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上饶整形医院铅山县纹眼线手术多少钱“Our goal is to build the perfect personalised newspaper for every person in the world,” said Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in 2014. This newspaper would “show you the stuff that’s going to be most interesting to you”.2014年,Facebook的马克?扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)曾表示:“我们的目标是为世界上每个人打造完美的个性化报纸。”这份报纸将“让你看到最令你感兴趣的内容”。To many, that statement explains perfectly why Facebook is such a terrible source of news.在许多人看来,这番话完美说明了为什么Facebook是一个如此糟糕的新闻来源。A “fake news” story proclaiming that Pope Francis had endorsed Donald Trump was, according to an analysis from BuzzFeed, the single most successful item of news on Facebook in the three months before the US election. If that’s what the site’s algorithms decide is interesting, it’s far from being a “perfect newspaper”.BuzzFeed的一项分析显示,美国大选前的3个月,Facebook上最热门的单条新闻是一则宣称教皇方济各(Pope Francis)已表示持唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)的“假新闻”。如果这就是该网站算法选定的令人感兴趣的内容,那么它根本称不上是一份“完美的报纸”。It’s no wonder that Zuckerberg found himself on the back foot after Trump’s election. Shortly after his victory, Zuckerberg declared: “I think the idea that fake news on Facebook, which is a very small amount of the content, influenced the election in any way?.?.?.?is a pretty crazy idea.” His comment was greeted with a scornful response.难怪扎克伯格在特朗普当选后发现自己陷入了不利境地。特朗普胜选后不久,扎克伯格就宣布:“有人认为Facebook上的假新闻——只占内容极小一部分——多少影响了大选……我觉得这是一个相当愚蠢的想法。”他此番遭到了公众的嘲讽。I should confess my own biases here. I despise Facebook for all the reasons people usually despise Facebook (privacy, market power, distraction, fake-smile social interactions and the rest). And, as a loyal FT columnist, I need hardly point out that the perfect newspaper is the one you’re ing right now.在此,我应该坦白自己心中的偏见。人们常常因隐私权、市场配力、分散注意力、假笑社交等原因瞧不上Facebook,这些也都是我瞧不上Facebook的原因。而且,作为英国《金融时报》忠诚的专栏作家,我几乎不需要指出,您此刻正在读的就是一份完美的报纸。But, despite this, I’m going to stand up for Zuckerberg, who recently posted a 5,700-word essay defending social media. What he says in the essay feels like it must be wrong. But the data suggest that he’s right. Fake news can stoke isolated incidents of hatred and violence. But neither fake news nor the algorithmically driven “filter bubble” is a major force in the overall media landscape. Not yet.但即便如此,我还是要持扎克伯格,他最近发表了一篇5700字的文章为社交媒体辩护。他在文章里讲的给人的第一感觉是,他一定讲错了,但文中数据表明他是对的。假新闻可以激起个别的仇恨和暴力事件。但在整个媒体版图中,无论是假新闻,还是算法驱动的“过滤气泡”(filter bubble),都并非主要力量——至少暂时不是。“Fake news” is a phrase that has aly been debased. A useful definition is that fake news is an entirely fabricated report presenting itself as a news story. This excludes biased reporting, satire and lies from politicians themselves.“假新闻”本就是一个贬义词。一个贴切的定义是:假新闻是一种将自身包装为新闻故事的完全捏造的报道。这排除了偏见报道、讽刺作品和政客们的谎言。At first glance, such hoaxes appear to be ubiquitous on Facebook. The BuzzFeed analysis finds that the five most popular hoax stories were more successful than the five most popular true stories. (This list of true stories includes the New York Post’s “Melania Trump’s Girl-on-Girl Photos From Racy Shoot Revealed”, a reminder that not all mainstream journalism is likely to win a Pulitzer.)