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福建泉州妇幼保健医院做输卵管通液多少钱福建泉州二院妇产科怎样European teenagers face having to secure parental permission to join the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat before the age of 16, under new EU data protection proposals that are riling US technology companies.根据一项新的欧盟数据保护提议,不到16岁的欧洲青少年必须征得父母同意才能加入脸书、Instagram和Snapchat等平台,这让美国科技公司感到愤怒。The new regulations would make it illegal for companies to handle data from anyone aged 15 or younger without the consent of parents, potentially blowing a hole in the business models of social media companies that have relied on teenage users for rapid growth.这一新的条例将会使那些未征求父母同意,而掌握了15岁及以下孩子信息的公司落入违法的境地,同时也潜在地抓住了一些依赖青少年用户快速增长的社交媒体公司商业模式的把柄。A senior executive at one US tech group said: ;This is a ban that will require millions of kids and teenagers to get permission from their parents to use Internet services. That includes email accounts, social media platforms and downloading apps.;美国某科技集团的一名高管表示:;这项禁令将要求数以百万计的儿童和青少年获得父母的许可才能使用互联网务,包括电子邮件账户、社交媒体平台和下载应用。;US tech groups have launched a frantic lobbying effort against the proposal.美国众多科技集团正疯狂游说反对上述提议。Tech-savvy teenagers brought up in the digital age tend to be early adopters of social networks. The networks themselves then use this as a sales pitch to lure advertisers.在数字时代长大的科技控青少年往往是社交网络的早期用户,社交网络把这当作一个卖点来吸引广告商。A coalition including Google, Facebook and Twitter on Monday accused negotiators of rushing the amendment and not consulting child-safety organisations.谷歌、脸书和推特于周一联合声明,就议员仓促修订提议以及未与儿童安全组织协商这一行为进行了谴责。 /201512/416820泉州鲤城区不孕不育有哪些医院 As Iran endures a cold winter, locals have devised an innovative scheme to help the homeless keep warm.由于伊朗遭遇寒冬,当地人想出了一项帮流浪汉保暖的新颖计划。Spontaneous ;walls of kindness,; on which people can donate unwanted clothing, have popped up around the country. Those without warm clothes - including the homeless population - are encouraged to collect and keep donated items left behind.民众自发组织的;爱心墙;活动已在伊朗全国兴起。;爱心墙;活动即人们可以把不需要的衣物捐出来挂到墙上,鼓励流浪汉等没有保暖衣物的人从墙上取走捐赠衣物留着穿。The idea seems to have started in the north-eastern city of Mashhad, where someone installed a few hooks and hangers on a wall, next to the words: ;If you don#39;t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.; Donations of coats, trousers and other warm clothing started to appear.这一想法似乎是发源于伊朗东北部城市马什哈德,当地有人在一面墙上装了些挂钩和衣架,旁边写着:;如果你有衣不要了,请把它放在这里;如果你需要这件衣,就把它带走。;之后人们开始捐赠外套、裤子等保暖衣物。The idea quickly sp to other cities including Shiraz, Sirjan and Ilam, fuelled by thousands of Iranians on social media.这一想法在社交媒体上引起数千名伊朗人的热议,很快传播到设拉子、锡尔詹、伊拉姆等城市。According to government officials, there are 15,000 homeless people in Iran. Of these, one third are women. However, unofficial estimates put this figure much higher. Last year, Tehran municipality#39;s Welfare Organization estimated that there are more than that number on the capital#39;s streets alone.根据政府的官方报道,在伊朗大约有1万5千名无家可归的人。在这些人当中,三分之一是女性。但是,非官方方面的预估要远远高于现在这个数字。去年,德黑兰市的福利组织评估显示,仅在首都的街道上无家可归人的数字就高于官方的数据。 /201512/418163The divorce rate is rising rapidly. In 2014, 3.6 million Chinese couples broke up, almost double the number from a decade previously. In the past, couples required permission from employers or community committees to divorce, and many put up with their spouses just to avoid public embarrassment.