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Dress like Kate Middleton! Maternity Looks You Can Wear More than Once,” (Vogue); “Duchess Kate’s royally chic bump style” (People); “Four of the hottest maternity looks Kate is expected to favour during her pregnancy!” (Good Morning America); “The Ten Best-Dressed Pregnant Women” (Vanity Fair).“就穿凯特王妃(Kate Middleton)那样的衣!妇装看起来可以穿不止一次,”(《Vogue》杂志);“凯特王妃的时髦妇装突显王室风范”(《人物杂志》(People));“凯特王妃怀期间有望穿的四款最潮妇装!”(Good Morning America节目);“10款最佳妇装”(《名利场》杂志(Vanity Fair))。There’s no question maternity fashion is making headlines on both sides of the Atlantic. With fashion darlings the Duchess of Cambridge, Fergie, Kim Kardashian and Margherita Missoni all becoming pregnant at about the same time, how to dress your bump has become the most popular style subject of the moment, with the mothers-to-be rising to the occasion.毫无疑问,妇时装如今成了欧美各大媒体争相报道的焦点。随着凯特王妃、黑眼豆豆(Black Eyed Peas)女主唱菲姬(Fergie)、金#8226;卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)、玛格丽塔#8226;米索尼(Margherita Missoni)等时尚宠儿几乎在同一时刻怀,如何着装成了当前最流行的时尚话题,以便让准妈妈应付自如这个问题。On her first visibly pregnant outing, in February, the Duchess, whose baby is due in July, wore a Max Mara grey wrap dress. More recently she has taken to covering up in coats, like the pale green tweed Mulberry number worn for an engagement at Windsor Castle. Kardashian, meanwhile, has been seen in Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lanvin and Saint Laurent, while Fergie sported a black tux to an event in Brazil, followed by a clinging rhinestone-bedecked mini with a long train earlier this month. Missoni has been wearing, well, Missoni.今年二月,怀(预产期为今年七月)后首次公开外出时,凯特王妃身穿一款灰色Max Mara裹裙。就在前一阵子,她喜欢上了全身上下穿外套,类似在温莎城堡(Windsor Castle)订婚时自己所穿的那款玛百莉(Mulberry)淡绿色花呢装;与此同时,卡戴珊身穿华伦天奴(Valentino)、菲拉格慕(Salvatore Ferragamo)、朗万(Lanvin)以及圣洛朗(Saint Laurent)等时装外出;而菲姬则身穿黑色礼出席在巴西举行的某个活动,随后又在本月初身穿一件人造钻石点缀、后面拖着长长裙摆的紧身迷你裙出现在公共场合。米索尼则一直穿着自己旗下的品牌(预料之中)。All are following the lead of former French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, who wore a Chanel haute couture white tweed dress and black jacket while pregnant, in adapting non-maternity wear to their new situation.她们均在争相效仿法国前第一夫人布吕尼(Carla Bruni-Sarkozy),在怀期间身穿常规时装。布吕尼怀期间,就穿着白色香奈儿(Chanel)高档花呢连衣裙与黑色短上衣。Indeed, this has become such a trend that you’d think it might give the fashion world ideas. According to the maternity wear line Séraphine, in the UK there are about 800,000 births a year and, on average, women spend #163;130 on maternity clothes (a total of #163;108m), while in the US, with just under 4m births a year, spending is around 0m (an average spend of 0). And yet maternity dressing is the last great unexplored frontier in style. High fashion brands have gone into children’s clothes, wedding gowns, lingerie, sportswear, even linens. Many pregnant women clearly don’t want to surrender style any more but, when the topic is raised, catwalk stalwarts respond with an awkward silence.