乍看之下,此类假新闻在Facebook上似乎无处不在。BuzzFeed的分析发现,最热门的5篇虚假报道比最热门的5篇真实报道影响力更大。(这些真实报道包括《纽约邮报》(New York Post)刊登的《梅拉尼娅?特朗普(Melania Trump)女女不雅照流出》(Melania Trump’s Girl-on-Girl Photos From Racy Shoot Revealed),提醒人们不是所有主流新闻都可能赢得普利策奖(Pulitzer)。)But hoax stories are less significant than this analysis suggests — partly because Facebook is not the main source of news for Americans (that’s still television news), and partly because true reports will generally be covered in some form by dozens of outlets, which will dilute the popularity of any one version. Each hoax, however, is unique. No wonder the most popular hoaxes outperform the most popular true reports.但假新闻也并不像上述分析显示的那么影响重大,部分原因在于Facebook并非美国人的主要新闻来源(主要来源仍是电视新闻);另一部分原因是,真实新闻通常被几十家媒体以不同形式报导,这将稀释任一版本报道的普及度。但每条假新闻都是独一无二的。最热门的真实报道敌不过最热门的假新闻就不足为奇了。In January 2017, two economists, Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow, published research studying exactly how prevalent fake news had been before the election. Their clever method tested people’s recall of fake news, as compared with true news stories and “placebo” stories — fake fake news, invented by the researchers. People didn’t remember many fake news stories, and claimed to remember quite a few placebos. Overall, there just didn’t seem to be enough fake news to swing the election result — unless it was potent stuff indeed, even in small doses.2017年1月,经济学家亨特?阿尔科特(Hunt Allcott)与马修?根茨科(Matthew Gentzkow)发表了一项针对大选前假新闻究竟多么泛滥的研究。他们用巧妙的办法测试了人们对假新闻的,并与真实新闻报道和“安慰剂”报道(两位研究人员编造的假新闻)进行比较。人们并未记住多少假新闻,而且声称记住了不少安慰剂报道。总而言之,似乎没有足够多的假新闻来左右选举结果——除非内容的确劲爆,即便剂量很小。“The average voter saw one fake news story before the election,” Gentzkow told me. “That number is a very different picture from what you might get from watching the public discussion.”根茨科告诉我:“大选前,平均每个选民会看到一条假新闻报道。这一数字可能与你从公共讨论中得到的印象大相径庭。”Of more concern is that Facebook — and its “most interesting to you” algorithm — simply supplies news that panders to each user’s ideological biases. It’s undoubtedly true that we surround ourselves with people who agree with us on social media. But it’s not clear that Facebook’s algorithm is the biggest problem here. Twitter was politically polarised even in the days when it used no algorithm at all. And newspapers have ideological biases too.更令人担心的是,Facebook(及其“令你最感兴趣的”算法)提供了迎合每位用户意识形态偏见的新闻。毫无疑问,我们在社交媒体上把自己包裹在与我们持相同看法的人群里。但这并不能说明Facebook的算法是这方面的最大问题。即便在没有使用任何算法的时候,Twitter在政治上也处于两极分化。而报纸同样也存在意识形态偏见。One recent study of online news ing was conducted by Seth Flaxman, Sharad Goel and Justin Rao, who had access to browser data from Microsoft, and used it to examine how people consumed news online. They found a mixed picture: social media did seem to push stories that were further from the centre of the political spectrum but they also exposed people to a greater variety of ideological viewpoints. That makes sense. Reading the same newspaper every day is a filter bubble too.塞思?弗拉克斯曼(Seth Flaxman)、沙拉德?戈埃尔(Sharad Goel)和贾斯汀?拉奥(Justin Rao)最近就在线新闻阅读进行了一项研究,他们获取了微软(Microsoft)的浏览器数据,并据此研究人们如何在线阅读新闻。他们发现了一个复杂现象:社交媒体的确似乎在推送那些距离政治谱系中心较远的报道,但它们也向人们呈现更多样化的意识形态观点。这很有意义。毕竟,每天阅读同一份报纸也是一种过滤气泡。