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Its the sound of the beginning of the time.这是时间起点的声音The left over heat from the Big Bang.是大爆炸的余温The three degrees that hasnt cooled yet.是冷却不下来的三度热量Its everywhere. Its all around us.无所不在 环绕着我们Its fiften billion years old.有五十万年的历史And we found it.Thats our discovery.我们找到了它 这就是我们的发现We have to go to get the Prize, Arno.我们得去领奖了 阿诺What was that before the Big Bang?那大爆炸之前是什么We dont know what it was,it wasnt time, space or matter.我们不知道是什么 不是时间 不是空间 不是物质Theres room for God.Yes, in theory.So what now?那有可能有上帝了 对 理论上来说 那现在做什么Im going to eat cranberry and a huge number of chocolate truffles.我要吃蔓越橘和一大堆松露巧克力And find very hard to get you to see how wonderful Wagner is,还要艰难地说你瓦格纳是多么美妙and how Brahms is not so wonderful.I meant with work!而勃拉姆斯是多么不美妙 我是指工作上的201601/419326Currently, the American College of Sports Medicine,目前,美国运动医学会the ACSM, and the American Heart Association即ACSM 和美国心脏协会recommend that you engage in moderately intense,建议大家应当参加一些强度适当的aerobic or cardiovascular exercise 30 minutes a day,有氧运动或心血管活动,每天30分钟5 days a week.一周做5天Moderate intensity physical activity强度适当的体育运动means working hard enough to raise your heart rate是指运动强度足以提高心率and break a sweat yet still being able to让人出些汗,但依旧可以carry on a conversation.与他人交谈You should also do resistance or strength training大家也应当做一些抵抗力或者体能训练twice per week in addition to your aerobic activity.每周做两次,这些训练不包括在有氧活动内Your exercise should be sandwiched锻炼应当介于by both a warm up for at least five minutes开始前的五分钟热身训练before you begin and a cool down和结束后的冷静阶段之间for the same amount of time at the end of your session.冷静阶段也需五分钟Your warm ups should include both a slow warm up热身运动应当包括缓慢的热身such as walking and be followed如散步by stretching your muscles.散步之后就要拉伸下肌肉了It should be noted that to lose weight需要注意的是,想要减肥or maintain weight loss, 60 to 90 minutes或保持体重不断减轻 60到90分钟的of physical activity may be necessary.体育运动是必不可少的The 30 minute recommendation is for the average,建议的运动时间是30分钟,这是对一般healthy adult to maintain health健康的成年人而言,可以保持健康and reduce the risk of chronic disease.降低患慢性疾病的风险Walking, jogging, or running is the simplest散步,慢跑或跑步是最简单and cheapest form of a cardiovascular workout也是最经济的心血管运动或or aerobic exercise.有氧运动的形式These exercises can be done in a neighborhood park这些运动可以在住处附近的公园along walkways, in the mall,沿着人行道,或是在购物中心or even within ones own home.甚至在自己家中进行Walking briskly for 15 to 20 minutes快走15到20分钟is the best way you can initiate exercise.是开始锻炼的最佳方式The key is to begin slowly and then steadily increase关键在于刚开始时步速要慢,然后逐渐迈开步子your stride and increase your pace.加快步伐A pedometer can also be a great tool计步器也是个不错的工具to help you track the number of steps可以帮助记录you are taking each day.每天所走的步数It can also be a great motivator它也会成为一个很大的动力to help you get exercise in your day.促使人每天进行锻炼The recommended daily steps for most people对大多数人的建议步数是is 10,000 per day, or 10K a day.每天走一万步One mile is approximately 2,000 steps.1英里大概是2000步If you feel like 10,000 steps is too much,如果觉得10000步太多了start out slow and increase your steps by 500 each day开始时速度慢一些,每天多走500步until you reach the 10,000 step goal.直至达到10000步的目标To give you some examples, heres a list of activities举个例子,这儿是一个活动列表with their step equivalents per 15 minutes.是以每15分钟的步数为单位来计的Bowling for 15 minutes打15分钟保龄球is worth approximately 3,600 steps.相当于走3600步Water aerobics is a little over 3,000.水中有氧运动略微超出300步Cooking is about 900.做饭大概相当于900步Gardening is about 1,800.园艺工作相当于1800步Bicycling is similar to bowling at about 3,600.骑自行车和打保龄球相似,大概是3600步Golf is worth about 2,000.打高尔夫相当于2000步House cleaning is about 1,300.打扫房间相当于1300步And raking leaves is also about 1,800 step equivalents per 15 minutes.耙拢落叶相当于每15分钟走1800步Here are some exercises of stretching to do这些是可以做的拉伸运动after your warm up and before you begin your exercise session.一般在热身运动之后和开始锻炼前进行Take a look at each of these pictures.看一下这些图片As mentioned earlier, it is also important to就像之前提到的do strength training exercises at least twice per week每周进行两次体能训练是非常重要的in addition to your aerobic exercises.体能训练不包括在有氧运动之内201503/362153And the answer that occurred to me first,我首先想到的是was it looked like another moon peeking out behind lo.