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内江做疤痕修复多少钱Ive always been an optimist我天生乐观,and I suppose that is rooted in my belief that the power of creativity and intelligence can make the world a better place.坚信人类凭创造力和聪明才智可以让世界日益美妙,这一设想一直根植于我的内心深处。For as long as I can remember, Ive loved learning new things and solving problems.自从记事起,我就热衷于接触新事物、挑战难题。So when I sat down at a computer for the first time in seventh grade, I was hooked.可想而知,我上七年级时第一次坐在计算机前是何等着迷,如入无我之境。It was a clunky old Teletype machine那是一台锵锵作响的旧牌机器,and it could barely do anything compared to the computers we have today.和我们今天拥有的计算机相比,它相当逊色几乎一无所用,But it changed my life.但正是它改变了我的生活。When my friend Paul Allen and I started Microsoft 30 years ago,30年前,我和朋友保罗·艾伦创办微软时,we had a vision of ;a computer on every desk and in every home,;我们幻想实现“在每个家庭、在每张办公桌上都有一台计算机”,which probably sounded a little too optimistic at a time when most computers were the size of refrigerators.这在大多数的计算机体积如同冰箱的尺寸的年代,听起来有点异想天开。But we believed that personal computers would change the world.但是我们相信个人电脑将改变世界。And they have.今天看来果真如此。And after 30 years, Im still as inspired by computers as I was back in seventh grade.30年后,我仍然象上七年级的时候那样为计算机而狂热着迷。I believe that computers are the most incredible tool we can use to feed our curiosity and inventiveness -- to help us solve problems我相信计算机是我们用来满足好奇心及发明创造的最神奇的工具——有了它们的帮助,that even the smartest people couldnt solve on their own.甚至是最聪明的人凭自身力量无法应对的难题都将迎刃而解。Computers have transformed how we learn, giving kids everywhere a window into all of the worlds knowledge.计算机已经改变了我们的学习方式,为全球各地的孩子们开启了一扇通向大千世界知识的窗户。Theyre helping us build communities around the things we care about它可以帮我们围绕我们关注的事物建立“群”,and to stay close to the people who are important to us, no matter where they are.让我们和那些对自己重要的人保持密切联系,不管他们身处何方。201308/251405四川省做韩式开眼角哪家好重庆整形医院吸脂

重庆星辰美容医院医生有哪些重庆三峡中心医院抽脂多少钱President Levin, thank you very much. Dean Brodhead, fellows of the Yale Corporation, fellow Yale parents, families, and graduates: Its a special privilege to receive this honorary degree. I was proud 33 years ago to receive my first Yale degree. Im even prouder that in your eyes Ive earned this one.非常感谢,莱文校长。布罗德黑德院长,耶鲁董事会的全体成员,耶鲁毕业生的家长们,各位毕业生们:获得这个荣誉学位让我感觉非常荣幸。我很自豪,在33年前获得了第一个耶鲁学位。而今天,在你们面前获得这一荣誉学位让我更加骄傲无比。I congratulate my fellow honorees. Im pleased to share this honor with such a distinguished group. Im particularly pleased to be here with my friend, the former of Mexico.祝贺你们,与我同获殊荣的人们。我很高兴能和如此杰出的团体共享这一荣誉,尤其是能和我的朋友,墨西哥前总统在一起分享。I congratulate all the parents who are here. Its a glorious day when your child graduates from college. Its a great day for you; its a great day for your wallet.我要恭喜所有在座的家长们:恭喜你们辛勤栽培后享受收获的日子,也是你们钱包解放的大好日子!Most important, congratulations to the class of 2001. To those of you who received honors, awards, and distinctions, I say, well done. And to the C students I say, you, too, can be President of the ed States.最重要的是,我要恭喜201届的耶鲁毕业生们:对于那些表现杰出、获得各种奖项和荣誉的同学,我要说,你们真棒!对于那些C等生,我要说,你们将来也可以当总统!A Yale degree is worth a lot, as I often remind Dick Cheney who studied here, but left a little early. So now we know—if you graduate from Yale, you become President. If you drop out, you get to be Vice President.耶鲁学位价值不菲。我时常这样提醒迪克·切尼(美国布什政府时期的副总统),他也曾在耶鲁就读,只是过早辍学了。