离婚率近年来迅速飙升。2014年,中国有360万对夫妻离婚,比10年前几乎增长了一倍。在过去,夫妻离婚需要获得工作单位和社区委员会的许可,因而很多夫妻为了避免公共尴尬,只好对配偶忍气吞声。A 2003 regulation on marriage and divorce simplified the divorce procedure and allowed couples to divorce the same day at a cost of 10 yuan (1.53 dollars).2003年颁布的婚姻和离婚法简化了离婚程序,当天即允许夫妻离婚,花费仅为10元人民币(折合1.53美元)。Reservations and appointments began in Dali on Feb 1, 2015. By the end of last year, 9,571 couples made reservations, but 4,531 of them, 47 percent, did not end up in divorce. In many other cities, similar reservation systems are in place.大理在2015年2月1日开始实行保留和预约制度。截止到去年年底,有9571对夫妻进行预约离婚,但其中约占47%的4531对夫妻最终没有离婚。其他许多城市也准备实行类似的预约体系。These measures are not without their critics. ;It is not proper for governments to put obstacles in front of people wanting a divorce, because Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of marriage,; said Nie Aiping of Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences. He suggests that interventions should be conducted by an impartial organization.但这样的方式也引来了一些批评。“政府给想要离婚的人设置障碍的方式是不妥的,因为中国公民享受婚姻自由。”江西社科院的聂爱平表示。他建议应由一个公正的组织来实行相关干预。Liu Min in East China#39;s Anhui province has been a divorce attorney for years. She believes that not all broken marriages can be repaired, because the causes of divorce vary.中国东部安徽省的刘敏多年来一直从事离婚律师职业。她认为并不是所有破碎的婚姻都能够修复,因为导致离婚的原因各不相同。;In the past people wanted to divorce mostly because of domestic violence and affairs, now it is increasingly common among young couples to separate after trivial disputes or interference of their parents,; she said.她说:“过去人们离婚主要由于家庭暴力和风流韵事,现在年轻夫妻由于小事争吵或父母干预而离婚这一现象变得越来越普遍。”Most people born in the 1980s and 1990s are only children whose parents tend to interfere too much in their lives, Liu said. What#39;s more, unlike their parents, they attach more importance to individuality and the quality of life.刘敏表示,大部分80后和90后都是独生子女,父母往往喜欢干涉他们的生活。而且与他们父母不同的是,这些年轻人更加关注个性化和生活质量。For the couples careering into divorce without careful forethought, marriage guidance offices have been set up next to registry offices in Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai and other provinces. Psychologists are available.对于那些没有慎重考虑就急着离婚的夫妻,北京、重庆、上海及其他省份均在登记处旁边设立了婚姻指导办公室,有心理学家提供咨询务。The registrars who handle dissolutions in Anhui province have been trained to tell whether a marriage can be saved or not, according to their statement and emotional state, according to Gao Jiamei of Anhui Provincial Civil Affairs Department.安徽省离婚处的登记员接受过培训,能根据夫妻的陈述和情绪状态辨别这段婚姻是否能够被挽救,安徽省民政厅的高佳梅说。A local government in the provincial capital Hefei has invited professional counselors to work alongside registrars. They help couples calm down and think over their relations, establishing a sense of responsibility leading to a rational choice.在省会城市合肥,地方政府邀请了专业咨询师在登记处旁边工作。他们帮助夫妻冷静下来,仔细思考他们的关系,建立责任感,引导他们做出理性选择。But marriage is, after all, deeply personal. To divorce or not, the choice finally lies with the couple themselves.但婚姻毕竟是和个人紧密相关的。离或者不离,决定权最终还是在于夫妻本人。 /201603/429524福建泉州市中医院网上预约咨询

