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The Palestinian death toll passed 400 yesterday as over 60 people were killed in Gaza City as Israel extended its ground offensive in its war against Hamas, sparking the most deadly day of fighting in the besieged territory.以色列扩大了针对哈马Hamas)的地面军事行动。昨日超0人在加沙Gaza City)丧生,这是近日加沙地带作战导致死亡人数最多的一天。截至昨日巴勒斯坦的死亡人数已超00人。Israel stepped up its attacks against the Islamic militants, targeting tunnel networks on the border and shelling the al-Shuja’iya neighbourhood in the east of Gaza City. The air and tank strikes, as well as gunfire, left many civilians, including children, dead or wounded.以色列加强了对伊斯兰主义武装人员的攻势,重点打击边境的地道网络,并对加沙城东部的al-Shuja iya区进行炮击。空袭、坦克袭击和炮火导致许多平民死伤,其中包括多名儿童。Hamas fighters engaged Israeli troops with rocket propelled grenades and gunfire. Journalists reported seeing dead and wounded in the streets, some of whom could not be treated because of the intensity of the fighting. Israel agreed to a ceasefire in the afternoon to let medics treat the injured.哈马斯武装人员用火箭推进榴弹和迎击以色列军队。据报道记者们在当地街道上看到死伤人员,由于战斗十分激烈,一些伤员无法得到救治。以色列在昨日下午同意停火,以便医务人员抢救伤者。Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of carrying out a “massacreand declared three daysmourning.巴勒斯坦总统马哈茂德#8226;阿巴Mahmoud Abbas)指责以色列进行“屠杀”,宣布哀悼三日。The US urged Hamas to accept a ceasefire deal to halt what secretary of state John Kerry called an “uglywar. Hamas had to “recognise their own responsibility he added.联合UN)敦促哈马斯接受停火协议,停止美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)所说的“丑陋”的战争。克里补充道,哈马斯应该“认识到自己的责任”。Israel’s military said that 13 members of its Golani infantry brigade had been killed in yesterday’s offensive, bringing the total Israeli military casualties to 18 in the nearly two-week-old war. Two civilians have been killed in attacks on Israel.以色列军方表示,在昨日的攻势中,其戈兰尼步兵Golani infantry brigade)3名士兵阵亡,这使以军在这场近两周的战争中的阵亡人数达8人。还有两名以色列平民在袭击中丧生。Diplomatic efforts to end the conflict continued, with Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary-general, set to fly to Doha to hold talks with Mr Abbas and Qatari officials.旨在终结这场冲突的外交努力仍在继续,联合国秘书长潘基Ban Ki-moon)将乘机前往多哈,与阿巴斯和卡塔尔的官员进行会谈。The UN said thousands more people had fled their homes to seek refuge in schools or other shelters because of the fighting.联合国表示,由于冲突,几千人从家中逃离,到学校或其他庇护场所避难。“We have seen another massive increase in displacement from Shuja’iya, but also in the east,said Bob Turner, head of UNRWA’s Gaza field office. The UN said it was sheltering 70,000 displaced people at 57 schools.联合国近东巴勒斯坦难民救济和工程UNRWA)加沙办公室鲍#8226;特纳说:“我们看到Shuja iya地带和东部地区的逃难人数又一次大幅上升。”联合国表示,已经万名难民安置7所学校里。来 /201407/313180The US economy is growing at its fastest rate in a decade ahead of today’s congressional elections, the kind of uptick that would lift any leader facing voters in struggling Europe or Japan.今日国会选举前夕,数据显示美国经济正经历10年以来最快的增长率,在苦苦挣扎的欧洲或日本,这种增长足以提高领导人在选民中的人气。But Barack Obama and the Democrats are encountering only headwinds as polls point to a sullen US electorate handing the Republicans control of the Senate for the first time in eight years and lifting their majority in the House to the biggest margin in half a century.但巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)和民主党(Democrat)所面临的只有逆风,民调显示,愤懑的美国选民8年来将首次让共和党控制参议院,并帮助众议院中的共和党人取得半个世纪以来最大席位优势。That would sharply boost the morale of a Republican party that has been portrayed as stuck in an ideological cul-de-sac in recent years, reliant on a declining voter base of ageing white men.这将大幅提振共和党的士气。该党近年被描绘成陷入意识形态死胡同,依靠人数不断下降的老年白人选民持。The broader mood of the electorate favours neither side, however. At the moment when the US is taking back its traditional position as the locomotive of the global economy, Americans themselves remain gloomy about their country’s, and their own, prospects.然而选民对两党的整体情绪都不怎么样。就在美国恢复其作为全球经济的火车头的传统地位之际,美国人却仍对自己的国家和他们自己的前景感到悲观。“I think voters are anti the Democrats; I don’t think they are for the Republicans,said Michael Barone, of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative Washington think-tank.华盛顿保守派智库——美国企业研究所(American Enterprise Institute)的迈克尔#8226;巴罗(Michael Barone)说:“我认为选民抱有反民主党的情绪,我不认为他们持共和党人。”The benchmark polls that track voter sentiment with a simple question about whether the country is on the right or wrong track have now been in deep negative territory since the administration of George W. Bush.用一个简单的问题(美国正处在正确还是错误的轨道上?)来追踪选民情绪的基准调查,目前深陷自乔治·W·布什(George W Bush)政府以来的负值区间。For a nation that has prided itself on its inveterate optimism and the belief that each generation would be better off than the last, negative sentiment about the future is the new normal.美国人曾自豪于其根深蒂固的乐观精神,坚信每一代人都会过得比上一代人更好,但如今美国人对未来的负面情绪成了新常态。The partiescampaigns, as well as a flood of often anonymous donations from wealthy business leaders on both sides, have reinforced the cynicism with a tidal wave of negative advertising.两党的竞选活动,以及富裕商界领袖对两党作出的往往匿名的大量捐款,都以铺天盖地的负面广告,强化了人们的怀疑心态。This midterm election will cost bn, according to the Centre for Responsive Politics, a record amount for a non-presidential year. In the small, highly contested state of Iowa, one local television ran about 20 political ads in a row.根据响应性政治中Center for Responsive Politics)的数据,本次中期选举将耗资40亿美元,创下非总统选举年的纪录。在地域不大,却是两党争夺重点的爱荷华州,当地一家电视台连续播出了约20个政治广告。On his rare appearances on the campaign trail, Mr Obama has tried to counter the negative mood. “Despite all the cynicism, America is making progress,he said at a rally in Connecticut for the governor’s race.奥巴马在此次竞选期间罕有的几次露面中试图对抗负面情绪。他在康涅狄格州一次州长竞选的集会上说:“尽管有这么多怀疑情绪,但美国正取得进展。”来 /201411/340801Saudi Arabias King Salman bin Abdulaziz reshuffled a number of top posts Wednesday, including naming his nephew Prince Mohammed bin Nayef as the new crown prince.沙特阿拉伯国王萨勒曼星期三对一些高层职位进行了调整,包括任命他的侄子纳伊夫亲王为新王储。The new heir apparent replaces the kings half brother, Muqrin, who had just been named crown prince in January when King Salman took power upon the death of the King Abdullah.看来这位新王储取代了萨勒曼国王的同父异母弟弟穆克林。今月沙特国王阿卜杜拉去世,萨勒曼登上王位后任命穆克林为王储。In another move, all announced by a decree in state media, the king appointed a new foreign minister, elevating the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. Adel al-Jubeir to replace longtime diplomat Saud al-Faisal.此外,萨勒曼国王通过国家媒体宣布任命新外交大臣的政令,由沙特驻美国大使阿祖贝尔接任长期担任外交大臣的费萨尔。The kings son, Prince Mohammad bin Salman, is the new deputy crown prince.萨勒曼的儿子默哈迈德·本·萨勒曼被任命为副王储。来 /201505/373169

