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HONG KONG — An online auction house for used cars in China has attracted 0 million from big name investors including the search engine company Baidu, the private equity group K.K.R. and Coatue Management, a New York investment firm.香港——一家中国二手车网络拍卖公司获得了一些知名投资商的1.7亿美元(约合10.5亿元人民币)投资,其中包括搜索引擎百度、私募股权公司科尔伯格-克拉维斯-罗伯茨公司(Kohlberg Kravis Roberts,简称KKR)和纽约投资公司蔻图管理公司(Coatue Management)。Uxin, which operates used-car auction websites in China that focus on dealers and businesses, said Wednesday that it would use the funds to expand a new website and mobile app aiming at individual consumers. The company also provides inspections, quality guarantees and financing for the vehicles sold on its platforms.优信在中国运营二手车拍卖网站,主要面向经销商和企业。公司在周三表示将会利用这笔资金开设新网站,研发针对个人消费者的移动应用程序。该公司还为通过该平台出售的汽车提供检查、质量保障和融资务。“Uxin hopes to use the strengths of its Internet technologies and experience in the used-car market to improve the efficiency of transactions, and to help dealers identify potential buyers with greater accuracy,” Chris Dai, the chief executive of the Chinese company, said in a statement.优信首席执行官戴琨发表声明称,“优信希望利用互联网技术的优势以及在二手车市场的丰富经验提高交易效率,帮助经销商更准确地识别潜在买家。”China is the world’s biggest market for new car sales, but the market for used cars is still comparatively small. Many Chinese are first-time car buyers and see owning a new vehicle as a status symbol. The country’s used-car market has traditionally been highly fragmented and lacking information on the service and repair history of the vehicles being sold. But things appear to be changing rapidly.中国是世界最大的新车销售市场,但二手车市场仍然相对较小。很多中国人都是首次购车,他们认为拥有新车是一种社会地位的象征。中国的二手车市场向来高度分散,缺乏有关在售车辆务及维修记录的信息。但情况似乎正在迅速改变。Transactions in China’s used-car market rose 26 percent in 2014 from a year earlier, to 368 billion renminbi, or about billion. The number of used cars changing hands rose 16 percent to about six million vehicles in the same period, according to figures from the China Automobile Dealers Association cited by Uxin.2014年,中国二手车市场的交易额同比增加了26%,增至3680亿元人民币。根据优信引用的中国汽车流通协会的数据,同一时期,二手车交易数量增加了16%,增至约600万辆。Online sales and auctions of used cars accounted for a small segment of the market, but they have the advantage of connecting buyers and sellers in different cities or provinces. Uxin said it handled more than 150,000 online and offline car auction transactions a year.网络销售和二手车拍卖只占很小一部分市场份额,但它们有联系不同城市或省份的买家和卖家的作用。优信表示,一年之中,它总共处理了超过15万笔线上和线下汽车拍卖交易。The terms of the shareholdings were not disclosed, but for Baidu, China’s biggest online search engine company, investing in Uxin gives it a new market where it can leverage its vast stores of data and large user base. For K.K.R., the deal is the latest by its China Growth Fund, which last summer invested about 0 million in a chicken breeder in Fujian Province in southeastern China.公司尚未公布持股情况,但是对于中国最大的网络搜索引擎公司百度,投资优信可以给它提供一个新的市场,它可以在这个市场上利用自己的大量数据和庞大的用户群。对于KKR而言,这是中国成长基金(China Growth Fund)最近的一笔交易。去年夏季,该基金为中国东南部省份福建省的一家养鸡场投资了大约4亿美元。“China’s online used-car market is set to boom in the coming years, and K.K.R. is very positive about this industry and about Uxin,” Julian J. Wolhardt, the private equity company’s regional leader for China, said in the statement.KKR大中华地区业务主管华裕能(Julian J. Wolhardt)在声明中称,“未来数年,中国的网上二手车市场必将得到迅速发展,KKR非常看好这个行业和优信。” /201503/365909