勿庸置疑,这已成蔚然成风,因此诸位或许觉得会给时尚界某些启示。据装品牌Séraphine统计,每年英国约有80万婴儿出生,平均每位妇花在装上的费用为130英镑(全国总计1.08亿英镑);而在美国,尽管每年的新生儿不到400万人,但总花费约为8亿美元(每个妇平均花费200美元)。然而,妇装却是时装界最后一座有待开发的“富矿”。高级时装品牌早已涉足童装、婚纱、女式贴身内衣、运动装、甚至家庭日用纺织品领域。很显然,许多妇不愿轻易放弃时装,但一旦提及妇装的话题,时尚拥趸们却以尴尬的沉默来回应。Diane von Furstenberg (whose wrap dress many would argue is perfect for maternity), Jason Wu and Temperley London all politely declined to take part in this piece, for example. “It is not a story that we feel is the right fit for us. We don’t do any maternity wear, and our relationship with the Duchess of Cambridge is an important one we never comment on,” said Temperley London.比方说,黛安#8226;冯#8226;芙丝汀宝(Diane von Furstenberg,许多人觉得其裹裙当装穿再合适不过了)、吴季刚(Jason Wu)、Temperley London等品牌均委婉地拒绝踏足这个领域。“我们觉得这个领域不太适合我们,我们不开发任何妇装,我们与凯特王妃的关系十分重要,对此从不作任何,”Temperley London说。Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, believes pregnancy has an image problem. It lacks “the glamour and sleekness of the ideal female figure. Pregnancy involves a profound change in the female silhouette, and a change which superficially resembles obesity. That is something that is very difficult for designers.”纽约时装技术学院(the Fashion Institute of Technology)物馆馆长瓦莱丽#8226;斯蒂尔(Valerie Steele)认为怀后会涉及形象问题,因为它没有了昔日“女性完美身材的魅力及柔滑。怀后,女性形体必然发生巨大变化,外表感觉犹如患了肥胖症。所以设计师感觉左右绌。”Steele recalls how during her own pregnancy, while searching for something stylish, she was mulling over Issey Miyake’s Plantation line, in particular a loose, cotton dress that was breezy and classic 1980s, when “someone in the store looked at me and asked, ‘Is it twins?’” – the implication being Steele looked fat. “I ran out of the store crying,” she says. Still, she adds, “It seems like a missed opportunity” for designers.斯蒂尔回忆自己当初怀、四处找寻时装时,曾对三宅一生(Issey Miyake)的Plantation系列装看个没完,尤其是具有上世纪80年代风格的那件经典款欢快宽松的棉布裙。当时“店内员工看着我说,‘您怀的是双胞胎吗?’”——言下之意就是斯蒂尔看上去太胖了。“我当时是哭着冲出店门,”她说。尽管如此,她补充道,“感觉设计师错失了良机”。Susan Lazar, a New York designer for 20 years, who now creates the popular Egg Baby line and does occasional maternity wear (simple jersey dresses and accessories) says she believes designers avoid maternity because it has such a short lifespan. “No woman wants to wear their maternity clothes after the baby arrives,” she says. “You want to burn them.”