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赣州市妇幼保健院治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好赣州崇义医院男性专科Business Aviation Flight to the future商业 航空业 飞向未来Modernising creaking air-traffic systems will be a huge task实现老化的航空系统现代化是一个艰巨的任务THESE days a ,000 car comes with GPS satellite navigation fitted as standard.目前,一辆价值一万五千美元的轿车配有GPS导航系统,才被认为达到标准。But a 0m airliner still has to be guided through the skies by spoken instructions from a bloke with a radio in a control tower.但是一辆价值一亿五千万美元的客机在航行时依然是通过指挥塔台上的人员通过广播进行操控。That is because air-traffic management (ATM) systems are stuck in the 1950s.这是因为空中交通管理(ATM)系统还是上个世纪50年代的。Instead of flying straight, planes must zigzag from one ground beacon to the next, and ascend and descend in steps, at each stage obtaining permission from the ground.客机必须曲折地从一个信号站飞到下一个,而不是直线飞行;每一步上升或下降都需要得到地面的许可。The controllers radar only shows planes approximate positions, so they must space them well apart.空管员的雷达只能显示出飞机的大概位置,好让两架飞机之间有足够的距离。All this wastes fuel and causes congestion and delays.这些举动都要浪费燃料,并造成拥堵和延误。The average flight in European airspace is 50km (31 miles) longer than it need be.在欧洲领空,平均飞行距离比实际所需长50公里(合约31英里)。So the worlds aviation authorities are seeking to modernise the whole system, streamlining the routing of flights and providing much more real-time information to pilots and controllers.因此,世界航空管理部门都在尝试使整个系统实现现代化,让航空路线效率更高,并向飞行员和空管员提供更多的实时信息。This could lead to huge orders for electronics firms, which is why, in his recent jobs speech, President Barack Obama called for billion of extra cash to speed up Americas ATM-modernisation project, NextGen.这可能会给电子公司带来大量的订单,也就是为什么巴拉克?奥巴马总统在最近的讲话中,呼吁给美国的ATM现代化工程;新世代;增加10亿美元的额外投入。A study by consultants from McKinsey of Europes equivalent project, SESAR, finds that its costs should be dwarfed by the fuel savings and the economic boost from squeezing more flights into Europes busy skies.麦卡锡在欧洲的分公司也开展了同样的名为SESAR的项目,其顾问进行了一次调研,发现让原本拥挤的航线塞进更多的航班会带来经济利益激增,这样航空设备更新换代的花费与燃料节约出的费用就显得微不足道了。America stands to make similar gains.美国也准备通过相同的方法获益。It is in everyones interest to invest in modernisation, but the airlines are wary: several times in recent history they have bought expensive kit only to find they cannot use it because controllers have failed to upgrade their equipment to match.投资现代化是每个人的利益所在,但是各大航空公司却十分谨慎,客机上装配了昂贵的元件却无法使用,因为空管员无法更新设备去匹配,这种情况近年来时有发生。These sorts of ambitious projects to introduce new technology, with countless participants, are prone to cock-ups.这种充满抱负的项目旨在引进新技术,拥有大量的参与人员,但往往都会陷入混乱。Those involved in ATM modernisation want to avoid what happened when mobile-phone standards were set, with different countries ending up with incompatible systems.参与ATM现代化的人们希望避免移动电话标准确定时出现的情况,也就是不同的国家最终都开发了互不兼容的系统。To guard against that risk, the UNs International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has just held a summit in Montreal, at which it divided the long list of ATM modernisation projects into manageable chunks, on which the worlds aviation authorities will try to agree standards, one at a time.为了规避这个风险,联合国国际民用航空组织(ICAO)前不久在蒙特利尔召开了峰会,将长长的ATM现代化项目名单分成了几个可操作的版块,这样,世界航空主管部门就能尽量循序渐进地统一标准。The process has started well, though developing countries are said to worry about rich countries imposing costly programmes on them.尽管据说发展中国家担心发达国家会将高价的项目强加到自己身上,但这个进程还算开端良好。Agreeing on technical standards will be difficult enough. Harder still, says Nancy Graham, an ICAO official, will be paying for it all.统一技术标准已经够困难的了,但据ICAO官员南希?格雷汉姆称,更困难的是这一切要付出的代价。 /201212/217794赣州尿路感染和尿道炎 赣州治疗性病哪家医院最好呢

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赣州上犹妇幼保健院专家预约Theyre a home owners nemesis and a young kids delight. Whether theyre yellow flowers dotting an otherwise perfect lawn or white puffs y to be blown away by a sudden gust, dandelions are either hated or loved by just about everybody. What looks like a single yellow flower growing in your lawn is actually many flowers grouped together. Each section of the flower that looks like a petal is actually an individual flower in its own right.蒲公英是房子主人的克星,却能给孩子们带来欢乐。无论是点缀在完美的草坪上的黄色花朵,还是忽然一阵风刮来就会被吹走的纯白蓬松的果实,蒲公英让每个人又爱又恨。蒲公英黄色的花朵看上去像是一朵,但实际上是许多花朵的组合。那些看起来类似花瓣的部分,实际上都是一朵独立的花。A dandelion is an aggregate of many small flowers and each individual flower has its own stamens and pistil, and therefore can reproduce without fertilization. After a dandelion has bloomed, each of the individual flowers within a single dandelion forms a seed. The seed is attached to fluffy white ths, which allow the seed to fly to a place where, if it meets favorable conditions, it can germinate to create another dandelion. Even if you hate this common weed, youve got to respect its tenacious spirit.蒲公英是许多小小花朵的集合,且每朵花都有自己的雄蕊和雌蕊。蒲公英绽放之后,每个单独的花朵内都会形成种子。种子就是那毛茸茸的白色线球,这样种子能随风飞到别处,如何遇到适宜的环境,它就能发芽,长成另一株蒲公英。即使你讨厌这种普通的植物,但必须尊重它顽强的精神。Dandelions are native to six continents, and are found throughout the world except in the tropics. Their impressive roots, which can be up to a foot long, allow them to thrive in inhospitable environments, like big cities, where most flowers and weeds cant even survive.蒲公英原产于六个大陆,除了热带,世界的任何地方都能找到它们的身影。令人惊叹的是,它们的根部长达一英尺,这样的根部使它们能在荒凉的环境中茁壮成长,例如不适合许多花草生存的大城市。Cut off a dandelion at the surface and the root will grow another plant. But dandelions arent just annoying weeds; theyve been used throughout history in a variety of ways. Dandelion leaves have been eaten as salad greens and dried to make dandelion tea; and dandelion flowers have been used to make wine and schnapps. In addition, the milky juice of one kind of dandelion has been used to make a natural rubber.将蒲公英的表面或者根部切断,就会重新长出一株蒲公英来。然而,蒲公英并不是令人头疼的杂草。历史上有各种关于食用蒲公英的记载。蒲公英的叶子可做成沙拉食用,也可晒干用来泡茶。蒲公英的花朵能用来酿葡萄酒和松子酒。此外,有一种蒲公英的白色汁液可用来制作天然橡胶。原文译文属!201301/218519 赣州哪里可以看中医崇义县中医院看男科好吗




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