The World Health Organisation has for the first time expressed “cautious optimismthat the growth in new Ebola cases in west Africa may be slowing down.世界卫生组织(WHO)首次对西非埃拉(Ebola)疫情表达了“谨慎的乐观”,称该地区新病例增速或许正在放缓。Bruce Aylward, who is in charge of the WHO response to Ebola, said in Geneva he was particularly encouraged by evidence of a downward trend in Liberia, one of the three worst-affected countries.世卫组织埃拉应对行动的负责人布鲁斯#8226;艾尔沃德(Bruce Aylward)在日内瓦表示,他尤其对利比里亚新病例增速的下行趋势感到鼓舞。利比里亚是埃拉疫情最严重的三个国家之一。The WHO’s official total number of Ebola cases has reached 13,703 a big jump from the 10,141 cases it reported four days ago. But Dr Aylward said that was mainly the result of the data being updated with old cases, rather than new cases arising.世卫组织官方公布的埃拉病例总数已达13703例,天前公布0141例相比出现了大幅增长。但艾尔沃德表示,这主要是因为更新了一些旧病例的数据,而不是新病例增加的结果。“Do we feel confident that the response is now getting an upper hand on the virus? Yes, we are seeing a slowing rate of new cases, very definitely,Dr Aylward said.“我们是否确信抗击病毒的行动正在占据上风?是的,我们观察到新病例增长速率正在放缓,非常肯定,”艾尔沃德表示。However, Dr Aylward also urged people not to celebrate prematurely over any apparent downturn in the epidemic. “I’m terrified that the information will be misinterpreted and people will think Ebola is under control,he said.然而,艾尔沃德敦促人们不要过早地庆祝任何疫情蔓延放缓的迹象。“我很害怕信息遭到误读,人们会认为埃拉已经得到控制,”他说。Any let-up in the battle against the virus might lead to “an oscillating pattern where the disease moves up and down在对抗埃拉的战斗中,任何放松攻势的行为都可能导致“疫情出现起伏波动”。The improvement in Liberia seems to be due to a combination of more treatment facilities, better contact tracing and safer burial practices, together leading to fewer new infections from Ebola patients.利比里亚的疫情得到改善,似乎是增加治疗设备、更好地追踪接触者以及遵循更安全的埋葬方法的共同作用,这使因接触埃拉病患而感染的新病例减少了。In Sierra Leone the number of cases continues to increase in some areas. “We’re still seeing this thing burning quite hot in parts of Sierra Leone,Dr Aylward said在塞拉利昂,某些地区的病例数量持续上升。“我们观察到,埃拉仍然在塞拉利昂的部分地区肆虐,”艾尔沃德说。Tracing the progress of individual patients, the WHO estimates an overall mortality rate of 70 per cent, though people who receive treatment in a well-equipped clinic are slightly less likely to die. The WHO plans to set up 56 Ebola clinics with 4,700 beds in west Africa. Of these 15 clinics with 1,050 beds are aly operational and another 22 #173;clinics are expected to open during November.通过追踪病患的情况,世卫组织估测,感染埃拉病患的总体死亡率为70%,不过在设施完备的诊所接受治疗的患者死亡率稍低。世卫组织计划在西非设立56家埃拉诊所,总共配备4700个床位。其中,配备050个床位的15家诊所已经开始运营,另有22家诊所有望1月投入使用。Meanwhile, two former Nato secretaries-general and dozens of leading European politicians have urged the alliance to dispatch troops, aircraft and ships to west Africa to help contain the Ebola crisis.与此同时,两位北Nato)前秘书长和几十名欧洲政治领袖已经敦促北约向西非派遣军队、飞机和舰船以帮助遏制埃拉危机。来 /201411/339492

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