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上海玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱上海哪家医院双眼皮手术做得好上海隆鼻正规的医院好 Josey: Hello, Im Josey Kim.约塞:哈罗,我是约塞·吉姆Curt: Hi, Im Curt West. Thanks agreeing to meet with me.科特:嗨,我是科特·韦斯特感谢您同意与我见面Josey: You mentioned on the phone that you can help us get that government contract were bidding on, is that right?约塞:在电话中您提及说您能帮我们拿到我们正在竞标的政府合同,对吗?Curt: Absolutely. Im sure I can be of service to your company and secure that contract without too much difficulty.科特:当然我敢肯定我能为贵公司效劳,无须太多麻烦就能争取到合同Josey: I appreciate your confidence, but can you tell me more about how you plan to do that?约塞:我很欣赏您的自信,但是您能告诉我更多具体的计划吗?Curt: I think the less said the better. Let just say that I have friends in high places.科特:我觉得知道得越少越好这样说吧,我有政府高层的朋友Josey: Im not sure I understand you.约塞:我不太明白您的话Curt: Come on, you know how business is done on Capitol Hill. If you line the right pockets, it not difficult to pull some strings to get what you want.科特:得了吧,您也知道在国会山交易是如何完成的如果有油水可捞,肯定不愁得到你想要的Josey: Are you suggesting that our company use bribery to get preferential treatment on our bid?约塞:你是在暗示让我们公司以行贿来获得竞标上的优待吗?Curt: Im simply saying that backroom deals are business as usual in the government.科特:我只是想说,走后门在政府是司空见惯的事情Josey: If youre suggesting that we hire you to do influence peddling, I can tell you now that were not interested. Corruption may be rampant in government, but were not willing to do anything unethical to get a contract.约塞:如果你以为我们雇你来就是为了招权纳贿,那么我告诉你我们不感兴趣虽然政府内部腐败风气盛行,但我们不会为了拿到合同做任何不道德的事情Curt: Suit yourself, but without somebody like me doing your dirty work, there no way youre going to win that contract.科特:随便你,但是如果没有像我这样的人,你是绝对不可能拿到合同的Josey: That may be, Mr. West, but that a chance were willing to take.约塞:可能吧,韦斯特先生,但我们乐意试一试原文译文属! 1871上海玫瑰整形润百颜

上海驼峰鼻矫正哪家医院好A feline perspective猫儿看世界There once was a kitty named Bear.从前有只叫贝尔的小猫,He loved to play, run outside and chase spiders.他很爱玩,喜欢在外面跑来跑去,还喜欢逮蜘蛛He was a happy cat without a care in the world.他是只快乐的猫,远离着身边嘈杂世界的烦扰He would often sit on top of the fence next to his owner condo and listen to all the human noises.他常常坐在主人公寓旁的篱笆上,听人们弄出的各种各样的声响His eyes would shut halfway as he would wonder what all the noise was about and why they felt it important to create it day after day, night after night.贝尔半眯着眼睛,纳闷地想这些声音都是怎么来的呢,人们为什么日日夜夜地制造这些声响呢Shouts, laughter, tears, whirring and buzzing of objects, incessant voices of the big brown box, clomping of feet, chitchat and snoring would fill his delicate feline ears.贝尔娇弱的耳朵里总是塞满了哭声笑声,喊声叫声,各种物体发出的嗡嗡声,一个棕色大盒子源源不断地发出的嘈杂声,重重的脚步声,还有人们的闲谈,甚至打鼾声Humans are odd, indeed.人类真是很怪异,Why cant they see the beauty that is all around them?他们怎么能看不到周围美丽的景色呢?Locked up in their giant boxes, they very rarely played.他们把自己锁在了大盒子里,很少玩耍Only the little humans played, but if they played too long or with too much delight then the big humans would make them stop.只有那种很小的人才会玩耍,但如何他们玩的太久了,或者是太起劲儿了,大点儿的人就会让他们停下来Bear was both amused and saddened by these unnatural creatures.这些奇怪的生物既让贝尔觉得有意思,又让他觉得悲伤He tried to console them and make them play from time to time, but this was always short-lived, if that.他曾试着让人们高兴点,让他们也常常玩耍,但是即便人们玩了,高兴了,也总是就那么一会儿Eventually Bear gave up his attempts and abandoned the fence outside.终于,贝尔放弃了,离开了那个篱笆他跑到了野外,Running away into the fields, he declared to never become human, if he had any say in the matter.心想如果自己说了算的话,他打算永远也不变成人No, sir, no one was going to turn this kitty into a cooped up noise box.是的,先生,没人会把那只猫送到那乱哄哄的紧闭的盒子里 557徐汇区妇幼保健医院光子嫩肤手术价格 Fragment断章You stand upon the bridge to look at the landscape.你站在桥上看风景,A landscape viewer upon the tower looks at you.看风景人在楼上看你The moon decorates your window.明月装饰了你的窗子,You decorate other people’s dreams.你装饰了别人的梦更多美文请关注-微信公众号良声英语 微:@里昂之声 989嘉定区人民中医院做去眼袋手术价格费用

