多数女性都对自己的臀型、胸型和腰臀尺寸感到满意。In fact, three quarters of British women said they would not change their body shape if they were given the opportunity.实际上,四分之三的英国女性都表示即便有机会也不会去刻意改变自己的体形。The body part women are most proud of is their eyes, with 23 percent feeling that they are their best physical attribute. Twenty percent opted for their breast, with brains coming in third (13 percent).女人们最引以为傲的部位是她们的眼睛,有23%的女性认为眼睛是她们最好看的身体特征。20%的女性更欣赏自己的胸部,排在第三位的是头脑(13%)。When asked which part of themselves they would change if they had to, 41 percent of women said they#39;d like to have longer, slimmer legs.当被问到如果一定要改变自己身体的某一部位她们会如何选择时,41%的女性说她们想拥有更修长更苗条的双腿。And the aspects of womanhood which they enjoyed the most were getting dressed up, wearing heels and doing their hair and make-up.而身为女人她们最喜欢做的事就是打扮自己、穿高跟鞋、做头发和化妆。Although they may feel most sexy at 28, women#39;s confidence peaks at 32 - with supportive friends and family the biggest boost to their ego.尽管她们可能觉得自己在28岁时最性感,但她们的自信通常到32岁才会达到顶峰——持她们的朋友和家人是她们自信起来的最大动力。A fifth of those surveyed wished they could be more confident around men while the biggest reason for broken confidence was being dumped by a partner.五分之一接受调查的女性希望她们能在男人面前更自信,而女性自信心崩溃最常见的原因就是被男友甩掉。 /201207/191891

  You may get along well with your boss but there will always be that specific instance where you want to say more than you should. Here are ten things that you should not say to your boss. 也许你和你老板相处得很好,但总是会有一些特殊的场合,你想说的话多于你应该说的。下面是你不该和老板说的10句话。 1. In a minute. 等一会。 Sometimes you'll get called into the boss' office just as you're about to do something that you've been waiting to do. Bosses don't often view our personal wants as an important factor to the job, so when your boss calls you in to see them, it's not good to say you'll be there in a minute. 有时老板让你去他办公室的时候,你正好要做一些你一直等着要做的事情。事实上老板们并不把我们个人的需要看成是工作中一个重要的因素,所以当你的老板叫你去见他的时候,最好别说等一会过去。 2. Oops, I forgot. 啊!我忘记了。 And we do get so busy that we can't remember everything, but some things may not be well received when we say that. So, instead of saying you forgot, try, "I"m on it but I haven't got through to them yet'. It's like saying the glass is half full instead of half empty. They mean the same; one just sounds better. 当我们很忙的时候,我们不可能记得所有的事情,但是有些事情当我们说忘了的时候,老板们也许就会不高兴。所以,你可以说,“我正在做,但是还没有完成”而不是直接说你忘记了。这就像是说玻璃杯里的水是半满着而不是半空着一样。它们的意思是相同的,只是另一个听起来更好。 3. No! 不行! If the boss comes to you with a project to do, it's not always in your best interest to refuse to do it. You could suggest someone else do it or declare how busy you aly are, but to say no might not be appreciated. 如果老板找你做一个项目,但项目并不总是你最感兴趣的。如果想要拒绝他,你可以建议其他人来做,或是告诉他你现在有多么忙,直接说不行也许会让你的老板很不高兴。 4. You don't know that? 你不知道么? Most bosses like to feel that they know everything, although you and the rest of the office may differ in opinion on that issue. Try beginning your sentence with, "You probably aly know this ". This shows your boss that you respect their intelligence, even though you know better. 大多数老板觉得自己懂得所有的东西,尽管你和办公室的其他同事也许会在一件事情上和你的老板有不同的观点。试着这样去说,“你或许已经知道这个”。这就让你的老板感觉到你尊重他的想法,即使你知道的更多一些。 5. You're late. 你迟到了。 Being late has come to be one of those privileges that may inconvenience you but is their seniority right. Telling them they are late could be seen as undermining their position over you. 上班迟到是对你而言很麻烦但却是老板们的特权之一。告诉老板他们迟到了可能被看成你在藐视他们的地位。 /200905/70091

