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郴州宜章县人民医院妇幼保健看男科好吗郴州东方医院治疗不孕不育怎么样郴州原发性早泄治疗费用 喝酸奶有益于牙齿健康Eating yogurt and other foods laden with lactic acid may keep your gums from receding and teeth from falling out, Japanese researchers report.Dr. Yoshihiro Shimazaki and colleagues found that consuming yogurt and lactic acid drinks was significantly associated with better periodontal health."But, milk and cheese were not," Shimazaki said.Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial condition associated with receding gums and tooth loss. Outside of regular brushing and flossing, effective measures to allay this disease are limited, Shimazaki, of Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan, and colleagues note in the Journal of Periodontology.Previous research identified a lower occurrence of periodontal disease among people who eat high amounts of dairy products, but did not identify which dairy products were most beneficial, the researchers report.Shimazaki's team assessed the severity of periodontal disease in 942 men and women, aged 40 to 79 years, and their intake of milk, cheese, and lactic acid foods.They found that people with generalized (more advanced) periodontal disease had a lower intake of lactic acid foods than people with localized (less advanced) periodontal disease.Compared with individuals reporting no lactic acid food intake, those eating 55 grams or more of yogurt (half an 6-ounce carton) or lactic acid drinks a day had significantly fewer markers of severe periodontal disease. The investigators made allowances for factors such as age, gender, smoking, alcohol intake, frequency of tooth brushing, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 本研究人员日前称,吃酸奶等富含乳酸的食物能防止牙龈萎缩和牙齿脱落。喜田岛崎士及其同事发现,喝酸奶及其它乳酸饮料能显著改善牙周健康。岛崎士说:“但牛奶和乳酪没有这种功效。”牙周病是一种慢性细菌感染性疾病,会引起牙床萎缩和牙齿脱落。日本福冈九州岛大学的岛崎教授及其同事在《牙周病学》期刊中提到,除了勤刷牙和用牙线清洁牙齿外,能够有效缓解这一疾病的方法比较有限。研究人员在报告中称,此前的研究发现,食用大量乳制品的人患牙周病的几率较低,但未发现哪种乳制品的作用最突出。岛崎教授领导的研究小组对942名年龄在40岁至79岁之间的男性和女性进行了调查,主要对他们所患牙周炎的严重程度以及摄入的牛奶、乳酪和乳酸类食品量进行了评估。他们发现,弥漫性重度牙周炎患者所摄入的乳酸类食品量比局限性轻度牙周炎患者少。与自称从不吃乳酸类食品的人相比,每天摄入酸奶或其它乳酸饮品55克或更多的人有严重牙周病症状的明显较少。研究人员还考虑到了年龄、性别、吸烟、饮酒、刷牙频率、血糖及胆固醇水平等各项因素。 /200803/30372郴州哪里治疗梅毒比较好

宜章县人民中妇幼保健医院泌尿科咨询Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba Group, praised legendary director Steven Spielberg’s storytelling abilities at a signing ceremony in Beijing, describing how Spielberg’s style resonates with Chinese audiences. The signing ceremony was for a movie deal between Alibaba and Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, aiming to jointly develop the world’s top two movie markets.在北京一场签约仪式上,阿里巴巴创始人兼CEO马云盛赞传奇导演史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格很会讲故事,马云指出斯皮尔伯格的风格在中国观众中引起了巨大共鸣。这场签约仪式是阿里巴巴和斯皮尔伯格的安培林公司(Amblin Entertainment)之间的一场电影协议,旨在共同开发世界上最大的两个电影市场。In an informal talk onstage, Ma said, “I don’t see any human value difference between West and East. The only difference is that the West is better at telling stories.” Ma added that Alibaba Pictures hopes to learn from Spielberg and Amblin.在一次非正式的演讲中,马云说道:“我不认为东西方人的价值有任何的区别。唯一的不同就是西方人更善于讲故事。”马云表示说阿里影业希望能向斯皮尔伯格和安培林学习。Spielberg, meanwhile, said he hoped the partnership would ;bring more of America to China, and bring more of China to America.;与此同时,斯皮尔伯格表示说他希望这一合作将会“给中国带来更多美国式的东西,给美国带来更多中国化元素。”Amblin Entertainment and Alibaba Pictures, the film arm of the Chinese e-commerce giant, announced plans to co-produce, finance and distribute films for Chinese and global audiences. Alibaba will hold a minority stake in Amblin and take a seat on its board of directors, while Spielberg’s production company will gain greater access to the world’s second largest box office.安培林公司和阿里影业(阿里影业是电商巨头阿里巴巴旗下的电影产业分公司)宣布计划为中国和全球观众联合拍摄、资助、上映电影。阿里影业将会持有安培林的少量股份、并在其董事会占据一席,而斯皮尔伯格的公司将获得世界第二大票房市场更多的份额。Many believe Ma is following the lead of Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, who has partnered with Sony Pictures and purchased AMC and Legendary Entertainment. However, Zhang Wei, president of Alibaba Pictures, believes her company has a totally different approach.许多人都认为马云是在跟随万达董事长王健林的步伐,王健林之前已经和索尼影业达成了合作,并且收购了AMC和传奇。然而,阿里影业总裁张薇认为她的公司有一个完全不同的策略。“In the past, there was a great deal of capital pouring into Hollywood in an attempt to get a share of the U.S. film market. But now, the time is different – we have a very large and healthy local market here. We’re bringing Hollywood the opportunity to get a share of ours.”“在过去,大量资本涌入好莱坞,以求从美国电影市场分一杯羹。但是现在,时代不同了--中国有一个非常巨大且发展良好的电影市场。我们给了好莱坞一个从我们这里分一杯羹的机会。” /201610/470560郴州市妇幼保健院医院割包皮手术价格 桂东县中医院男科电话