  Yahoo has abandoned plans to spin-off its bn stake in Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba under pressure from investors worried about a potentially huge tax bill and is looking at selling or spinning off its core business instead.迫于投资者压力,雅虎(Yahoo!)放弃了剥离其在中国电商集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)所持的320亿美元股份的计划,转而考虑出售或剥离其核心业务。投资者们担心,雅虎剥离所持阿里巴巴股份可能要缴一大笔税。Shares in Yahoo rose more than 2 per cent in after-hours trading in New York after people familiar with the matter said the board had walked away from the spin-off which had been announced in February and was due to take place at the end of this year.雅虎股价在纽约股市盘后交易时段上涨逾2%。此前有知情人士称,雅虎董事会放弃了今年2月宣布的剥离计划,该计划原本定于今年底实施。The Silicon Valley company will now consider spinning off its core business together with its stake in Yahoo Japan, a move that poses a much lower tax risk, those briefed on the situation said. Yahoo did not respond to requests for comment. CN first reported the news.了解情况的人士表示,雅虎现在将考虑剥离其核心业务以及其在雅虎日本(Yahoo! Japan)所持的股份,这么做的税务风险要低得多。雅虎未对记者的置评请求作出回应。上述消息最初是由CN报道的。The stunning reversal by chief executive Marissa Mayer comes months after US authorities refused to give any guidance or reassurance that the spin-off of Yahoo’s 15 per cent stake in Alibaba would be tax-free, as the internet company had originally said in February.雅虎一开始曾在今年2月表示,美国当局会给予雅虎剥离所持阿里巴巴15%股份的交易免税待遇。但数月前,美国当局拒绝就此提供任何指引或保。雅虎首席执行官玛丽莎蔠耶尔(Marissa Mayer)因此上演了这一惊人的改弦易辙。Several legal experts told the Financial Times in February that Yahoo’s spin-off risked incurring a punitive tax bill. At the time Yahoo advisers were adamant that no such risk existed under existing US tax laws.今年2月,几名法律专家曾告诉英国《金融时报》,雅虎剥离阿里巴巴股份的交易可能会招致重税。当时,雅虎的顾问们曾坚定地表示,依照美国现有的税法,不存在这种风险。 /201512/415155



  The two most senior Uber executives in France are in police custody following complaints that they were conspiring to organise illegal work, just days after thousands of taxi drivers took to the streets to protest against the US group.Uber在法国的两名职位最高的高管昨日被警方拘留,他们被人指控合谋组织非法运营,就在几天前,数千名出租车司机上街示威,抗议这家美国公司。UUber confirmed that Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, its general manager in western Europe, and Thibaud Simphal, head of the company’s operations in the country, were detained by police in relation to a complaint filed late last year by one of the country’s taxi unions.ber实,该公司负责西欧业务的总经理皮埃尔-迪米特里#8226;戈尔-科蒂(Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty)以及该公司在法国的业务主管蒂#8226;桑法尔(Thibaud Simphal)因去年底法国某出租车工会提起的投诉被警方拘留。Two people close to the matter said that the pair could be held for up to 48 hours, and added that the complaint related to the company’s UberPop service, which allows users to arrange rides with private cars.两名知情人士称,二人可能被拘留最长48小时。他们补充称,指控与Uber在法国的UberPop务有关,通过这项务,用户可以选择私家车出行。 /201507/383710

  Ride-hailing company Uber is willing to pay up to billion for HERE, a Nokia-owned mapping service that competes with Google Maps, the New York Times reports.据《纽约时报》报道,租车务公司Uber有意以30亿美元收购诺基亚旗下的地图务HERE,后者与谷歌地图一直在竞争。Nokia, a Finnish company you probably best know for itstrademark and stubbornly infectious ringtone, is undergoing a highly transformative shift. Once a leading smartphone maker, it’s now focusing networking hardware business. The biggest sign of that shift: Nokia sold its handset division to Microsoft for more than billion last year. So it makes sense for Nokia to want to unload its mapping unit, for which it could earn a pretty penny while also increasing the company’s focus.芬兰公司诺基亚留给人们最深的印象,可能是它的商标和熟悉的手机铃声。该公司正在经历大规模的转型,这家曾经的手机巨头如今正专注于网络硬件业务。最大转型标志是,公司在去年以70亿美元的价格将手机部门卖给了微软。所以,诺基亚想要出售地图部门也不难理解,这不仅能给公司带来一大笔资金,还能提高公司的专注度。But why would Uber want a mapping company? Two reasons.不过Uber为何想买一家地图公司?原因有二。Uber’s backend systems are powered by Google Maps. When you load up Uber’s app and drop a pin for a pickup, that’s Google Maps. When your driver is following GPS directions to your destination, that’s Google Maps too. Uber’s recent moves into shipping packages rather than people signal it’s interested in becoming more of a full-on logistics company, akin more to UPS than your local yellow cab service. For Uber, having its own mapping unit would reduce its dependence on another company — Google — while it continues to evolve.Uber的后台系统由谷歌地图持。当你加载Uber应用,并标示搭车地点时,用的就是谷歌地图。当你的司机按照GPS指示前往目的地时,用的也是谷歌地图。Uber最近将重心转向递送包裹而不是乘客,体现出他们有兴趣成为一家全方位的物流公司——类似于UPS那种,而不是一家出租车公司。对Uber而言,拥有自己的地图部门,可以让公司在不断演变发展的同时,减少对谷歌的依赖。There’s another factor at play here, too. Uber executives haven’t been shy about their fondness for driverless cars; the company is partnering with Carnegie Mellon University to work on the technology. After all, robots don’t strike for higher wages, nor do they assault passengers.还有另一个因素是:Uber的高管从不避讳他们对自动驾驶汽车的热爱。公司正与卡耐基梅隆大学合作研发这项技术。毕竟,机器是不会为了索要更高薪水而罢工的,它们也不会殴打乘客。Driverless cars need two things to work. The first is on-car sensors, which constantly monitor for changing road conditions that require an immediate response, like pedestrians and stop signs. The second is maps, which tell the car where to go on a bigger scale. For driverless cars to be feasible, the maps that power them have to be updated constantly. Imagine a driverless car doesn’t know that construction means a bridge is out, for instance: Dead end. Acquiring HERE, then, would help Uber more quickly realize a future where driverless cars get us all from A to B without us batting an eyelash.无人驾驶汽车运行离不开两样东西。一样是车载感应器,它能实时监控行人或停车信号等需要立即反应的路况。另外一样则是地图,它能纵览全局,告诉汽车该走哪条路。要使无人驾驶汽车成为现实,后端持的地图需要不断地更新。设想一下,假如一辆无人驾驶汽车不知道前方有座桥已经不能走了,就会走进死路。收购HERE以后,Uber就能更快地实现自动驾驶汽车的未来,人们不必双眼一眨不眨地盯着路况就能从A地来到B地了。 /201505/375619