  Excerpts from a Dog#39;s Diary....摘自一只的生活日记……8:00 am - Dog food! My favourite thing!上午8点-粮!我的最爱!9:30 am - A car ride! My favourite thing!上午9点30分-兜风!我的最爱!9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favourite thing!上午9点40分-公园遛我!我的最爱!10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favourite thing!上午10点30分-被主人抚摸和宠爱!我的最爱!12:00 pm - Lunch! My favourite thing!中午12点-午饭!我的最爱!1:00 pm - Played in the yard! My favourite thing!中午1点-在院子里玩耍!我的最爱!3:00 pm - Wagged my tail! My favourite thing!下午3点-摇摇我的小尾!我的最爱!5:00 pm - Milk amp; bones! My favourite thing!下午5点-牛奶+骨头!我的最爱!6:00 pm - Oooh, Bath. Bummer。晚上6点-噢,洗澡澡,我的最爱!7:00 pm - Got to play ball! My favourite thing!晚上7点-玩球!我的最爱!8:00 pm - Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favourite thing!晚上8点-噢!和主人一起看电视!我的最爱!11:00 pm - Sleeping on the bed! My favourite thing!晚上11点-睡床上!我的最爱!Excerpts from a Cat#39;s Daily Diary.摘自一只猫的生活日记…Day 983 of my captivity.这是我被囚禁的第983天。My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects.逮捕我的人类依旧在耍我,这次还用了一个奇怪的晃荡的玩意儿。They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.人类吃得很丰盛,进他们肚子的都是新鲜肉,而我和其它被囚禁者只能吃一些大杂烩或是干硬块。尽管我极度鄙视我所分得的配额食粮,但我还是得吃下去,因为我要保我有充足的体力。The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet.逃走是我的梦想,也是鞭策着我继续生存下去的动力。为了恶心他们,我一次又一次地吐在地毯上。Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a #39;good little hunter#39; I am. Bastards.今天,我咬死了一只老鼠,然后将无头的老鼠尸体扔到了那帮人的脚旁示威。我本想我的所作所为会让人类心中一震,让他们看到我的能力。结果意想不到的是,他们只是居高临下地抛下一句话:“真棒啊,小猎人”。一帮混蛋。There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However, I could hear the noises and smell the food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of #39;allergies.#39; I must learn what this means and how to use it to my advantage.今晚人类和他们的同谋在这里集会。在集会期间我被关了禁闭。即便如此,我还是听到集会的嘈杂声,闻到了食物的香味。我还偷听到,是我的致过敏能力导致我被关禁闭。我必须弄懂其中的真正意义,并要为我所用。Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try this again tomorrow -- but at the top of the stairs.今天,我尝试了一次暗杀行动,差一点就成功了:一个邪恶的人类在走路时,我在他的脚旁来回穿梭。明天我要再试一次,我要在楼梯的最高处行动。I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches. The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released - and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded.这里的其它囚犯都是一些走和告密者,对此我深信不疑。那条获得了特权,定期会被放风,不过它似乎很乐意回到监狱。这很明显非常迟钝。The bird has got to be an informant. I observe him communicating with the guards regularly. I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. For now..........那鸟肯定是一个告密者。我注意到它定期和守卫交流。我敢肯定,它将我的一举一动都上报给守卫。人类为他提供了保护性拘留,安排了一个高级的囚房,因此那鸟会很安全。但,那只是暂时的…… /201205/180815。


  Layered looks are more than just about covering up. Instead, three-piece dressing is all about creating movement in clothing, an essential component of timeless style, according to Gayla Bentley. This chic approach to getting dressed is heavily influenced by Gayla's love of Paris and the way Parisian women dress. Even her company's slogan of L.I.P.S. reflects her belief that women should find their own unique look instead of just following trends. 多层看起来不仅仅是为了遮掩。相反,三片形的套装是为了在饰中创造运动感,这是Gayla·Bentley永恒的风格的重要一环。 这种别致的穿衣方式在很大程度上融入到了Gayla的巴黎风尚设计中而且影响着巴黎女性的着装方式。甚至Gayla的公司的口号L.I.P.S.也反映了她认为女性应该找到自己的独特风格,而不只是一味的跟风。 /201111/159812