Gentzkow studied the contrast between online and offline news using data from 2004-2009, working with fellow economist Jesse Shapiro. They found little evidence then that online news consumption was more polarised than traditional media. But things are changing quickly. “My guess is that segregation is noticeably and meaningfully higher than in the past,” Gentzkow says, “but still quite modest.”根茨科与经济学家同事杰西?夏皮罗(Jesse Shapiro)合作,利用2004至2009年的数据对线上和线下新闻之间的差异进行了研究。但他们发现,几乎没有据表明在线新闻消费比传统媒体消费更加极化。但情况正在飞快变化。“我的猜测是,人们之间的分隔显著而切实地提高了,”根茨科说,“但仍不算严重。”This feels like an important moment. Fake news is not prevalent, but it could become so. Filter bubbles are probably no worse than they have been for decades — but that could change rapidly too.现在感觉像是一个重要时刻。假新闻还未遍地都是,但或许会有这么一天。过滤气泡可能不比过去几十年更糟,但这种状况同样可能迅速改变。“A lot ultimately hinges on what the motivations of American voters are,” says Gentzkow. “Do people actually care at all about getting the truth and having accurate information?”“很多事最终取决于美国选民的动机是什么,”根茨科说,“人们真的那么在乎获知真相、得到准确信息吗?”He’s hopeful that, deep down, people watch and the news because they want to learn about the world. But if what voters really want is to be lied to, then Facebook is the least of our problems.他从心底希望,人们看新闻、读新闻是因为他们想了解这个世界。但如果选民真正想要的是哄骗,那么Facebook最不该成为我们的难题。 /201703/498403德兴市银山矿职工医院激光祛痣多少钱 Sometimes history jumps. 历史有时会发生跳跃。Think of the first world war, the Bolshevik revolution, the Great Depression, the election of Adolf Hitler, the second world war, the beginning of the cold war, the collapse of the European empires, Deng Xiaoping’s reform and opening up of China, the demise of the Soviet Union, and the financial crisis of 2007-09 and subsequent great recession.想想第一次世界大战、布尔什维克革命(Bolshevik Revolution,即俄国十月革命)、大萧条、阿道夫#8226;希特勒(Adolf Hitler)当选、第二次世界大战、冷战爆发、多个欧洲帝国的瓦解、邓小平在中国实施的改革开放、苏联解体,以及2007-09年的金融危机和随后的大衰退。We may be on the brink of an event as transformative as many of these: the election of Donald Trump as US president. 我们或许即将面临一起类似的转折性事件:唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)当选美国总统。This would mark the end of a US-led west as the central force in global affairs. 那将标志着以美国为首的西方在全球事务中担当核心角色的时代就要终结。The result would not be a new order. It would be perilous disorder.其结果将不是形成新秩序,而是出现危险的失序。The fact that Mr Trump can be a credible contender for the presidency is astounding. 特朗普能够成为一名有希望当选的总统竞选者,这一事实令人咋舌。In business, he is a serial defaulter and litigator turned reality TV star. 在商界,他从一个连续违约者和诉讼当事人转型为真人秀电视明星。He is a peddler of falsehoods and conspiracy theories. 他兜售谎言和阴谋论。He utters racist calumnies. 他进行种族主义诽谤。He attacks the independence of the judiciary. 他抨击司法机构的独立性。He refuses to reveal his taxes. 他拒绝披露自己的税单。He has no experience of political office, and incoherent policies. 他没有从政经验,没有连贯的政策。He glories in ignorance. 他以无知为荣。He even hints at a federal default. 他甚至暗示联邦政府可以违约。He undermines confidence in the US-created trade order, by threatening to tear up past agreements. 他威胁要撕毁过去达成的贸易协定,削弱了人们对美国创建的贸易秩序的信心。He undermines confidence in US democracy by claiming the election will be rigged. 他声称大选将纵,削弱了人们对美国民主的信心。He supports torture and the deliberate killing of the families of alleged terrorists. 他持酷刑,持故意杀死疑似恐怖分子的家人。He admires the former KGB agent who runs Russia.他钦佩正在掌管俄罗斯的那名前克格勃(KGB)特工。