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The growth rate of China’s migrant workforce has fallen to levels not seen since the depths of the global financial crisis.中国农民工总量增速已降至本次金融危机最严重时期以来最低水平。The total number of migrant workers rose 1.3 per cent in 2015 to 277.8m, the slowest rate since 2009 according to data available from the National Bureau of Statistics.据中国国家统计局公布的数据,2015年农民工总人数上升1.3%,至2.778亿人。这是2009年以来的最低增速。In 2014 the number of migrant workers had increased 1.9 per cent of 2014, on par with growth in 2009. But growth in China’s mobile workforce jumped to 5.4 per cent year-on-year in 2010, thanks in part to a major stimulus package that revved up economic activity through infrastructure projects and real estate development – and which has left a fraught legacy of overcapacity as the country attempts to transition toward a more services-oriented economy.2014年农民工总数增加了1.9%,与2009年增幅相当。但2010年农民工总数同比激增5.4%,部分原因是一项重大刺激计划,该计划通过基础设施项目和房地产开发推动经济活动。但随着中国试图转型成更以务业为导向的经济,该计划也留下了产能过剩这个令人担忧的遗产。Now China’s “migrant miracle” – in which cheap, mobile labour subsidized an export-driven manufacturing sector – is drawing to a close.中国的廉价流动劳动力曾对出口驱动型制造业有利好效应,但如今,这一“农民工奇迹”正接近尾声。Adding to downward pressure on the growth rate is a demographic downshift: the share of migrant workers above age 30 rose to 67.1 per cent last year, up from 57.6 per cent in 2010, according to the latest figures from the statistics bureau.同时,人口增速放慢也加大了农民工增速的下行压力。根据中国国家统计局最新数据,30岁以上农民比例去年攀升至67.1%,2010年为57.6%, /201605/441110

Starting from last Tuesday first-time home buyers in Shanghai have to pay down payments of at least 35%, buyers of second houses have to make 50% down payments, while buyers of commercial properties pay 70%.自上周二起,上海居民购买首套住房的首付比例为至少35%,第二套房的首付比例为50%,商业地产的首付比例为70%。Meanwhile, banks have raised interest rates by 10% for home buyers borrowing from the government#39;s Housing Provident Fund for a second time, with the maximum sum lowered by 100,000 yuan.对于第二次使用住房公积金贷款的购房者,将贷款利率上调10%,最高贷款额调低10万元。Banks are also required to seriously check papers submitted by home buyers to guard against fabrication for speculative purposes. Home buyers will not be able to borrow if their monthly mortgage payment exceeds 40 percent of their salaries.此外,还被要求要认真检查置业者所提交的文件,以防止投机用途的产生。如果购房者每月的抵押贷款付超过了工资的40%,那么他们将无法借到贷款。Tianjin said last Monday that it#39;ll implement diversified credit policies to cool a red-hot property market. For first-time home buyers the minimum down payment on a mortgage will be 30%, versus 20% earlier.天津市则于上周一宣布,将实行差别化信贷政策给火热的房地产市场降温。首次购房者的首付比例从之前的20%上调至30%。Those who aly own a house and have unpaid mortgages must make at least a 40% down payment when applying for commercial loans for second home.在已有一套住房并有未还清贷款的情况下,购买第二套房并申请商业贷款的首付比例为至少40%。For non-local residents who plan to buy their first house in Tianjin#39;s six major districts and Wuqing district, the minimum down payment on a mortgage will be 40%.外地居民在天津六个主城区以及武清区购买首套住房的最低首付比例为40%。 /201612/482485