  Mes amis let us take a moment and go francophile. But first let me preface this by acknowledging that there was in fact a time when my love affair with France hit a dark spot.Mes amis (译注:法语;我的朋友;),让我们花点时间,来哈哈法国吧。不过在此之前,我要声明一下,曾经有一段时间,我的法兰西之恋中断过。A longtime francophile ; ;Anna do you really have to always pronounce croissant with a French accent?; ; I did what any person in love would do: I moved. But somewhere along the line France stopped being the romantic place it once had been. My newfound relationship with the place once seductive and alluring turned commonplace and in the midst of dealing with French bureaucracy I was no longer intrigued by the je ne sais quoi.我爱了她那么久;;;安娜,你非得用法国口音来说lsquo;羊角面包rsquo;吗?; ;;而和所有恋爱中的人一样,我想和所爱长相厮守,于是,我搬到了法国。但是某年某月的某一天,法国突然不再是我心目中那个浪漫的所在了。这个地方曾让我心驰向往、目眩神迷,但如今,我们的关系却变得平庸乏味。而在见识了这个国家的官僚主义后,她对我也失去了那种;妙不可言;的魔力。But like any good relationship distance did it some good and now France and I are back to where we once were with me constantly craving a taste of French culture. Which brings me back to food.不过也和所有的爱情一样,距离会产生美。现在我和法国又回到了最初的状况:我又开始对法国文化如饥似渴。因此也就有了今天的话题:法国饮食。As a culture we have long been intrigued by the idea that French women don#39;t get fat. But that concept stretches across an entire nation giving us the French paradox. How does one consume cream butter and ample amounts of cheese and still manage to be perfectly in shape? Our Anglo minds have a hard time grappling with this question but really it all comes down to how we think about food and in France it#39;s all about having a respect for what#39;s on the plate in front of you. A way of life instead of a lifestyle choice.为什么法国女人吃不胖,我们对这个话题着迷已久。而后话题进一步扩大,成为了;法国悖论;。我们这些英国人冥思苦想,就是搞不懂为什么同样是吃奶油、黄油和奶酪,法国人却能保持好身材?但其实真相只有一个,就是我们对待食物的态度不同。对于餐桌上的东西,法国人都怀着一种崇高的敬意。对他们来说,吃不单是一种生活方式,吃就是生活。Ultimately the French Paradox isn#39;t a paradox at all it#39;s just about a few simple values that we could easily start incorporating into our own lives no matter where we live.归根结底,;法国悖论;根本不是悖论,相反,它只是一些简单的信条。无论我们身处何方,都可以很容易地把它们融入生活。 /201201/167645TODAY women earn almost 60 percent of all bachelor#39;s degrees and more than half of master#39;s and Ph.D.#39;s. Many people believe that, while this may be good for women as income earners, it bodes ill for their marital prospects.如今几乎60%的学士学位、超过一半的硕士和士学位是由女性获得的。很多人相信尽管这也许能帮助女性多赚取些收入,但对他们的婚姻前景却不妙。As Kate Bolick wrote in a much-discussed article in The Atlantic last fall, American women face ;a radically shrinking pool of what are traditionally considered to be #39;marriageable#39; men ; those who are better educated and earn more than they do.; Educated women worry that they are scaring away potential partners, and pundits claim that those who do marry will end up with unsatisfactory matches. They point to outdated studies suggesting that women with higher earnings than their husbands do more housework to compensate for the threat to their mates#39; egos, and that men who earn less than their wives are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.