Evidently, a huge number of US voters have lost confidence in the country’s political and economic systems. 显然,数量众多的美国选民已经对这个国家的政治经济体系失去了信心。This is so to an extent not seen even in the 1930s, when voters turned towards an established politician. 其程度之严重,即便是在上世纪30年代也未曾见过,当时选民们持一位老牌政治家。Yet, for all its challenges, the US is not in such terrible shape. 然而,尽管面临各种挑战,目前美国的情况并不是很糟。It is the richest large country in the history of the world. 它是世界历史上最富有的大国。Growth is slow, but unemployment is low. 增长缓慢,但失业率低。If voters were to choose Mr Trump — despite his failings, displayed again in the first presidential debate — this would tell us grim things about the health of the US.如果选民们选择了特朗普——尽管他有很多缺点并且在第一次竞选辩论中再次暴露无遗——这将告诉我们美国健康状况有多严峻。It is the world’s leading power, so this is not just a domestic US concern. 美国是世界舞台上处于领导地位的大国,所以这个问题不只是美国国内民众会关心。What might a Trump presidency mean? Forecasting the policies of someone so unpredictable is impossible. 特朗普当选总统可能意味着什么?要预测一个如此难以预测之人的政策,是绝无可能的。But a few things seem at least reasonably clear.但有几点至少是相当明确的。The US and its allies remain immensely powerful. 美国及其盟友仍然非常强大。But their economic dominance is in slow decline. 但它们的经济主导地位正在缓慢下降。According to the International Monetary Fund, the share of the high-income countries (essentially, the US and its chief allies) will fall from 64 per cent of global output (measured at purchasing power) in 1990 to 39 per cent in 2020, while the US share will fall from 22 per cent to 15 per cent over this period.国际货币基金组织(IMF)数据显示,高收入国家(基本上就是美国及其主要盟友)占全球产出的比例(按购买力计算)将从1990年的64%下降到2020年的39%,而同期美国的占比将从22%下降至15%。While the US military might is still huge, two caveats must be made. 尽管美国的军力仍然强大,但有两点需要说明。One is that winning a conventional war is quite a different matter from achieving one’s aims on the ground, as the Viet-nam and Iraq wars showed. 一个是,正如越南战争和伊拉克战争所显示的那样,打赢一场常规战争与实现你在地面上的目标是完全不同的事情。Furthermore, China’s rapidly rising defence spending could create serious military difficulties for the US in the Asia-Pacific region.此外,中国的国防开迅速增加,可能会使美国在亚太地区面临严重的军事难题。It follows that the ability of the US to shape the world to its liking will rest increasingly on its influence over the global economic and political systems. 由此可见,美国按照自己意愿塑造世界的能力,将越来越多地依赖于其对全球经济和政治体系的影响力。Indeed, this is not new. 事实上,这并不是什么新鲜事。It has been a feature of US hegemony since the 1940s. 这已成为自1940年以来美国霸权的一个特点。But this is even more important today. 但在今天,这一点显得更重要。The alliances the US creates, the institutions it supports and the prestige it possesses are truly invaluable assets. 美国创建的联盟、持的机构和拥有的声望,是真正无价的资产。All such strategic assets would be in grave peril if Mr Trump were to be president.如果特朗普成为总统,所有这些战略性资产都将面临严重危险。The biggest contrast between the US and China is that the former has so many powerful allies. 美国和中国的最大不同在于,前者有众多强大盟友。Even Vladimir Putin is not a reliable ally for China. 而对中国来说,即便普京也非可靠盟友。America’s allies support the US largely because they trust it. 美国的盟友持美国,主要是因为它们信任美国。That trust is based on its perceived commitment to predictable, values-based behaviour. 这种信任是基于它们认为,美国会采取的行动是可以预测、以价值观为基础的。Its alliances have not been problem-free, far from it. 美国的联盟关系并非毫无问题,远非如此。But they have worked. 