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天桥区中医医院在哪个区淄博中医医院怎么走James: So what do you see as the most effective means of advertising? TV, radio, or print?你认为最有效的广告媒体是什么?电视,广播还是印刷品?Steve: That all depends on what you mean by “effective”. Do you mean reach the widest audience, or cost the least, or what?这取决于你说的“有效”的含义。你的意思是获得最大的观众群还是投入最少,还是其他的意思?James: I mean what gives us the most bang for the buck. Obviously TV will show our capabilities the best, but it is also expensive. I am concerned that if we use print media they can’t really see the quality. What do you think?我的意思是什么途径我们所得的回报最多。显然,电视最能表现我们的实力,但很昂贵。我担心用印刷品,人们无法看见产品的质量。你认为呢?Steve: Well, first let’s both agree to ignore radio. Paul thinks we should use radio, as there is a large listening audience. But I say that in order to see the quality of our product, you really have to see it. Do you agree?首先让我们都明确我们都排出广播。Paul 认为我们应该用广播,因为有很多听众。但我认为为了展示我们产品的质量,必须让人们看见它。你同意吗?James: Agreed. So where do we go from here? TV ?是的。那我们要在哪做广告?电视上?Steve: Actually, I think TV is good, but simply too expensive. Too much of our budget would be drained and not all that much sales revenue would be generated.事实上,我认为电视很好,但是太昂贵了。我们的预算很快就会花光,而且不一定能带来好的销售量。James:Ok,so do you have a better option? Like I said, print media won’t really show off our best digital features.你有更好的主意吗?我说了,印刷产品不能展示产品最好的数码功能。Steve: Ah, that’s where we disagree. I think we could reduce our print media focus to glossy magazines only. The cost would be lower than TV by far, but our features could still be seen.这是我们两个意见不同的地方。我认为我们可以集中在印刷精美的高级杂志上作广告。投入比电视广告少的多,产品的特色还能被展现出来。James: How many males 35 to 40 years old could we expect to reach?预计能让多少35岁到40岁之间的男性消费者看到广告?Steve: Surprisingly, our marketing surveys show about 53 million.令人吃惊,市场调查表明有五千三百万。 /06/74041济南四院做输卵管通液多少钱 1.过去的十个月里,我一直都在一家律师事务所做律师专职助理。I have been working as a paralegal for the last 10 months in a law office.2. 在这类工作中,灵活性理应排在第一位。Flexibility should certainly rank high in this type of job.3.我希望能找到一份发挥我调查和写作技能的工作。I am looking for a job where my research and writing askills can be used.4.老板对我做的工作印象非常好。My boss was impressed by the work I had done.5.我最的满足就是在工作中取得进步。My biggest satisfaction is to make progress in the job.6. 我非常清楚作为一名实验室助理应该做些什么。I know exactly what I should do as a laboratory assistant.7. 我认为助理的工作不只是执行命令。I don't think the duties of assistant are just following orders.8. 我是个从来不找借口的人。I'm a person who never tries to find excuses.9.关于我,你想了解点什么?What would you like to know about me? /201106/138698济南阳光女子医院几点上班

济南106军区医院专科医院第一句:We were going to try to surprise you for your birthday.我们打算给你个生日的惊喜。A: We were going to try to surprise you for your birthday.我们打算给你个生日的惊喜。B: Thats really sweet of you guys.你们真太好了。A: But youre just too busy!但是你的确太忙了。B: Yes, I am crazy about the new project.是的,我简直要被新项目逼疯了。第二句:Can you tell me when youll be free?你能跟我讲你什么时候有空吗?A: Can you tell me when youll be free?你能跟我讲你什么时候有空吗?B: I would love to get together with all of you. How about Friday?我非常想和大伙儿聚一聚。星期五怎么样?A: Great! What time?太好了!什么时间?B: Im free all afternoon. Why dont we meet at 1 oclock in the lobby?我一下午都有空,我们1点在大厅见好吗?背诵句型:I am being pressed for time.我时间很紧。Sorry, but that is taken, too.对不起,我那时也有约会。 /201305/24济南第一人民医院做彩超多少钱 在日常对话中,向对方提出建议和忠告有这些较常用的说法:  should 应该,要   "You should try to practise English."   "You shouldn't eat too much.   "Why don't you 不如... "Why don't you join an English club?"  ought to应该   "You ought to more." /201003/97483商河县中医院妇科人流

章丘市人民医院妇科挂号商务英语口语999句 第4课[00:03.00][00:03.10]Can I pay with money order 我可以用汇票付款吗?[00:08.78]The HR assistant distributes employee paychecks every month. 人资部助理每个月会分发员工的薪资票。[00:16.48]I'm sorry. We don't accept postdated checks. 抱歉,我们不收远期票。[00:23.79]My father called the bank to stop payment on the check. 我父亲打电话到止付那张票。[00:30.63]In what denominations would you like the traveler's checks 你要哪种面额的旅行票? /200810/51932 大家商量好周五一起去聚餐,可是直到周末Jenny也没有得到任何通知。后来Jenny才知道原来那几个人约了领导一起去喝酒,唯独把她自己落了下来。Jenny非常生气,自言自语地说:I'm at the end of my rope! I'm at the end of my rope!我已经忍无可忍了!at the end of one's rope是俚语,字面意思是“绳子的末端”,引申义为“忍无可忍,受够了”,例如:Kerry is at the end of her rope with her boyfriend, because he is always late for their dates.凯利对她的男友失去了耐心,因为他总是约会迟到。此外,at the end of one's rope还可表示“山穷水尽,智穷力竭“。 Benjamin: Sorry, I'm late. You know the traffic is...本杰明:不好意思我迟到了,你知道交通总是……Jenny: Cut it out! Have you ever been on time? I'm at the end of my rope.简尼:你还是少来吧。你准时过一次吗?我已经受够了。背景音乐:I'm All Out of Love◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201101/122725济南市阳光医院看妇科好不好山东省第二医院好么



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