闵行区人民中医院疤痕价格费用 The Scar伤疤A little boy invited his mother有个小男孩邀请他的妈妈to attend his elementary school first parent-teacher conference.去参加学校举办的第一次家长会To the little boy dismay,she said she would go.令他沮丧的是,妈妈竟然答应去This would be the first time that his classmates and teacher met his mother同学们和老师们将是第一次见到妈妈,and he was embarrassed by her appearance.但是,妈妈的相貌将令他感到难堪Although she was a beautiful woman, there was a severe scar虽然妈妈非常漂亮,但有一块严重的伤疤that covered nearly the entire right side of her face.几乎覆盖了她的整个右脸The boy never wanted to talk about why or how she got the scar.小男孩从来没有问过他妈妈伤疤的来历At the conference,家长会上,the people were impressed by the kindness and natural beauty of his mother小男孩妈妈的善良和蔼以及天生丽质给人们留下了深刻的印象,despite the scar,没有人在意她脸上的那块伤疤but the little boy was still embarrassed and hid himself from everyone.但是,小男孩去感到局促不安,他藏起来不与人打照面He did,however,尽管如此,get within earshot of a conversation between his mother and his teacher,他还是能听到妈妈和老师的谈话,and heard them speaking.能听见他们谈话的内容;How did you get the scar on your face?; the teacher asked. The mother replied,;您脸上的伤疤是怎么来的?;老师问道,小男孩的母亲答道;When my son was a baby,he was in a room that caught on fire.;儿子很小的时候,他的房间突然着火了Everyone was too afraid to go in because the fire was out of control,大家都不敢进去,因为火势失控了so I went in.我进去了As I was running towards his crib,I saw a beam coming down就在我跑向他的婴儿床的时候,我看到一根房梁就要倒下来,and I placed myself over him trying to protect him.我扑到他的床上,想护住他,I was knocked unconscious but tunately,房梁把我砸晕了幸运的是,a fireman came in and saved both of us.;消防员冲了进来,救了我们;She touched the burned side of her face.她摸着脸上的伤疤,说;This scar will be permanent,;这块伤疤会永远留在脸上,but to this day,I have never regretted doing what I did.;但是直到今天,我从没为我做的事后悔过;At this point,听到这里,the little boy came out running towards his mother with tears in his eyes.小男孩走了出来,满含热泪奔向妈妈,He hugged her and felt an overwhelming sense of the sacrifice拥抱着她.他内心激动无比,that his mother had made him.母亲为他作出了牺牲He held her hand tightly the rest of the day.在当天后来所有的时间里小男孩紧抓妈妈的手不曾松过 75上海黄浦区第九人民医院去痣多少钱上海复旦大学附属浦东医院治疗痘坑多少钱




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