但是,这些联盟是起作用的。Mr Trump’s cherished unpredictability and transactional approach to partnerships would damage the alliances irreparably.特朗普所重视的不可预测性,以及把伙伴关系当成交易处理的做法,将会对联盟关系造成不可挽回的损害。A vital feature of the US-led global order has been the role of multilateral institutions, such as the IMF, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation. 美国领导下的全球秩序的一个重要特征是多边机构——如国际货币基金组织、世界(World Bank)和世界贸易组织(WTO)——所扮演的角色。In binding itself by the rules of an open economic system, the US has encouraged others to do the same. 通过以开放经济体系的规则约束自己,美国也鼓励了其他国家这么做。The result has been extraordinary growth in prosperity: between 1950 and 2015, average global real output per head rose sixfold. 其结果就是经济的快速繁荣:1950年至2015年间,全球人均实际产出增长了6倍。Mr Trump does not understand this system. 特朗普不理解这种开放经济体系。The results of repudiation could be calamitous for all.抛弃这种体系,可能给所有人带来灾难性的后果。The Iraq war has damaged trust in US wisdom and competence. 伊拉克战争损害了世人对美国智慧和能力的信心。But the global financial crisis has been even more destructive. 但是,全球金融危机产生了更大的破坏效果。Many have long suspected US motives. 许多人一直怀疑美国的动机。But they thought it knew how to manage a capitalist system. 但他们曾认为美国懂得如何管理一个资本主义体系。The crisis devastated that confidence.危机已摧毁了这种信心。After all this damage, election of a man as unqualified as Mr Trump would call into question something even more fundamental: belief in the capacity of the US to choose reasonably well-informed and competent leaders. 在遭受这一切损害之后,把特朗普这样一个不称职的人选上台,将使一种更根本的东西遭到质疑:那就是人们对于美国有能力选出见多识广、能干的领导人的信心。Under a President Trump, the democratic system would lose much of its credibility as a model for the organisation of a civilised political life. 如果特朗普当上总统,民主制度作为文明政治生活组织制度之典范的信誉将损失大半。Mr Putin and other actual or would-be despots would cheer. 普京和其他当前的独裁者以及未来的准独裁者将会欢呼。Their belief that talk of western values is just hypocrisy would be vindicated. 他们认为谈论西方价值观只是虚伪作派的观点将被明是正确的。But those who see the US as a bastion of democracy would despair.但是,那些把美国视为民主堡垒的人会感到绝望。If Mr Trump were to win, it would be a regime change for the world. 如果特朗普获胜,这将是整个世界都要面对的一场政权更迭。It would, for example, end efforts to manage the threat of climate change, possibly forever. 比如,应对气候变化威胁的努力大概将从此不了了之。But even his candidacy suggests that the US role in the global order risks undergoing a transformation. 但是,他成为总统候选人就已表明,美国在全球秩序中的角色可能经历一场转变。That role depended not only on American economic and military prowess, but also on the values it represented. 这个角色不仅依赖于美国的经济和军事实力,也依赖于它所代表的价值观。For all its mistakes, the ideal of a law-governed democratic republic remained visible. 尽管有许多错误,一个法治的民主共和国的理想依然明显可见。Hillary Clinton is an imperfect candidate. 希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)是一个不完美的候选人。Mr Trump is something else altogether. 特朗普则完全是另类。Far from making America great, his presidency might unravel the world.他若成为美国总统,非但不能让美国变得伟大,还可能让世界分崩离析。 /201609/468971上饶去除法令纹