正如凯特;鲍力克去年秋季发表在《大西洋月刊》上一篇广为讨论的文章中写道的那样,美国女性;正面临着传统上适婚男性急剧减少的状况。这些男性受到的教育良好,而且赚得也多。受过良好教育的女性担心他们会让潜在的伴侣望而却步,专家声称最终那些结婚的人婚姻都不尽人意。他们暗示过去的研究显示 收入比丈夫高的女性做的家务多,这样可以弥补对男性伴侣自尊的威胁,而且收入比妻子地低的男性更有可能患勃起功能障碍。Is this really the fate facing educated heterosexual women: either no marriage at all or a marriage with more housework and less sex? Nonsense. That may have been the case in the past, but no longer. For a woman seeking a satisfying relationship as well as a secure economic future, there has never been a better time to be or become highly educated.要么不碰婚姻,要么就是婚后家务不断、且鲜有性生活,女异性恋者的命运就该如此吗?胡扯。过去也许是这样,现在变了。女性想要有个满意的伴侣和稳定的经济未来,没有比提高教育水平更好了。For more than a century, women often were forced to choose between an education and a husband. Of women who graduated from college before 1900, more than three-quarters remained single. As late as 1950, one-third of white female college graduates ages 55 to 59 had never married, compared with only 7 percent of their counterparts without college degrees.一个多世纪以来,女性通常不得不在教育和丈夫之间做出选择。1900年前,女大学生中超过3/4 的人单身。1950年时,年龄在55至59之间的有1/3拥有大学学历的白人女性从未嫁人,相比没有大学学历的对照组,这一比例仅占7%。。Some of these women chose to stay single, of course, and that choice has always been easier and more rewarding for educated women. But the low marriage rates of educated women in the past were also because of the romantic and sexual prejudices of men. One physician explained the problem in Popular Science Monthly in 1905: An educated woman developed a ;self-assertive, independent character; that made it ;impossible to love, honor and obey; as a real wife should. He warned that as more middle-class women attended college, middle-class men would look to the lower classes to find uneducated wives.其中有些女性选择单身,当然,这个选择对受过良好教育的女性是容易做的、也是值得的。但是过去受过良好教育的女性结婚率低也是由于男性的浪漫和性别偏见。一位内科医生在1905年的《大众科学期刊》上这样解释这个问题:受过良好教育的女性形成了;自信、独立的品质;,这样她们就没有了现实生活中妻子应有的热爱、尊重和从的性格。他警告到:越来越多的中产阶级女性去念大学后,中产阶级男性将向更低的阶级去寻找那些没受过教育的人做老婆。That is exactly what happened in the mid-20th century. From 1940 to the mid-1970s, the tendency for men to marry down educationally became more pronounced and the cultural ideal of hypergamy ; that women must marry up ; became more insistent.20世纪中叶的情况就是如此。从1940年至20世纪70年代,男性娶的女性受教育的水平没自己高的现象比较普遍,高攀(女性嫁给比自己好的男性)的文化理想也是一贯坚持的。Postwar dating manuals advised women to ;play dumb; to catch a man ; and 40 percent of college women in one survey said they actually did so. As one guidebook put it: ;Warning! ... Be careful not to seem smarter than your man.; If you hide your intelligence, another promised, ;you#39;ll soon become the little woman to be pooh-poohed, patronized and wed.;二战后的约会指南建议女性,要抓住男人的心,女人得;装傻充愣;,在一份调查中,40%的大学女性称他们就是这样做的。一本手册如此建议:;当心!...... 别让自己看上去比你的男人聪明。; 如果能隐藏你的智慧,;很快你就会变成小女人,被男人怜爱和保护,并步入婚姻。;Insulting as it may have been, such advice was largely sound. Studying national surveys on mate preferences, David M. Buss, a psychologist at the University of Texas, and his colleagues found that in 1956, education and intelligence were together ranked 11th among the things men sought in a mate. Much more important to them was finding a good cook and housekeeper who was refined, neat and had a pleasing disposition. By 1967, education and intelligence had moved up only one place, to No. 10, on men#39;s wish lists.