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Part . A Valentine Story.Keywords. correspond, romance, first meeting, red rose, test, wisdom.Vocabulary. intrigue, insightful, budding, lapel, provocative, tuck, plump, thrust, uphold, grip, square, salute.A. Listen to the first part of a Valentine story, then write an ending the story.John Blanchard stood up from the bench, straightened in his army unim, and studied the crowed of people making their way through Grand Central Station.He looked the girl whose heart he knew, but whose face he didnt, the girl with the rose.His interest in her had begun months bee in a Florida library.Taking a book off the shelf, he found himself intrigued, not with the words of the book, but with the notes penciled in the margin.The soft handwriting reflected a thoughtful soul and insightful mind.In the front of the book, he discovered the previous owner name, Miss Hollis Maynell.With time and eft, he located her address, she lived in New York city.He wrote her a letter, introducing himself and inviting her to correspond.The next day, he was shipped overseas service in World War Ⅱ.During the next year and one month, the two grew to know each other through the mail.Each letter was a seed falling on a fertile heart.A romance was budding.Blanchard requested a photograph, but she refused.She felt that if he really cared, it wouldnt matter what she looked like.When the day finally came him to return from Europe, they scheduled their first meeting, 7:00 pm at Grand Central Station in New York.;You will recognize me;, she wrote, ;by the red rose Ill be wearing on my lapel.;So at 7:00, he was in the station, looking a girl whose heart he loved, but whose face hed never seen.Ill let Mr Blanchard tell you what happened.A young woman was coming toward me, her figure long and slim.Her blonde hair lay back in curls from her delicate ears.Her eyes were as blue flowers.Her lips and chin had a gentle firmness.And in her pale green suit, she was like spring time to coming alive.I started toward her, entirely getting to notice that she was not wearing a rose.As I moved, a small, provocative smile curved her lips.;Going my way, sailor?; she murmured.Almost uncontrollably I made one step closer to her, and then I saw Hollis Meynell.She was standing almost directly behind the girl.A woman well past 0, she had graying hair tucked under a worn hat.She was more than plump, her thick-ankle feet thrust into low-heeled shoes.The girl in the green suit was walking quickly away.I felt as though I was split into two, so keen was my desire to follow her.And yet so deep was my longing the woman whose spirit had truly companioned and upheld my own.And there she stood, her pale plump face was gentle and sensible, her gray eyes had a warm and kindly twinkle.I did not hesitate.My fingers gripped the small worn blue leather copy of the book that was to identify me to her.This would not be love, but it would be something precious, something perhaps even better than love.B. Now listen to the last part of the story, fill in the blankets with words you hear and make a comparison between the ending you desired and the one you heard.I squared my shoulders and saluted and held out the book to the woman, even though while I spoke I felt choked by the bitterness of my disappointment.;Im Lieutenant John Blanchard, and you must be Miss Maynell.Im so glad you could meet me, may I take you to dinner?;The woman face broadened into a tolerant smile.;I dont know what this is about, son,; she answered,;But the young lady in the green suit who just went by, she begged me to wear this rose on my coat, and she said if you were to ask me out to dinner,I should go and tell you that she is waiting you in the big restaurant across the street.She said it was some kind of test.; It not difficult to understand and admire Miss Maynell wisdom. 3556。

  • D9I,1YvjN[Kx,WtW5oOWk~OimTU+bFirst FIFA World Cup Is Held In UruguayThe final match of the first FIFA World Cup Football Championship is held in Monte, UruguayIn 1930, the first FIFA World Cup Football (soccer) Championship was held in Uruguay,with the final match being played in the country capital, Monte, between the host nation Uruguay and their South American neighbours Argentina.Uruguay trailed -1 at half-time, but scored 3 goals in the second half to win - and become the first World Champions.The FIFA World Cup is now held every years and is one of the world most popular sporting events,with the final match regularly watched by over billion television viewers.|B,aVlHL(gV80worLWr*mn]ErUnayi]XngtESU#9aoBwvgf1zsi。