泉州怀孕早期打胎5.Immunity To A Brain Disease5.对脑疾病拥有免疫力In case we needed another reason to avoid cannibalism, eating our own kind is not a particularly healthy choice. The Fore people of Papua New Guinea showed us as much in the mid–20th century when their tribe suffered through an epidemic of Kuru—a degenerative and fatal brain disease sp by eating other humans.如果我们要给避免同类相食增加一个理由的话,从健康的角度来看,这不是一个好的选择。巴布亚新几内亚; Fore;族人在20世纪中期流行的库鲁病很好地说明了这一点,他们因同类相食,产生了退化性和致命性的脑疾病。Kuru is a prion disease related to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) in humans and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease). Like all prion diseases, kuru decimates the brain, filling it with sponge-like holes. The infected suffers through a decline in memory and intellect, personality changes, and seizures. Sometimes, people can live with a prion disease for years, but in the case of kuru, the afflicted usually die within a year of showing symptoms. It#39;s important to note that, although very rare, a person can inherit a prion disease. However, the illness is most commonly sp by eating an infected person or animal.Initially, anthropologists and medical doctors didn#39;t know why kuru was sping across the Fore tribe. Finally, in the late 1950s, it was discovered that the infection was being transmitted at mortuary feasts, where tribe members would consume their deceased relatives out of respect. Mostly women and young children participated in the cannibalistic ritual. Consequently, they were the ones predominantly affected. Before the funerary practice was banned, some Fore villages had virtually no young women remaining.But not all who were exposed to kuru died from it. Survivors had a novel variation in a gene called G127V that made them immune to the brain disease. Now, the gene is widesp among the Fore and surrounding people, which is surprising because kuru only popped up in the area around 1900. This incident is one of the strongest and most recent examples of natural selection in humans.库鲁病是一种与库兹菲德-雅各氏症和疯牛病有关的朊病毒疾病。和所有朊病毒疾病一样,库鲁病杀死大量脑细胞,使其产生空洞、海绵化。患者会记忆衰退,智力下降,性格改变,产生癫痫等。通常,患有朊病毒疾病的人可以继续生活数年,但是患有库鲁病,则一般在产生症状之后一年内便会死亡。需要注意的是(尽管非常罕见),朊病毒能够遗传。不过,绝大多数患者是因为食用了产生感染的人或动物。最初,人类学家和医生们都不知道为什么库鲁病会在Fore族人中大肆传播。直到20世纪50年代末才发现这类疾病是在太平间盛宴时传染的。因为出于对死去亲人的尊敬,Fore族人会将尸体吃掉。妇女、孩子都参加此种仪式,高峰时该病在女性和儿童中的发病率是在男性中的8至9倍。因为该族人吞食已逝亲属的肉以完成后者的;生命循环;时,由男性先选择所食部分,然后再由女性和儿童打扫剩下的包括脑部在内的人肉,而脑部正是致病朊毒体含量较高的部分。在这种食人习俗被禁止之前, Fore族人的一些村庄几乎连一个年轻妇人都没有。并不是所有患此病的人都会死亡,这些存活下来的幸存者们的G127V基因有了新变化,这使得他们对大脑疾病产生了免疫能力。现在,这种基因遍布Fore族和周围的人。这是令人十分惊奇的现象,因为库鲁病是在1900年才开始爆发的。这个例子是自然在人类身上做出选择的最强和最近的例子。4.Golden Blood4.黄金血Although we#39;re often told that type O blood is a universal blood type that anyone can receive, that#39;s not the case. In fact, the whole system is a bit more complicated than many of us realize.我们都知道O型血是所有人都可以接纳的血液,然而这并不是事实。事实上,血液分类的系统比我们所知道的要复杂得多。While most of us are aware of the eight basic blood types (A, AB, B, and O—each of which can be positive or negative), there are currently 35 known blood group systems, with millions of variations in each system. Blood that doesn#39;t fall into the ABO system is considered rare, and those who have such blood may find it challenging to locate a compatible donor when in need of a transfusion.Still, there#39;s rare blood, and then there#39;s really rare blood. Presently, the most unusual kind of blood is known as ;Rh-null.; As its name suggests, it doesn#39;t contain any