尽管听起来不太顺耳,这些建议大体上还是正确的。研究全国的择偶喜好调查之后,得克萨斯大学的心理学家戴维;布斯和他的同事发现,1956年时,在男性寻求伴侣的品质中,教育和智力并列排名第11位。他们更想找的是找个好厨师和家庭主妇,她得待人礼貌、举止高雅、心情开朗。 1967年时,男士的意向榜单上,教育和智力上升了1位,排到第10位。Men in the postwar period were threatened by the thought of a woman with more or even as much education as they had. One man who taught at a women#39;s college in the 1950s told me his colleagues used to joke that once they knew a woman had earned a Ph.D., they didn#39;t even need to ask what she had specialized in: clearly, it was in ;Putting Hubby Down.;二战后,一想到有个女人的受到的教育比自己多,甚至一样多,男人就会觉得受到威胁了。20世纪50年代曾经在女子学院任教的一位男士告诉我说,知道一个女性有了士学位之后,他们甚至不会问她从事什么专业研究,就开玩笑地说专业是;把相公比下去。;But over the past 30 years, these prejudices have largely disappeared. By 1996, intelligence and education had moved up to No. 5 on men#39;s ranking of desirable qualities in a mate. The desire for a good cook and housekeeper had dropped to 14th place, near the bottom of the 18-point scale. The sociologist Christine B. Whelan reports that by 2008, men#39;s interest in a woman#39;s education and intelligence had risen to No. 4, just after mutual attraction, dependable character and emotional stability.30多年过去了,这些偏见大部分已经不复存在了。1996年时,智力和教育状况已经上升到男人寻求伴侣理想的品质排名的第5 位。找一位厨师和家庭主妇已经降到第14位,接近一共18个排名的底部了。社会学家克里斯汀;威尔兰(Christine B. Whelan)称,2008年时男性对女性的教育和智力状况的兴趣已经上升到第4位了,仅次于彼此的吸引、可靠的品质和稳定的情感。The result has been a historic reversal of what the economist Elaina Rose calls the ;success; penalty for educated women. By 2008, the percentage of college-educated white women ages 55 to 59 who had never been married was down to 9 percent, just 3 points higher than their counterparts without college degrees. And among women 35 to 39, there was no longer any difference in the percentage who were married.这个结果是对经济学家埃莱纳;罗斯称为受过良好教育女性的;成功;惩罚的历史性颠覆。截止到2008年,55岁至59岁的始终未婚的受过大学教育的白人女性比率已经下降到9%,只比没有大学学位的白人女性高3个点。而且,对于35岁至39岁的女性来说,有没有受过大学教育不再有区别。 /201202/172106

  Kissing, stroking and wild embraces are common enough, but now the quiet, romantic gesture of holding hands in public is a final frontier for many young couples in the West-even though, traditionally it was the first step towards intimacy。 亲吻、爱抚和热情的拥抱虽很常见,但如今,安静、浪漫的牵手却成了很多西方年轻人在公共场所的终极边界——虽然这在传统上不过是亲昵行为的第一步。 Power couples on the world stage have taken to handholding as a sign of equality and commitment. The Obamas are often snapped hand-in-hand. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife parade with fingers entwined. And Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni are notorious for their public affection。 世界大舞台上的权贵夫妇们已将握手视为平等、承诺的标志。奥巴马夫妇照相时总是两手紧握,英国首相戈登·布朗夫妇外出时也总是十指紧扣,法国总统尼古拉斯·萨科奇和妻子卡拉·布鲁尼更因二人在公共场合的亲昵举动而招致不少非议。 That very fact--that it's a simple but powerful statement of commitment—is exactly what deters many young people from linking hands。 然而,正是这个简单却强大的承诺让众多年轻人对牵手望而却步。 /201008/111807

