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How to Get Back in Shape on HowcastAvoid the pitfalls of trying to do too much too soon when you get back in shape after a long layoff. A modest increase in activity can lead to better overall health, fitness, and quality of life.在长时间没有没有运动的情况下,恢复健康是要避免一次做得太多运动的陷阱。适度的增加运动会带来更好的全面的健康和长寿。Step 1: Start slowlyStart slowly. Get clearance from a physician to evaluate your current condition, especially after not working out for a long time, adding weight, or giving birth.要慢慢地开始要慢慢地开始。要去医生那里了解清楚你目前的状况,尤其是在长时间没有工作,体重增加或是生育小孩之后。Step 2: Buy new stuffPurchase new shoes and comfortable exercise clothing. Making an investment in workout clothes will give you extra motivation to use them. And consider working out with a friend to have someone to whom you’re accountable on a regular basis.买新的用品购买新鞋和舒的运动。在锻炼身体的衣上多花些钱能催使你去使用那些运动品。考虑找一个负责任的朋友和你定期锻炼。Step 3: Choose fun activitySet short-term, obtainable goals in a consistent workout schedule, and choose an exercise or activity that you like to do. Start with light, short routines like a walk or jog 3 days a week.选择有意思的运动要有稳定的锻炼计划并设立稳短期的,能达到的目标,选择一个你喜欢的运动。开始时量要少,路线要短,比如走路或一周慢跑3天。Step 4: Record progressRecord each of your workouts online or in a notebook so that you can track your progress. Once moving well again, gradually start working on your strength in the muscle groups. Document your progress with periodic photos of yourself.记下进步在网上或笔记上记下你每天的锻炼情况,以便你能查找自己的进步。一旦能再次很好地锻炼,要逐步加强肌肉锻炼。拍下你锻炼期间的照片,以便来记录你自己的进步。Tip:Get your diet in shape by adding in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grain bs and pasta. Monitor your food intake to build energy and health.贴士:饮食要添加多种新鲜的水果和蔬菜,瘦蛋白,全麦面包和意大利面。要检测食物的摄入量来保持活力和健康。Step 5: Build the routineAdd to your cardio exercise routine, whether walking, running, lifting, or swimming. Play sports — basketball, football, soccer, and so on — to get a full workout. Create a new healthy lifestyle and just goals constantly as you improve.设定路线要在运动中加入对心脏的锻炼,无论是走路,跑步,举重还是游泳。做诸如篮球,足球,橄榄球这样的运动来进行充分锻炼。创造一种新的健康生活模式,当你提高时要不断调整目标。Step 6: Reward yourselfReward yourself with a healthy snack and take occasional days off when you feel worn out to avoid injury.给自己奖励当你感到精疲力尽时可以吃点健康的小吃或是休息几天,这样能避免受伤。Step 7: Enroll in classesJoin a gym or an exercise class to make staying in shape a habit. Before you know it, you’ll be in the best shape of your life.参加培训参加体育培训或是锻炼课程来使保持健康成为一种习惯。在你知道这之前,你已经很健康了。201105/137674

幸福可以被买到吗?作家本杰明·瓦伦斯以世界最贵的产品为例帮你找出。这些示例包括一瓶1947年白马庄园出产的葡萄酒,8盎司神户牛肉和传说中(臭名昭著的)印尼麝香貓咖啡。本杰明的评价将令你惊奇。 201212/212573

Green Goddess Juice. Its a drink designed to aid detox and slimming. Sample our Green Goddess Juice.绿色女神果汁。这种果汁可以用于戒酒和减肥。下面就为大家介绍这样一种果汁的制作方法。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1 Juicer,1 Blender,1 Glass,1 Knife,1 Chopping board果汁机,搅拌器,杯子,刀子,切菜板Step 2: Prepare ingredients2.准备原料Chop the apples, celery sticks and cucumber into small pieces and slice up a piece of ginger.将苹果,芹菜杆,黄瓜切成小片,再将一片姜切碎。Step 3: Juice3.榨汁Put the cucumber, celery sticks, apples and ginger into the juicer. Juice, then pour the juice into the blender.将切好的黄瓜,芹菜杆,苹果和姜放入果汁机中。榨汁,然后将果汁倒入搅拌器中。Step 4: Blend4.搅拌Put the 2 spinach leaves and a handful of parsley into the blender. Blend on a medium setting for about 20 seconds.向搅拌器中加入2片菠菜叶和一把西芹。调到中档,搅拌大约20秒钟。Step 5: Special ingredient5.特别成份If you like, try adding a dash of spirulina to the glass before you pour. Its used for rejuvenation, weight reduction and cleaning the blood.如果你喜欢的话,将做好的果汁倒出来之前,先向玻璃杯中加入一些螺旋藻。可以帮助你年轻化,减肥,清洁血液。Step 6: Pour6.倒出果汁Pour into a glass, and serve.将果汁倒入杯子里,就可以享用了。Thanks for watching How To Make A Green Goddess Juice.感谢收看“怎样制作绿色女神果汁”视频节目。 /201212/213095

来自中国西北宁夏回族自治区的艺术家们在周一登台献艺舞蹈剧《花儿》。这是让更广泛的受众了解到中国西北地区这一独特的艺术形式的绝佳机会。Artists from Northwest Chinas Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region staged their dance drama ;Huaer; on Monday. It was a great opportunity for a wider audience to sample this unique art form of Chinas northwestern regions.Performers from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region have brought a taste of their rich culture to Beijing for the big ethnic art festival. ;Huaer; combines colourful costumes and exotic dances to create a vibrant atmosphere.The dance drama tells a romantic love story about a Hui songstress and a shepherd. The vivid characterisation of the key characters... even the sheep... was big hit with the audience.Energetic and elegant, buoyant yet graceful... Each move dazzled the crowd.While the moves are in keeping with the traditional dance, the performers brought bold innovations to the production. A hint of modern dance served to spice-up the classic routines.Before being staged here at the Ethnic Minority Arts Festival, this dance drama toured a number of Arab countries. Its also been recognized in China, winning the gold award at the Ethnic Minority Drama Competition in 2010.201207/189337

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