antigens in the Rh system. It#39;s not that uncommon for a person to lack some Rh antigens. For instance, people who don#39;t have the Rh D antigen have ;negative; blood (e.g. A-, B-, or O-). Still, it#39;s extremely extraordinary for someone to not have a single Rh antigen. It#39;s so extraordinary, in fact, that researchers have only come across 40 or so individuals on the planet who have Rh-null blood.What makes this blood even more interesting is that it totally beats O blood in terms of being a universal donor, since even O-negative blood isn#39;t always compatible with other types of rare negative blood. Rh-null, however, works with nearly any type of blood. This is because, when receiving a transfusion, our bodies will likely reject any blood that contains antigens we don#39;t possess. And since Rh-null blood has zero Rh, A, or B antigens, it can be given to practically everyone. Unfortunately, there are only about nine donors of this blood in the world, so it#39;s only used in extreme situations. Because of its limited supply and enormous value as a potential lifesaver, some doctors have referred to Rh-null as ;golden; blood. In some cases, they#39;ve even tracked down anonymous donors (a big no-no) to request a sample.Those who have the Rh-null type undoubtedly have a bittersweet existence. They know that their blood is literally a lifesaver for others with rare blood, yet if they themselves need blood, their options are limited to the donations of only nine people.我们都非常了解8种基本的血型(A、B、AB、O,每一血型有正负之分),事实是,现在已经发现的血型系统一共有35个,每一个系统又有上百万种变体。不包括在ABO血型系统的血型被认为是稀有血型,稀有血型的人会发现当他们需要输血的时候,要找到一个适配的血型非常困难。在稀有血型之中,还有极其稀有的血型。比如说,Rhnull血型。正如它的名字所显示的,它在Rh血型中不会产生任何的抗原。某人缺少一些Rh抗原并不奇怪,例如,缺少Rh D抗原的人就是负的血型(A-、B-、O-等)。然而,一个完全没有Rh抗原的人是特别难以找到的。研究者们在整个地球上都仅仅发现40个左右的人拥有Rh-null血型。Rhnull血型之所以如此吸引人们好奇心的是:它比O型血适配血型还广,因为O型血和稀有血型中的负血型并不适配,Rhnull血型却几乎能跟所有血型适配。Rhnull血型之所以如此广泛地适配是有原因的。当接收到输入的血液时,人体会自动排斥它原本不具有的抗原。Rhnull血型没有Rh、A、B型抗原,因此它可以被输送给任何人。不幸的是,整个世界上Rhnull血型的献血者只有9个人,他们的血液因此也只有在极端情况下才会用到。由于Rhnull血型血液的广泛适配性以及它可能被作为拯救生命之血的这种极大潜质,它被某些医生称作;黄金血液;。某些时候医生们甚至会跟踪匿名的Rhnull血型献血者以求能采集到一份样本(当然,这是绝对不可以做的事情)。拥有Rhnull血型的人对于他们自己的血液的感受可以说是喜忧参半。一方面,他们知道自己的血对于别人来说可能是救命神血,但另一方面,如果他们自己病了需要输血的话,他们能够指望的也就只有世界上仅存的那九个Rhnull血型的捐献者。3.Crystal-Clear Underwater Vision3.在水下拥有水晶般透明的视力Most animals#39; eyes are designed for seeing things underwater or in air—not both. The human eye, of course, is adept at seeing things in air. When we try to open our eyes underwater, things look blurry. This is because the water has a similar density to the fluids in our eyes, which limits the amount of refracted light that can pass into the eye. Low refraction equals fuzzy vision.很多动物的眼睛是被设计来看清在水底或者空气中的事物的——不能够兼顾。人类的眼睛擅长于看清空气中的东西。当我们身处水下,试着睁开眼睛,我们便会发现,眼前模糊不清。这是因为水的密度与我们眼睛里液体的密度相当,这限制了眼睛折射光线的数量,从而导致视线模糊不清。