The Indian government may use 3D paintings as virtual speed-breakers on major highways and roads, in a bid to check speeding and rash driving, and ultimately make its deadly roads a little safer. 为了抑制超速、变灯冲刺等驾驶行为,并最终提升事故多发地的安全性,印度政府可能要在主要公路和街道设置3D图案,作为虚拟减速装置。;We are trying out 3D paintings used as virtual speed breakers to avoid unnecessary requirements of speed breakers,; India#39;s transport minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted. 印度交通部长尼廷·格德卡里发推文称:“我们尝试绘制3D图案作为虚拟减速装置,以降低对不必要的减速带的使用。”The optical illusions are supposed to encourage drivers to slow down automatically. Earlier this month, India had ordered the removal of all speed breakers from highways, which are considered to be a safety hazard for high-speed vehicles. 这种视觉幻象手法有望让司机自动减速。本月早些时候,印度下令拆除公路上的所有减速带,此举被认为造成了机动车行驶的安全隐患。India has the highest number of road accident deaths in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, over 200,000 people are killed by road accidents due to poor implementation of road safety laws. This is considerably higher than its official figures of 141,526 for 2014. 印度是世界上交通事故死亡人数最多的国家。根据世界卫生组织的数据,由于道路安全法规实施不规范,印度有20多万人死于交通肇事。该数字远远高于印度2014年官方公布的141526的死亡人数。The use of optical illusions as speed breakers was first pioneered in the American city of Philadelphia in 2008, as part of a campaign against speeding motorists. The technique has also been tried out in China to create floating 3D crossings. 2008年,作为防止机动车超速的举措之一,美国费城最先将视觉幻象用作减速装置。中国也曾试行悬浮的3D标志线。In India, cities such as Ahmedabad and Chennai have aly experimented with 3D zebra crossings in the last one year. In Ahmedabad for instance, a mother-daughter artist duo has painted 3D crosswalks in the first few months of 2016. The artists say their motto is ;to increase the attention of drivers;, and that the concept has been successfully tested in accident-prone zones on a highway. 艾哈迈达巴德和金奈等印度城市去年已开始试行3D斑马线。以艾哈迈达巴德为例,今年前几个月,一对艺术家母女就绘制出了3D人行道。她们表示,此举能够“增加司机的(安全行驶)意识”,而且这种概念已在事故多发的路段测试成功。However, critics argue that once drivers know that these speed breakers are visual illusions, they may ignore them. Others also point out that India#39;s decision does not consider the safety of a large number of pedestrians. In the end, the new policy may be just one step towards improving road safety. 不过,批评者认为,一旦司机知道这种减速带是眼睛的幻觉,那么他们就可能会忽略这些装置。还有人指出,印度政府的决定没有考虑到广大行人的安全。最终,这种提高道路安全的新政策或许只是一时有效而已。 /201605/440502

Residents of a Chinese village were shocked to find a crying toddler who had been abandoned in a graveyard according to Chinese media.据中国媒体报导,一个中国乡村的村民震惊的发现一个被遗弃在墓地里大哭的幼儿。The child reported to be two years old was tied to bamboo canes when villagers saw her.报导称,这名幼儿两岁大小,当村民看见她的时候她正被拴在竹枝上。The girl#39;s parents have apparently divorced. And it#39;s been suggested that her father had deserted her on purpose so that the girl#39;s mother would pay attention to him and consider remarrying him.这名小姑娘的父母很显然离异了。人们认为她的父亲遗弃她的目的是引起她母亲注意然后与他复婚。The girl was found in the graveyard of Lifu Town in Qu County Sichuan Province on the morning of January 28 according to Huanqiu.com an affiliation of People#39;s Daily Online.据人民日报在线旗下的网站环球网报导,这名女孩是一月二十八日的早晨在四川省渠县李馥镇被发现的。According to eyewitnesses they heard someone crying in the direction of the graveyard and later found the child shivering in the cold claimed the Huanqiu report which cited the Chengdu Business Daily.据环球网引用成都商报的消息,目击者称他们听到有人的哭声从墓地的方向传来,接着就发现了这个在寒冷中颤抖的小孩。Her face had apparently turned purple due to the coldness.她的小脸很明显地被冻得发紫。January 28 was the Lunar New Year#39;s Day and villagers were shocked to think that the girl had spent the Lunar New Year alone in the graveyard.一月二十八日是农历新年,村民们震惊地猜想这个小姑娘在墓地独自一人过了年。A signboard was found attached to her back. The signboard claimed that the girl#39;s name is Dian Dian and she is the daughter of a woman surnamed Wang.在她的背上附着一块板,上面写着女孩的名字叫点点,是一个姓王的女人的女儿。 /201702/493445

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