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湖南省郴州东方医院前列腺炎多少钱郴州哪家有看男科Well, its sad to me but it is really no surprise这令我感到难过但却未出乎意料that the privacy issue has unfolded the way it has.隐私问题就那样展现在人们面前I spelled it out in the early publications in the 80s.我在八十年代发表的文章中阐述了这个问题Chaums papers explained that in a future world乔姆的文章解释了在未来where we would increasingly use computers,随着我们更频繁地使用电脑it would be easy to conduct mass surveillance.大规模监控会变得很简单Chaum wanted to find a way to stop it.乔姆想阻止这一趋势I always had a deep feeling that我一直深信privacy is intimately tied to human potential隐私与人类潜能紧密相连and that its an extraordinarily important aspect of democracy.并且也是民主极其重要的表现Chaum focused on the new technology of e-mails.乔姆将精力放在了电子邮件的新技术上Anyone watching the network任何监控网络的人through which these messages travelled都能通过查看某人的往来信息could find out enormous amounts about that person.找到关于这个人的很多信息He wanted to make this more difficult.他想让这一过程变得更困难重点解释:1.spell out 详加说明例句:He spelled out the governments plans in his speech.他在演说中把政府的计划详加说明。2.be focused on 集中于例句:Testing should be focused on high risk areas.测试应当集中在高风险的区域。3.find out 发现例句:Jill will find out your secret she never misses a trick!吉尔会发现你的秘密的--她很警觉!201701/488490北湖区人民中妇幼保健医院男科挂号 But right when Rockefeller sees the future of the oil industry...就在洛克菲勒看清了石油工业的未来时… No man could earn a million dollars honestly.没人能够诚实地赚到一百万美元An outside threat emerges.外部威胁出现了 I will tear down these trusts!我要毁掉这些托拉斯Who could destroy everything he and his rivals have built.这将有可能摧毁他和他的对手们 所建立起来的帝国 Do you hear me Carnegie?听到了吗 卡内基Do you hear me Rockefeller?听到了吗 洛克菲勒 As the 20th century approaches.随着二十世纪的临近J.P. Morgan and John Rockefeller have been locked in a battle pitting electricity against kerosene.J·P·根和约翰·洛克菲勒陷入了电同煤油的战争之中 Their rival, Andrew Carnegie, has stayed out of the fray.他们的对手安德鲁·卡内基则没有参与这场争夺Hes been quietly building his steel empire bigger than ever.他静静建立起了一个比任何时候都更强大的钢铁帝国 Including landing lucrative contracts with the U.S. Navy to provide steel for warships.包括获得利润丰厚的美国海军战舰用钢合同Making him one of the countrys first defense contractors.这也让他成为了国内第一个国防契约获得者 The great business icons its not that they were worth hundreds of millions, or billions, or trillions of dollars, its that they moved society forward.这些伟大的商业人物关键并不在于他们价值数亿 数十亿 甚至数万亿美元 而在于他们推动了社会进步Whatever their motivations, whatever it was, they being here and their lust for success, for power, for money, for fame moved us forward.无论动机是什么 他们的存在以及他们对成功 权力 金钱 名声的欲望让我们能够前进 201606/449745Wonder if I gave an Oreo to the big bad wolf不知道如果我给大野狼一块 OreoHow would the story go?故事会变怎样?Would he still go huff and puff?他还是会大口吹气吗?Or would he bring those pigs cool stuff?或者他会带给小猪们很酷的玩意?To decorate the deck he helped them build来布置他帮忙小猪盖的露天平台Would they not get killed?小猪会不会就没被杀掉?Wonder if I gave an Oreo to a vampire in a creepy show不知道如果我给恐怖节目里的吸血鬼一片 OreoWould he not act so undead?他会不会就不那么像活死人?Would he thirst for milk instead?他会不会换想喝牛奶?Ive just got this feeling that it might work out all right我有感觉这可能行得通Because cream does wondrous things inside a chocolate sandwich dream因为奶油在巧克力夹心美梦中会有神奇效果If I gave them to great white sharks如果我给大白鲨 OreoWould they share them with baby seals?他们会和海豹宝宝分享吗?Would they call up a giant squid for a friendly meal?他们会叫大乌贼一起来享用好朋友的一餐吗?Wonder if I gave an Oreo不知道如果我给一片 OreoWonder if I gave an Oreo不知道如果我给一片 OreoWhat if I gave an Oreo to you?如果我给你一片 Oreo 呢?201701/489193郴州治疗早泄最最好医院