That knowledge makes it all the more surprising that a group of people, known as the Moken, have the ability to see clearly underwater, even at depths up to 22 meters (75 ft). The Moken spend eight months of the year on boats or stilt houses. They only return to land to get essential items, which they acquire by bartering foods or shells collected from the ocean. They gather resources from the sea using traditional methods, which means no modern fishing poles, masks, or diving gear. Children are responsible for collecting food, such as clams or sea cucumbers, from the sea floor. Through this repetitive and consistent task, their eyes are now capable of changing shape when underwater to increase light refraction. Thus, they can easily distinguish between edible clams and ordinary rocks even when many meters below water.When tested, the Moken children had underwater vision twice as sharp as European children. However, it seems that this is an adaptation that we might all possess if our environment demanded it, since researchers have trained European children to perform underwater tasks as successfully as the Moken.这就使得当我们得知莫肯人能够在水下(甚至是22米深的水下)将事物看得一清二楚时感到吃惊不已。莫肯人一年中有8个月的时间在船上度过。除了获取一些必备生活用品之外,他们很少返岸。他们用传统的方法在海上捕捞。这意味着他们不使用包括钓竿、面具、潜水装置等一切现代工具。孩子们负责从海底收集蛤和海参等食物。这种工作每日不断重复,最终使得他们的眼睛在水下具备了可以改变形状从而增加光反射的能力。因此,他们能够轻易分别出水下的蛤和石块,获取食物。经过试验,莫肯人孩童的水下视力是欧洲孩童的两倍。不过,这似乎是每个人都能够拥有的能力,只要我们改变环境,同样也会产生相应的变化。研究者们训练欧洲孩童向莫肯人孩童一样在水底不停地作业,最终成功地明了这点。2.Super-Dense Bones2.高密度骨骼Getting old comes with a host of physical problems. A common such issue is osteoporosis, a loss of bone mass and density. This leads to inevitable bone fractures, broken hips, and hunched spines—not a pleasant fate for anyone. Still, it#39;s not all bad news, as a group of people have a unique gene that may hold the secret to curing osteoporosis.变老伴随着一系列身体问题。一个常见的问题就是骨质疏松症,骨质流失和空隙增大。这将会导致骨折、髋部损坏、驼背等。不过,也不全然是坏消息,因为有人拥有特殊的基因能够将其治愈。The gene is found in the Afrikaner population, and it causes people to gain bone mass throughout their lives instead of losing it. More specifically, it#39;s a mutation in the SOST gene, which controls a protein (sclerostin) that regulates bone growth. If an Afrikaner inherits two copies of the mutated gene, they develop the disorder sclerosteosis, which leads to severe bone overgrowth, gigantism, facial distortion, deafness, and early death. Obviously, that disorder is far worse than osteoporosis. However, if they only inherit one copy of the gene, they don#39;t get sclerosteosis and simply have especially dense bones throughout their lives.Although heterozygous carriers of the gene are currently the only ones enjoying the benefits, researchers are studying the DNA of Afrikaners with hopes of finding ways to reverse osteoporosis and other skeletal disorders in the general population. Based on what they#39;ve learned so far, they#39;ve aly started clinical studies on a sclerostin inhibitor that#39;s capable of stimulating bone formation.这种基因在阿非利卡人上发现,它使人们在一生中增加骨量而不是失去。确切地说,它是SOST基因变异,这种基因控制着管理骨头增长的蛋白质。如果阿非利卡人遗传了两对突变基因,那么他们会患上障碍性的硬化性骨化病,这会导致严重的骨质增生、巨人症、口眼歪斜、失聪和早逝。很明显,这个障碍远比骨质疏松症要严重。然而,如果他们只是遗传了一对突变基因,那么他们不会患上骨质疏松症且他们在一生中仅有密质骨。虽然目前仅有该基因的杂合子携带者能从中受益,但研究员已经在研究阿非利卡人的DNA,希望能够找到方法来逆转骨质疏松症和普通人群中的其它骨骼疾病。基于他们现在所掌握到的,他们已经开始了关于可促进骨形成的硬化蛋白抑制剂的临床研究。1.Need Little Sleep1.