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  栏目简介:A Polish agricultural delegation was in town yesterday to promote meat products. Shanghai was its third and final leg following stops in Chengdu and Beijing. Meanwhile, the first freight train from Chengdu to Poland#39;s Lodz departed yesterday carrying a full load of electronics and other consumer goods. It will arrive in Poland in 15 days. Sun Caiqin has more... Article/201701/488464。


  If we wanted to make a cloud entirely from scratch,we#39;d first need a fleet of jumbo jets or several hundred hot-air balloons to haul hundreds of tons of water up to the sky.And then,somehow,we#39;d need to disperse all that liquid into a mist of droplets small enough to float.如果我们想从零开始造一朵云出来,首先我们需要一队喷气式客机,或是几百只热气球,将大量的水运到空中,然后我们需要通过某种方法,把这些水变成细小到能够漂浮的水雾。In short,it wouldn#39;t be easy.And yet,our atomosphere manages to pump out one cloud after another all over the world at altitudes of up to 20 kilometers above sea level,using water and fuel carried all the way from Earth#39;s surface.Cumulus clouds,for example get their start when solar energy evaporates water from oceans,plants,and soil by breaking the bonds that hold water molecules together.总之,这很难办到,但是,我们的大气层可以,世界范围内选出一朵又一朵的云,在海拔20千米的高空,从地表弄到所有的水和燃料,例如,积云的形成,首先太阳能破坏水分子间的连接,让它们从海洋,植物体内,和土壤中的水分蒸腾出来。As the patch of air above collects moisture and heat,cooler heavier air sinks around it pinching it off and pushing it aloft like an invisible hot air balloon.Surprisingly,this balloon#39;s cargo doesn#39;t weigh it down-in fact,the more water vapor it collects before lift off,the lighter it gets.As weird as that sounds,it#39;s because water vapor is a gas just like the nitrogen and oxygen that make up most of the atmosphere.上层的空气将水分和热量凝聚,冷空气下沉将它们包裹在一起,像一只无形的热气球带着水和热升向空中,神奇的是,热气球承载的货物不会导致坠落,事实上,在起飞前,热气球搭载的水分越多,它就越轻盈,这听上去很诡异,事实上水蒸气和组成空气的氮气,与氧气一样都是气体。Basic physics dictates that a given volume of gas the same number of molecules regardless of what those molecules are.And water is made of H plus h plus O,which is lighter than both two Ns and two Os.So warm,humid air is even more buoyant than warm,dry air.As the invisible balloon goes up,the falling pressure outside allows it to keep ballooning,which sps out its internal heat and lowers its temperature.基础物理定律:一定体积的气体,分子数相同,无论哪种分子都一样,水是由H+H+O组成的,比两个N和两个O轻,因此热的湿空气要比热的干燥空气要轻,随着无形的热气球上升,外部降低的气压会让它保持膨胀,这会分散它的内热,导致降温。Eventually,the air at the top cools enough for the water vapor there to condense into droplets,which look from after like a thin wisp of cloud.And as the rest of the balloon rises,water vapor continues to cool and condense at the same altitude,creating a flat bottomed cloud that appears to grow upward out of nothing.最终,顶部的空气温度降低到足以令人其凝结成水珠,从远处看就像薄薄的一片小云,随着热气球剩余部分的上升,水蒸气继续在相同的海拔高度处冷凝,形成一朵平底云,这朵云就像是凭空长出来的。What#39;s more,as the condensing water vapor molecules bond together into liquid droplets,they release the energy they absorbed from Earth#39;s surface when they evaporated.This heats the surrounding pocket of air,giving it lift and sucking more moist air up behind it,which cools and condenses and releases heat,which fuels lift and strengthens the updraft.Even in small cumulus cloud,the total energy released from condensation is huge-equivalent to about 270 tons of TNT.此外,随着冷凝的水蒸气凝结成水滴,它们会释放出从地表蒸腾时吸收的能量,这些热能充盈于气囊里,令其上升,同时带动下方空气上升,这些空气冷却,凝结并且释放热量,能量上升,上升气流增强,即使只是一小朵积云,冷凝所释放的总能量也大得惊人,大约相当于270吨TNT。And if the supply of water vapor is much larger,the energy released can produce stratosphere high pillars of cloud wigh violent updrafts,fierce electrical storms,and grapefruit sized hailstones.Not good weather for hot air ballooning.如果水蒸气的供给足够多,所释放的能量就可以形成平流层高度的云柱,伴随着猛烈的上升气流,造成猛烈的雷暴,下起葡萄柚大小的冰雹,这对热气球而言,可不是好天气。 Article/201505/376886栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧! Article/201509/401316