  Although interacting with girls seems like an intimidating endeavor to many guys, adhering to certain principles allows it to be a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.尽管对很多男生而言与女生交往简直是噩梦,但遵循以下几个简单的原则将会给你带来很多愉快的体验。Steps操作步骤:1.Be yourself.1.做你自己。It#39;s important to maintain self confidence by being yourself around girls. If you adopt an alternate personality to attract girls, you will eventually be weighed down with the feeling that your true self isn#39;t good enough. It may help to develop and improve your social skills, but any girls that don#39;t appreciate you for who you are don#39;t deserve your attention.在与女生们交往的过程中做好自己、拥有自信是非常重要的。如果你改变自己的个性去吸引她们的话,到头来你会感到很失落——因为真实的你差劲到无法吸引女生。做你自己可以培养你的社交技巧,任何不欣赏你的女生都不值得你关注。2.Respect all girls equally.2.平等地尊重每个女生。You stand a much better chance of making a good overall impression if you treat girls that don#39;t interest you just as nicely as those that do. This doesn#39;t mean that you need to talk to or flirt with every girl, but don#39;t ignore them or treat them dismissively. Don#39;t talk to a girl about other girls#39; attractiveness; it#39;s distasteful and can degrade the girl#39;s opinion of herself. You generally shouldn#39;t talk about past relationships you#39;ve had, or other girls that interest you; it detracts from building a new relationship.如果你将恐龙和美女一视同仁的话,这会给她们带来深刻的印象,你也会因此得到更好的机会。这并不意味着你得同每个女生闲扯或调情,但请不要无视恐龙们的存在,更不要去鄙视她们。不要在一个女生面前谈论其他女生的魅力,这会让她们感到厌恶,甚至看轻自己。通常来讲别扯你的那些风流往事,或其他的女友候选人,这对建立新的关系是非常不利的。3.Make eye contact.3.眉目传情。Many girls like it when you can#39;t take your eyes off them, but not when you#39;re staring at their boobs. Although there are some girls that may enjoy such attention, you won#39;t offend anyone by focusing on her face instead. Do not ogle her. Just remember to use discretion and show proper respect.很多女生喜欢看到男生的目光黏在自己的身上,但是不要老盯着她们的胸部看,尽管有个别女生确实有此嗜好,你还是盯着她们的脸比较好,但可别用色迷迷的眼神。记住目光中应该透露出你慎重以及尊敬。4.Make them feel special.4.让她们感到很特别。Girls like it when you#39;re forward but not in a creepy way. Smile at her in a way that#39;s clear, friendly, and/or playful. If you feel compelled to honesty, you can offer a sincere compliment. For example, you could say ;Did anyone ever tell you that you have a beautiful smile?; Eyes are another good one-they#39;re not the easiest thing to notice, and it shows you were looking at her face. Select something good that is reserved for her only; it will make her feel wonderfully special, admired, and beautiful.女生们很欣赏你的勇敢,但不要吓到她们。单纯友好甚至戏虐的微笑都是可以的。如果你希望能坦诚一些,那么可以诚挚地恭维一下。例如,你可以说,“有人说过你的微笑很迷人吗?”眼睛也是个不错的选择,即使你不容易注意到,这也可以暗示你在认真地看她的脸。选择她独有的特点切入,这会让她感到拥有特别的感受,觉得自己很美丽,受人爱慕。5.Be a gentleman.5.做一个绅士。Girls love guys that are polite and courteous. It#39;s just a matter of doing simple things like holding doors open for them and being respectful in other ways. Some claim chivalry is dead, but if you believe that, then you#39;re going to have some problems getting a girl#39;s interest.女生们喜欢那些彬彬有礼的男生。做到这一点也很简单——帮她们开门或者以礼相待。某些骑士时代的礼节已经过时,如果你坚持使用,这会让她们感到很诡异,反而会弄巧成拙。6.Make her laugh.6.逗她开心。Being funny is one of the most attractive qualities a guy can have, and if you#39;re not ;handsome;, a girl will usually overlook that! If you#39;re not goofy but you have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, use that. Just watch your timing and try not to be too goofy, or you may make a fool of yourself. It#39;s okay to tease her a little, but generally not about her appearance.