所以我想提醒整就读于耶鲁的莘莘学子,如果你们从耶鲁顺利毕业,你们也许可以当上总统’但如果你们中途辍学,那么你们就只能当副总统了。I appreciate so very much the chance to say a few words on this occasion. I know Yale has a tradition of having no commencement speaker. I also know that youve carved out a single exception.我很荣幸能有机会在这个场合发表演讲。我知道,耶鲁向来不邀请毕业典礼演讲人,但也有例外。 /201303/229426There was a time in my Avon career when I was passed over for a promotion to be the CEO. I had a job offer to be the head of another company, but a woman I respected gave me some good advice. She told me always to follow my heart, not my head. So I followed my heart and stayed at Avon. In the end, I got the promotion, but most important, I have always loved my work, and that has made all the difference.在雅芳我曾经错过了一次晋升为首席执行官的机会,那时我可以成为另一家公司的领导者。但一位令我尊重的女性给我提了一些很好的建议。他让我听从内心的选择,而不是头脑的。于是我听从了内心留在雅芳。最终,我获得了晋升,但重要的是,我始终热爱的我的工作,这才是最主要的。The next distinguishing quality of leadership is Compassion—caring about people. In my four years as CEO at Avon, Ive had to make some tough decisions and difficult calls -eliminating jobs and closing factories. Actions that affect good people. The horrible part of the job. But I believe we demonstrate compassion and treat people fairly, with respect and dignity during those tough decisions. And it is the responsibility for those of us wanting the privilege of being tomorrows corporate leaders to honor the commitment to compassion and the protection of the human spirit, in spite of the pressures and demands of business today.领导力的第二个特质就是有同情心;关心别人。我在雅芳人首席执行官的四年里,有时不得不做出一些艰难的决定和通知,例如取消某个职位或关闭某个工厂。这些都会伤害一些无辜的员工,这也是工作中残忍的一面。但我相信在做这些决定时我们表现出了同情心和公平性,以及对他人尊严的尊重。尽管面临商界的压力和要求,但那些希望成为明天企业领导者的人有责任怀有对人类的同情心,有责任呵护他人的心灵。Along with compassion comes Humility. Many people are surprised to learn this is one of Avons core values. None of us has all the answers. And all of us must listen to each other, because listening makes us stronger.作为领导者,除了要有同情心,谦卑心也非常重要。许多人在得知这是雅芳的核心价值观之一时感到很惊讶。我们没有人能回答所有问题。我们必须相互倾听,因为倾听让我们更强大。 /201304/232975重庆星辰整形美容医院丰胸手术If my Dad was alive today, the thing I think he would be most happy about is that Lucy and I have a baby in the hopper. I think he would been annoyed that I hadnt gotten my Ph. D yet (thanks, Michigan!). Dad was so full of insights, of excitement about new things, that to this day, I often wonder what he would think about some new development. If he were here today--well, it would be one of the best days of his life. Hed be like a kid in a candy store. For a day, hed be young again.如果我的父亲能活到今天,我想他最开心的莫过于看到露西我和即将拥有自己的孩子。我想他会因为我还没能拿到士学位而相当烦恼(谢谢你,密歇根大学)。我的父亲是一位对新事物充满洞悉力和的人,如果他活到今天,他一定会有新的想法。如果他今天也能来到这里——那将会是他人生中最美好的日子之一。他会像个在糖果店里的孩子一样,有一天,又会年轻的。Many of us are fortunate enough to be here with family. Some of us have dear friends and family to go home to. And who knows, perhaps some of you, like Lucy and I, are dreaming of future families of your own. Just like me, your families brought you here, and you brought them here. Please keep them close and remember: they are what really matters in life.我们中很多人都很幸运,能够在这里和家人们一起。我们中的一些还可以和亲友家人一起回家。而谁又知道,也许你们中也有人,像露西和我一样,也梦想着将来有自己的家庭。就像我一样,你们的家人把你们带到这里,而你们又把他们带到这里。请和他们保持亲密,并且记住:他们才是生命中真正至关重要的部分。Thanks, Mom; Thanks, Lucy. And thank you, all, very much.感谢妈妈,感谢露西,感谢你们大家,非常感谢。 /201309/257584重庆星宸美容怎么样

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