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Japanese Fertility FestivalA 300-year-old fertility festival at a Japanese shrine celebrates the coming of spring ReutersSome 30,000 visitors packed into this local shrine, south of Tokyo, looking a laugh or something more permanent. In a three-century-old ritual, a band of merry locals carry omikoshi, or portable phallic shrines in most cases with hopes of increasing their odds of fertility. In baby challenged Japan, this is a growing concern. But eign visitors also flocked to this shrine, many amazed that a full frontal public display of this kind was possible.Definitely more liberal in Japan, yeah, no, you wouldn’t find a festival like this in the UK, maybe in secret somewhere, but nothing like this.Erotic candies are not every taste at the festival, but these women are not shying away from sweets. This shrine has become known internationally after eigners started joining its annual phallic festival a few decades ago. Many of the visitors today are apparently here to just have fun. There are some who are really serious about making their wishes.The wishes are they need babies, but some need boyfriends first.I’d really like to have a baby, and bee that, I need a boyfriend. I came here hoping these wishes would come true.The festival began over 300 years ago after ladies of the night demanded protection from an epidemic of syphilis. Now the shrine says its god is believed to help protect people from the AIDS virus and to alleviate the plight of its sufferers. Toshi Maeda Reuters, Kawasaki, Japan.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. omikoshi : noun 神輿An omikoshi is a portable Shinto shrine. Shinto followers believe that it serves as the vehicle of a divine spirit in Japan at the time of a parade of deities. Often, the mikoshi resembles a miniature building, with pillars, walls, a roof, a veranda and a railing.. phallic : adj Something that is phallic is shaped like an erect penis. It can also relate to male sexual powers. 3. erotic : adjErotic art shows naked people or sexual acts, and is intended to produce feelings of sexual pleasure.. taste : n-singIf you have a taste something, you have a liking or preference it.5. syphilis : noun 梅毒Syphilis is a serious disease which is passed on through sexual intercourse. 639Famous BuildingsStructures-The Brooklyn Bridge; The Minimum Wage; to speculate versus to deliberate versus to contemplate; holy moly; down-and-dirtyWords:suspension bridgemarvelon sitecaissonpermanentparalyzedto supervisefederalinterstate commerceeligiblewelfareopponentto speculateto deliberateto contemplateholy molydown-and-dirty 18Voice : Our next piece of mail comes from Victor in Brazil. Victor recently heard our program called Thin Models. This program looked at clothes models. Many models try to copy a particular style — they try to be extremely thin. Often, they do this by starving themselves. They believe this will help them to find more modeling work. But this is very dangerous. It causes many health problems. And some women die. One of the stories in the program Thin Models was about a model in Brazil. But one of our facts was wrong. Victor caught our mistake. He writes:声音:下一封信来自巴西的维克多维克多最近听了《骨感模特这期节目在节目中,我们介绍了装模特许多模特都在模仿一种特定的风格,他们让自己骨瘦如柴通常,他们通过节食来做到骨瘦如柴他们认为这会帮助他们找到更多模特机会但是这样做非常危险这种方法可能引发许多健康问题有些女性死亡《骨感模特中提到了一名巴西模特的故事但是我们在节目中有一个常识性错误维克多发现了这个错误他写道:Voice 3: ;Hi, Im from Brazil and I love to listen to Spotlight... But I would like to say that there is an error in the program Thin Models. You say that the capital of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro. But Rio de Janeiro was the capital from 63 to 1960. Then the capital was changed to Brasilia.;声音3:“你好,我来自巴西,我很喜欢重点报道节目但是我要指出《骨感模特这期节目中的一个错误节目中说巴西的首都是里约热内卢但其实里约热内卢在63年至1960年曾是巴西首都而后巴西首都迁往巴西利亚”译文属 653

Ask an American-Asian Immigrants; to note versus to notice versus to notify; assessment versus appraisal; to be full of (oneself)Words:professionalized immigrationbrain drainworking classfolkspre-collegiatemultiplicitynational origindemographicsculturally competentto raisesocio-economictune 500 companyto noteto noticeto notifyassessmentappraisal 38

B. Keywords. redesign, alleviate hunger, ask questions.Vocabulary. zip code, alleviate, donate, National Geographic, Hunger Site, ed Nations World Food Program, Ask Jeeves Site.Youre going to hear the descriptions of three websites, listen carefully, complete the main features listed.1. National Geographic, the magazine, has redesigned its website with its new features.Among them, an opporty ers to help choose the magazine cover, interviews with National Geographic photographers, and lots and lots of pictures.More pictures in fact than there was room in the print version.There also Zip USA, the feature you can find both online and in print.It a focused look at one zip code in the US.. Now there a website created to help alleviate world hunger called the Hunger Site.Contributions, generated when computer users visit the site on the World Wide Web, are donated to the ed Nations World Food Program.The beauty of the site is that when the web surfer clicks on, they dont pay a penny.This is Abby Spring, a World Food Program official.She says that funds to purchase the food come from corporate donors who make a financial contribution each time an individual logs on to Hungersite, that one word, dot com.Abby Spring says that so far, thanks to Hungersite dot come, the World Food Program has been able to distribute food valued at approximately 00,000 dollars.3. The Ask Jeeves Site on the Internet is one of the most useful Internet sites asking questions in simple English and getting direct answers.Ask most search engines a question these days and they will return a result which gives thousands of pages you to search.The Ask Jeeves Site gives you half a dozen where you can find the exact answer.The Ask Jeeves Site owners say they have dealt with more than 0 million questions since Ask Jeeves was set up in 1997.Just this month, people were asking Jeeves the following questions: What are the latest score baseball?What is the address of the website Coca-cocla? Where can I find a list of airfare travel bargains?Tell me the names of the TOP universities and colleges in the US. 06

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