它看起来像是从木卫一后方露出来的另一个卫星But when she looked closer she realised it但仔仔观察后她才发现was something completely different.完全不是这么回事When I explored it I was able to find我仔仔研究后才发现that this large strange object,这个巨大的奇怪物体huge plume of a volcanic eruption arising 270 km原来是木卫一表面火山喷发over the surface of lo and raining back down onto it.造成的270公里高的烟流So I had discovered the first ever所以我是第一个在地球以外的地方volcanic eruption ever seen on another world besides the earth.看到火山喷发的人Ios vibrant volcanic activity is caused来自木星的巨大引力by the massive gravitational pull exerted by Jupiter,挤压木卫一,并将它从内部加热which squeezes and heats the moon internally.导致木卫一上的火山活动,特别活络You could actually see by the edge of lo plumes of观察木卫一的边缘会发现what turned out to be sulphur dioxide gas shooting up大量由二氧化硫组成的烟流into space about 100 miles and dropping all this sulphur dioxide喷至一百里的高空snow back on the surface and the whole place is stained red并像雪花般地落回木卫一的表面and yellow with sulphur.整个木卫一被硫磺染得红黄相间Its an incredible place.很不可思议Here was a moon to swoon over.这是个令人着迷的卫星It was far more exciting and exotic than our own boring,它比我们单调、死寂的月球lifeless moon.刺激多了And lo was just the beginning.而且木卫一只是开始Soon another of Jupiters moons Europa was also wowing scientists.不久之后,木星的另一颗卫星:木卫二也让科学家大为惊艳Europas surface had no craters.木卫二的表面没有陨石坑Close up it was covered in cracks and canyons.仔看之下会发现其上布满了裂隙与峡谷Europaclearly had a very young surface.木卫二的表面显然非常年轻We could tell that there werent many large impact craters看得出来它并没有很多大型撞击圆坑and the surface was relatively smooth and, and cracked.表面相对而言十分平滑,上面有裂隙Not chasms going deep down into it不是深入地底的地表裂痕but cracks filled in with something darker.而是充满某种黑色物质的裂隙A recently active surface.其表面近期内曾有过地质活动Looking at it scientists realised it was similar科学家发现木卫二的表面看来十分眼熟to scenes they knew from earth from the poles.因为它跟地球的两极很像Europa was covered in ice.木卫二曾被冰层复盖And because there were no craters they knew因为表面没有坑洞that the ice must have melted and refrozen many times.所以科学家知道冰层一定曾多次融解、结冻And that could mean only one thing:这只有一个意义There had to be liquid water木卫二上曾经存在the crucial ingredient for life on Europa.生命的关键元素,也就是水It got even more exciting when scientists began to speculate科学家开始推测where the heat to melt the ice was coming from.融化冰层的热力来自何处时Again the answer lay within our own planet.情况就更令人兴奋了On the floors of the oceans of the earth,这个问题的也存在地球上scientists had discovered ;black smokers;;科学家在海底发现了所谓的“黑烟囱”volcanic heat sources coming from below the earths crust,也就是来自地壳下方的火山热源warming the water from below.由下方加热海水Perhaps hot vents like these could exist under Europas icy crust.也许木卫二的冰层下方也有像这样的热源Scientists could barely contain their excitement科学家兴奋得无法自持liquid water and a volcanic heat source sounded like对许多人来说,液态水和火山热源the kind of conditions that many believe gave birth to life on earth.听起来很像地球上出现生命时的状况201505/373779Japans refugee application process is rigorous — the country only accepted less than 1 percent of refugees in 2015.日本的难民申请过程十分严格--2015年日本只接受了申请数量的不到百分之一。That number comes from Japan’s Justice Ministry. Out of 7,586 applicants, only 27 were accepted.这个数字来自日本司法部。7586名申请者中只有27人被接受。Japan saw refugee applications double in 2015. Officials told local media that boom was due in part to the number of Indonesian applications rising by more than 950 from 2014.日本看到难民申请数在2015年翻倍。官员告诉当地媒体,增长的部分原因是印度尼西亚的申请数量比2014年增加了950多人。And asylum seeker acceptances more than doubled. In 2014, only 11 were approved. 避难者接受超过一倍。在2014,只有11人被批准。Japans refugee application process doesnt accept war refugees and is said to be the strictest among developed nations. 日本的难民申请不包括战争难民,是发达国家中最为严格的。But Japan still gives economic support to Syria and other war-torn regions. Japans parliament reportedly approved an additional 350 million dollars in aid for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. 但日本仍给予叙利亚等战乱地区经济持。据报道,日本国会批准额外的3亿5000万美元用于叙利亚和伊拉克难民援助。Japan received the most applications from Nepal but accepted none of the 1,768.日本收到的最多申请来自尼泊尔,但1768人都没有通过。译文属。201601/423993

在这一令人眼花缭乱的演讲中,乔纳森·德罗里展示了开花植物 -- 超过25万个物种 -- 进化出的吸引昆虫来帮它们传播花粉的非凡的方式:生长出“降落跑道”来引导昆虫进入,在紫外线下闪耀,构建精心制作的陷阱,甚至模仿其他发情期的昆虫。201501/355549

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