睡眠需求减少If it ever seems like some people have more hours in their day than you do, it turns out they just might—at least more awake hours. That#39;s because there are unusual individuals who can operate on six or fewer hours of shut-eye a night. And they aren#39;t simply getting by—they thrive on this limited amount of sleep, while many of the rest of us are still dragging ourselves out of bed after snoozing for eight solid hours. These people aren#39;t necessarily tougher than the rest of us, and they haven#39;t trained their bodies to function on less sleep. Instead, they have a rare genetic mutation of the gene DEC2, which causes them to physiologically need less sleep than the average person.If normal sleepers were to stick to six or fewer hours of slumber, they#39;d start experiencing negative impacts almost immediately. Chronic sleep deprivation can even lead to health problems, including serious ones like high blood pressure and heart disease. Those with the DEC2 mutation don#39;t have any of the problems associated with sleep deprivation, despite the limited time their heads are on the pillow. While it might seem odd that a single gene could change what we believe is a basic human need, those studying the DEC2 mutation believe it#39;s helping people to sleep more efficiently with more intense REM states. Apparently, when we have better sleep, we need less of it.This genetic anomaly is exceedingly rare and is only found in less than 1 percent of self-proclaimed short-sleepers. So, chances are, even if you think you have it, you probably don#39;t.如果有些人的一天似乎比你的要长,那么他们可能只是有更多醒着的时间。那是因为有一些独特的人,他们一个晚上只需要六个小时甚至更少的睡眠时间。他们仅靠有限的睡眠时间就可以维持一天,然而,我们当中的许多人在睡了整整八个小时后仍然要挣扎着将自己拖出床外。这些人并不是比我们当中的其他人都更顽强,也没有训练自己的身体去适应更少的睡眠,而是拥有罕见的突变基因DEC2,这种基因能使他们在生理上比普通人需要更少的睡眠。如果普通人要坚持只睡六个或少于六个小时,那么他们几乎是立即就会开始体验到负面影响。长期的睡眠不足甚至会导致一些健康问题,包括一些严重的问题诸如高血压、心脏病。虽然那些携带DEC2突变基因的人睡觉时间有限,但是他们并没有因为睡眠缺失而产生任何问题。单基因能够改变我们所相信的一个人基本的需求,尽管这听起来似乎很奇怪,然而研究者认为DEC2帮助人在快速眼动睡眠状况下睡得更有效率。很显然,我们睡得越好,我们就越不需要它。这种基因异常极其稀有,仅仅在不到百分之一的自称短睡眠者身上发现。所以,即使你认为你有这种基因,你可能并没有。翻译:烟囱、徐杉、欧阳远丽、阿饭、孟庆润 来源:前十网 /201510/404360洛江区中医院官网预约免费 Chongyang Festival重阳节The Chongyang Festival falls on the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, so it is also known as the Double Ninth Festival.每年中国农历九月初九是重阳节,也被称之为重九节。The festival is based on the theory of Yin and Yang, the two opposing principles in nature.古人将天地万物归为阴阳两类。Yin is feminine, negative principle, while Yang is masculine and positive.阴代表黑暗,阳则代表光明、活力。Even numbers belong to Yin and odd numbers to Yang.奇数为阳,偶数为阴。The ninth day of the ninth lunar month is a day when the two Yang numbers meet. So it is called Chongyang. Chong means double in Chinese.九是奇数,因此属阳,九月初九,日月逢九,二阳相重,故称“重阳”。The festival is held in the golden season of autumn, at harvest-time. The bright clear weather and the joy of bringing in the harvest make for a festive happy atmosphere.这一天,正值仲秋收获季节,天高气爽,收获的喜悦增添了节日的气氛。The Double Ninth Festival is usually perfect for outdoor activities. Many people go hiking and climbing in the country, enjoying Mother Nature’s final burst of color before she puts on her dull winter cloak. Some will carry a spray of dogwood.重阳节非常适合户外运动,是登高远眺,舒畅胸怀的好时光。It is hard to say when these customs were created.很难追溯重阳节的起源。But there are many stories which are closely related.但是有许多相关的传说。The book Xu Qi Xie Ji, written by Wu Jun in the sixth century has one such story.根据公元六世纪吴均的《续齐谐纪》记载:In ancient times, there lived a man named Huan Jing. He was learning the magic arts from Fei Changfang, who had become an immortal after many years of practicing Taoism. One day, the two were climbing a mountain. Fei Changfang suddenly stopped and looked very upset.