苏珊#8226;拉扎尔(Susan Lazar)是纽约时装设计师,从业已有20年,如今创立了自己的知名品牌——宝贝蛋(Egg Baby),自己偶尔也会设计妇装(简约型针织连衣裙及相应配饰)。她说自己觉得设计师不愿设计妇装的原因是它实际穿的时间太短。“生完孩子后,就没有女人再想穿妇装,”她说。“就想把它付之一炬。”There’s also the practical issue of patterns. “Maternity patterns are different from regular clothes because the belly picks up the front and, of course, you need larger waistbands,” Lazar says. She points out that launching a maternity line would require real investment, which might not be worth it as long T-shirts, leggings and layering remain popular as pregnancy wear. In fact, she says, many women can almost get away with buying entirely non-maternity basics until the last trimester. “It’s not really necessary to buy a maternity wardrobe, so designers don’t bother making one,” she says.此外还有式样的实际问题。“妇装式样与平常衣不一样,原因是怀后肚子会变大变突,必然要系更长的腰带,”拉扎尔说。她指出推出妇装需要很大投入,当长款T恤、裹腿、叠层装依然也能象装一样受人欢迎时,投资妇装就很不划算。她说,事实上,许多女性几乎一直穿着常规装,直至最后三个月才换上装。“实在没必要去大量添置妇装,所以设计师不愿为此劳神费心,”她说。Los Angeles stylist Nicole Chavez worked with then-pregnant Kristen Bell for this year’s Golden Globes and put the actress in a loose-fitting (non-maternity) Jenny Packham dress for the event. As a rule, she emphasises non-maternity wear for her clients, including Jessica Simpson, whom Chavez has dressed throughout both her pregnancies partly in Dolce amp; Gabbana (it has a lot of stretch in the fabric, she notes).洛杉矶时装设计师妮可#8226;查韦斯(Nicole Chavez)与当时身怀六甲的影星克里斯腾#8226;贝尔(Kristen Bell)合作,为她设计了参加今年金球奖(Golden Globes)的礼,让对方穿宽松款珍妮#8226;帕克汉(Jenny Packham)时装(并非妇装)参加了颁奖典礼。她通常会强调自己的客户必须穿非妇装,其中就包括珍妮#8226;帕克汉本人自己。在珍妮本人两次怀期间,查韦斯还时不时让她穿杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp; Gabbana)时装(她指出该品牌的面料伸缩性非常好)。“She is a curvy girl and quite petite, so it was important to show her bump,” says Chavez. Issa is also a favourite non-maternity line for maternity wear, because the signature V-neck is flattering on an ample bust and the pleating at the waist flattering to a baby bump.“珍妮#8226;帕克汉曲线迷人、身材娇小,所以显出其隆起的腹部非常关键,”查韦斯说。把常规裙装当装穿,埃萨(Issa)也是理想的选择,因为标志性的V字领让本已丰满的胸部显得更为傲人,裙在腰部打褶,让身怀六甲者的腹部显得更加楚楚动人。Still, given the marketing boost the current crop of pregnant style-setters can bring, it would be good to see a brand respond. It could, after all, give birth to a whole new creative niche.尽管如此,鉴于当前这一身怀六甲的引领时尚者所引发的市场营销效应,时尚品牌对此有所回应自然再好不过。毕竟,它能催生时装界一个全新的细分创意行业。 /201305/241299这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:其实,国外很多山寨的东西,也是电闪雷鸣的……一分钱一分货,中外皆是!