风趣是每个男生都应具有的品质,相比于“帅气”,女生们更重于此。如果你智商不低,而且还拥有独特的幽默感,那么尽管拿来用吧。把握时机也很重要,可以揶揄对方,但是原则上不要拿她的相貌来开玩笑。7.Notice when you#39;re having a conversation and she seems uncomfortable, change the subject.7.注意碰到女生不喜欢的话题时,要转换话题。Watch her movements, if she#39;s shifting her weight a lot and not making eye contact, chances are she#39;s uncomfortable.留意她的举动,如果你发现她们频繁地变换姿势或者与你没有眼神的交流,那就表示她们对当前的话题感到不适。8.Recognize that physical contact should be limited by the state of your relationship.8.肢体接触的范围应依当前所处的关系而定。Acquaintances-A handshake when introducing yourself is probably a reasonable limit for a first meeting. You can also subtly brush your hand against her hand or arm.初识。初次见面可以握握手。你的手可以轻轻地划过她的手或胳膊。Casual Friends or Prospective Dates-You could try something like touching her hair or playfully poking her in the side and asking if she is ticklish. This is generally considered flirting, and if a girl doesn#39;t appreciate your advances, it#39;s best to apologize and refrain from making similar contact.临时的朋友或约会预备队员。摸摸她的头发,或者挠挠痒。这些会被认为是调情,如果对方不喜欢,立即道歉并克制一点。Good Friends-It is generally acceptable to give friendly hugs to girls that you know fairly well, even if you aren#39;t a couple. Just be sensitive to the girl#39;s feelings about it; pressuring her to hug you will make her uncomfortable.好朋友。如果你们是挚友,即便不是夫妻,友善的拥抱也是可以的。但是请留意一下她的感觉,别压得她太难受。Boyfriend/Girlfriend-When you#39;ve grown closer, you can hold her hand or wrap your arm around her shoulders or waist when you#39;re walking together. With her consent, you can also kiss her.男女朋友。随着双方关系的日益亲密,一起走的时候,你可以牵她的手,搂她的腰。征得她的同意后,你还能吻她的唇。Tips友情提示:Be the same around her and your friends.同性异性朋友面前一个样。Never use the words ;sexy; unless it#39;s in a joking fashion.除了开玩笑,“性感”等词儿慎用。Don#39;t ever tell her that she looks bad.永远别说她看起来很糟。Don#39;t panic if you do something embarrassing. A lot of girls find that really cute.不小心做了囧事,别紧张,很多女生会认为这很可爱。Warnings警告:Do not make sexist jokes.别讲有性别歧视的笑话。Don#39;t focus too much on one girl if she isn#39;t enjoying the extra attention. She may get annoyed, and it will likely hurt your relationship.如果女生不想你们之间发生额外的关系,那么不要对她表现出特别的关注。一旦激怒了她,那么很可能会损害你们现有的关系。Get to know her friends and be friends with them. This will show her that you#39;re nice and friendly.与她的女朋友们适当接触,并也和她们成为朋友。这会显示你的亲和以及友善。 /201207/190007。

  Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (front L) and first lady Akie Abe disembark from a plane at the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, October 8, 2006.While nearly 80 percent of Japanese say they are patriotic, most of that majority say their country should own up to, and reflect on, its record of aggression in Asia, according to a poll published in a newspaper yesterday.The Asahi Shimbun said 78 percent of 1,805 respondents to the December 2-3 poll felt at least some degree of patriotism. The figure was slightly lower than the 80 percent recorded in a similar poll conducted in April 2005, the daily said.At the same time, 88 percent of those claiming to be patriots said Japanese must consider their country's militaristic past and brutal colonial rule in Asia, the Asahi said.The