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上饶割双眼皮最好的医院Oil refining is joining steel, coal and aluminium in the ranks of sectors hit by overcapacity in China, with increased production and a drop in truck transport forcing a wave of Chinese diesel sales into international markets.炼油正在加入钢铁、煤炭和铝的行列,成为中国又一个存在产能过剩的行业。产量增加和卡车运输减少迫使中国向国际市场销售大量柴油。The structural shift could dent returns for Asian and Middle Eastern refiners, including Saudi Aramco, after years of expansion to meet China’s needs as a net fuel importer.这种结构性转变可能削弱亚洲和中东炼油企业的回报,包括沙特阿美公司(Saudi Aramco),此前这些炼油商进行了多年的扩张,以满足中国作为燃油净进口国的需求。The start-up of a 10m tonne-per-year refinery in Kunming , south-west China, accounts for about half the anticipated capacity expected to be added in the country this year, swelling an estimated 100m tonnes of existing excess capacity.位于中国西南部昆明的一座炼油厂投产后,其1000万吨的年产能达到今年中国预计新增产能的大约一半,使现有的估计为1亿吨的过剩产能进一步膨胀。China had 710m tonnes of refining capacity at the end of last year, according to the CNPC Research Institute of Economics and Technology.根据中国石油经济技术研究院(CNPC Research Institute of Economics and Technology)的数据,去年底中国的炼油总产能达到7.1亿吨。In the short term a bigger impact on Asian fuel trade has come from the relaxed crude import licences that have allowed China’s independent “teapot” refineries to increase their operating rates. Long lines of crude carriers have congested Qingdao port near the teapots’ heartland in Shandong province, accounting for nearly one-third of China’s crude imports in April.短期而言,对亚洲燃油贸易产生更大冲击的是中国放松原油进口许可,这使中国独立的“茶壶”炼油厂得以提高开工率。在靠近山东省“茶壶”腹地的青岛港,排成长队的油轮堵塞了港口;这些油轮占4月中国原油进口量近三分之一。“Usually you wouldn’t have such a dramatic increase in throughput and utilisation rates in your core refining capacity,” said Thomas Hilboldt, head of resources and energy research for HS in Hong Kong.“通常你不会看到核心炼油能力的生产量和开工率如此激增,”汇丰(HS)香港的资源和能源研究主管托马斯#8226;希尔伯特(Thomas Hilboldt)表示。The chemicals and petroleum sector saw the highest number of positive responses among 10 sectors surveyed by the European Chamber of Commerce in China, in its business confidence survey released yesterday.在中国欧盟商会(European Chamber of Commerce in China)昨日发布的商业信心调查中,化工和石油行业的正面回应数量是10个受调查行业中最高的。China’s two largest refiners, Sinopec and PetroChina, have cut output in the face of increased flow from independent rivals. PetroChina’s average run rates are 80 per cent, down from more typical levels of 90 per cent.面对独立竞争对手的增产,中石化(Sinopec)和中石油(PetroChina)这两家最大的炼油商已进行了减产。中石油的平均开工率是80%,低于90%的正常水平。Its new Kunming refinery will supply the underserved market of south-west China, displacing product from its Guangxi and Guangdong refineries into international markets.该集团旗下位于昆明的新炼油厂将供应中国西南部此前务不到位的市场,使其位于广西和广东的炼油厂转而向国际市场销售产品。The other Chinese refineries are increasing output despite declining demand for diesel, as a drop in coal demand and improved rail transport cuts into the number of heavy trucks hauling coal across the country. Because many are designed to maximise diesel production, they must keep operating rates high to achieve the same level of petrol and jet fuel output.尽管柴油需求下降(因为煤炭需求下降和铁路运输条件改善减少了在全国各地运输煤炭的重型卡车数量),但中国其他炼油厂正在增产。由于许多炼油厂在设计时以柴油产量最大化为目标,因此它们必须保持较高的开工率,才能保持汽油和航空燃油产量水平不变。The result is a flood of diesel into Asian markets. Diesel exports hit their highest daily rate in April, at more than 300,000 barrels a day, following record monthly exports in March.其结果是大量柴油涌入亚洲市场。4月的每日柴油出口达到最高值,每天超过30万桶,打破3月刚刚创下的出口纪录。