译者:koogleJust 10 percent of the 30 million Chinese currently suffering from depression are getting proper medical care due to a lack of psychiatrists and social prejudice against mental illness, experts have said.At a meeting in Shanghai last week, mental health professionals said that China has just 17,000 registered psychiatrists, or one for every 76,000 people.Most Western countries have a 10-times better ratio.Hao Wei, vice-director of the Chinese Psychiatrists' Association, said that more than 60 percent of those currently suffering from depression could greatly benefit from proper medication or professional psychiatric help."But there are just too few doctors available," Hao said, adding that investment in mental healthcare was also insufficient.Hao said that about 25 percent of depression cases are first diagnosed by physicians."We need to help our physician colleagues recognize the early signs of depression, so that they can refer those patients to psychiatric professionals," Hao said.However, the greatest problem, Hao said, comes from society, in the shape of the widesp prejudice people have toward those with mental health problems.Because of public prejudice, many patients are reluctant to visit hospitals specializing in mental care, he said. As a result, 75 percent of all anti-depressants are prescribed by physicians.Some patients are reluctant to take such pills, as they are concerned about the side effects, Hao said.The economic cost of depression, in terms of medical bills and lost manpower, is about 60 billion yuan a year, experts said.A survey conducted recently in Zhejiang and Hebei provinces found that depression was more prevalent in rural communities. Women were also more likely to suffer from it than men, the survey said. 据专家介绍,由于精神治疗医师的缺乏及对于心理疾病社会偏见的存在,在我国目前3000万的抑郁症患者中,仅有10%的人正在接受正规治疗。出席上周在上海召开的某会议的心理健康专家们说,中国目前仅有1万7千名注册心理医师,即每76000人仅有1名心理医生。这一比例在大多数西方国家要高出10倍。中国精神医师协会的副主席郝威说,在目前的抑郁症患者中,超过60%的人通过适当的药物治疗或专业的心理咨询务可以使抑郁症状大大减轻。据他介绍,由于在心理保健方面的投资不够,“这方面的医生太少了。”郝威说,约25%的抑郁症是由内科医生诊断出来的。他说:“我们要帮助内科医师识别判断抑郁症的早期征兆,这样内科医师便可以建议这些病人向精神科医师求助。”然而,最大的问题来自于社会上对于心理疾病患者的广泛歧视和偏见。他说,由于社会歧视的存在,很多病人不愿意去心理疾病专科医院就诊。这造成75%的抗抑郁药物都是由内科医师开具的。有些病人不愿用这些药物,因为他们担心这些药会产生副作用。据专家介绍,从医疗费和损失的人力上来看,抑郁症所造成的年经济损失达到600亿元。浙江省和河北省近日开展的一项调查发现,抑郁症在农村地区更为普遍。而且女性比男性更容易患抑郁症。 /200805/39038

英美文化浓厚的几处景致1. Wall Street (华尔街) 纽约曼哈顿岛南部的一条街。全长不过三分之一英里,街道狭窄而短,从百老汇到东河仅有7个街段。1792年荷兰殖民者为抵御英军侵犯而建筑一堵土墙,从东河(th e East River)一直筑到哈德逊河(the Hudson River),后沿墙形成了一条街,因而得名Wall Street。后拆除了围墙,但“华尔街”的名字却保留了下来。然而,它却以“美国的金融中心”闻名于世。美国根( Morgan)财阀、洛克菲勒(Rockefeller)石油大王和杜邦(E.I.du Pont de Nemours and Company)财团等开设的、保险、航运、铁路等公司的经理处集中在这里。著名的纽约券交易所(Stock Exchange)也在这里。 2. Fleet Street (舰队街) 原为伦敦城外的一条小河。16世纪时,河的两岸住满了人家,但河水浑浊,臭气熏天。1737年开始了舰队河的掩埋工程。填平后,原址成为一条街,取名amp; ;舰队街”。18世纪以来,英国的老报社、出版社都设立在这条街上。影响较大的有《每日电讯报》(The Daily Telegraph)、《每日邮报》(Daily Mail)。“舰队街”已经成为英国报业及新闻界的代名词。 