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德州市上环多少钱泰安妇幼保健院的信誉济南市阳光医院是私立的吗? Celebrating a birthday may not seem like a dangerous pastimebut too much happiness can be heart-breaking, according todoctors.  庆祝生日看上去并非一项危险的,但快乐爆棚则可能让你心碎,医生说。  Health experts have known for some time that sad events, suchas the loss of a spouse, can trigger a condition known as’broken heart syndrome’ which feels like a heart attack and can be fatal if not treated quickly.  卫生专家早已认识到伤心的事件,比如失去配偶,可以导致“心碎症”,这个症状类似心脏病,如果不尽快治疗则可能致命。  Now for the first time doctors have shown that over-excitement from happy events can also sparkthe condition, which they have named ’happy heart syndrome.’ In short, happiness can be lethal.  而现在,医生第一次实快乐的活动引起的过度兴奋也会促发该症状,这被称为“开心病”。简而言之,快乐也可以致命。  Since ’broken heart syndrome’ was first identified in 1990, doctors at the University HospitalZurich in Switzerland have been compiling a database of worldwide attacks which currently holds1750 patients.  自从‘心碎症”在1990年被首次发现,瑞士苏黎世大学医院的医生们从世界各地收集了一份目前拥有1750个病人信息的数据。  Most attacks were triggered by episodes of severe emotional distress, such as grief, fear andanger. Attending funerals was a common factor and one incident occurred after an obese patientgot stuck in the bath.  大部分的发病都由一连串的严重情绪不安引发的,例如伤心,恐惧和生气。参加葬礼是一个普遍的因素,其中有一个案例是一名肥胖病人被卡在浴缸里而导致发病。  But for 20 people the condition was precipitated by happy and joyful events, such as a birthdayparty, wedding, surprise farewell celebration, a favourite rugby team winning a game, or the birthof a grandchild.  但有20名病人的情况是因为参加了快乐愉悦的活动,比如生日派对,婚礼,惊喜式告别会,自己喜欢的橄榄球队赢了比赛,或者孙子诞生等。  Study author Dr Jelena Ghadri, resident cardiologist from University Hospital Zurich said doctorsshould enquire about happy events as well as sad, when diagnosing heart problems.  研究报告的作者苏黎世大学医院心脏科医生伊莲娜·加德里士说,医生应该在诊断心脏问题的时候,除了询问难过的事件,也要询问开心的事件。  ;We have shown that the triggers for ’broken heart syndrome’ can be more varied than previouslythought,; she said.  “我们实了‘心碎症’的诱因可以比之前认为的更多样,”她说。  ;A patient is no longer the classic ;broken hearted; patient, and the disease can be preceded bypositive emotions too.  “病人不再是经典‘心碎症’患者,这个病也可以由积极的情绪引起。”  ;Our findings suggest that happy and sad life events may share similar emotional pathways.;  “我们的发现明了快乐和伤心的活动可能分享了相似的情绪路径。”  The problem mostly affects women. 95 per cent of all patients in the database are female with anaverage age of 65.  这个问题主要影响女性。数据库中95%的病人都是平均年龄为65岁的女性。  Dr Christian Templin, principle investigator from University Hospital Zurich, said further researchwas needed to understand the exact mechanisms underlying both the ;broken; and “happy;heart variants.  苏黎世大学医院首席研究员克里斯汀娜·滕普林士说,还需要作进一步研究,以了解导致‘心碎’和‘快乐’两种不同心病的确切机制。  The new findings were published in the European Heart Journal.  这项新发现发表在《欧洲心脏期刊》中。 /201604/435528济南市中心医院妇科

