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Wolves are ruthlessly efficient pack hunters.狼是高效冷酷的杀手Just like us.和我们一样In this frozen world, 在这个天寒地冻的世界里 mankind makes a great leap forward.人类有了巨大的飞跃Fire turns caves into homes.火的诞生使洞穴变了家We sharpen animal bones into the first needles,我们第一次将动物的骨头磨成针And make tailored clothes for the first time.也是第一次剪裁成衣Clothing for us is fashion,衣对于我们来说是种时尚but for a man in the Ice Age, you have to keep your skin warm,但对生活在冰河世纪的人们而言 你得保暖you have to maintain a microclimate against your skin.你得保持局部气候的温暖And if you don#39;t, you start to fall apart.如果不这样 就会面临死亡On the walls of the cave,在洞穴的墙上The most uniquely human invention of all.出现了人类所有发明中最为独特的一种Images of our lives and our world.那就是我们的生命和所生活的世界的图像Some of the first works of art.其中有人类最早的艺术品They#39;re saying, ;I lived.;它们仿佛在说;我曾存在过;;I have a sense of my own identity. I am somebody.;;我是有身份的人 我是个人物;That#39;s really the beginning of humans这实际上是人类moving farther away from our animal roots渐渐脱离我们作为动物的本来特性into a new kind of creature.而进化成一种新生物的起点It might have been the first example of individuality.也许这就是最早的个性的体现We know we survived that period.我们知道我们闯过了那段艰难时期But it#39;s good see tangible physical evidence of that.但能看到有形的实体据真是太好了 Article/201508/393279。

  • 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201509/398727。
  • Air force transport plane crashes in city of Medan印尼空军C-130飞机在棉兰坠毁An Indonesian military spokesman said a military transport plane crashed in the city of Medan in northern Sumatra, but he was unable to give details on casualties.印尼一名军方发言人表示一架军方运输机在苏门答腊岛北部的棉兰市坠毁,但他未能提供具体伤亡人数。According to local television, the Hercules C-130 plane crashed into two houses and a car.当地电台报道,这架大力神C-130型军用运输机两座房子及一辆车。 译文属 Article/201507/383544。
  • 三分钟搞定科技英语(视频+中英字幕) 第2期:自媒体客《三分钟搞定科技英语》属于《原来如此》系列的英语视频听力栏目,用一系列绘图拼接视频,生动形象地展示了科技英语知识,能够激发人们的英语学习兴趣 ,是拓展英语知识面,积累科技英语词汇,了解科技中的一些常识的极好材料。 Article/201507/386345。
  • And so we#39;ve got a common guy on the street因此一个在街上的普通人who#39;s now involved in this pivotal moment in history.卷入了历史上这一关键的时刻It can take three days to die on a cross.Blood-loss, shock,Dehydration, suffocation.被钉在十字架上要三天才会死 失血 休克 脱水 窒息死亡Crucifixions are so common,The Romans barely register Jesus#39; death.十字架上的苦刑是如此普遍 以至于罗马人几乎没有记录耶稣的死亡This non-event,this thing that nobody noticed except his friends and family,除了耶稣的朋友和家人 几乎没人注意到这件普通的小事turned out to have the power to transform the entire Roman Empire and the course of human history然而这件事却有力量改变整个罗马帝国 在过去的两千年more profoundly than any other single event over the past 2,000 years.比其他任何事件都更深刻地改变了 人类历史的进程The followers of Jesus will retell his story耶稣的追随者将会重述他的故事And use the power of the empire to sp his message.利用罗马帝国的力量传播耶稣的教诲1400 miles from Jerusalem,The imperial capital, Rome.耶路撒冷1400英里外 是帝国的首都 罗马The largest city on earth.Population: one million.这是世界上最大的城市 人口为一百万It#39;s two and half times more densely populated Than modern Manhattan.罗马的人口密度 是如今曼哈顿人口密度的2.5倍But 18 years after the crucifixion,在耶稣被钉死在十字架上十八年以后A series of droughts creates a food shortage.连续的干旱导致了食物短缺Rome needs 200,000 tons of grain each year,罗马每年需要二十万吨的粮食Or its people will starve.否则人们就会挨饿 Article/201510/402161。
  • Now that message must have been especially important at the time that the poem that this scroll is based on was written, and at the time it was painted, because these were times of social chaos. So what the message is, is that the woman, even one with great beauty, must always evince humility, she must always abide by rules, and never forget her position in relationship to her husband and family; and by doing so, she is a positive and active force in promoting social order.;既然这样的传统在当时一定有着极为重要的地位,画卷是以诗的基础上用画的形式表现,因为那个年代社会正值混乱时期。因此当时这种已根深蒂固的思想是即女性不论美丑,都应谦逊守礼,牢记自己在家中的地位,从丈夫。这样才能对社会起到积极作用。Advisers to the powerful have always attempted to guide their leaders, both male and female. Charles Powell knows very well how to advise artfully and loyally one powerful woman in particular: he was Margaret Thatcher#39;s foreign policy advisor in the 1980s, and he frequently worked with her on China:而君主的大臣们一直试图引导辅佐各自的男女领导人们。查尔斯·鲍威尔对于如何,特别是对于女强人巧妙建议,展现忠诚了如指掌:他在20世纪80年代曾担任玛格丽特·撒切尔的外交政策顾问,他经常和她就中国问题展开讨论:;Well this magnificent object tells a story of a very powerful woman. And powerful women in modern history are actually quite rare-really powerful women. Margaret Thatcher was an exception, an exception I don#39;t think is going to be repeated any time soon in this country.这件伟大的物品讲述了一个非常强大女性的故事。而现代历史上的女强人其实非常罕见,我指的是那种真正强势的女人。然而玛格丽特·撒切尔是特例,她的特别我想对这个国家任何都不用赘述。It shouldn#39;t be difficult to approach superiors:after all, if one#39;s chosen to be an advisor to somebody, then you#39;ve got to give them your honest advice and be fearless in doing so. So the idea that advisers are simply courtiers who say what the leader wants to hear is not true at all.不过应对上级不应该很难:毕竟,如果一个人被选作某人顾问,你需要的是展现你的诚实建议并且对于这样做无所畏惧。所以顾问像那些朝臣们一样说的都是上级想听的一点也不真实。But it is true that Margaret Thatcher benefitted from the fact that most of her cabinet ministers were public-school-educated British men, brought up not to be rude to a lady and to defer to the other sex, and perhaps sometimes this unconsciously qualified their willingness to go head-to-head with her on difficult issues.但真实的是玛格丽特·撒切尔受益于这样一个事实:她的大部分内阁部长都是受公立学校教育影响的英国男性,对于这样一位女领导并未表现粗鲁,甚至有时他们这种无意识能够帮到她解决棘手难题。 Article/201502/358067。
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