3. Tower of London (伦敦塔) 位于泰晤士河北岸的塔山(Tower Hill)上,是一个占地达18英亩,由城堡、炮台和箭楼等组成的庞大建筑群,建于l078年,当时是外族征者威廉(William the Conqueror)建造的一个军事城堡,中心塔是高约27米的白塔(White Tower),周围有13座塔。12世纪起,历代国王在这里修建王宫、教堂。其中的血塔(the Bloody Tower)被国王用来专门囚禁政治要犯及国王的死敌,是一座死牢。被关进这座塔里的人大多被处死。伦敦塔充当了国家监狱。如今,伦敦塔已经成为收藏文物珍宝的物馆, 保存有古代武器、历代王冠和王室珠宝,还有一根镶有大宝石的皇杖。此外,伦敦塔的东侧附近还有一座塔桥(Tower Bridge),是一座吊桥。 4. Poets' Corner (诗人角) 英国威斯敏斯特教堂内著名文学家的坟墓。这里墓冢累累,墓碑林立。此处埋葬着许多著名的英国文学家。英国诗歌之父乔叟在此不仅有墓穴,还有一个纪念窗。19世纪著 名的小说家狄更斯(Charles Dickens,1812-1870)被安葬在诗人角的中央。陪伴他长眠的还有19世纪诗人丁尼生(Alfred Tennyson,1809-1892)、布朗宁(Robert Browning,1812-1889)、小说家哈代(Thomas Hardy,1840-1928)及英文词典编纂之父约翰逊(Samuel Johnson,1709-1784)。莎土比亚的坟墓虽然在他的故乡,但这里也有一个壁龛放着他的雕像。但英国文学史上两位了不起的浪漫主义诗人拜伦(Geo rge Gordon Byron,1788-1824)和雪莱(Percy Bysshe Shelley,1792-1822)因被认为有异端思想而被排斥在“诗人角”之外。5. Shangri-La (香格里拉) 原为英国小说家希尔顿(James Hilton,1900-1954)在他的小说《失去的地平线》(Lost Horizon,1933)中描述的一个在飞机失事后紧急降落在中国西藏的一个虚构地名。由于小说及后来拍成的电影的广泛影响,香格里拉遂成为公认的世外桃源或隐秘之地 。第二次世界大战期间,美国空军首次轰炸东京时,美国总统罗斯福(Franklin D. Roosevelt,1882-1945)曾对外界说,这些飞机是从香格里拉起飞的。罗斯福还将美国总统设在弗吉尼亚州的一个山间别墅命名为香格里拉。后来,艾 森豪威尔将之改为戴维营,以纪念他的孙子戴维。 6. Greenwich Village (格林尼治村) 位于美国纽约市曼哈顿区。英国殖民统治期间为一村庄。1910年以后,不信奉英国国教的作家、艺术家、文人墨客、大学生等知识分子开始汇聚此地。20世纪80年代 ,这里建起了高级公寓,很多地段成为时街区。村内街道弯曲,建有老式房子、外国餐馆、古玩店、实验剧场、标新立异的夜总会。纽约大学也建在村中。7. Hyde Park (海德公园) 英国最大的皇家公园。位于伦敦市中心的威斯敏斯特教堂 (Westminster Abbey,即西敏寺)地区,占地360多英亩,原属威斯敏斯特教堂产业。16世纪,英王亨利八世将之用作王室的公园。查理一世执政期间,海德公园曾向公众开放。185 1年,维多利亚女王首次在这里举办伦敦国际览会。这里现在也是人们举行各种政治集会和其他群众活动的场所,有著名的“演讲者之角”(Speak ers' Corner)。 8. Dead Valley (死谷) 美国加利福尼亚东部的沙漠地区有一条由西北向东南延伸的断层地沟,长约225公里,宽6-26公里。部分地沟低于海平面,是西半球最低的陆地。1873年 ,在这里发现硼砂矿。19世纪80年代以后,又在附近发现铜、银、铝等矿藏。后来大量采矿。矿源枯竭后,人们迁走,留下一片荒凉瓦砾。1849年曾有一队寻矿的人进入沙漠 底谷,几乎葬身其中,后脱险,因而起名“死谷”。1933年,这里辟为死谷国家公园。 转自我爱英语网 /200803/32131

Sometimes, more than the skirt or the blazer, it’s the accessories that make dressing up so much fun. They are like the sprinkles on the ice-cream scoop of your outfit, the little touches of joy that you can dabble with to spice up an old favorite or that boring but useful blouse.很多时候,穿衣打扮之所以乐趣十足,并非只是因为一条短裙或是一件运动夹克那么简单,而更多的在于配饰。配饰之于装,就好比糖屑之于冰淇淋球一样,这样俏皮的小点缀让你有机会重拾衣橱旧爱或是那些单调却实用的上衣。But before you invest any money in interesting pieces, meet the accessories that are defining this season.在花钱购买一些有趣的配饰之前,先来领略一下本季潮流配饰的风采吧!Luxe cuff华丽手镯Nothing injects a more opulent vibe into your look than a bold piece of luxe cuff. Strong and sophisticated, the arm candy is heavily inspired by the fashion statements of Egypt’s last pharaoh Cleopatra, also known as “Queen of the Nile”.没什么能比一只抓人眼球的华丽手镯更能提升你整体着装的奢华感了。个性鲜明却不失精致,这种首饰的设计灵感很大程度上来自于最后一个埃及法老——“埃及艳后”克丽奥佩托拉的时尚主张。