临武县治疗内分泌多少钱Absolutely nothing.完全不知道。I dont think anybody gets to know him very well, do they?我觉得没什么人能和他走得很近,很了解他。I have the feeling that he doesnt sit down to talk to people too much.我感觉他并不经常和别人交流什么。I have no idea about his private life.I have no idea if hes lonely. I have no idea...Where does he eat dinner every night?我对他的个人生活完全一无所知。我完全不知道他平时的生活是不是孤独…完全不知道…他每晚在哪里吃饭?You have no id...I mean, I dont.你完全不了解他的生活…我是说,我完全不了解。I wonder, you know, what he does do.我很好奇他到底是怎么生活的。For all the years that Ive known Bill, hes lived at Carnegie Hall...in a tiny, tiny room.我认识Bill这么多年以来,他一直住在Carnegie Hall一间很小很小的房间里。You know, I once went to his studio. Have you been there? Oh, my God.我去过一次他的工作室。去过么?天呐。I mean when I saw that, I was just, like, wow.我看到他的工作室,那就像…File cabinets, file cabinets, file cabinets.他那里除了文件柜就是文件柜。He has negatives of every picture hes ever taken.他保留了自己所有照片的底片。Thats my filing system.这是我的文件库。And this is my clothes closet.这是我的衣柜。Does he still sleep on the cabinets?他还住在那些文件柜中间么?Its just like it was just all a little room...with all these file cabinets and negatives, and that was probably 30 years ago.那几乎是那小房间的全部了,到处都是文件柜和底片大概三十年前他就住在那儿。I know that the bathroom was in the hall.我记得卫生间是那个楼的公用卫生间。Editta? Come in.Editta吗?请进。Ive been here 60 years.我在这儿待了六十年。Carnegie Hall. And Im he only one here...except Bill on this floor, you know.Carnegie Hall,这层中只有我和Bill两个人。Ive done...-This is fabulous. -All the stars of Hollywood.这些都是我拍的…-这真是太棒了。-我为很多好莱坞明星拍过照。Yes.Well, Im very famous. Look at the people Ive done. Look.是的。嗯,我还是挺有名的。看这些我拍过的人,看。Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda, Mary Martin.泰隆·鲍华,亨利·方达,玛丽·马丁。Lets see.还有…Andy Warhol here.这张是安迪·沃霍尔。You cant photograph that.你不能拍摄那些。201608/459349桂东县人民中妇幼保健医院男科咨询 郴州哪里检查男不育比较好

郴州性病检查哪家医院好As the water sweeps into the Okavango洪水铺盖了奥卡万戈a vast area of the Kalahari is transformed into a fertile paradise.卡拉哈里的广大地区变成了富饶的天堂Nowhere on our planet is the life giving power of water so clearly demonstrated.地球上没有其它地方能比这里更能清楚地明水对生命的意义The Okavango becomes criss-crossed with trails as animals move into its heart.动物们逐渐进入奥卡万戈的中心地带,这里的路变得纵横交错The new arrivals open up paths like arteries along which water flows, extending the reach of the flood.新来者开辟了新的干道,洪水流淌在这些“动脉”中,不断向外扩展This is an Africa rarely seen - a lush water world.这是非洲难得一见的胜景,一个和谐繁荣的水世界Some creatures are completely at home here.有的动物干脆在这里安家These are lechwe - antelope with hooves that splay widely,这些是赤列羚,这种羚羊的蹄子张得很开enabling them to move its speed through the water.使它们能在水里快速奔走For others the change is far less welcome.而有些动物却不是很喜欢这种改变Baboons are somewhat apprehensive bathers.狒狒在水里多少有些不安。201702/491897 That was more luck than everything.这实在是太幸运了And this is a much more efficient way to cross a lake than trying to paddle for miles.相比于划独木舟渡过几公里宽的湖面 这个办法显然更加高效I kind of got to sit right out in front here so I can.我坐在船头的位置上jam my feet in to brace myself,and it doesnt feel like Im moving very fast through the water,用双腿来稳住身体 虽然感觉上船速不是很快but the wind must be at least 10 miles an hour to keep this kite flying,但风速要至少达到每小时十几公里 才能保风筝飞起来and thats much faster than Id be able to paddle.这比我划着小浆要快得多Come on, wind, keep going. dont die on me.坚持住啊 风儿 别停下The wind is dropping, but thats no my only problem.风还是渐渐息了 所谓祸不单行This canoe is definitely starting to fill up with water.小船也开始漏水了Its probably about half full at the moment,大概已经没过一半了but Im hoping its gonna hang out until I reach the shore over there.但我希望在我上岸前 它能坚持住Its also becoming much less stable in the water.进水后 船的稳定性 明显变差了Im fighting a battle on each front here trying to keep the kite up我现在一心多用 既要维持风筝飞翔and the boat and the boat level.还要担心小船 还有不停上升的水位Its so close to the shore.离湖岸不远了201608/459530湘南学院医院看泌尿科怎么样郴州切包皮过长的费用



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