  • In Taylor parent backyardYi-jun: Boy, it looks like everyone in your family is here, from young to old.Taylor: Easter a good day reunions. The family goes to church together.Yi-jun: And after church they come here lunch?Taylor: Yup, a big potluck buffet. And then-notice there are no children around?Yi-jun: Yeah, what up with that?Taylor: The kids wait in the house while the grownups hide these. [gives Yi-jun an egg] Hide away, Yi-jun!参考译文:在泰勒父母家的后院怡君:天啊,看来你一家老小都在这里了泰勒:复活节是团聚的好日子全家都会一起上教堂怡君:上完教堂后,他们会回这里吃午餐?泰勒:对,这是一个各自带菜的大型自助餐会接下来——你有注意到小孩都不见了吗?怡君:没错,那是怎么一回事?泰勒:大人藏蛋的时候,小朋友都会在房子里等(给怡君一颗蛋)去藏起来吧,怡君!重点词汇:backyard (n.)后院Most Taiwanese houses do not have backyards.台湾大部分的房子没有后院potluck (n.)每人各带菜肴共享的聚餐会Potluck dinners are a cheap way to have a great time.各自带菜的餐会是一种便宜又尽兴的玩法buffet (n.)自助餐The vegetarian buffets in Taiwan are quite excellent.台湾的素食自助餐做得很好grownup (n.)成年人A: Now that Im a grownup, I can do what I want!我现在是个大人了,我爱怎么做就怎么做!B: Yeah, you can pay all the bills you want!对啊,帐单都可以给你付了! 5780。
  • Chibatman Becomes Internet Superhero千叶市蝙蝠侠成网络英雄A man who dresses like Batman and drives around the streets of Chiba, Japan on a batcycle has become an Internet sensation. The caped crusader goes by the moniker “Chibatman”. Like Batman, his true identity is unknown. One of the few things known about Chibatman is that he a 1-year-old welder. He told a reporter that people in his region got how to smile after the Fukuskima disaster. His goal is to bring smiles back to the region. Chibatman has been driving through the streets of Chiba over three years. Photos and s of Chibatman recently went viral on the Internet.在日本千叶街头,一名男子穿着蝙蝠侠套装,驾驶托车,此举随即蹿红网络持者随即将他称之为“千叶市蝙蝠侠”像蝙蝠侠一样,他的真实身份无人得知我们只知道他是一名1岁接焊工他对记者称自从福岛发生海啸以来,当地居民就很少笑他的目的是要让人们重新开心起来“千叶市蝙蝠侠”已经在千叶市行驶三年近日,他的照片和视频风靡网络译文属原创,,不得转载 7。
  • City councilwoman pushes a moratorium on opening of new fast food restaurants. In South-Central LA, teenagers scarf down fast food on their way to school. - me, it's good. I know it's bad but I still eat it. And a mother who's running late drives to McDonald's to save time. -There's never er, eating place you can go over here, to buy, er, like organic food. OK? There's no Trader Joe's over here. I go all the way to Torrance to Trader Joe's. That's miles away in LA traffic. Critics call it "food apartheid." -5% of the restaurants in south LA are fast-food restaurants. That’s a pretty shocking statistic.Especially compared to the city's west side, where only % of restaurants serve fast food. City Councilwoman Jan Perry is pushing a moratorium that would stop any new fast food places from opening in South Central. She hopes to see more restaurants and grocery stores like the one about to break ground. If approved by City Council, the ban would cover 3 square miles, and some say that hurts small businesses.-Cause' we think of the big fast food chains. What happens if I decide I wanna open a hamburger joint in that area?Joe Hicks runs an economic empowerment group. He says fast food places provide jobs, and people choose to eat there because the food tastes good and doesn't cost much.-So it's insulting to insist that government has to tell people what’s good them or not.The Health Department says more South-Central children are obese compared to other kids in LA County. Even though the chains have added healthier options to their s, supporters of the ban are demanding more grocery stores and casual restaurants that serve fresh vegetables and food that' not fried.-With gas price rises, it would be a lot more convenient if there was in our neighborhood.They are probably gonna vote on the moratorium in the fall, and again, if it passes, it doesn't mean these go away, just means no new ones would be allowed to be built. Chris Lawrence, CNN, Los Angeles.WORDS IN THE NEWS 1. scarf : verb (used with object), verb (used without object) Slangto eat, esp. voraciously (often fol. by down or up)eg: to scarf down junk food.. moratorium : n-count A moratorium on a particular activity or process is the stopping of it a fixed period of time, usually as a result of an official agreement. 5889。
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