“China was a key driver of diesel demand growth over the past several decades but is now a net diesel exporter, contributing to the growing oversupply in global diesel markets,” the US Energy Information Administration said in a recent report.“中国是过去几十年柴油需求增长的主要驱动因素,但现在已成为柴油净出口国,加剧了全球柴油市场的供应过剩,”美国能源信息署(EIA)在最近一份报告中表示。That is despite the International Energy Agency’s higher expectations for Chinese fuel demand this year, after stronger than expected economic growth in the first quarter.这还是在国际能源机构(IEA)上调中国今年燃料需求预测背景下的局面;上调的依据是中国第一季度经济增长比预期强劲。 /201606/448715 Chefs David Hertz from Brazil and Italian Massimo Bottura, aided by more than 40 colleagues from around the world, aim to turn surplus food from the village in Rio de Janeiro into some 5,000 nutritious meals per day for those in need.巴西厨师大卫#8226;赫兹和意大利厨师马西莫#8226;图拉希望在来自世界各地的四十多名厨师的帮助下,每日能将里约奥运村的多余食物烹制成大约5000道营养美味的佳肴,提供给需要食物的贫民。The initiative, RefettoRio Gastromotiva, follows a similar project, Refettorio Ambrosiano, launched by the two chefs during the Milan Expo in Italy last year.此次活动名为RefettoRio Gastromotiva,灵感来源于去年意大利米兰世会期间由两名厨师发起的一个名为Refettorio Ambrosiano的类似项目。;RefettoRio Gastromotiva is going to work only with ingredients that are about to be wasted ... like ugly fruit and vegetables, or yoghurt that is going to be wasted in two days if you don#39;t buy it,; Hertz told the reporters.大厨赫兹告诉记者:“RefettoRio Gastromotiva项目使用的原料都是奥运村里不用的食材,例如品相不佳的水果蔬菜,或者是还有两天就会过期的酸奶。”Those benefiting will be disadvantaged people, including the homeless and others in need, he added.他补充道,此次活动的受益者是包括流浪者和其他需要帮助的弱势群体。;We want to fight hunger and provide access to good food,; Hertz said in a telephone interview from Rio.赫兹表示:“我们想战胜饥饿,为人们提供美食。”Between 30 percent and 40 percent of food produced around the world is never eaten because it is spoiled after harvest and during transportation, or thrown away by shops and consumers.全世界生产的30%至40%的食物都会被浪费掉,因为它们会在收获之后或是运输过程中变质,或者是被商店和消费者扔掉。Yet almost 800 million people worldwide go to bed hungry every night, according to UN figures.然而联合国数据显示,世界上有8亿人仍食不果腹,每晚饿着肚子睡觉。In Brazil, hunger dropped to under 5 percent of the population in 2015 from almost 15 percent in 1990, UN data shows. Yet in the country of 208 million people, that means millions still don#39;t have enough food.联合国数据显示,1990年巴西有将近15%的人口都处在饥饿困境中,2015年该数字降到了5%以下。然而在这个拥有2.08亿人口的国家,这意味着仍有数百万民众无法得到充足的食物。Hertz said he would like to see the initiative replicated in every city hosting the Olympics in future. He hopes it will become a movement not only to fight food waste and feed the hungry, but also to provide vocational training for future cooks, bakers and waiters.赫兹说他希望未来每一个举办奥运会的城市都能开展这个活动。他希望这项活动不仅能成为一个反对食物浪费和帮助贫民的运动,而且还能为未来的厨师、糕点师以及务员提供短期培训的机会。;After the Olympics and the Paralympics, this place will continue as a social business,; he said.他表示:“奥运会和残奥会之后,这个地方将会继续运营。”Customers at the restaurant will help a person in need with every meal they buy, he added.他补充道,顾客的每一份消费都会帮助到有需要的人。As many as 500,000 visitors are expected to travel to Brazil for the 31st Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the first Olympics in South America.本次巴西里约热内卢举办的第31届夏季奥运会,是首次在南美洲举行的奥运会,将有望吸引50万游客来巴西游览。 /201608/459568上饶韩美整形美容医院唇裂整形手术怎么样上饶市人民医院修眉多少钱




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