This season’s luxe cuffs ― featured on the runways of designer brands like Lanvin, Hermes, Chloe and Celine ― range from sleek, oversized bangles in bronze, silver and gold, to leather pieces that blend studs, rivets and rhinestones.本季的华丽手镯登上了浪凡、爱马仕、克洛伊和赛琳等设计品牌的T台,样式从奢华且夸张的青铜、银质或金质手镯到装饰了铆钉、水钻的皮质手镯不一而足。But if it’s the luxe cuff that you wish to sport, make sure you keep the rest of your getup down.但如果想要突出的是华丽手镯,记得让着装的其他部分低调起来。Bib necklace围嘴项链Just when you thought your bib-wearing days were over, one of the hottest trends in accessories comes in the form of bib necklaces.正当你以为戴围嘴的日子一去不复返时,围嘴项链竟然成为时下最炙手可热的配饰潮流之一。The origin of this big, dramatic necklace ― generally made of multiple layers of stepped pearls, stones or metals ― is believed to date back to the days of ancient Egypt. Elizabeth Taylor, who played the famous Egyptian queen in Cleopatra, sports such a necklace in the 1963 movie.这种外形夸张却光夺目的项链据说起源于古埃及,通常由珍珠、宝石和金属材料层叠而成。在1963年的电影《埃及艳后》中,饰演克丽奥佩托拉的伊丽莎白?泰勒就曾展示过这款项链。The trend has been growing over the last few years, but it quickly gained popularity after Dior and Lanvin used these bold, statement-making pieces in their 2013 spring/summer collections.这一潮流在过去几年间日益风行起来,而在迪奥和浪凡分别在各自的2013年春夏系列中使用了这种个性鲜明且吸人眼球的配饰后,它的人气一路飙升。Dudette cap男朋友帽It looks like we’re driving our boyfriends crazy ―after stealing their jeans and blazers, we’re now taking their caps, too.似乎我们快要把男朋友们逼疯了——在偷走他们的牛仔裤和西装外套之后,我们要对他们的帽子下手了。Some people call it the baseball cap, while the punk crowd call it the dudette cap. Regardless of its name, the cap is leaving a mark on this season’s accessory trends with its effortless sense of cool. The spring runways made use of caps to style everything from leather ensembles to flirty dresses.有人称之为棒球帽,玩朋克的人称它为鸭舌帽。不管叫什么,这种帽子凭借其轻松扮酷的特点而在本季配饰潮流中占得一席之地。在今年春季T台上,从皮装到长裙,这种帽子堪称百搭。For lazy days, the dudette cap is a nifty way to up the style factor of even the plainest white tee and denim shorts combo.慵懒的日子里,一顶男朋友帽便可以把简单的白T配牛仔短裤变得更具时尚风格。Oversized earrings超大耳环One of the biggest accessory trends of this season is oversized earrings. Supersized gold and silver hoops reminiscent of the 1980s, feathered and fringed earrings with old Hollywood glamour, and vibrant ones crafted with multicolored beads ― these are among the best choices for this season.本季配饰的另一大流行趋势便是超大耳环。超大号的黄金或银质耳环让人想起上世纪八十年代,带有好莱坞复古风格的羽毛、流苏耳环,还有活力四射的珠耳环——这些都是本季的上上之选。So don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your earrings. But do remember to choose lighter ones that don’t stretch your earlobes to avoid harming your ears.别担心耳环太大、太夸张。但记得选轻盈一些的耳环,以免过度拉扯耳垂伤到耳朵。 /201305/240216

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