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201509/398891

  The earth has a lot of warm places: forest fires,lave flows,iron foundries,the inside of your toaster oven,nuclear reactors,and so forth.地球上有很多热的地方: 森林大火、 熔岩流、铸钢厂、你学烤箱内部、核反应堆里等等。But,if we#39;re just talking about regular old sun-heats-the-earth climate and weather,where on the earth#39;s surface is hottest?但是 如果我们只谈平常由日照导致的气候与天气的话,那么地球上最热的地方在哪里?Some might say ;Death Valley;which isn#39;t a bad guess,as the 56.7Celsius temperature observed 100 years ago at aptly named Furnace Creek remains,according to official weather statistics,the highest temperature ever recorded.一些人会说是“死亡谷”这个想法不错,毕竟100年前,在火炉溪的一个地方 曾经探测到过56.7℃的高温,根据官方气象统计数据,这仍是有史以来监测到的最高温度。However,weather stations measure air temperature in the shade about a meter and a half above the ground.And as you know if you#39;ve ever walked barefoot across a beach on a hot day.surfaces in direct sunlight can be a lot hotter than the air just above them.但是 气象监测站是在阴影下测定空气温度的位置在地表上方1.5米附近。你也知道 如果你大热天光着脚走在滩上,阳光直射到的表面的温度比要上方空气高出许多。Plus,there are only 11,119 official weather stations scattered across the globe,which equates to only 1 station every 13,000 square kilometers,or six on average for an area the size of Scotland,(not that Scotland is a leading candidate for heat waves).另外 分布在世界各地的官方气象监测站只有11,119个,也变相当于每1.3万平方公里才有一个气象站,或者六分之一个苏格兰的大小,(不是说苏格兰是热浪的首选目标)Super hot places like deserts are particularly harsh and remote making weather stations impractical and even less common.沙漠这类特别热的地方气候严苛 位置偏远,这使得气象站难以实现 因而数量更少。So to find the true hottest place on earth,we need an army of meteorology students to install and monitor thermometers on every inch of the planet,Or we could measure the temperature of the earth from space,Which NASA does every day.那么 为了找到地球上真正最热的地方,我们需要一大群气象学的学生在地球每一寸土上安装和监控温度计,或者 我们可以从太空中测量地球的温度,而这也是NASA的日常任务。The Terra and Aqua satellites carry instruments called spectroradiometers which detect the infrared radiation ,that is,the heat,radiating from the Earth#39;s surface.Their resolution isn#39;t amazing,since the satellites measure temperature averaged over each square kilometer of the globe,but that#39;s still 13,000 times better than weather stations.Terra 和 Aqua 卫星携带者名为“分光辐射度计”的仪器,它测量的是红外线辐射 也就是地球表面辐射的能量,这东西的分辨率很渣,因为卫星测量的是每平方千米地表的平均温度。但是这还是比气象站的精度高13000倍。And the winner for hottest square kilometer on earth?那么世界上单位面积最热的地方是哪?Not Furnace Creek-it only clocked in at 62.7C.Not the ;Scorched Wheat; plateau in the Lut Desert of Iran.Despite repeated claims to be the hottest place on earth.不是火炉溪 那里最高温度才62.7℃,也不是伊朗卢特沙漠中的“烧麦”平原,尽管总有人说那是世界上最热的地方。However,it#39;s close, a nearby portion of the Lut Desert is the winner at 70.7C or 159.3F,That#39;s one degree hotter than you need for the proteins in an egg yolk to coagulate,that is ,to cook.No need for your toaster oven.breakfast is served.不过 已经很接近了,卢特沙漠中另一块区域才是胜者 最高温度70.7℃ 159.3F,这只比蛋黄中蛋白质凝固需要的温度高1℃。也就是煎蛋啦。烤炉完全用不上 早餐即刻就好, Article/201501/351298

  Today, I#39;m in north-west London, in Neasden, walking into what must be one of the most startling buildings in the capital.It#39;s the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, the Neasden Hindu temple,and it#39;s a vast white building, elaborately carved in India by over 1,500 craftsmen, and then shipped to England. 今天我正身处伦敦西北的尼斯登,我即将走进的是整个伦敦乃至整个英国都令人惊艳的建筑。它就是印度教神庙—尼斯登庙,这座巨大的白色建筑由开釆自意大利的大理石筑成,在印度由1500多名工匠精心雕琢后,再运到伦敦。I#39;ve taken my shoes off and come inside-into a large hall, sumptuously decorated with sculptures of the Hindu gods, carved in white Carrara marble.我把鞋脱下来之后,进入一个装饰华丽的大厅,里面有许多印度神像,用来自卡拉拉的白色大理石雕成。Images like these, of Shiva, Vishnu and the other Hindu gods, strike us as timeless,but there was one particular moment when this way of seeing the gods began. 我们如今看到这里湿婆、毗湿奴等印度神祇的形象,仿佛亘古以来就是如此,但其实这些形象的形成,在历史上自有其起点。The visual language of Hinduism, just like Buddhism and Christianity, crystallises somewhere around the year 400,印度教众神祇的形象与基督教和佛教一样,也是在公元四百年左右形成的。and this exuberant crowd of deities in Neasden can be traced back, pretty well directly, to India#39;s great Gupta Empire of around 1,600 years ago.我们如今在伦敦看到的形象,可追溯到约1600年前印度伟大的笈多王朝。 Article/201504/370591。

  罗伯邓巴尔不断收集一万二千年前的气候数据,在远古海床、珊瑚石和冰层内寻找线索。他的工作对于我们为调整现在的气候而设定基准线——也对追踪日益严重的海洋酸化十分重要。 Article/201501/355554


  So, last year, 249 people died on our roads.所以,去年有249个人因为交通事故去世What do you think would be a more acceptable number?你觉得什么样的数字是比较可以接受的?Um... Acceptable? 70, maybe. Probably 70.额,可以接受的?也许70个吧。大概就是70Can you send 70?你可以送70个人过来吗?Actually, this is what 70 people looks like.事实上,70个人看起来会像这样。That#39;s my family.那是我的家人。So, now what do you think would be a more acceptable number?那么现在你觉得一个比较可以被接受的数字是多少?Zero. Zero.零。零。Dad! Daddy! Daddy!爸爸!爸爸!爸爸! Article/201703/500763

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