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What could a drone do in a cafeteria?一架无人机在自助餐厅里可以做什么?The world first drone cafe, which has just opened its doors at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, employs a robotic fleet known as Blue Jay to deliver the drinks.全球首家无人机咖啡厅日前刚在荷兰埃因霍芬理工大学开业,该咖啡厅雇佣了一个名为;蓝色杰伊;的机器人团队传送饮品The drone looks like a small white flying saucer with shiny eyes. It buzzs over to a customer, take orders by way of camera sensors (you can choose from one of four drinks), and your selection is then communicated to another drone that picks up the drink and brings it to your waiting table.该无人机看起来就像一个拥有闪亮眼睛的白色小飞碟它会飞到顾客面前,通过相机传感器接收点餐单(你可以在种饮品中选择一种),然后你的选择将被传送到另一架无人机上,它会拿起饮料并送到你等候的桌前The drones each cost about EUR,000 to construct, and were the result of a program celebrating the university 60th anniversary. The students behind the project, who spent nine months developing and building the autonomous drone, aim to show how such small craft could become an essential part of modern daily life.这种无人机的制造成本约为每架00欧元,是庆祝埃因霍芬理工大学建校60周年的一个项目的成果参与该项目的名学生历时9个月研发和制造了这款自主飞行的无人机,旨在展示这类小型技术是如何成为现代日常生活中不可或缺的一部分的Students say their aim is to demonstrate the potential of the drones, which are useful not only up in the sky, but also indoors.学生们表示,他们的目标是展示无人机的潜力,无人机不止是可以在天空中使用,还可以在室内使用;A drone can be used fire safety, it can detect intruders, but it can also be just convenient to have a drone in your house to bring you an apple,; said a student in the presentation of the Blue Jay.在;蓝色杰伊;的视频演示中,一名学生说道:;一架无人机可用于消防安全,它可以检测到入侵者但是在家中,一架无人机可以为你拿苹果难道不也是件很方便的事情吗?;;We believe that one day, domestic drones will be a part of society. One day, a drone could be a friend,; he added.他补充说道:;我们相信有一天,国内无人机将成为社会的一部分有一天,无人机会成为我们的朋友的; 19A: Hi. I need a wake-up call tomorrow.B: What time would you like your wake-up call?A: I need two calls, one at 7 and another at 7:.B: That is no problem at all, of course. You'll get a call at 7:00, and another at 7:.A: Then again, I think 7: is too early. Change 7: to 7:30, please.B: So, that'll be a call at 7 and another at 7:30. Do you have any other requests?A: Not just now, but if I do think of something later, I'll give you a ring.B: Okay, sir. Sleep well. 97

See if you can spot the mistake that cost one man a <牛人_句子>,000 jackpot at a Florida casino:来看看你是否能够发现,是什么失误让一名男子在佛罗里达一家失去了万美元的头奖:Jan Flato was playing the slots at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino in t Lauderdale.简·弗莱托当时正在劳德代尔堡塞米诺尔硬石酒店玩Nothing was coming up, so he asked his friend Marina Navarro to push the button to see if she could change his luck.由于什么也没得到,于是他请朋友玛丽娜·纳瓦罗来操作一次钮,看是否能给自己带来好运气Boy, did she. The slot machine lit up with a <牛人_句子>,000 pay line. So where was his mistake?天啊,好运真的来了!的卷轴转出了与万美元大奖同样的图案!那么问题在哪呢?Since Navarro was the one who pushed the button, casino managers concluded the jackpot was actually hers.由于是纳瓦罗下的钮,经理表示,大奖其实是她的!This revelation didnt go over well both parties: Navarro exited stage left with the money and Flato was left wondering what the hell just happened.这个结果可没能让两个人都开心:纳瓦罗带上万美元走了,弗莱托却怎么也想不通,这事怎么就这样了;I said, Marina, what are you doing? and she gets up and walks out,; Flato told CNN affiliate WSVN弗莱托在接受CNN旗下WSVN采访时表示:“我喊道,玛丽娜,你要做什么吗?她却起身走了”After making off with the winnings, Flato says Navarro ignored his texts and calls, thus proving that friendship is free until there are hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.弗莱托说,在领了大奖离开后,纳瓦罗就不回他的信息、不接他的电话,这就明了当大钱摆在眼前时,友情分文不值 58

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