  A new type of basaltic rock has been discovered on the surface of the moon, according to a report in the journal Nature Communications. The rock is rich in a black mineral called ilmenite, which contains a high percentage of iron titanium oxide and has been found in other lunar rocks. The discovery was made by Chinese researchers operating the Chang’e-3 spacecraft, which landed on the moon in 2013 and was the first unmanned mission there since the Apollo and Luna explorations about 40 years ago. The researchers investigated the surface remotely using spectrometers. Chang’e-5, scheduled to land on the moon by 2017, is expected to bring samples of lunar soil and rock back to Earth.《自然通讯》(Nature Communications)的一篇报道称,月球表面上发现了一种新型的玄武岩。这种岩石中富含一种称为钛铁矿的黑色矿物,其中所含的氧化铁钛比例很高,月球上的其他岩石中也曾发现过这种矿物质。这一发现是中国研究人员通过“嫦娥三号”得出的,该飞船于2013年登月,是大约40年前美国“阿波罗”(Apollo)和苏联“月球”(Luna)进行月球探索活动以后,首次开展的无人月球探测任务。研究人员使用光谱仪对月球表面进行了远程研究。“嫦娥五号”预定于2017年登月,有望将月球土壤样本和岩石带回地球。 /201601/419675。


  Split-screen multitasking and improved notification controls are among the new features being added to the Android operating system (OS). An early build of the new OS, known as Android N, was released on Thursday for app developers to test.据悉,分屏多任务处理和优化的通知控件等新功能被加入到了新版的安卓操作系统中。被称为安卓N的新操作系统的早期版本已经于上周四发布,并由应用开发者进行测试。Google said it had released the beta software earlier than usual so that device manufacturers could get the finished version sooner. At the moment, fewer than 3% of Android phones run the latest OS, Marshmallow.谷歌方面表示,比平时提早发布测试版本将会便于设备制造商能更快得到最终版本。目前,只有不到3%的安卓手机运行最新的操作系统:棉花糖。Typically, Google discusses the next generation of its Android OS at its annual developer conference in the summer. But this year it has released a first draft earlier than expected.通常来讲。谷歌会在每年夏季的开发者大会上讨论下一代安卓系统。但今年该公司比预期更早地发布了第一个早期版本。;By releasing the first preview and asking for your feedback now (in March!), we#39;ll be able to act on that feedback while still being able to hand off the final N release to device makers this summer,; wrote Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Android, in a blog post.安卓高级副总裁洛克海默在客中写道:“通过发布第一个预览版,并于现在(3月份!)就要求你们反馈。我们就可以根据得到的反馈进行相关工作,同时也可以在这个夏天向设备制造商提交最终的N版本,”Android N will introduce split-screen multitasking that allows people to use two apps at the same time. Information can be copied across from one app to the other. A similar feature is aly available on some iOS and Windows 10 devices, and Samsung has aly added the feature to some of its Android smartphones.安卓N会推出分屏多任务处理功能,让人们可以同时使用两个应用。信息可以从一个应用程序复制到另一个。类似的功能已经适用于某些iOS和Windows 10设备,三星也已经在它的一些安卓智能手机上添加了此功能。The new software also introduces some cosmetic changes to settings and notifications, and aims to improve battery life.此外,这一新版本系统还引入了设置和通知控件设计上的改变,旨在提高电池寿命。Google has traditionally named new versions of the operating system after sweet treats, as was the case with Lollipop and Marshmallow. The newest version has not yet been named but it has been suggested that Android N will be named after a popular chocolate and hazelnut breakfast sp.谷歌向来把操作系统的新版本根据甜食来命名,比如棒棒糖和棉花糖。最新的版本还未命名,但据说安卓N将会已一种流行的榛子巧克力早餐涂抹酱命名。;We#39;re nut tellin#39; you yet,; said Mr Lockheimer, possibly hinting at the name.“我们还不会告诉你,“洛克海默先生把“不”(not)的发音发成“坚果”(nut),很可能是暗示这个名字。 /201603/431505


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