results reflect public concerns about Japanese friction with China and South Korea over their shared history, the Asahi said.Japan's relations with its Asian neighbors have often been poor because of Tokyo's lack of contrition for its aggression and harsh colonial rule in the first half of the 20th century.Repeated visits by former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi to the Yasukuni Shrine that honors war criminals from World War II have further strained those ties.The Shinzo Abe government has pursued a policy agenda aimed at bolstering Japan's international military role.However, Japan's relations with China and South Korea have improved after Abe took power in September last year. His first overseas trips as prime minister were to Beijing and Seoul and there have been several initiatives in recent months to thaw ties.昨天公布的一项调查显示,虽然80%的日本人说自己是爱国人士,但其中的大多数人认为日本应该面对历史,应对自己曾对亚洲一些国家的侵略行为进行反省。据《朝日新闻》报道,这项在12月2日和3日进行的调查共有1805人参加,调查显示,其中有78%的人认为自己至少有点爱国心,略低于2005年4月一项类似调查的80%。此外,在自认为有爱国心的受访者中,88%的人认为日本必须面对自己的军国主义历史以及曾在亚洲一些国家进行的残酷殖民统治。《朝日新闻》称,调查结果表明,日本民众对政府与中韩两国在历史问题上的分歧较为关注。20世纪上半叶,由于日本政府对其过去的侵略行为和残酷的殖民统治毫无悔意,所以日本与亚洲邻国的关系一直很差。再加上日本前首相小泉纯一郎多次参拜供奉二战战犯的靖国神社,使得日本与邻国的关系更为紧张。安倍晋三首相上任后,政府出台了一系列旨在加强日本国际军事角色的政策。然而,自安倍首相去年九月上任后,日本与中韩两国的关系有所改善。安倍首相上任后出访的第一站就是北京和首尔。此外,近几个月还出台了几项旨在“解冻”关系的新计划。 /200808/46489

  A Brazilian judoka accidentally broke his Olympic bronze medal when he brought it into the shower. Now he#39;s fighting to have it replaced.一位巴西柔道选手将他获得的奥运会铜牌带进浴室洗澡,结果不小心摔坏了奖牌。现在他正努力寻求换一块奖牌。Felipe Kitadai said he was carrying the medal everywhere. He took it with him to the shower as a joke, then dropped it while trying to keep it from getting wet.这位名为菲利普·基塔代的运动员说他去任何地方都带着奖牌。他觉得把奖牌带劲浴室很好玩,在他试图不让奖牌沾上水时不小心把奖牌摔坏了。Kitadai told Brazil#39;s GloboEsporte.com that the part holding the medal#39;s string broke, and now he can#39;t wear it around his neck. He said there#39;s also a small dent on it.基塔代告诉一家巴西体育网站,奖牌上用来系带子的环摔坏了,所以他现在没办法将奖牌挂在脖子上了。而且奖牌上也出现了一个小凹痕。Kitadai won the bronze in the men#39;s 60-kilogram division Saturday.上周六在男子60公斤级柔道比赛中,基塔代获得了这枚铜牌。The Brazilian Olympic Committee says it will request a new medal even though it knows the International Olympic Committee has no obligation to give Kitadai another one.巴西奥委会表示他们会努力申请帮基塔代换一块新的铜牌。不过他们也明白,国际奥委会也没有义务帮基塔代换块新的。The medals weigh 375-400g and are 85mm across and 7mm thick.The gold medal consists of just over one per cent actual gold. The rest is made up of 92.5 percent silver and 6.16 per cent copper.伦敦奥运会的奖牌重375-400克,直径85毫米,厚7毫米。金牌中仅仅包含百分之一成分的真正黄金,其余部分由92.5%的银和6.16%的铜组成。The 2012 gold medallion is therefore only worth about ?410 as raw metal – although the real value would, of course, be much higher if the medals were ever sold.2012伦敦奥运会的金牌从金属价值来看,只值410英镑。当然金牌的实际出售价格要远高于此。For a silver medal the gold is replaced with more copper, meaning the final product is worth around ?210.一块银牌中黄金的成分被更多的铜取代,它的金属总价值在210英镑左右。But the bronze medal is 97 percent copper, 2.5 percent zinc and 0.5 percent tin – and is therefore only worth about ?3.而一块铜牌中,97%的成分是铜,还有2.5%的锌和0.5%的锡,一块铜牌的金属价值仅有约3英镑。 /201208/193071


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