“汝南桓景,随费长房游学累年。He told Huan Jing, On the ninth day of the ninth month, disaster will come to your hometown.长房谓之曰:九月九日汝家中当有灾,You must go home immediately.宜急去,Remember to make a red bag for each one of your family members and put a spray of dogwood in every one.令家人各作绛囊,Then you must all tie your bags to your arms, leave home quickly and climb to the top of a mountain. Most importantly, you must all drink some chrysanthemum wine.盛茱萸以系臂,登高饮菊花酒,Only by doing so can your family avoid this disaster.此祸可除。On hearing this, Huan Jing rushed home and asked his family to do exactly as his teacher said. The whole family climbed a nearby mountain and did not return until the evening.景如言举家登山。(When they got back home, they found all their animals dead, including chickens, sheep, dogs and even the powerful ox. Later Huan Jing told his teacher, Fei Changfang, about this. Fei said the poultry and livestock died in place of Huan Jing’s family, who escaped disaster by following his instructions.)回到家里,他们发现家里所有的动物包括鸡,羊,,强壮的牛,都死了,而后景跟他的老师费长房说了此事,费说这些家禽和牲畜都是死在景的家里,而景的家人是按照他的指点去做了所以躲过了灾难。And so it happened that climbing a mountain, carrying a spray of dogwood and drinking chrysanthemum wine became the traditional activities of the Chongyang Festival.今世人九日登高饮酒,妇人带茱萸囊,盖始于此。”The dogwood is a plant with a strong fragrance, and is often used as a Chinese herbal medicine.茱萸是一种药用植物。其味香烈,有逐风邪、治寒热等功用。People in ancient times believed it could drive away evil spirits and prevent one from getting a chill in late autumn.古人把茱萸作为驱邪的神物,每逢重阳节人人都要佩带。So its history as a medicine goes back many centuries. But the custom of carrying a spray of dogwood during the Double Ninth Festival is slowly dying out and many people, especially young people in the cities, do not even know what a dogwood spray looks like.如今,插茱萸的习俗已不多见,许多城里的年轻人甚至不知道茱萸长什么样。Even though the tradition of carrying a few spray of dogwood dies out, that of climbing mountains is reaching new heights.虽然插茱萸的习俗已不多见了,但是登高是重阳节的重要风俗。Early in the Western Han Dynasty, about 2 000 years ago, people used to climb a high platform outside the capital city of Chang’an on the occasion of the Chongyang Festival.早在两千多年前的西汉时期,人们就在这一天前往京城长安郊外登高台。For many, it was the last outing of the year before the onset of winter The custom evolved into its present form,when people go climbing to get some exercise as well as enjoy the autumn scenery.现如今,人们登山则是为了边锻炼身体边欣赏秋景。But what about those people who live in flat regions far from any mountain? The problem is solved by going for a picnic and eating cakes.对于那些生活在远离山区的人们来说,他们可以出外野餐,吃糕点。The Chinese word for cake is Gao, a homonym of the Chinese word for high.汉语“糕点”的“糕”和“登高”的“高”发音相同,Mountains are high, so eating cake can, by a stretch of the imagination, take the place of going for a climb.所以就用“吃糕”代替“登高”了。Since nine is the highest odd digit, people take two of them together to signify longevity.由于九是奇数中最大的一个,人们把两个九放在一起来表示长寿。Therefore, the ninth day of the ninth month has become a special day for people to pay their respects to the elderly and a day for the elderly to enjoy themselves.因此,重阳节就成为了传统的敬老节日,It has also been declared China’s day for the elderly.政府也把它定为老人节。 /201509/395352泉州医院比较好的人流医院

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