汝城县人民中妇幼保健医院男科China is developing a new generation of reusable manned spacecraft that can operate in both low-earth orbit and manned moon landing missions, Zhang Bainan, chief designer of manned spacecraft at China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, revealed last Tuesday.中国航天科技集团载人飞船总设计师张柏楠上周二透露,我国新一代可重复使用载人飞船正在研制中,既能进行近地轨道飞行,又能执行载人登月任务。Among the world#39;s new manned spacecraft, only the US#39; Orion spacecraft is capable of carrying out manned moon landing missions, Zhang said.张柏楠表示,目前全世界的新一代载人飞船中,只有美国的猎户座飞船具备执行载人登月任务的能力。According to Zhang, manned spacecraft developed by foreign countries can carry at most 6 people into low-earth orbit, with a maximum of 3 to 4 people for a moon landing.据张柏楠介绍,现阶段国外研发的载人飞船在近地轨道上的最高载人能力为6人,登月最高载人能力为3至4人。;Our new generation spacecraft aims to match or reach beyond the international level,; he said.他表示:“我们的新一代飞船将力争达到或者超过国际水平。”As yet, China hasn#39;t officially approved the project of developing a new generation of manned spacecraft.到目前为止,中国还没有正式批准研制新一代载人飞船的项目。;Facing intense international competition, it could be too late if we set about developing them after receiving project approval. We must do it ahead of time.; explains Zhang.张柏楠对此解释道:“面对激烈的国际竞争,如果我们在收到项目批准之后再着手研制,那可能就太晚了。我们必须提前动手。” /201703/498685 Most of us have shiftily looked something up on Google that we#39;d rather keep private.曾经偷偷用谷歌搜索过不为人知的小秘密?我们大多都经历过吧。From slightly embarrassing medical issues, naff guilty-pleasure pop songs, to researching issues which are personal to you, the search engine never judges you.因为搜索引擎的好处在于,无论你搜什么——小到些许难为情的内科杂症,低俗却酸爽的流行乐,大到与个人隐私相关的事宜,它都绝不会戴有色眼镜来看你。We#39;re not here to judge, either. What you look up on Google is your business.它不会,我们也不会。毕竟,这是你的个人隐私。Sort of.不过,这事儿也没法打包票。There is in fact a way of finding out what the person just before you searched.如今的确有方法查出,前一个用户在搜什么。Here#39;s how it works.操作流程是这样的。The tool is called Mystery Search and while there#39;s no way of knowing who that person is, it does throw up their results.这里我们用到一个工具,那就是神秘搜索器,通过它,虽无法确定搜索人身份,但却能看见此人的搜索内容和结果。So when you type something in, the person after you will be able to see what that was.所以说,如果用了“神秘”搜索,你之后的用户会看见你的隐私哦。For example, we were daydreaming about dinner, so decided to look up some inspiration.比如说,有一天,我们正在幻想自己晚餐吃什么,于是决定上网搜搜寻找灵感。And got, er, whatever this is.然而,我们这次用的是神秘搜索器,呃,这搜索结果到底是什么鬼……A search for flowers which bloom in winter got us a result for how old Tom Hardy is (39 in case you were wondering), but the possibilities are endless and capable of being VERY weird - worryingly so sometimes.此外,用它来搜索“冬季盛开的花有哪些”得到的却是“汤姆?哈迪的年龄”(39岁,如果你好奇的话),当然,这还只是小意思,你还会看到无数千奇百怪的搜索结果,要多怪有多怪,有时甚至到了让人担忧的地步。Because now people are cottoning on to this tool, they#39;re having some fun with it.现如今大家已熟知“神秘”的功能,所以一直乐此不疲地拿它找乐子。Taking to Reddit to share what the Mystery Search churned up for them, users revealed the results they got.用户们在红迪网上分享自己都用“神秘”搜索翻出来些什么内容。There were alarming ones.有格外扎眼的内容:;I got #39;how to join KKK,#39;; someone disturbingly revealed.某用户忐忑道:“我搜到的是如何加入3K党”。There were nonsense ones.有些则比较无厘头。#39;I spent ages pondering before going for #39;origin of shiver me timbers#39;. I got #39;lol lol lol#39;;一名用户写道:“我想了很久才决定搜shiver me timbers(吓老子一跳)这个短语的出处,结果我得到的搜索结果是三个大笑的缩略语。”Better luck next time.只能祝这位用户下次好运。Other results were #39;sexy Pikachu#39;, #39;text me pictures of Chewbacca#39; and someone in Russia who is worried about what#39;s eating wild and domestic raccoons.还有诸如“性感皮卡丘”、“给我发些楚巴卡的图片”这样的搜索结果,某俄罗斯用户甚至关心野生和驯养的浣熊吃什么。There is of course a downside to the Mystery Search fun. Some results probably aren#39;t the sort of thing you want on your internet history.当然了,神秘搜索欢乐多,隐患也多。总有一些搜索记录是你不愿被他人窥见的。Take it from Redditor FlyAwayWithMeTomorrow, who said, ;I#39;m stopping due to possibly highly legally questionable material showing up for my ISP in a search.;正如红迪网某ID为“明天老子带你飞”的用户表示:“我要停用它了,有一次搜索时我的务器居然跳出了一些严重违法的内容。” /201701/488730郴州市第一人民医院北院阳痿早泄价格临武县治疗男性不育哪家医院最好



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