济南阳光妇科地址去济南哪所无痛人流医院好呢 People d changes – be they big or small – but changes are not as horrible as many believe. Regardless of what happened in your life, even the most drastic change can turn your life upside down.人们都害怕改变-使他们变好或变坏-但是改变不是像许多人认为的那样可怕。不管你的生活中发生了什么改变,哪怕是最重大的改变都会对你的生活产生影响。Change the quality of life改变生活质量Your quality of life can either drop or increase – it all depends on you. While some people let depression rule their lives, others fight with it. Statistics show many people ruined their lives by getting into bad habits like smoking, drinking, antidepressants and drugs.They use bad habits to calm their pains, but all they do is slowly destroying their lives.你的生活质量将变好还是变坏——完全取决于你自己。然而有些人用消极的态度来对待自己的生活现状,另外一些人却为了改善自己的生活现状而不断奋斗。统计资料显示许多人由于养成了一些坏习惯例如抽烟、喝酒、用抗抑郁药和毒品而毁掉了自己的生活。他们利用这些坏习惯来麻痹自己的伤痛,但是他们做的这一切是在慢慢地摧毁他们的生活。Remember we have only one life? Take advantage of a drastic change to improve your quality of life. I found a better job that has improved my finances and reduced my stress level. If I was not fired, I would not solve my financial problems. It was all for the best.记得吗我们只有一次生命?利用一次重大改变中的有利条件来改善你的生活质量。我找到了一份更好的工作,这份工作改善了我的经济状况同时减轻了我的压力。如果我没有被解雇,我就不会去想办法解决我的收入问题。现在一切都比过去好。Declutter your life and reduce stress调整你的生活以及减轻压力We have too many people and things that drain our energy, destroy our dreams, affect every facet of our lives and make us miserable. A drastic change can help you declutter your life and get rid of anything and anyone that bring stress and misery into your life.It is a hard process and sometimes it seems impossible to remove those you have known for ages from your life for good.在我们的生活中会遇到很多人和事,他们会消耗我们的精力,破坏我们的梦想,影响我们生活的方方面面以及让我们很痛苦。一个重大的改变能够帮你调整自己的生活状态同时让你摆脱任何给你生活带来压力和痛苦的人和事。那是一个艰难的过程,有时让你永远地忘记那些你认识了很久的人似乎是不可能的。Drastic changes leave you no choice. If you had to move to another country (or continent) that might be a sign that you need new people in your life. If he broke up with you right before your big day, it might be better for you. Embrace any change in your life and look on the brightest side in any complicated situation. A positive attitude is one the best cures here. It is a lot easier to overcome a drastic change when you believe in a positive outcome. Just as George Bernard Shaw stated, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”重大的改变让你不能选择。如果你迁居到了另一个国家(或者大洲)那可能是个信号意味着在你的生活中需要认识一些新的朋友。如果在你有重大活动的日子之前他和你分手了,那样可能对你更好。去拥抱你生命中所有的改变,面对任何复杂的情形都要去看最好的一面。积极的态度是解决问题最好的方式。当你相信结果会是很乐观的时候,战胜一次重大的改变将会更加容易。正如萧伯纳所说:“没有改变,不可能进步。那些无法改变自己想法的人,什么事情也改变不了。”译文属 /201607/453379山东齐都医院做人流

历下区妇女医院的qq号是多少 Australians will head to the polls in February 2017 to vote on whether they want same-sex marriage legalized.澳大利亚人将于2017年2月投票决定他们是否希望同性婚姻合法化。Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is expected to inform members of the Liberal National Party (LNP) of the new timeline for the vote at a party meeting in September, News Limited reported last Sunday.据新闻有限公司上周日报道,澳大利亚总理马尔科姆·特恩布尔预计将会在9月的党内会议上告知自由党-国家党联盟的成员新的公投时间表。A February plebiscite on the issue would break Turnbull#39;s election promise that the Australian people would vote on the issue in 2016.在2月举行同性婚姻合法化公投违背了特恩布尔的竞选承诺,他曾承诺澳大利亚人在2016年就该问题进行投票。A spokesperson for Turnbull said that a recommendation from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) warned against holding the vote in 2016.特恩布尔的一位发言人表示,澳大利亚选举委员会的一项提议反对在2016年进行投票。;The government has always said that a decision on same-sex marriage will be made by a vote of all Australians in a national plebiscite to be held as soon as practicable,; the spokesperson told Fairfax Media.这名发言人在接受《费法斯传媒》采访时表示:“政府一直认为,关于同性婚姻的决定,将在切实可行的情况下,由所有的澳大利亚人在全国公投表决。”The plebiscite would be a non-binding vote which would ask voters ;do you approve of a law to permit people of the same sex to marry?;此次公投不具有约束力,将对投票者提出的问题是:“你持法律允许同性结婚吗?”A bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia would then be introduced to parliament with members of parliament expected to vote yes or no depending on how their electorate voted on the plebiscite.公投后,一项关于澳大利亚同性婚姻合法化的议案将递交至议会,预计议员们将基于各自选区在公投中的投票结果投赞成或反对票。 /201608/463007济南有几家做人流的医院济南妇产科医院



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